Our hostess for the evening (@MELTbar)

TwentyFiveIs exploring what Stockholm has to offer on a random Tuesday evening. Tucked behind black lace curtains and a single golden "M" above the doorway lies the 1920's wonderland that is MELT Bar . On Tuesday evening they offer Burlesque Bingo, and I grabbed a partner to check it out with me!

Plush red velvet sofas, black lace and leather, and even a "Christmas Story" lamp in the window are in the main lounge upstairs, and when behind the black curtain reading "telephone booths," you'll find a stage where the cabaret takes place on weekends. Bands like Post Modern Jukebox offer up a jazz-age spin on modern day hits, setting the stage for an incredible night. This place is seriously cool, serving up themed cocktails in crystal punch bowls and teacups, with Bingo starting at 8pm.

What en event! The hostess was a trained burlesque dancer who made the evening seductively fun, and my partner in crime even won one of the rounds! Prizes varied from a pair of your own tassels, to free chocolate dipped strawberries (which I assume are as decadent as the lounge itself).

TwentyFiveIs finding places like this to escape reality and enter fantasy for the evening. It's also accepting the fact that you've reached an age where a night playing BINGO! is a fantastic idea.

The "Bootlegger," a gin cocktail with elderflower, and mint!



Let's discuss what a mid-twenties personal gmail account looks like. I cannot be the only one out there cringing as I scroll through a list consisting of:

"READY FOR A TRIP TO MEXICO?!?!?"- I mean come on, of course I am. But is it worth signing up for a stupid online competition and then getting more emails like this because they've sold your info to satanic spam chains? No, I'm actually asking. Is it??

"LA Fitness"- After leaving the US three months ago, I finally was able to cancel this god-awful membership. Beware anyone that has LA Fitness, you can't access their website overseas making it impossible to end a membership! Big shoutout to my dad for braving that place and cancelling it for me himself in person. You're the best!

"What to pick up at TJ's" - This is about the only one I can say I will happily open, EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THEY DON"T HAVE TRADER JOE's IN SWEDEN. So i'll just sit here and read it, silently mourning the loss of my favorite grocery store. Apparently $1 oatmeal cups are a thing now.

I won't even discuss the stupidity of the PureWow article "Is this the most photogenic island in Jamaica?" It's in the Caribbean, of course it's photogenic. Also the phrase "most-instagrammable places" makes me hate everything about millennial travelers.

Fitbit "Find Your March Motivation"- this would be fair enough if it wasn't already March 19th...

Am I the only one who hates these? What's the most *insert eye-rolling emoji* spam mail like this you've gotten? Excuse me while i go unsubscribe from all of these.



This past Saturday, I woke up and was suddenly 25 years old. I know it seems odd to say" suddenly 25," but it's really how I felt. When did this happen? How did I get so old? Obviously in the grand scheme of things it's relatively young, but I woke up and realized I am nowhere near what my childhood expectations of 25 were.

Up until January, I had been living in Florida and working for Tesla Motors for 2+ years as a coordinator, with a career that was steadily running along. Things were fine, I was making pretty great money, and I had a great group of friends. I was having bottomless brunch with a friend in Sarasota, FL one Sunday in December and realized...I hate this. The job was killing me, I had "temporarily" moved back in with my dad after a break-up, and had no clue what I was doing. All I knew was that this couldn't be it, this couldn't be how I let my twenties slip past me. Naturally the only logical thing to do was quit my job, and move to Sweden to be a nanny again, right?

So there I was on Saturday morning, waking up on my cousins couch after celebrating St.Patricks Day/my early birthday on Södermalm and Stureplan. I'd gotten up on stage and tried to sing Outkast's "Roses" on stage without any lyrics on a screen (criminal to call it karaoke if they aren't going to give you the text), and then danced till 4 in the morning at Spy Bar after braving the lines to get in. I woke up and realized that although I haven't figured out my next steps as far as career, apartment etc. go, I was so much happier. Being up on that stage is something I never would have done a few years ago, and it made me appreciate how much I no longer care what others think of me. To me, that's what twentyfiveis. It's the ability to have fun and not care who is watching or judging. It's doing things for yourself and putting yourself first. Follow along as I see what this whole "mid-twenties" adventure is all about.