As all of you probably know by now, Chris Metzen is retiring from Blizzard. Man responsible for all my favorite games, Blizz lore, man, who gave me draenei is retiring. Well deserved retirement, sir. You earned. And I /salute you.
I can't say better about him as Ghostcrawler lately said, so I stole shamelesly from MMO-Champion and quote him here:

Chris was a rockstar. That guy you saw on stage at Blizzard? That's 100% legit Metzen. He'd call us brothers and sisters. He'd call us cats. I think once he called me baby. I can't get away with talking like that, but he didn't fake it. That's who he was. He bleeds for his story, his characters, Blizzard, and most importantly, the players.
I first met him at a party, a few years before I went to work at Blizzard. He yelled at the top of his voice in a Scottish (dwarvish?) accent the entire time.
Sometimes in meetings he would get a far off stare, and you'd know something was bubbling up inside his mind and something great was about to come out.
Once at Blizzcon, he hugged me for like a really long time in the middle of a busy men's room. We blocked the doorway and made a lot of people wait in line that much longer.
A possibly apocryphal story: when Kaplan was new to Blizzard, Metzen came into his office, crashed on the couch for like an hour nap, woke up, asked "Do you know why they won't let us drink at work any longer?" Got up and left. (P.S. Blizzard let us drink at work all the time, so I'm not sure what that was all about.)
And maybe my favorite story. At a Blizzcon party we were all at, there was inexplicably a bowl of powdered donuts with the snacks. Chris took a donut, rubbed it under his nose (so that there's this light dusting of white powder) and then left it there all night as he bearhugged and did the Top Gun high-five to everyone at the party.
He's one of the top 5 or so most authentic and yet almost supernatural forces I've ever met. I am lucky to know him

Yes, you are. And I'm unlucky, because I don't know him. Sort of. Because I know his masterpieces. Thanks, man. Walk with the Light.



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I have to admit - I like what Blizz done with game in general. Smaller number of spells / skills, Outlaw rogue, new Holy paladin mechanics, Protection paladin new style too - there are tons of them new thing. But today I want to speak about Demon Hunters.

Ever since old quests in Blasted Lands (Rah'lik) I saw Demon Hunters in World of Warcraft now and then. Fishing in Azshara for season fish (before Cataclysm), looking at Warglaives of Azzinoth dropped from Illidian in Black Temple (for my paladin, of course, because he cannot wield them), tales in the lore, RPG with friends in Kalimdor... Demon Hunters exists in game and lore more than Pandaren, in my opinion. Blindfold, fel markings and warglaives - their signature features. Now we can play them.

And it's awesome.

I rolled Demon Hunter, done Broken Isles questchain and I like it. Being locked down with Illidan seems logical as well as him sending us to suicidal mission for keystone - nicely done, Blizzard. Conflict between Kaye and Altruis, matters od loyalty and responsibility - very good, very nice indeed - it added depth to Demon Hunters but of course now I want more of this. And whole new mechanics of fight. Fast, but not too fast. Good skills, although Havoc spec looks a bit facerolling. Very nice moves (I love double jump thingy), Right now things seems to be unbalanced, but it's normal, we have to wait till Legion and a bit futher for end-game balancing.

Demon Hunters. I couldn't help but smile when I compare them to monks (yet another leather-wearing agility class). Monks were disappoinment for me, they are like glass bowl - nothing to hook up with. Well, to be honest, whole Pandaria was huge disappoinment. Anyway - I like Demon Hunters so far. I know it's only the beginning (Legion per se isn't here yet), but I like what I see very much. Broken Isles looks so good as far as I could see in this brief look now, so... bring it on, Blizzard! I want MOAR!



I'm back for a Legion. I was actively avoiding spoilers, trailers, beta invitations etc. because I want a fresh experience. I'm very curious about Demon Hunters, class halls etc.
Logging back to WoW is like wearing again old shoes - they fit perfectly, they are a bit beaten, but you know that comfort here is without questions. Updating addons and UI took a minute and was nice and easy. I just logged back my every toon and did pre-expac cleaning - some things went to AH, some to vendor. As usual I looked into my bank, but this time it was like "oh, I'll have a lot of space after Legion because of new transmog system". It was nice. Saturday morning, silence in the house, coffee and WoW. Great stuff.

And yes, oh, to kill a time I decided to level holy paladin (dwarf this time). Again. I really want to try healing (on 5 man level), it's not a rocket science, but somehow it eludes me so far. Well, he's like 55 now and it's fun, we'll see how it goes...



There's always first time for everything.

First view of sun setting down from Booty Bay roofs.

First time riding Nether Ray above Shattrath (because, you know, Skyguard rule the sky!)

First time killing Maxxena with 19 gnomes.

First look at northern frozen wastes.

First Ulduar run. EPIC. E P I C.

First dragon mount.

First time wandering around Karazhan after killing all mobs.

First time sitting in Auberdine inn and looking at the sea.

There's first time for everything. For leaving WoW too. With heavy heart, but...

I'll be back in Legion. I think.

May the stars shine over your path, fellow travelers. Always.



I don't know what causes this - water or weather or whatever, but I have absolutely no need to play WoW right now. And no urge. Mounts can wait, they will drop eventually for me. Garrison is maxed, I can't be arsed to max my alts - it's too similar to work :)  Raiding... I'm in a great guild, actually. Very laidback, very casual, but I just lost the will to do the same HFC again and again and again... With Legion on the horizon seems pointless to me, as I'm not hardcore raider anymore. Sometimes I think I want to learn paladin healing and try this for fun in dungeons and raids, but... I'm too lazy atm.

So instead of this I'll grind Diablo 3 (new season opened) and Destiny (one mission at a time) - maybe it's time for me for such mindless entertainment, I don't know, but it's feeling good. I like the story behind Destiny and I want to see where it ends.

I like this song and video tho :)