NYFW has ended, which is sad, but behold! There is still London Fashion Week and of course I am going to make a post about that too. But I wanted to share my favourite looks from the NYFW.

First up, we got the looks from Tommy & Gigi's collection, Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear.

I really love this collection. You can always tell, when it is Tommy Hilfiger, because his designs are just unique. And I would love to rock one of the looks he made.

These where the looks I really loved.

Models: Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin and Amilna Estevão.

Next up, Marc Jacobs with the Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear.

Jacobs actually took me by surprise, because I personally never really liked his former designs. But these looks, really are something else.

Like, can we just talk about the rainbow dreadlocks, fabulous. And the dresses are so glittery and colourful.

Models: Kiki Willems, Grace Cheng, Dilia Martens and Stella Maxwell.

Yeezy collection, Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear.

I have been so excited for this collection to come. I mean just look at it, perfect. First time I saw Kanye's way of fashion, It was a bit new because I only saw him as a rapper. But now I'm just mad in love with it and just want more.

Beautiful, beau-ti-ful!

Models: Wallette Watson, Samantha Archibald, Syd Acker and Grace Bol.

And last, Alexander Wang with Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear.

This collection is my favourite of all times. Yeah, I know what I before with the Yeezy collection, but this is everything.
Just the way it is designed and the way it is combined, love it, absolutely love it.

Models: Cara Taylor, Taylor Hill and Romee Strijd.

Hope you liked this and please tell me what your favourite looks was ❤️

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Let's talk food!
I love food and making it, is a guilty pleasure of mine. Especially when I was a vegetarian. Though that doesn't mean I don't like making food now. It was just a bit more fun, because I had to come up with some ideas to what I could make without meat.

Now being a vegetarian was a bit hard and it can be very dangerous, but I was also under stress in school. But that is another story.

But this post is about food I ate when I was a vegetarian. So I’m gonna write about what I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For breakfast I would start my day off with some fruits, mostly it would be a banana or some berries and a glass of water.

Lunch would mostly be salads. Mango salad or salsa if that's want to call it. This salad is made by the spirits, like really, it's amazing.
But it is also good if you do workouts or fitness. I always eat it after my workout or for lunch with some crackers with homemade guacamole or salmon over it. I also had some nuts and fruits in my lunchbox, cause when you are vegetarian you need to make sure you get your proteins or else you are gonna get really sick.

Another salad you can make is a quinoa salad with spinach, tomatoes, cucumber and pomegranate. And if you are not a vegetarian you can put chicken in it if you want.
Pomegranate is actually really good for you, because it contains antioxidants and substances that protect the effects on the brain cells and cells of the body in general. So pomegranate is a superfood and I love it!

Let's go to dinner, because that was one of the meals where I was most likely to be creative. Like I said before, being a vegetarian is really dangerous because you need to make sure you get your proteins you get from meat. So what I would eat was nut meat (basically it looks like meat, but it's made by nuts). Mostly I would get some with jalapeños in it, cause I love spicy food. Or something with beans in it, but if you search on the internet you can find lots of things, about what a vegetarian or a vegan eats.

Back to dinner, with the nut meat I would make some chips (fries) or a salad to eat with. Sometimes I would eat fish or sometimes just a salad. Depends what I was in for that day.

There you go, that was what I would eat in a day, when I was a vegetarian.
Hope you liked this, peace!

Pictures by: Yasemin Ayse Yilmaz

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For the last couple months I’ve been wearing my ‘Lara Prassel Coat’ from Monki and my ‘Lace Up Ankle Boots’ from ASOS.

These two things has been and still is two of my favourite things to wear.

Got the boots for Christmas and since then I’ve been absolutely loving them, then I got the coat in march, some days after my birthday and again I’ve been really loving it.

The coat is perfect for the spring weather, because it’s still a bit cold and when it gets warm you can still have the coat on, because it isn’t that thick.

Same goes for the boots, and I actually think you can still wear the boots in the summer. Though I wouldn’t recommend walking long walks in them, tried that and it really hurts in your feet.

The last time I was looking for the coat was in Copenhagen, but I couldn't really find it. So I went to their website and lucky me it was there. The coat was really £50, but when I bought it, it was £20 and it still is. As for the boots, they where also £50 and now they are £35.

Model: Yasemin Ayse Yilmaz.

Photographer: Simone Olsen.

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Fashion, what is fashion? To describe fashion is harder what people think. Okay, maybe you can find a good side on the internet, where some people described fashion good. But to me, fashion isn’t something you just can describe. There is so many different types and thoughts of it, that is would take me the whole day just to tell you what it is. Fashion has and will always be a passion of mine. It’s a wonderful way to express yourself to others. To be different and to be happy about it. There is nothing that make me happier, than to see a person wearing something that makes them happy.

On this blog you will see what I think of fashion ( for example: Today’s trend, celebrity fashion whatever you call it) and what I like to wear. I hope you will enjoy my blog.