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1. I met up with a friend that needed to do some shopping for her boyfriend's upcoming birthday. We went to a flower shop, and I found this really cute display of cactuses and succulents in a glass bowl. Of course, I needed to take a picture.

2. A girl that just graduated from High School (at the same school I go to) and I decided to meet up for some coffee. A short period of my time, I was obsessed with taking pictures of light bulbs. I saw a few of them hanging down from the ceiling in the coffee shop, and I've always wanted to capture a photo so I did.

3. I was invited to a surprise party for two friends of me. They're leaving to study abroad (one of them has left) and their best friend wanted to organize a party with their closest friend to surprise them and have one last chance to say good bye. I was not in the mood for modelling. Usually, I'm okay with being photographed, but my concealer was too pale and my face was white compared to my neck. A close friend of mine (who also took a ton of pictures at the party to capture the moments) wanted to have a few pictures of me too. I remember turning to face him only to see the camera lens pointed at me. I swear you can see the disappointment in my eyes. I'm not mad at him, though.

4. This picture is of me (in the middle) with my two friends that are studying abroad the upcoming school year. One of them (at left) has already left. This was at their best friend's birthday party two weeks before school ended.

5. The last picture was at the surprise party. I wanted a touch of colour in my Instagram feed so I had to take a picture of this drink that was made by one of the girls that hosted the surprise party. To be honest, I think I ate half of the strawberries inside the bowl.

- Vera

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