If I ever need to buy clothes or home interior stuff I like to find it in second hand or vintage shops! Because I think we need to be more conscious of what we buy & where its from. We need to be more aware of the effects its has on the environment. Because today we are consuming so much on new clothes & to manufacture clothes is not very good for our planet. The amount of chemicals & water that its used is scary. I 'm working on to become more conscious & aware of what I buy. I want to be more of a minimalist & not own to much clothes & stuff. Because I find that I don't really need so much. So Ive been trying to recycle my clothes & if I want something I been trying look for it in second hand shops!

The good thing is there are plenty of ways we can reduce the burden on our planet and our pockets, and easily at that. Some tips & solutions for you to be more conscious & find alternative ways!

1. Wear out your clothes we often don't wear our clothes for along time as we can. But think how much money you will save on not buying something you already have! If you are buying New clothes try to look for brands that is Eco friendly & has sustainable materials!

1.Clean out your closet often! maybe you don't need 10 sweatshirts, maybe 3 is enough! if you ever find it hard to get rid of it put it away for a couple of weeks & if you don't use them maybe you don't need to keep them!

2.DonateWhen you have cleaned out your closet, if the clothes are in good condition you can give it away, donate & recycle them in a store or have your own yard sale & earn a little money! there are plenty of good apps were you can sale your clothes! Donate it to people that are in need of some clothes.

3.Swap with your friendsIts so good to exchange clothes with your friends, if they want to get rid of something or if you want to do the same! Its all about keeping the recycle circle in motion!

Some second hands stores I like to go, to donate & buy are Myrorna & Röda korset! there you can donate & the profit goes to charity! http://www.redcross.se https://www.myrorna.se

Judits Second hand store you can find more expensive brands you can also give in your clothes here & they sell it for you! Judits Secondhand Hornsgatan 75

Emmaus in Stockholm is a very good secondhand store! They have clothes & stuff for your home! very good prices! Peter Myndes backe 8, 118 46 Stockholm http://www.emmausstockholm.se

Beyond Retro is one of my favorite second hand shops, they have a lot of cool uniq pieces! good place to find Jeans & jackets! they have two stores in Stockholm. Drottninggatan 77 & Brännkyrkagatan 82 Zinken

I found some nice clothes in Beyond retro this summer!

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Make you're own Almond/Cacao butter! So yummy to have on you're bread, oats or snack!

What you need is a Food processor or a strong Mixer! 1 or 2 package of natural Almonds. Roast the almonds for a couple of minutes in the oven. They will blend easier if they are heated! add some salt if you want to! Have patient will mixing the almonds it takes some time for the oils in the almonds to get out! Mix until it gets hot & like a sause texture add some cacao powder for som extra chocolaty flavor! put it in a jar & let it cool for a while!




Be yourself because you are awesome, powerful, epic! you are the Creator of your reality! Always follow your heart & inspiration! Always feel good & confident! I know it's not always easy but choose to feel good no matter what! If you ever feel bad, just snap out of if! shake it of! dance it off! you can always choose to change, because we are always changing!

Embrace everything about yourself even the things you think is bad! cause the thing is we got to love it all! not just the good but also the bad. both in ourselves & in other people! in order to heal & let go!

Work on yourself everyday!

🌟Be inspiration🌟Be Love🌟Be the light🌟

Bentinho Massaro is teaching enlightenment & empowerment. His teachings contain the essence of all major spiritual paths. He is the creator of Trinfinity Academy, a free online school with step by step courses & lessons designed to lead people to profound peace, stability, freedom & fulfillment within themselves! Ive read his book Super Accelerated Living "How to Manifest an epic life"

Such a powerful book! Also check out his Youtube Channel! Thank you Bentinho for spreading your love & magic!✨❤



Healthy & Yummy Pizza! made from oats & cauliflower!


2-3 cup oats

1 cauliflower



mix herbs


nutritional yeast

Start by mixing the oats to a flour!

Take out the oat flour & mix the cauliflower! I suggest dividing the cauliflower & mix it 2 times!

Blend together with the oat flour & add some oregano, chili, lemon & some nutritional yeast in it! blend with your hand add more oats if its to sticky! Put it on a plate & pre bake the dough for 10 min!

I use a can of crushed tomatoes & added some herbs in it! have what ever vegetable you like on your pizza! I had tomatoes, mushroom, zucchini, red union, spinach & rucola sallad! I also put on some tofu & nutrtional yeast on top!

I made a little cabbage sallad! I hade some black peppar & apple cider vinegar in it!

Put the pizza in the oven for about 15 minute & voila! so good & very easy to make! 🌟



Find what feels good! maybe start your day with a little meditation! a nice way to relax your mind & body! just try to be in the moment & listen to your body! perhaps do some conscious breath throughout the day!

Wake up the body with a mindful & easy yoga stretch! don't need to be "fancy" just go with the flow & surprise yourself!

Have a cup of tea & a good mindful meal! I love to have oatmeal with blueberry's, vanilla & cinnamon & top with fruits, chia, pumpkin seeds, hempseed, coconut, cacao & peanut butter! so delicious & so satisfying!

Take a little walk in nature, read a book or watch a movie! Create something smal that eventually could lead to something big! just follow your inspiration & do what feels good!🌟



Chickpeas are one of my favorite beans to eat! you can make a lot of different yummy food with it like falafel or burgers! I often just rinse a can of chickpeas put some spices like curry, chili, koriander, cumin & squeeze some lemon on & roast them in the oven! quick & easy way to cook them! I will eat them as a snack or have it on my sallads, so good!



Autumn is soon here & I really love it when the leaves on the trees gets all orange & red! but I could not help to look back on some summer photos! when I was in Gotland I visit this big botanical garden with different threes & flowers it was so beautiful! just had to share some! 🌻they are not only beautiful, plants are also so powerful & I really like to surround myself around them!



Black bean burger with Sweet potato! Super Yummy & super easy to make! eat it like a classic burger with bread or have it in a sallad bowl!


1 sweet potato

1 can black beans



sesame seeds

I start with cutting the sweet potato & boil it until its soft! rinse the black beans & mix together with the sweet potato. mix it quick, I like to have it chunky. add oats if its to smooth. Put in some spices like Curry, cumin, peppar, paprika, fresh koriander, cayenne & chili! what ever you like! I aslo added some sesame seeds in them!

blend with your hands & roll them in to pucks! put them on a plate & put them in the oven! for about 20 minutes! Super delicious!



I just got my package I orded from the Raw food shop! I orded a lot of different seeds & protein powder! I daily have seeds & protein powder in my food so I got them in big packages! I recommend to buy this stuff online, if you you eat this often! its more cheaper & you can chose different sizes on the package! I shop at https://www.rawfoodshop.se

I daily eat natural protein powder, usually I use Hemp protein powder! I just put a tablespoon in my oats or in my smoothies!

Hemp protein is natures best source for plant based protein! Hemp seeds I often top my breakfast bowl with & I have it when I bake for example in my raw food bolls! they are really yummy!

I got a package of Pumpkin protein powder & Pumpkin seeds! they have a lot of Protein, fiber & minerals! a good source for iron & zink that helps the immune system! Im going to have the powder in my oats I think they will bring a good flavor! the seeds I will have on top of my foods, they are so yummy to roast & have on sallads!

Chia seeds is power seeds! very good for the heart & digestive systam! rich in fiber omega-3! I will have a table spoon in my oats or on top of it! they are a really good supplement instead of eggs when you bake! I eat chia seeds every day!

Flax seeds is similar to chia seeds really powerful seeds! Im going to use this when I bake!

Sunflower seeds have a lot of magnesium & are really good to have in your sallads or if you bake bread!



Somedays you just need to have a healing day! A day were you lay down or sitting down & giving your mind & body a moment to connect & find balance. Its so important to always listen to ourselves, because in our hearts we know the truth, even if we sometimes get distracted by other people, job or whatever, its so important to follow your own truth.

We often have expectations on our self & on other people, but we can't have that, because sometimes things changes, feelings changes & if you have, for a example told your friend or partner to have dinner with you & the day comes & you not feeling in your heart that you want to, you maybe going through some tuff emotions within yourself that day, so you maybe just want to have that night to work on yourself, heal your body. sometimes is good to heal together & sometimes we need to do it ourselves!

& the dinner can happen some other night instead! maybe your friend accept that, maybe not. It has to be unconditionally love, ALWAYS!

No expectations on each other! see it instead that wow my friend/partner is taken some time to work on themselves so that they can feel better & grow! so maybe I can do that as well! Take a second to just breathe & let go of your thoughts for a moment, do that a couple of times per day. meditate whenever is necessary! do some yoga! have a cup of tea & a good meal. Read a book, put on some music & shake of what ever dark thoughts you have & just flow in what feels good in the moment! just listen within your self because you know the truth!

Love youreself❤✨