Good day fellow vegeterians and none vegeterians! Today when I got home I decided to make some lunch - Asian style! And since I'm home alone and no one else will eat it I'm going in strong with the spices, partly because it's good for you to eat hot food and because I love it!

Goddag medvegeterianer och ickevegeterianer! Idag när jag jag kom hem bestämde jag mig för att göra asiatisk lunch! Eftersom jag är själv hemma och ingen annan ska äta av det så bestämde jag mig även för att ta i med kryddorna, delvis för att det är bra för en att äta stark mat och för att jag älskar det!

What you need is/Vad du behöver är:

- Cream / Grädde
- Ginger / Ingefära
- Red onion / Rödlök
- Garlic / Vitlök
- Broccoli
- Peas / Ärtor
- Mango
- Raspberries / Hallon (Optional / Optimalt)
- Kidney beans / Kidneybönor
- Quorn

Spices and herbs that's not in the picture/ Kryddor och örter som inte finns på bilden:
- Parsley / Persilja
- Honey / Honung 
- Coconut oil / kokosnötolja
- Sriracha Sauce (Super hot)

Never forget your imagination and to have fun when you cook! Good luck and be the chef you wish to be!

Glöm inte din fantasi och att ha kul när du lagar mat! Lycka till och var kocken du vill vara!

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I'm so sorry I haven't updated! Due to personal problems I haven't really been my best and on top of that I have caught a cold. :(

Jag ber så hemskt mycket om ursäkt för att inte ha uppdaterat! P.g.a personliga problem har jag inte riktigt varit på topp och för att göra allting ännu bättre så har jag fångat upp en förkylning också!

Either way, here's my make up details as promised! / Vilket fall som så är här detaljerna för sminket som utlovat!

Eyeshadows/ögonskuggor: The green eyeshadows are used from/ De gröna ögonskuggorna är använda från Viva la diva's metal eyeshadow palette and from/ och från Maybelline's Diamond glow. I also used some brown and a little bit of black eyeshadows from the/ jag använde även lite bruna och någon svart ögonskugga från Smashbox full exposure palette.

Eyeliner: Maybelline's gel eyeliner.

Eyelashes: Ardell(?) Whispies

Highlight: An eyeshadow from/En ögonskugga från Viva la diva's metal eyeshadows.

Contouring: Kat Von D Shade + Light

Lips: None, because I was lazy like that/ Ingen för jag är lat på det viset

Sorry for the bad quality in my pictures!

Förlåt för den dåliga kvalitén på bilder!

Now I'm probably going to bed, sweet dreams everyone! :)

Nu ska jag förmodligen gå och lägga mig, dröm sött allihopa!  :)



Evening dear readers! Today I got my butt off my bed and did my make up for once! (I'll have a seperate post for the look later) Here are the steps to how I fill in my eyebrows!

Godkväll kära läsare! Idag fick jag gumpen ur sängen och sminkade mig för en gångs skull! (Ett separat inlägg kommer upp för det sen) Här är stegen till hur jag fyller i mina ögonbryn!

I'm sorry my eyebrows are a bit messy, haven't used the tweezer in a while, haha.

Ursäkta mina röriga ögonbryn! Har inte plockat de på ett tag, hehe.

1. Fill in with eyeshadow. I fill in lightly with some black eyeshadow (because my eyebrows are black when filled in.) I suggest you pick another color if you don't have dark hair. Always try to have a shade or two darker than your hair though! :)

2. Outline your eyebrows from the edge and out and then go lightly a bit further in. I use gel eyeliner since there are no eyebrow gels in black, if you don't have black eyebrows I suggest you do it with Anastasia's eyebrow gel.

3. Fill in the outlined parts softly with the gel and then blend it out. Preferably with a short blending brush!

4. Conceal the unwished parts with concealer underneath, this will also make your eyebrows look more on point.

5. Now plump your eyebrows! Again, since I have black eyebrows I have to use a mascara, but there are some great eyebrow plumpers on the market and they'll bring out the on fleek look.

Good luck! :)


1. Applicera lätt ögonskugga. Jag använder mig av svart ögonskugga eftersom mina ögonbryn är svarta, om ni inte har mörkt hår rekommenderar jag att ni använder er av andra färger t.e.x brun! Men ha alltid någon nyans mörkare än ert hår! :)

2. Markera de yttre linjerna från bågen av dina ögonbryn och ut med ögonbrynsgel eller en ögonbrynspenna/mörkare ögonskugga. Fyll sedan lätt i en bit innåt.

3. Fyll försiktigt i de partierna du markerat och blenda ut det med en blending brush. (Helst med en kort blending brush)

4. För att få ögonbrynen i perfekt form så brukar jag använda concealer under mitt ögonbryn och även över från bågen och ner!

5. För att göra ögonbrynen fylligare så kan ni använda er av en ögonbryns plumper. (Det är ungefär som en mascara för ögonbrynen) Men var säkra på att ni har klippt till era ögonbryn innan eftersom ni kammar upp det första partiet.

Lycka till! :)



Good evening dear readers! So today I got the rest of the pictures from my most recent photoshoot and you'll be the first ones to see! I hope you enjoy! :)

Photographer: Jane Svensson (PhotobyJane)
Model And MUA: Meee

Svenska: God kväll kära läsare! Idag fick jag resten av bilderna från min senaste fotografering och ni är de första som får tillgång till de! Hoppas ni tycker om bilderna! :)



Sorry for being so inactive! I haven't really had anything fun to post nor any time to do so. I'm quite busy in school and when I'm not I'm trying to practice my writing for USW (University of South Wales), creative writing and English literature!

So, here's an effortless outfit from this week! I'll try to make some fun posts this weekend inbetween sleeping and school work!

Have a great night everyone and sweet dreams to you all!



As I always seem to close my eyes in the middle of the photo (It's not my intention, trust me) I thought it was a nice photo either way, serious yet not! I'll upload more pictures when I get them.

Photographer is the wonderful Jane Svensson (Photo by Jane).

Right now I'm on my way to my grandfather and grandmother on my father's side. I'll also visit my father as well and celebrate my cousin this weekend since she turns 20! I'll visit my grandmother and auntie (On mom's side, since they live close to my family on my father's side) and her husband and my smallest cousin! I look forward to it all since I haven't met them in such a long time!

Peace out!



Good evening! Last monday I dyed my hair different. I always feel like I need a big change in my appearance back and forth and usually my hair is the one who has to suffer for it, haha. Well well! no more bleaching needed. Somehow it feels really relieving, like a Phonenix born from it's ashes, or in this case dry, messy and somewhat dead hair. Either way! I'm really happy with it and I plan to stick with it!

Today I had a photoshoot with my lovley photographer Jane Svensson, if you want to check out her work just search for "Photo by Jane" on Facebook she's amazing and I'm really comfortable around her. I have felt most pride in the work that we have shared than with any other, I think it's very important that you're comfortable with the photographer and it shows a lot in the pictures. Anyone could hold a camera and snap some photos but not everyone could be a photographer. And if you are considering getting into the modelling buisness, even just as a hobby, be careful and always bring a friend because shit happens and some "photographers" are not serious and there's a whole bunch and more who's just perverts. And good luck!

Stay tuned for the results!



Hey you!

Today has been quite a day, I reached the decision that this is my last day as a meat eater, I came in 2nd place in the part competition for SM in Styling which means I get to go to Gothenburg to the final contest and compete together with the one who came on the 1st and the one who came on the 3d place!!!

However nothing was going according to plan! Firstly I lost track of time and I was supposed to meet up my model Fanny 11.20 ish but when I saw the clock it was 11.35 and The competition began at 12! So therefor I rushed down to the station and I ran around looking but without any further success! :( Her phone is broke as well which did not really make the situation easier, but when the clock was about 11.55 ish I realised I had to get back and find a new model as well since I couldn't get more time!

Once I was back I didn't really have anyone in mind at school, so while talking to my teacher I got an anxiety attack and I had to go to the bathroom to get control over my breathing etc. She got a model for me and then we just had to remove the make up and then finally I could begin! With about 15 minutes less out of 2 hours, I thought I was doomed to fail, honestly, I was prepared by the end of the time for defeat. Since I'm usually the slowest in my class and I had a complete new model who had such different features from my original image in mind. Guess if I was shocked when they said I came 2nd! Pictures of the styling will be posted sometime this week if I get the photos in time!

If you had the energy to read, it's very appreciated! Each and every time!

I wish you good luck with what ever you are doing! Even in the worst situations one has to make the best of it, spoken by a normally very pessimistic girl.



Good evening! I hope you've had a rad friday!

Today we had Haute couture, but I think my look is a bit more avantgarde, haha. I got my inspiration from oil paintings and the quote "Vackra flickor målar sig" which means "Beautiful girls paint themselves" and well, I was striving after making her look like she came out of an oil painting.

My canvas' name is Sabina and she is my classmate!

Products used will be down below! :3

For this look I used Kryolan Supracolors grease based make up palette and a shitload of Vaseline to really make it look like oil paint (all shiny and greasy) and that's pretty much it actually. Well I also had some mascara from Peggy Sage but that's about it!  

I hope that you somehow could find this inspirational for your own work or just found it pleasureable to read or look at, I myself thought it was nice to let go and go all crazy because I'm usually a perfectionist and it felt so good to just let go! You should try as well if you're interested in make up or art in general! It's so much fun!!!

Have a great weekend!



Good day everyone!

A couple of months ago me and my classmate Nicole had a collaboration together with Jennifer Holmberg and a couple of other photographers!

We were to create a movie scene, our theme was burlesque. We were inspired by the very beautiful Christina Aguilera from the movie "Burlesque"!

The model is Angelina (also one of my classmates)! Isn't she gorgeous?

Lips: Kryolan's lipstick palette

Eyeshadows: Kryolan's eyeshadow palette, Smashbox eyeshadow palette

Contouring and rouge: Kryolan's rouge palette, Kryolan's eyeshadow palette

Wig: Unknown

Eyelashes: Star Gazer (We cut them a bit though)

Eyeliner: Peggy Sage's waterbased eyeliner