I had a pretty short day today. Together with my 3 group members, we had to present our external analysis of Netflix to our lecturer, for the subject Strategic Market Management, one of my favorites classes to attend! The external analysis includes a customer analysis, competition analysis, Porter's 5 forces, environmental analysis and a market analysis. We got great feedback and received clear points on what to improve. So far I'm happy with this group as we''re all supermotivated and naturally organized in getting things done.😃 (which I have to mention is not the case in all project groups, unfortunately😓) So I couldn't be more happier with this group!!

Today's kicks: ADIDAS city sock 2 primeknit | Colorway: core black/pink | key features: primeknit construction, ribbed detailing, eva inserts, boost midsole cushioning

The NMD CS2 PK is one of my favorite sneakers from my collection. Slips right in like a sock, feels like one too! By far the most comfortable sneaker I have ever worn!😍 Got these during my time working at the adidas office in Amsterdam.

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Last Saturday I caught up with one of my good friends. We went out for a long walk, also passing by the Vondelpark. The sight is superbeautiful😍, so I took a quick snap! While walking through the park, we saw people walkng their adorable puppies/dogs(i have a weakness for them😊) and the ocassional runners. I love seeing people running. It's hard to explain, I feel liberated watching them, as if I'm running along with them. And I can't help but feel motivated!😃

So the next day, on Sunday, I decided to go for a short run!🏃 Running is not the eaesist thing to do, but it definitely feels the most liberating!

Running shoes: adidas Rocket Boost | Colorway: Phantom/Frost Mint

The rocket boost by is by far my favorite running shoe. Such great technology! Got these babies while I was living in Germany working at the adidas headquarters.



It's Yeezy season again! The Zebra's will be dropping this Saturday June 24th. I decided literally this morning NOT to go for the Zebra's, and not because I already own a pair of Yeezy Cream whites.

How was I able to get this pair? Well, I managed to cop my first pair of Yeezys in May. I never planned on copping as people who do are sometimes labeled as hypebeasts, depending on the design and attractiveness of the pair. ('ve actually never been called a hypebeast, cause I'm a genuine sneakerhead, who purchases sneakers that actually are attractive design wise, in other words, that are not ugly. I decided to purchase

In case you're wondering how I copped? No, not through my job at adidas. Connections don't work for like that, and certainly not for all employees. Unless you're John Wexler course. Unless you work in the Yeezy adidas originals product team or with Wex, you probably have to go through the average consumer journey to snag a pair. Anyways I won the JD Sports Raffle. Lucky me!

How was my experience getting the most wanted sneaker ever(next to a pair of Jordans course)? You'll find out in my upcoming post.😉




I couldn't be more excited! Once in a while there comes a sneaker where you just drool over and can't keep your eyes from. In a few days, Nike will release the Air More Uptempo. What's special about this colorway is that it's inspired by one of my favourite basketball players, SCOTTIE PIPPEN! The summer of 1996 in which Pippen played one of his legendary games is the source of inspiration behind this design. If they make these available in Boys/Women sizes, best believe... I AM COPPING!😱

Nike previously released 3 other colrways of the More Uptempo, but I wasn't feeling all of them..... My thoughts💂:

"uuh...It's a no for me dawg" *Randy Jackson voice* :
"This looks good for right now. I need to physically view them before I can judge..." :

The Nike Air More Uptempo inspired by Scottie Pippen will release on July 20th. For now, it will only be released on the Nike SNKRS app, which is unfortunate because the app is not available in most European countries, where I happen to be.😞

Im hoping Nike changes this in the future as there are a LOT of European consumers who miss out on a lot due to the low stock and everything being sold out in no time, where we then have to resort to expensive resellers on Ebay😒

@Nike, please brighten up your consumers' day and release this app worldwide!😊



A while back Memphis Depay, one of my favourite football players, posted this photo below on Instagram. This was during the Euro 2016 qualifications. Anyways, I looked straight down on the photo and exclaimed in my thoughts.... I NEED TO KNOW THE NAME OF THOSE SHOES HE IS ROCKING!😱

I knew of course that they were Under Armour. Memphis is one of their main sponsored athletes. I searched extensively on Google, Ebay, and the rest of the internet areas you could think of, I found no luck. Then I thought to myself, since Memphis is one of their star athletes, he probably got these kicks in early, so it is a huge possibility that these won't be released until next season. I know I want my hands on them! The shoes he is wearing in the photo somewhat looks similar to the UA Speedform Apollo, so I suspected this could be another colorway, but if you look closely Memphis' sneaker does not have 3 white "dots" in the frontal side area as in the Speedform Apollo:

On the bright side, I did discover some other Under Armour footwear which are as dope as the one he has on in the photo! And they are still on the market!

The smooth design combined with the materials and perfect colouring just makes these shoes sickening🔥:

UA SpeedForm Phenom High-Top Black/White: Men's size on the left, Boy's on the right
Boys UA SpeedForm Phenom High-Top-Black Red
Phenom Proto Trainer Black white

I'm really amazed at Under Armour's improving design of footwear. They have gotten better with time. Under Armour has emerged from its role as the underdog, to taking adidas' spot as the 2nd best global sports brand in North America, and fighting to maintain that position and keep its success. Now that the brand has recently hired Tim Coppens as their new executive design director for their Sportswear division, I can only hope and foresee that Under Armour blesses us with some sick releases!🔥