Use the screwdriver to attach spring clips to the frame. Fans who are not satisfied merely to watch games and track statistics of their favorite teams (such as the New England Patriots) collect all types of Laminated Glue sports memorabilia items. You can use a shadowbox to safeguard your investment in sports items. The mat board should be flush against the plexiglass and the frame. Next, place all the pieces from Step 1, face down, atop the strips of mat board., in order to maximize the items value. Then cut 12 stripes from the two remaining sheets of mat board (6 8 strips and 6 10 strips). Attach the strips of mat board to the inside region of the frame, using adhesive transfer tape. Position the mounting board inside the frame.Sports memorabilia has become big business. Shadowboxes erase any shadow of a doubt that your sports memorabilia is not safe and secure!.

Step 2: Use the mat board

Attach the memorabilia to the mat board, using one of a variety of items, such as glue or adhesive transfer tape.

Sports are big, but how big is the sports memorabilia business? Experts estimate that it is currently worth over $2 billion. Attach adhesive transfer tape onto the frame s back, and then put Kraft paper atop it to create a dust cover. Attach the strips in stacks of three, utilizing the adhesive transfer tape.

Regardless of which NFL team you cheer on during the season, you may have sports memorabilia that you want to display.

One of the main concerns when collecting any type of memorabilia, such as sports memorabilia, is keeping the items in top notch condition. Adhesive transfer tape

Determine the size of the sports memorabilia you want to include in the shadowbox, and then allow for about two inches from the item, to the border.Printed Paper package UV Varnish Position the sports memorabilia item and its attached board, inside the frame. Spray water onto the paper, to tighten the paper. Use a shadowbox to protect your items from dust, dirt, moisture, etc. You should have two 8 strips, and two 10 strips. Finally, attach a wire or saw tooth, and hanging hardware to the back of the shadowbox. Then peel off the other protective paper. This will serve as a buffer between the sports memorabilia and the plexiglass. Use a shadowbox to show off your items, while protecting them from harmful substances.

Step 4: Putting everything together Peel off one side of the protective paper, and then place it into the frame. Use a dust cover trimmer to cut away extra paper. Here are some easy steps to construct your own sports memorabilia shadowboxes:

Step 1: Collect and prepare the materials

8 x10 maple 106 natural frame 8 x10 mounting board 8 x10 papermat mat board 8 x10 plexiglass 786 Slate Blue Flat head screwdriver Sharp cutting blade Kraft paper.dn-auxiliaries. This can be a hobby, or even a full time job.

Step 3: Start constructing the shadowbox

Place the frame face down.

Step 5: Add finishing touches

Your next mission (should you wish to accept it), is to attach a dust cover and hanging hardware, to the shadowbox.