What a wonderful holiday Valentines Day is. Not only does it remind myself that I am loved, a day to love myself, but also to take in that life is to short to waste. I know this sounds similar to my last couch talk blog but I feel like topics like this need to be said more then once to really make an impact on someone.

This year for Valentines Hunter and I didn't do much and I was more then happy to be a couch potato with him. Both of us worked for most of the day, he came to pick me up at five which came with some yellow roses which was super adorable. When we got home we ate dinner, sat on the couch watching silly Facebook videos, went to lay in bed early and played some pokemon. Couldn't ask for a better Valentines Day to be honest.

Not only did I spend my evening with my love, but I really took the time to express myself some love. I have very low self-esteem, it has always been that way. I wanted to feel pretty so I went with the whole Valentines Day theme and did my eyeshadow a little darker with lots of sparkle, added some nice rose coloured blush on, and I put on the brightest red lipstick I own and rocked it! I gave my hair some volume, put some velvet leggings on, a cute rose coloured dress on, kept my jewelry gold theme and I felt on top of the world.

I took a lot of time yesterday to remember all of those that I've lost close to me. It sucks that the ones you love the most will be gone one day. Valentines is a wonderful day to remember those beautiful people that are and were in your life to celebrate love and life all together in one day. Recently I just lost my Grandfather and it is still taking a toll on my heart strings. His lose made me feel like a piece of my soul was taken from my body. I was very similar to him personality wise and he was my biggest role model growing up. I hadn't seen him in a few years for reasons I don't wish to discuss on here, but when I got that phone call, all I could think about was that I didn't get to tell him that he was loved and that I loved him which breaks my heart to this day. He needed to hear it as much as I needed to tell him which is why I needed yesterday to come, to remember the memories and all his funny jokes he use to tell me when I was a little girl.

So just remember, Valentines is not only a day for you and your partner to celebrate together. It is a day of love and life. Show some love to yourself, to your loved ones/pets, and to remember all the ones that you loved the most and continue to love each and every day. I can't express that enough to you guys, I really can't. Not only should you do this on the day of love but continue to celebrate love even the day after Valentine Day, we shouldn't just keep it to one day. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day and would love to hear what you did to celebrate the day.

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Finally getting around to doing a make-up blog! I feel like it's been forever since I last did something make-up/beauty related. My mom was really kind to get me some new Wet n Wild products that I can't find here in my city or other cities around me. I got five of the new Wet n Wild brushes that came out a few months ago now and five of the new Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick. This is going to be a first impressions/review blog since I've already have tried two of the five liquid lipsticks simple because I just couldn't wait!

I will start off with these beautiful brushes! Oh my god I can't believe I finally have my hands on some of these! These brushes range from $2.99 USD - $0.99 USD depending on the brush. I have the small concealer brush, small eyeshadow brush, foundation brush, powder brush, and the flat top brush. These brushes are made of "polymax fibres made of an exclusive thermoplastic polymer complex that mimics the consistency of natural hairs" which means these brushes are 100% cruelty free and vegan. It is so hard to find cruelty free/vegan brushes in my city it's unbelievable. My first impressions on the brushes was that they look high quality considering how inexpensive they are. They also have a thumb indent built into the handle which made it more comfortable to hold. The synthetic hairs are super soft to the touch, honestly they feel like natural hair which to me means that the quality is there. Overall the brushes seem amazing , I love the colour scheme, and I can't wait to try them out tomorrow!

Now onto the liquid lipstick! We all know I have an addiction to liquid lipstick, I am obsessed I can admit that. I saw a video of a girl swatching the shade on this beauty group I am apart of on Facebook and I honestly died I little I had to get my hands on these! I have the shades Pink Really Hard, Coral Corruption, Rebel Rose, Missy and Fierce, and Goth Topic. I've tried Rebel Rose and Goth Topic so far and overall really enjoy both shades and formula. These retail for $4.99 USD which I think is really reasonable for a liquid lipstick. I think most of us know who Jeffree Star is and his make-up line has really sky rocketed over the last couple years. I have a few of his liquid lipsticks and noticed very similar qualities with his liquid lipsticks and the wet n wild ones. The packaging itself (including the application brush) is the EXACT SAME. I've also noticed this with ColourPop and Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks as well which means that the products are being produced in the same facility. This does not mean it's a bad thing, It's just interesting to notice these similarities and yet we spend extra money on these high end brands when the cheaper options have the same packaging meaning that we pay for the name not the packaging. Anyways, I really do like the formula, I would say similar to the Jeffree Star/Kat Von D formulas. Not super drying on the lips, I would say though it does take a few minutes to fully dry. With the Rebel Rose shade I only needed about one layer where as the Goth Topic which is the darkest shade in the collection right now needed about two-three layers. So far with the Goth Topic shade I have noticed a little bit of bleeding but not to the point where it its noticeable so I have high hopes that I won't have to use a liner with these which to me is a plus! After eating or drinking I've notice a little of the product coming off but not to the point that I need to re apply. Overall I am loving these liquid lipsticks so far and would highly recommend them.

Wet n Wild was one of the first brands that I got into when I switched over to cruelty free products. I the past couple year I feel like they have grown as a company and our now expanding their line which I am loving so far! Wet n Wild has been around for a long time and I'm pretty sure they were one of the few brands that have always stay cruelty free/vegan which I give a big round of applause for staying with what they believe in and not being bought out by a parent company! If you haven't checked out their products can be found in Walmart (the only place I know where to buy this brand). My mom purchased these when she was in the U.S. last weekend so if you live in Canada we will most likely not see these products for a while or never possible which is super disappointing. You can order these products online through the Wet n Wild website which I might be doing to buy the rest of the brushes. Let me know down below if you've tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them. I will keep you all posted on the brushes and the liquid lipsticks once I have used/worn them a few times.



Hunter and I had the pleasure to see Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic bring down the house sunday night at the REBEL downtown Toronto. What an amazing concert they performed! I would highly recommend seeing them when they come back to Toronto or wherever you may live. They played all their popular songs and a lot of there newer songs off his latest album which made it more enjoyable at least for me because I don't know all of his songs.

I've been to a lot of concerts now, some good some bad, this was also my first rap concerts and I was not disappointed! Both Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic did an amazing job pumping up the crowd and making it as engaging as possible. They both seem really down to earth guys, also two awkward people which makes them more authentic. I think the best part was after the show they both plus the headliner rapper name Sandman came out after to meet everyone and thanked everyone that they met for coming which I really appreciated. They had said this was their last day of the Hey Kirby Tour and you could tell they were worn out and were ready to hit the road but for being so tired and still coming out to meet everyone who was in line was really amazing and I really respected them for that.

If you haven't heard of Aesop Rock I would highly suggest checking him out! He's more of an underground rapper but his raps are meaningful, fun, and different compared to other rappers that I've listened to which is why I like his music so much. This is going to be a shorter blog for today but let me know down below who are you looking forward to see in concert this year or who is on your list to see in concert.



My newest addition to my sleeve! What do you all think?

This piece was done by the same amazing artist that did my other arm piece, Mor at Chronic Ink Tattoo Markham location. If you can't guess already I am going with a vintage theme to my sleeve. We decided the day of that this piece would look better if it was a full colour piece which I was down for. This is actually the only colour piece I really have so far, I mean I do have my two bows but they are only a baby pink and the rest is black so I don't really consider them full colour pieces. I am super happy how this piece came out, it's better then how I imagined it to be honest, I feel like most of my tattoo turn out way better then I imagined them to be.

I got this piece tattooed on my inner bicep, which I'm sure your all going to ask, how badly did it hurt? There is definitely a big hype about how the inner bicep hurts like a bitch getting it tattooed but honestly it wasn't that bad. The background to the left and right of it was probably the most painful part of the whole thing, everything else was a breeze for me. Now I do have a high pain tolerance so considering this is a sensitive area to get tattooed don't think that it will be a breeze for you. Everyone's pain tolerance is different I'm just lucky I have a high pain tolerance especially because my next couple spots I'm going to be getting tattooed are also known to to be painful areas to get tattooed.

Why teacups? I've always been a tea drinker and always will be. I have also been collecting teacups for the past 5 years now and they are so beautifully painted and they are all so unique in there own way I just love to collect them. There is no deep meaning to this piece to be honest, I just love tea, teacups and it went with the theme so this was the best way to express my love for tea!

I will link both my artist Mor and the shops instagram pages down below and show them some love! They have some amazing artists that work there I would definitely give them both a follow and check out there work. I don't have any upcoming appointments at the moment because you know adulting and stuff. I will keep you all posted when I do get a new tattoo, I am also planning on doing another blog post on my tattoo artist wishlist because that has definitely added a bunch of artist to that list so stay tuned!





Today, I thought I would start a new blog series called Couch Talk. This series will really just be things that come across my mind while I'm sitting on the couch watching tv. This new year I really want to get back into blogging since I really do enjoy it and I get a bunch of readers coming to my blog reading my posts so I don't want to stop now!

Recently I've been thinking about the way humans interact with each other. We're always judging one another, being mean, taking things personally, etc. With all those things the first thought that crosses my mind is, we really do put forward a lot of hatred to one another when we should be empowering and caring for one another. Not only are we judging strangers but we are also judging the ones that we love and surround ourselves with every day.

This year I made a promise to myself, and I want everyone who reads this to try this on for themselves. This year I will not judge and I will not take things personally. In a world with so much hatred I've made a commitment to be that one person to make a difference and show love and care to all the people I surround myself with. We are all unique individuals but why do we all judge and make fun of others? There is no right way to be, if you want tattoos and piercings you go do it, if you want be to be loud talkative person you be loud and talk your face off.

In the words of Shia Labeouf JUST DO IT!

Not only that but just be you, be authentic. Who is someone to say how you should look, or act. Like I said we are all unique individuals so embrace yourself, love yourself, and spread the love and care to everyone you come across, who knows you might be that person to brighten someone bad day just by giving them a smile, being nice to them or showing respect to them, or even just saying "hope you have a good day" could make a huge difference to someone whether you know them or not.

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty down when I woke up this morning but when I went upstairs and looked at myself in the mirror I said, why the fuck am I so down today? Why waste a day being sad, over thinking, stressing about adulting life, etc. when I could be happy and relax. Some days you do need to be sad and I have those days for sure and that is normal. But if there is no valid reason to be sad or angry, then why waste a beautiful day when you can turn that around and create a positive day for yourself and maybe for someone else.

We are all human, shit happens sometimes, no reason to be negative about it. We tend to forget that life is precious and it can be taken away just like that. Live everyday like it's your last, bring love and care to the table instead of being angry about what someone said to you last week. Love who you are, love what you do, love the people around you, respect everyone, take risks, and live life to the fullest because you only got one life so you might as well enjoy every damn second of it.

I hope this post either brightened someone's day or made an impact on someones life. I really enjoyed making this post and there will be more post like this in the future. Again, this year I want to show more love and care to everyone, embrace life, and do the things that make me happy and I hope you all do the same. I will now be enjoying the rest of my day off watching trashy tv shows, drinking tea, and cuddling my pup.

Happy Wednesday!



​Hey everyone! It's time for another monthly beauty favourite blog. Over the month of September I didn't really buy to many new make-up/beauty products so this months blog will be a little bit short so I do apologies. Let's get started!

e.l.f. Contouring Brush (Walmart)

I really needed some new brushes, since a lot of mine are getting so old now and recently e.l.f. came out with this new contour brush and a blending brush that I will talk about next. I really like the shape of the brush and the "hairs" are super soft. I was always concerned about getting a brush like this because the design is so narrow so I thought it would be really hard to blend. Since the "hairs" are super soft it actually blends super nicely and picks up the product really well. I usually have to go back in with a blending brush just to make my contour a little less harsh but other then that this is probably one of my favourite contour brushes I own.

e.l.f. Ultimate Blending Brush (Walmart)

This brush.. I can't express my love for this brush. I have a really bad obsession with blending brushes whether it's an eyeshadow blending brush, contour blending brush, you name it I probably have it or I will buy it eventually. I usually use this brush to help blend the contour and the blush nicely because I find sometimes your face can look like neapolitan ice cream on your face and thats not a good look. The "hairs" are so soft and will blend out any harsh lines on your face. This is an everyday brush for me by far. The only thing I wouldn't use it for is to apply blush. I tried to use it as a blush brush since it was so soft and the shape of it is basically the same as a blush brush but I found the it didn't pick up the product like I wanted it to. Overall a fantastic brush and highly recommend!

Lush Liquid Lipsticks in Confident & Decisive (Lush)

I didn't even know that Lush had liquid lipsticks until I was reading their most recent catalog, and you all know that I am obsessed with liquid lipsticks so I was freaking out when I found this out. I got these two colour for my birthday from my girl Zoe who works at lush. Confident is a deep plum shade and Decisive is a vintage cherry red shade, both beautiful shade when applied to the lips. These are a liquid to matte lipstick and I would highly suggest using a lip scrub before applying and also a lip liner because they do bleed but not as much as other brands that I've used which is nice. Decisive is very pigmented and such a beautiful cool toned red. Confident I found to be a bit more sheer so I really had to apply this shade a couple times to get the pigment I want. These liquid lipsticks in particular need a lot of time to dry full matte so be careful not to eat or drink anything right after application. Once it's matte these will literally last you all day they have incredible wear throughout the day I would definitely try them out. 

Lush Aqua Marina Face and Body Cleanser (Lush)

I was using the bar version of this but I found that the bar wasn't doing enough cleansing wise, so I bought the aqua marina which is like a paste consistency which I love a lot better! It is a calamine based cleanser and it really helps to calm my skin down since I have such problem skin. I get a lot of redness, oiliness, dryness, acne prone skin, eczema prone, and probably a lot more things that I don't even know about yet. This cleanser really helps to balance out my skin and really calm my skin down from all the redness and irritations on my face. I also was using this to help wash my tattoo since it's very mild and helps calm the skin. I really love this product I would definitely try it out if any of you have the same type of skin as myself.

I have some exciting blogs coming up this month that I am super excited make! One will be of my most recent tattoo that I got back in September, and I also showcase my photoshoot pictures for halloween that I also did back in September! By the way who is pumped for halloween this year? What is everyone being for halloween this year? I need to know these things so I can come up with the ultimate costume, even though I have a good idea what I'm being this year. Stay tuned this month for some exciting blogs!



Today, I felt like I needed to rant a little bit. Theirs been a lot happening with the BSL law here in Canada and this week has been a heavy hit with these poor dogs and I just needed to rant and also raise awareness on this issue. Just a little disclaimer, this blog is obviously a rant and everything that I will be writing about is MY opinion and MINE alone. For those who are with me fantastic you are a normal human being. For those who support BSL then this is really not the blog post for you. This is a really big issue that I am very passionate about so all negative comments will be deleted immediately. Here we go.

For those of you at home or on your smart phones wondering, "what is BSL?" , "what does BSL stand for"? , etc. Well BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation and was put in by the Ontario government to banned a specific breed within the province. This was directed specifically for pitbulls because pitbulls are "vicious", "aggressive", "dangerous" dogs and they should not belong in the province. This bill is worldwide, I just did a little mini research and Ontario put this bill in place in 2005... which blows my mind that I only heard of the issue a few years ago in Ontario. For anyone who had owned a pitbull before the ban was put in place are considered "grandfathered" in but must meet certain guidelines for them to still I've in the province/country. Not only are pitbulls victims but many other breeds can and are on the bill depending where you live but in North America it is mostly targeted to pitbulls.

Recently in Canada, Montreal has but the BSL bill forward and was affective as of Sept. 27th 2016. Let me tell you this shit is blowing up everywhere on social media right now. Probably mostly in Canada but I wouldn't be surprised if the U.S. was seeing this shit as well. In Montreal, thousands of dogs that are not considered "grandfathered" in meaning any pitbull in a shelter will be killed if not relocated to another province or country immediately. This is why people are pissed. Innocent dogs are being put down for what the government likes to call a "dangerous" breed of dog, when in fact pitbulls are some of the sweetest dogs I know. The world has this image of pitbulls from many different media platforms. One of the most memorable would be the Michael Vick dog fighting case that happened in 2007, but also all the movie platforms that have guard dogs in them which always are either pitbulls, rottweilers, german sheperds, mastiffs, etc. which puts it in peoples minds that these dogs are vicious.

What do I think of all of this? BSL is a bunch of bullshit, which makes me believe that our government is run by a bunch of fucking idiots for caving in the what the "media" believes are vicious, dangerous dogs. It just blows my mind that we have a bill like this in 2016. The worst part is that at any point in time they can add any breed of dog to this list. I have a rottweiler at home, she is literally one of the sweetest dogs I know , it would honestly break my heart if I had to muzzle her and keep her one leash, basically just restrain her for the rest of your life. Thats not the life I want for my dog or any other dog in this world.

It's time to step up and speak for those who can't speak and end BSL once and for all in Canada and all over the world. Their are many petitions that you can sign on change.org which I will link below to make a difference in the fight to end BSL. If anyone has anymore questions about this topic that I didn't touch base on please feel free to ask in the comment section below. I hope this post educated anyone who didn't know a lot or anything about BSL and please feel free to share this post to let everyone know what is happening. The more people who know the better. Let's make a difference and save these dogs and any future dogs that could be put on this bill from death or a life of restraint.




Hey guys! I'm super excited to make this post all about tooth powder and toothy tabs.. I was going to make it last week but I totally forgot to what I was suppose to write about so I ended up writing on some music albums, and then this week it dawned on me... wait a minute! I was suppose to make a blog about this last week. So as you can tell this blog is going be what is Tooth Powder and Toothy Tabs and my review on them.

Let me start off by explaining what tooth powder and toothy tabs are. These are Lush's version of tooth paste pretty much. They recently just came out with the tooth powder and reformulated the toothy tabs and created some new "flavours" to the collection. Ill start with the toothy tabs first, so basically how the toothy tabs work is you take one tab or even half a tab, chew it with the front teeth, get your tooth wet, once the tab is all chewed up you just start brushing your teeth! With the tooth powder, a little bit different but all you have to do is get your tooth brush wet, dip it into the powder, and then start brushing away! These are the only cruelty-free version of tooth paste that I know isn't owned by a parent company and I honestly could never go back to tooth paste after using these. The tooth powder comes in three different "flavours" and the toothy tabs come in I believe comes in seven different "flavours".

Now for the review! I've been using toothy tabs for a long time now so I love the new formula automatically. Compared to the old formula, their not to much different. They are a little bit easier to chew, and the packaging is a lot different but I actually enjoy the new packing a lot better then the cardboard, but other then that it's not to much different. They did introduce some new flavours and I got my hands on the one called Oral Pleasure which I absolutely love! Oral Pleasure specifically is very perfume/really strong in scent and taste so it's definitely not for everyone, but it's is definitely one of my favourite that I have tried so far. I've also fallen in love with the tooth powder. The tooth powder is a really nice option for kids especially if you know your kids aren't using enough tooth paste or it always ends on in a giant clump in the sink. I got Tooth Fairy and it literally tastes like strawberry bubblegum. It is super mild in taste so it's not super overwhelming, especially when compared to Oral Pleasure. Overall I love both products and would highly recommend both to anyone who wants to try something new or wants to switch their tooth paste over to a cruelty-free tooth paste.

Both products retail for $9.95 and you get a lot of both products, I know with the toothy tabs as well they may be coming in more bulk which would be amazing! I find with the toothy tabs I run out of all the time but I also use a full tab every time so that's probably why. I feel like now that they is more tabs in the bottles and the powder comes in a pretty big container that it's going to last me quite a while, I also have like two different toothy tabs on the go plus the powder so I should be good on tooth paste for a long long time. I hope you all enjoyed this blog a learned a little bit about these amazing products! Let me know if you try either of them what you think or if you have already tried them what are your favourite "flavours"?

P.S. my friend Zoe who works at Lush just messaged me back and said that the toothy tabs give or take have 100 tabs in the bottle, so yes these will last you a long ass time before you need to buy more!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures on this blog.



Hey everyone! I wasn't sure what to write about today but I've been listening to a lot of new albums that have come out recently/this year and wanted to do a review on them. I haven't done any music related blogs in a long long time and their have been some amazing albums that have come out this year that I am obsessed with. Let us begin.

Disturbed: Immortalized (August 21st, 2016)

This has been my top album for a few months now! The had released the Sound of Silence song about a month or two earlier if I'm not mistaken and I instantly fell in love with this cover. I gotta say the Sound of Silence is the best cover I have ever heard in my life. You know when bands do covers of older/catchy songs that everyone know but it never sounds as good as the original? Well this song does not fit under that category, Disturbed's version of Sound of Silence definitely out beats the original by a long shot, such a brilliant job I can't say that enough. Once the rest of the album was released I was not disappointed at all. They are definitely that heavy metal band that are not slowing down any time soon and really stay true to their style of music. They aren't as psychotic as they were before but they are still true to the heavy metal style and David Draiman has such a unique spectacular voice, they just can't disappoint. I would highly suggest this album to my rock and rollers out their.

Bring Me The Horizon: That's The Spirit (September 11, 2015)

Okay I know I said albums from this year and I totally thought this album came out at the beginning of this year but clearly according to google I am wrong so I apologies. I feel very behind with Bring Me The Horizon, clearly.. because I just listened to this album a few months ago. Overall I wasn't to impressed with this album. Their a band that is a feel really changing their style of music or trying to experiment more with that electronic sound. I really only like about three songs out of the album (True Friends, Happy Song, and Drown). It was definitely a good choice to release Drown first because that is probably their best song out of that album which is why I got so excited for the other songs. I wouldn't suggest listening to this album, if your interested in listening to Bring Me The Horizon, check out their last album Sempiternal which was incredible , and their older stuff is really good as well if you are into really heavy music.

Billy Talent: Afraid of Heights (July 29th, 2016)

I've been a fan of Billy Talent for a long time now, and have seen them three times in concert, so I was not disappointed in their album. It is very their style as per usual and even the song Afraid of Heights does not bug me yet even though it plays every three seconds on every radio station. I've only really listen to this album once or twice since it was released but is it just me or do a lot of the songs sound just a bit similar? That could just be me I'll have to listen to it a few more times but I just had that thought as I was listening to it the first time. Also I know on Spotify the album has a few different versions of Afraid of Heights, which I think is a little unnecessary. I like when bands make their biggest hit into a slower song, but you don't need to over kill it with a bunch of different versions of the same song. Overall I approve of this album, but I prefer Billy Talents older stuff just a bit more.

Blink 182: California (July 1st, 2016)

BLINK WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME! I wasn't super impressed with Blink 182's new album.. IM SORRY EVERYONE don't hate on me for this. I bought the CD and was listening to it and it honestly just didn't jump out at me.. it all sounded pretty much the same. I'm not saying I hated the album by any means but it just wasn't anything special in mu opinion. I do enjoy the song Bored to Death and I believe it was San Diego but other then that it just was, very bland for a lack of better words. If anyone has ever listened to Blink 182's first album it was really weird and a lot of the songs were only seconds long, and since that album they have really improved in their lyrics and their beat to create some of the most iconic songs in our generations history, I just feel like this album was a bit of a step back so I'm hoping their next album is going to be taken up a notch a kick this album out of the park. I would give it a listen on Spotify but I wouldn't suggest buying the album personally.

A Day To Remember: Bad Vibrations (September 2nd, 2016)

I am literally listening to the album right now as I write this blog because I have not had time to listen to it, but I am really enjoying it so far. One of the reasons why I love A Day To Remember is that they always create these amazing songs and when they release a new album they stick with their style but also twist it a little bit. Their lyrics are also always amazing and can really hit close to home. I'm really enjoying all the heavier metal songs which is very old school A Day To Remember. When they released Common Courtesy a few years back (which was also an amazing album by the way) they took their style but lowered it down a bit a made some amazing songs. So I'm glad they changed it up a bit with this album as well. I have also seen A Day To Remember live I think twice now and they are a band I highly suggest to listen to.

Let me know down below what your favourite or least favourite album was this year, and what opinions you have on these albums. I know this is kind of sticking to one genre of music but this is the type of music I listen to so I do apologies to anyone who doesn't listen to this genre of music and have no idea what I'm talking about. For everyone who is reading this you MUST go listen to the Sound of Silence cover by Disturbed right meow because it is so incredible and everyone needs to listen to it at least once. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and I will be back next week with a new blog.

*Disclamer: I do not the photo on this post*



Alright monthly favourite blogs are now back in session! I only ended up doing one in May which I had stated that I was going to do every month (I apologize for no June or July favourites *sad face*) but now that I am back on board I will actually be doing a monthly beauty favourites blog post every month! This month I have a pretty amazing list of a bunch of cruelty free finds that I am now obsessed with. Here our my monthly favourites for the month of August.

1. Wet n' Wild Color Icon Blush in Rose Champagne: (Wal-Mart)

This is the perfect everyday blush for whatever look you are trying to achieve that day. I have two other blushes in my collection from Too Faced & Kat Von D, which sometimes when I'm I find my Too Faced one is too bright pink, and somedays my Kat Von D one is to peachy. But with the Wet n' Wild one this is the perfect in-between colour, again for any type of look. I got to say to, these blushes are super pigmented. A little does go a very long way. I find a lot of people reallysay shitty things about drug store make-up but honestly their are a lot of cruelty free drug store brands out their that are just as good as your $60+ make-up. Keep in mind, sometimes price doesn't mean quality. These come in five different shades and retail for only $2.99 which I think is a steal for the quality it is.

2. e.l.f Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in Turks & Caicos: (Wal-Mart)

I have finally found a bronzer that is a bit cooler tones for my face! I do enjoy my warm toned bronzers as well but most of the time I rather have cooler toned bronzer because I am so pale. This has been my go to everyday bronzer lately and the bronzer and blush very nicely together and are very pigmented as well. I don't use the blush as often because it's very neutral toned. What I mean by that is it's a light brown blush, which I usually like a little bit of a pink or peach tone to my blush. But the blush is still very nice and I usually will use it if my eyeshadow look is more colourful that day. 

3. Thayers Lavendar Witch Hazel w Aloe Vera Alcohol Free Toner: (Health Food Stores)

I have been using Thayers for a very long time now, but I have rekindled my love for it this month! They have a variety of different "scents"? but I thought I would try the lavender out. I don't really see a huge difference in the different "scents"? but I love how it is alcohol free and has a lot of soothing aspects to the toner. Toners can normally dry the skin out where I find this one will get all the dirt off while keeping the skin moisturized and not drying it out to much. It is still a little bit drying but what toner isn't a bit? I highly recommend using a toner in your routine to help get every bit of dirt when washing your face.

4. Lush Lust Perfume: (Lush)

I have recently got back into using perfume and the only cruelty free perfumes I know of are the Lush perfumes. I've been using the Vanillary and Sun (orange) for a while now but I wanted something a little bit different. I had tried the Karma perfume a while back and I loved the smell at first but it eventually became to strong of a scent for me. I thought the Lust perfume would also be to strong but it's actually the right amount of scent.. kinda a weird way to describe it but were just going to roll with it. The main ingredient is jasmine absolute, which I would love to go into further detail but I have no idea how to explain the ingredient sigh. Anyways if your looking for unique and cruelty free perfumes check out Lush at your local mall, their is so many different scents I'm sure their is one for everyone.

5. Kat Von D Double Dare Liquid Lipstick: (Sephora)

I recently bought the "Hello Canada" Kat Von D Kit that came with a vegan leather make-up bag, mini trooper eyeliner, mini lolita lipstick, and a mini double dare liquid lipstick. I didn't think I would every where a colour like this but I have fallen in love with this shade! I don't know why I've never tried this shade before. It is described as a cocoa blush colour so a coral/pink toned brown? I'm probably not describing it right but it is the most beautiful shade and it is probably the brightest liquid lipstick shade in my collection. Kat Von D's liquid lipsticks retail for $24, which in my opinion is on the pricy end but these liquid lipsticks will last you forever! I still have my lolita from almost a year ago now and I'm only just running out now (don't worry I've already purchases a back up haha). If your looking to experiment with more brighter lipstick shades I highly recommend to try out double dare first. I think this shade will go with any skin tone, and most make-up looks.

I wanted to add two more favourites to the list but I think I am just going to make a whole blog post about it. If anyone is obsessed with Lush like I am you would have heard that they have come out with new toothy tabs flavours/formula and also new tooth powder! I bought one of each because well I couldn't resist. Again I want to save this topic for another day and do a how to use toothy tabs and tooth powder. 

I hope you all enjoyed my monthly favourites blog for this month! I found some amazing find that I have implemented in my everyday routine. Let me know down below what your beauty favourites are for this month, or if you've tried any of these products yourself what do you think of them? Stay tuned for the toothy tab and tooth powder post in the next week or two.