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Alright, as you notice I haven't uploaded weekly like I said. Here's why: so last year (as you may know) I was having difficulties because of everything happening in my life at that time, that affected my grades in school. I finished my last year with 4 negative grades. I don't know how but they passed me. This year i've decided that it is going to be "My year" and no one is going to take it for me.
You know, we all have problems. We all get to a point where we think "this is it, I can't take this anymore, all this drama is just to much for me" but trust you will spend the rest of your life drowning in problems.
But if you take all your problems and put them all together you will see that you lear a new lesson for each one.
You see everything around you as a problem. You see school as a problem, you see work as a problem, you see your family as a problem, everything that comes to your mind is a problem. But it doesn't have to be this way.
If you're in school and you're always complaining about it being too hard or too boring then stop what you're doing right now and think. Think that all the effort you're putting in your work is not gonna be worthless in the future. Because yes, you are a student and that is your job. When you look at your parents, uncles, neighbors, whatever, what do you think? They have to get to their job on time, they can't be rude, they have to do everything right.. Now look at yourself, what do you see? Don't you see the similarities? you are working at your school.
But I didn't quite get this until this year.
I used to look at my tests and see negative marks on every single one.
But that has changed. And I'm happy. I can officially say that I am ready for what this world has to give. And trust me when I say that it has so much to give us.
Pass the word. Help this generation to be more and more each and every day. We are not worthless in this world. We can do so much, we just don't know it yet.

So to conclude, I was really trying to keep the good grades so I didn't have time to right. But don't worry I'll become more active, I promise.

The best best thing about learning is being able to teach it to others later.

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Hello everyone. So, a long time ago I started to think about making a blog but I never knew when I should start or what I should say. But yesterday I was giving advice to my friend and then I really heard my own words and I said to myself "just be yourself, and you'll be able to achieve whatever you want." and that's basically what I'm doing right now, I've decided that it's finally time for a fresh start in my life.

So without further ado let's begin with some informations about me:

1. My name is Vanessa Catarina Afonso Ribeiro, I'm turning 14 this year on April 24th. I was born in a german city called Sindelfingen. I was like a social butterfly, so making friends was never a problem for me. But that changed when I strated my 1st year of school. I was getting bullyed by an older girl. She was 6 or 7 years older than me. I remember going everyday to the principal's office crying because of this girl. At that time the pricipal was a women. I'm not sure why but she never cared and never did anything about my case. Sometimes she would even say that she didn't have time for me because she had a lot of work to do. So the only one who could help me was my sister because we were in the same school as the girl. Every time I had a problem I would just call my sister's friends for help. I was in the middle of 1st grade when my parents decided to go back to Portugal (both my parents and my sister were born in Portugal) so that was great because I could meet new people and make new friends, or so I thought... Being "the new girl" was not easy for me. People would judge me and say that I was different so they didn't want to be friends with me. Even the teachers didn't like me idk why. So until 5th grade I never had real friends.

2. I play vollyball for 4 years. It has become one of my biggest pasions. Along with that I'm also really into music, acting and writing. I always loved writing stuff but no one ever knew until last year when I decided to write a story and show it to my classmates. I'm really shy when it comes to me showing other people the things that I can or want to do, so I was really nervous that day but gladely everyone seemed to like it.

3. I love poetry. I have recently participated in a poetry contest and I won first place! now I am going to a nacional level.

4. I don't believe in a lot of stuff but I respect the ones who do. I believe we were all put in this world to fight for the things that we believe. We don't have to be all the same. We are free to let our minds be creative. If there was a subject in school about creativity then that would be definatly my number one favorite.

5. You will notice, as the time pass, that I am A-L-W-A-Y-S talking about non sense stuff. Like infinity. I really don't believe that infinity exists. But you will have the oportunitty to hear more about what I think later.

6. I met my best friend 2 years ago and since than we have been inseparable. She's one of the best people I have ever met and I'm pretty sure that you'll hear more about her as we go on.

7. I am terrified by clowns. There is a lonnnnng story of me being scared of them. But since I already told you a lot about me I'll leave this story for another time.

8. If you haven't already listen to Lost Boy by Ruth B you really should. It is my favorite song since ever and I can not tell you how much I love the lyrics. Whenever I'm not feeling in a good mood I just listen to this song and it keeps me calm.

9. I live with my sister and my mother. My dad is currently living in another country since my parents got divorced. But don't think that he just left me. I love my dad with every heart beat. I visit him when I'm on school break. But we call each other almost everyday. My dad has been my best friend since I was born but we got a little distance as I grew up.

10. I love animals. When I lived in Germany I had a cat as my birthday gift and I also had a hamster. My cat's name was Tiko(male) and my hamster's name was Chiquinha(female). Me and my sister always wanted a dog but since we lived on a apartment we couldn't get one. But when we got to Portugal, getting a dog was one of the first things that we did. Now I have a dog called Snoopy and a cat called Sammy.

11. I'm totally feminist. I believe in equal rights and that everyone can do what they want whether they are male or female, large or small, big or short, it shouldn't be a problem.

12. I love helping people. I really want to make a difference in this world and one day be able to say that I did everuthing that I could to make the people around me happy.

13. I will share a lot of life hacks/life styles on my blog for you, I will tell you some stories (creating for that a category called story time) and some more stuff. And sometimes I will just have a little chat w/you just to keep us a little closer.

14. last but not least, you'll notice that in the end of every post I'll leave a little quote to encourage you to be yourself or just anything to keep you in mind that you make a difference in this world and that you are special in your unique way. For today I'll leave a very simple but very important one.

"Creat yourself."