L I F E S T Y L E, T R A V E L

I am currently in Sweden with my family. We are in Sweden's second largest city, Gothenburg. It's really beautiful here & everyone here is super friendly. We'll stay here for a week, then we will go to Oslo, Norway for five days and after that Paris, France. I have no idea how long we will stay there but probably a week or so.

We visited a park called 'Slottskogen'. If you translate it into English is it Castle Forest. That is kind of an awesome name for a park. It is a very big nice park with plenty of things to do, animals, playgrounds and some other fun things like cafes, restaurants ect.

We are back at the hotel now. This hotel is very nice, it's called Gothia Towers. It is located in the center of the city and is opposite to Liseberg. Which is a really fun theme park. It is, however, currently closed, but opens at the end of April.

We are going to the shopping center soon, so must go now. 

Love, Valentina ♡




Hello! So I was thinking 'bout just telling a bit about myself first. My name is Valentina Amalia Aiza & I'm 17-years old, my birthday is 1.12.98. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina with my mama & sister. My mamas name is Catalina & my sisters is Adriana. I have two dogs, they are corgis and their names are Amora & Carlo. I love to travel, dance, be with friends/family & paint.

I'm sorry if my English isn't that good. #newblog #badatenglish

Know that their is soo much more to say about myself, but I think this is good for now ♡