This Sunday I tried surfing for the very first time, and it was amazing😍 The surf class was arranged by my Australian organisation SCCE and all the exchange students were welcome. It took place at the Ocean Grove Beach which is quite far from where I live. Luckily my exchange friend Tilde lives only 20min from that beach and her host family let me stay at their's.

The Friday before surfing I went to my friend Chantelle's End Of Year Party which was really fun and I also met her puppies. They were so frickin cute and I died a little... But I had to resurrect because otherwise I would've missed surfing.

On Saturday morning my host parents were awesome enough to drive me down to Tilde's. We drove to Sorrento and took the ferry over to Queens Cliff which spared us an hour of driving. The weather was perfect for a ferry ride. We stopped at a lighthouse close to Queens Cliff and it was really beautiful.

I got to Tilde's at about 3pm and then we went to a small beach close to her house. Later on we walked into the town center and had dinner. Afterwards we went to Woolies and bought some snacks and then headed back to her house. I meet her host family and they were super nice. Before bed we watched Spider Man and ate nachos,

The following day we woke up, had breekie and then her host mom drove us down to the beach. Tilde's host sister came along as well. We meet up with the other exchange students at the beach and some of them I hadn't seen since Sydney, so it was really nice hearing about their year this far. 

We were around 50 people so they split us up into two groups. I was in the first one so I got a dry wetsuit #score We grabbed the surfboards and walked down to the beach. They divided us into even smaller groups, about 7 people in each.

Surfing wise I would say everybody did really good. I reckon almost everyone managed to stand up at least once. And that is so good because it was hard as.

After the surfing we went back to Tilde's. Her host family were having a barbecue so I stayed for that (I mean who turns down food?) I left there at around 6pm with a massive food baby. Now I only had 4h of public transport ahead of me. But to be honest I don't really mind it, because it is a great way to see more of Victoria. Everything from small country towns to the city.

I got back home at around 10:30pm. I was tired and lökig af (only my Malmö pepz will get this one) and covered in salt since I hadn't showered after the surfing #baddecision

Sorrento 19/11-16
Ferry to Queens Cliff
Point Lonsdale
Clifton Springs
Ocean Grove Beach 20/11-16

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The caption of this post is highly relevant. I try to get better at it, but I guess I have to keep trying.

Anyway the thing I was going to write a bit about was my weekend in Ballarat (which is about 3h from here with public transport). A weekend that happened 3 weeks ago... And that is how long I have been procrastinating this post😁

My Swedish exchange friend Alice had her 18th birthday party. It was a halloween themed one so everyone got dressed up . The evening was filled with great company and yummy food. It was a very international night I must say, There were actually more exchange students than Australians. We had exchange students from France, Japan, Finland and of course us from Sweden.

Some of us stayed the night and on the following morning we went to the local pancake parlour and had some brekkie. Afterwards we headed back to Melbourne city and parted ways. Frida and I wanted to stay in the city for a bit longer though, so we decided to go to the beach. We strolled around and had some fries at one of the beach restaurants, but we were both very tired so after a few hours we went home.

This week though is exam week, and the following one is year 12 orientation and the week after that is the summer holidays 😍 But before all of that I'm actually going surfing. Our organisation has arranged a surf course this Sunday in Ocean grove which is near Geelong. So I'm leaving on Saturday morning and then I'll be staying over at my friend Tilde's house because the beach we're going to is about a 2,5 hour drive from where I live. But only a 15min drive from where she lives. I'll probably make a post about it so stay tuned.



Every term the Outdoor Ed class go away on a camp. This term it was a canoe one, to Blue Rock Lake which I got to go on even though I'm not even in det class. #exchangeperks
It was a two day camp. We left Thursday morning and got back Friday afternoon.

When we got there we paddled around in the lake for a few hours and did some capsizing drills before heading to camp ground which was like 2,5h paddling away. I may or may not have capsized Alycia, twice...😂  Still waiting for her to get her revenge.

Me and Alycia where partners the first day and the second day we had to go with somebody of the opposite sex. I went with a guy named Mitch and we killed it, paddled like gods if you ask me💪  Left the camping ground last and got in second. 



I apologise for my absence but I've been on holiday and just been too busy being lazy 😁

These 2 weeks went extremely fast, but I did do some things. Went to some parties, visited the city a few times, went to the Melbourne show (which is like a carnival), hung out with friends and watched a lot of netflix with out the chill part.

So down below are some photos that describe some parts of my holiday 😘

My fellow exchange friend Alice and I when we went to the city. We just strolled around and had a picnic in the Botanic Garden.

Some pics from the Melbourne show. Great day with great company, Spent way too much money on my attempts to win the big stuffed animals. I guess one never learns... But someday people, I will win!

For some unknown reason I though posing like that in the first photo was a good idea. Turns out it wasn't.
(I am not grabbing my crotch.)

Alycia looking thug on her four wheeler💨

If I were to get this many veggies as a pig I would easily go pig any day!

Just a casual photo of me and my home girl Georgie.

Apparently it's a thing to hire a photographer when you throw a bigger party here.

Me and my fellow exchange students in the city visiting Sea Life. Later on we had dinner at a place that offered us as much pizza as we could eat for only 12 bucks, what a bargain!

From Jane's birthday dinner.



Saturday 20/8: Arrived in Don Valley. Unpacked my stuff, had dinner and then went to bed.

Sunday 21/8: Woke up after almost 12h of sleep. Meet Shay and April who live next door. We played hide and seek and built a cubby (Shay and April are 6 and 4 y/o btw).

Monday 22/8: Went to school to pick out my subjects. Ended up choosing English, PE, art, music, psychology and math (don't ask me why). I even managed to buy 4 school uniform shirts for only 20 bucks. That including a sweater, woolen jumper and two brand new t-shirts. After my little visit to school I went with Marcia (my host mom) to work. She works in a cute little town called Healesville. In Healesville I decided to go for a walk around town. After that I sat down in a small café and had a smoothie,. Got some wifi and Facetimed with my friend Klara.

Tuesday 23/8: I was supposed to start school today, Turns out it was curriculum day which means you're free from school. So I slept in and then Marcia and I went to Lilydale to shop for a pair of pants for my school uniform. 

Wednesday 24/8: This was my first day of school. I thought I would be nervous but the truth is I actually wasn't for some reason. I guess it just felt right. Anyway I got picked up by the school bus which was kinda new and exciting. Arrived at school 10min later. Meet with Miss Feagan who showed me around a bit and introduced me to a group of girls who were standing by the lockers. And I am now happy to call all of them my friends. Right from the start they were there to show me to my classes and they made me feel really welcome. My classes where good but I literally didn't do any work for the entire first day. The others had already started with stuff so I just procrastinated the whole day away. PS. I want to give a special shout out to Caitlyn and Alycia for helping me open my combination locker every time for 2 days straight haha.

Thursday 25/8: Went to school. In the evening Marcia and I had pizza at Dom's (host dad) brothers bar. After that Marcia, Andi (host sister) and I went to the movies (or the pictures as they call it here). We watched Bad moms, and it was fucking hilarious. Laughed so hard I couldn't breathe! 10 outta 10 koalas!!

Friday 26/8: After school today we went into the city to watch Melbourne Storms (rugby team) play. It was an awesome experience since I've never watched rugby in a stadium before. But the rugby wasn't that good they lost against Brissy.

Saturday 27/8: Today I went with Dom to Mount Evelyn to watch the team he coaches in footy play. But I also watched netball. There would be games playing the entire day. But it was freezing! So after a few hours I decided to go explore. Ended up walking approximately 7km around the mountain. Went into town and then kept walking. Saw a lot of country side and some alpacas and kangaroos😍 Before I headed back I sat down at a café and had a veggie smoothie. It was pretty gross tbh.

Sunday 28/8: Slept in and then I mowed the lawn on one of those awesome lawn mowers that you sit on. After that I finally got to chop some wood which I had weirdly been super excited for 😂

I know another week has passed, but this week I didn't do much. I went to school of course. Apart from that I have just FaceTimed with some friends from Sweden, done a little homework and signed up for the local gym. Though today I actually did go into the city with my friend Tilde from the Sydney camp. But I will tell you about the city visit in a separate post.

Pictures of my school Upper Yarra Secondary College and of course the picture many of my friends have been requesting which is the one of the school uniform.

Healsville 22/8

26/8 The Storms game

Finally spotted some kangaroos down in Mount Evelyn 27/8

At home mowing the lawn 28/8



I have now spent 2 weeks here in my new home down under. For those of you who are wondering I'm doing great. The surroundings here are beautiful and the food my host family makes is super good. The only thing I can really complain about is the cold. Most of you probably think what I was thinking in the beginning which was that Melbourne would be hot even in the winter like the rest of Australia. I had even looked up the weather before I got here and it said that it would be around 10-15°C, of course I thought that that would be like the Swedish 10-15°C. I was so wrong... The wind here is extremely cold and there's no heating in the house except for a fireplace in the living room. But I get why though because in the summer the temperature can rise to +30°C so heaters and insulation isn't really necessary. Though it wouldn't kill me with some heat in the morning when it feels like my toes are gonna have to be amputated.



I haven't been able to post a lot since I only had wifi a couple of minutes each day in Sydney. Anyway my adventure started this Tuesday at 4pm. We drove to Copenhagen airport which is just a twenty minute drive. My flight to Stockholm was at 7pm. But before that my friends were going to show up to say goodbye.

Copenhagen ➡ Stockholm ➡ Qatar ➡ Sydney

Airplane food is literally the best, maybe not in taste but definitely in looks. Sooo cute 😍

My airplane buddies Tilde and Emilia on our six hour flight to Qatar.

My 3 day journey in Sydney

In Sydney we had what my organisation calls a Soft Landing camp. It's a three day camp where you have "classes" where they teach you a little bit about Australian culture and how to approach your host family regarding different things. They try to get you as prepared as possible for your year over seas. You also get to see a bit of the main city. For example we visited the Opera house and went to Manly Beach and had a Scavenger hunt. That was only the first day though. The second day we mostly had classes, then a soccer game and in the evening we had a talent show. The other Swedes and I we preformed Små grodorna.. Which is a typical Swedish midsummer thing. But before the performance we told everybody about the whole tradition of midsummer celebration and that the pole in the middle is actually a huge penis that represents fertilisation. After we had said that it went a bit quiet and we got some weird looks, it was quite funny.

But I also got to know my fellow Swedes a lot better and they're all super nice!! And we got to know people from Finland, Germany, France and Italy. My room mates were a Swedish girl named Alice who I got along with really well.. A Finnish girl named Johanna and 2 French girls named Elsa and Louise who were also really great. 

The third day we basically just got up, ate breakfast and hopped on the bus to Sydney airport. Almost everyone was off to Melbourne just with different flights. It was only Emilia who had been placed in a different area and she was heading for Darwin.

If I could rate the Sydney experience I would give it 10/10 koalas cuz it was simply a great experience with great food and company.

Last day teeth brushing selfie



First of all, you won't understand my caption unless you know the song London Calling by The Clash.
Second of all sorry for the slow updating but I haven't had much to write about until now. Today is exactly one week since I got my first host family. I was supposed to live with a single mother and her two kids. They had a horse, two cows,, a cat and a dog and they lived in a rural town called Korumburra, Victoria (this was only a 3 month placement).

When I thought about my exchange year I actually never pictured myself on the country side but I was open for anything and I was excited that I had finally gotten my host family. But today Explorius called and woke me up saying they had some good and bad news. I'm guessing the woman I talked to wondered if she had reached the right person since I sounded like an 80 year old chainsmoker. But my morning voice is a whole different story. Anyway she told me that my first host family had decided that they wouldn't be able to take me in anymore, because my host mom had realised that she didn't actually have the time to show me all of the things she probably wanted to show me. But I'm glad that she realised this before my arrival. Yet I'm a strong believer in that everything happens for a reason so I wasn't that disappointed.

Now to the good news. I had already gotten a new host family. This time it is a town called Don Valley, Victoria and it´s located about an hour away from Melbourne. And this family will be taking me in for the whole year. The family consists of a mom and a dad and their three daughters, with only one of them living at home. They also have three sheep and a cat. The town itself is really small, but I will be attending a school in the nearby town called Yarra Junction which is bigger. I'm excited but I don't think I have actually realised that I'm going away. Well well I'll see ya in my next post which I'm guessing will be about my pretravel jitters.

Don Valley, Victoria

I wanted to look like an explorer and this is what I came up with. Shoutout to my wonderful Crocs! They are beautiful no matter what you say*Christina Aguilera singing #hatersgonnahate

This is my "I'm gonna stare at an unknown object that doesn't exist to set a dramatic mood" face.



G'Day m8s and welcome to my blog!

For those of you who don't know me but also for some of you who do, my name is Louise. Since a couple of years back I've always introduced myself as Lollo, which has been my nickname since preschool. So a lot of people don't actually know my real name.

I was adopted from China when I was a little over a year old. This might explain the white dude in my header photo. Whom by the way is not a creepy stalker, just my dad. But that picture was actually taken in 2003 (I'm 5 in the photo) when I visited Australia for the very first time. Little did I know that I would be going back not only once but twice. The first time back in 2003 we stayed for about 8 weeks. In 2010 we stayed for 2 weeks before flying to the states. And in just 6 weeks and 6 days I'll be heading down under again (and for you dirty minded people I mean Australia😉 so keep it PG13 will ya) and this time for an entire year since I'm going to be an exchange student.

I will be travelling with the Scandinavian organisation Explorius. So if you're contemplating an exchange year check them out: http://www.explorius.se/

This blog is mainly going to be about my exchange year but if I like blogging I guess I'm going to continue to blog about other things too. I will mostly write in English so be prepared for misspelled words and supposedly bad grammar. Because English is obviously not my first language.

But without further ado here is my attempt to an interesting blog!