Hello Everyone and HAPPY FRIDAY!

Today I baked muffins to bring to work on Monday and I thought I could share my easy and yummy recipe here on the blog! All you need for 12-15 muffins is:

100 g Butter

2 Eggs

1,5 dl Sugar

1 Ts Vanilla Sugar

1 lemon skin

2 dl Milk

4 dl Plain Flour

2 Ts Baking powder

1 pinch Salt

200 g Frozen berries of your choice


Pre-Heat oven to 175 Degrees. Mix together: eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar until you get a smooth mixture. Add melted butter, milk and lemon skin. Mix together and then add flour, salt and baking powder at the end. Mix again and then add your choice of berries.

Fill the muffin forms for 2/3 (they will grow a lot in the oven) and then place in the oven for 20 minutes! When ready you can have fun decorating your muffins, I used chocolate, sugar flowers and much more.      EASY and YUMMY :)

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In this post I am going to write about the languages that I can speak and how I learned them😄

Many people always ask me how I can speak five languages ( Italian, English, Norwegian, Swedish and Spanish)and how is it possible that I learn them so fast, I guess I am just good at languages and also the fact that I have lived in different countries is a reason for it.

When I was 18 years old I moved to Utrecht, in the Netherlands, where I studied at "Utrecht University school of economics" for one and a half year. During my stay there I did not learn Dutch ( the local language) but I was in contact with people from all over the world and my English improved a lot!! I think that if I have to choose what my main language is, I would say English because I mostly communicate in English with people around me and also my boyfriend and I mainly speak English to each other.

Then I moved to Stockholm when I was 20 and there I learned Swedish while I was working in a Kindergarden, being around children is the best way to learn a language, they will correct you, laugh at you when you say something wrong and just be totally honest! In that way I learned Swedish pretty quickly and I even took a test to have Swedish as a second language :)

In July I moved to Norway and I cannot say that I fluently speak Norwegian  but Swedish and Norwegian are simlar and I am learning new words everyday and with my Swedish knowledge I can easily communicate with Norwegian people.

Last but not least language is Spanish. I studied Spanish in high school for 5 years and it is easy for Italians to learn it and speak it 🇪🇸🇮🇹

Since I was a little girl I always thought that being able to speak several languages was so cool , nowaydays I am so proud of myself for having learned 5 languages on my own and at such a fast speed!

How many languages do you guys speak? 😄



As many of you already know, I AM GETTING MARRIED! I am so happy about it and I just cannot wait! But I have to admit that organizing a wedding it`s a little stressfull, there is soooo much to be put in place before the special day comes.

We will be getting married next June so we have sometime ahead of us to fix what needs to be fixed but for now, I do not want to write so much on my blog about it because no one knows anything yet so I dont`want it to be public.

On this blog post I am just going to share with you some of the wedding dresses I tried at "Brudeskjolen" here in Oslo last Saturday. I thought it would be very hard for me to find the perfect wedding dress and that it would take me time to decide which one to buy but surprisingly I found the ONE right away and I ordered it. When you try it on you just know that THAT dress is the one, all the other dresses will just look anonymous compared to it.

Here i am going to show you some pictures of the dresses I tried. My the ONE is among the pictures but I am not going to write which one it is because I dont`want Robert to find out before our Wedding day :)

Let`s go:




I know, it was a while ago since I last updated my blog but honestly, I thought it would be easier than it is to find time to blog frequently. I am working full time, have lots of work to do at home as well, plus some courses I am doing and I never have time to just sit and blog. But tonight it`s a special night and you know what? I am enjoying a relaxing weekend, totally on my own, at a nice hotel in Oslo.

Robert left tonight for Malmö, where he will be spending the weekend with a friend and since I did not want to be home with other people around (at the moment we share the apartment with a friend of Robert), I decided to check in to a hotel, where I can relax, have a nice breakfast, find time to work and maybe do some shopping tomorrow :) I checked in today around 17 pm, worked a little, skyped with some friends and then order room service. (yummy) Now I am in bed, after a relaxing bath, ready to have a long sleep surrounded by huge white pillows.

I don`t know you guys, but I am totally uncapable of living with other people (either than my boyfriend obviously), I need a lot of personal space, freedom and privacy. I am glad that we will sign a new apartment contract on Monday, where Robert and I will be moving from October1st! But, I am not goint to tell where exactly we will be living, before we sign it :) 

I got some big exciting news that I will soon be sharing with you :) and I promise to try to write a little more frequently!

Here are some pictures from my Hotel stay...



I feel so lucky these days!

Robert and I are looking for a new apartment to move in from November and if everything goes according to plans, we will move into a nice apartment with water view! I am really looking forward to that.

Things at my job are great, after the first week of getting into the new routine, meeting new collegues, new children, new parents,.. everything is great now! I enjoy these little extra responsibilities and I am excited to see what will happen in the future :)

On top of everything, Robert and I have just booked a 2 weeks dream vacation to California for Christmas/New Years, we will be going to Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas over New Years! It will be unforgettable :)

I start loving Oslo more and more, the landscape here is always breathtaking!



Today Robert and I went to a climbing park here in Oslo with two other couples. You get helmet, gloves, the right equipment and you can choose different climbing trails, including different kind of ziplines. I have to admit that it was my first time ever climbing and since I am afraid of heights it was not the easiest activity for me because sometimes I got seriously afraid but I managed to finish two paths and I am proud of myself ! ( Although the other guys were much better than me and did more advanced trails). Unfortunately, in the afternoon it started to rain pretty heavily so we had to leave sooner than expected but we enjoyed a few hours at the park!

They offer trails for children too and I think it is a great weekend activity for families, you can be in the forest, enjoy some sport and maybe grill!

Here are a few pictures from today, before we started climbing ( I did not have my phone with me so we could not take so many pictures)!




Hello Girls! I have teamed up with @Todieforswimwear and we are now offering 15% off on any of their bikinis from Todiefor.com! Just use the code "VANY15" at checkout to get your discount! Enjoy <3

Here you can see some pictures, they are the cutest bikinis!

CIao Ragazze! Sto collaborando con @Todieforswimwear e ora offriamo 15% su qualsiasi bikini dal loro sito Todiefor.com! Use il codice "VANY15" al checkout per usare lo sconto! <3



From today I am going to write my blog posts both in English and in Italian( as I am Italian there are Italian people who read my blog and might not understand English so I think it`s better this way)

.As you can read in my description I am a Montessori teacher from zero till 7 years old, I did my education through distance learning at a College in London and finally today, after almost one year that I basically finished my education, I got my D I P L O M A ! Robert and I went to the post office to pick up a package for me and we did not know it was going to be the diploma so I got so happy about it, we celebrated drinking a vanilla coffe ( my coffee obsession of the moment). For those who don`t know what the Montessori Method is,briefly it is a teaching method developed by Maria Montessori that put emphasis on indipence, freedom and repect for the child`s development. When I was in Sardinia I found a great interactive board on a market that I am definitely going to create myself when I go back to work. (Children learn through their hands so an activity board like that is perfect for cognitive and physical development of young children :)

​Da oggi ho deciso di scrivere il mio blog sia in Inglese che in Italiano ( sono Italiana per cui molte persone che leggono il mio blog sono italiane )

Come potete leggere nella mia descrizione sono un`insegnante Montessori, da zero a sette anni, ho studiato in un college a Londra tramite un metodo a distanza e oggi finalmente, dopo praticamente un anno dalla fine dei miei studi, ho ricevuto il mio D I P L O M A!! Io e Robert siamo andati alla posta per ritirare un pacchetto per me ma non sapevamo si trattasse del diploma, ero felicissima allora abbiamo festeggiato bevendo un caffe` alla vaniglia (  la mia ossessione del momento). Per quelli che non sanno cos`e` il metodo Montessori, e` un metodo di educazione di Maria Montessori che mette enfasi sull` indipendenza, liberta` e rispetto del progresso educativo del bambino. Quando ero in Sardegna una sera, ho visto una lavagna interattiva ad una bancarella che mi e` sembrata fantastica come idea. Sicuramente la rifaro` quando ricomincio a lavorare ( i bambini imparano meglio quando hanno la possibilita` di usare le mani, una lavagna come questa e` perfetta per lo sviluppo cognitivo e fisico del bambino).



So I decided that I am going to start training from now on, maybe two times a week to start with. I have never really trained, when I was little I took ballet classes for several years, then I played basketball for a few years and then when I started highschool I just stopped training completely, maybe I would go to the gym occasionally but I never on a regular basis. Now I feel like it is time to get back on track, I am lucky to be pretty thin even though I don`t have a healthy diet and never say no to a dessert but I do not have a "fit" body and I want to build some more muscles to be stronger.

Today my boyfriend and I went to the gym (after a well deserved pancake-breakfast), we are lucky to have a little one in the building complex where we live and we did some light exercise to start with. A 10 minutes warm up then pull and push exercises, some legs exercises and then some push-ups.

When it comes to going to the gym, I do not have a clear idea of what kind of exercises I could do, that is why I usually went to classes like zumba and spinning, but today my boyfriend could show me a few machines and exercises that I can do on my own next time.

After the gym I prepared dinner, some yummy lasagna with salad and now we are drinking our bedtime tea and watching a funny comedy called "Get hard".

Have a nice evening everyone :)

p.s : Am I the only girl who constantly has this hairbun when at home? it`s the most comfortable thing, I just cannot have my hair down when I am home!