I never imagined that Norway was a country I'd visit more than once, let alone be a country I long to go to.

The year of 2012 my olders brother, Fredrik, decided to pack his bag and leave Sweden. He wanted a job, and had heard great things about working in Norway.

Now, five years later, he still lives there, in a city called Vestby, with his Norwegian girlfriend, that he is having a baby with!

During the years I've only been there twice, so the relationship between my brother and I are mainly kept over the telephone. This it mainly caused by the fact that most parts of my family are working full time, and that when we visit, we'd rather go together as a large group.

The times I've been there has been absolutely amazing though. The first time I went was the summer of 2014, my family had been in a small town called Fjällbacka. It's located on the south west coast pf Sweden, right by the southern parts of Norway. From Fjällbacka to Vestby, where my brother lives, it only took 2 hours with car, so we decided to stop by.

Fjälöbacka was so astonishing, and has, since I last was there, become one of my favorite places to visit.

Leaving wasn't something that I was looking forward too, but it meant that I'd be seeing my brother so it was well worth it. Unfortunately, we didn't spend a lot of time in Norway as the summer was close to its end, but we did have quick visits by the sea, and I remember eating the best vegetarian pizza at a restaurant by a dock.

The second time I was in Norway was in the end of May 2016. It was heartwarming to finally see my brother and his girlfriend again, as they both have a huge place in my heart. My brother and I went for a walk with his girlfriends family's dog, Luna. We talked a lot, mostly about our common interests like music, and also about growing up. It was a well needed conversation.

The scenery was beautiful.

One of the days we were there both families joined in on a football game. It was fun to see everyone so happy! My brother's best friend, Dennis, was also there. They've known each other since they were young, and they moved to Norway together. It was really nice to meet him again, as he is like my brother too.

We went to visit an art gallery in a city called Moss. I love art, so this was an interesting day for me. I didn't photograph a lot of the exhibits, as I believe they should be seen in person. I focused more on the plants and nature outside.

I don't know what it is with Norway, but I find the nature a lot more interesting there opposed to the nature in Sweden. Maybe I just haven't looked in the right places..

Hopefully I'll visit my brother and his family in Norway again this May, or June. Then I'll definitely update the blog and write about my experiences.

I hope everyone has a great day!

-Tuva Matilda




Don't you change one hair for me
Not if you care for me
Stay little valentine stay
Each day is valentines day




On valentines day, two years ago, I wrote an entry in my little diary.
"The sun shone and you knew my name".
I don't remember the name of the person, or who they were, so I reckon they weren't all that important to me. Maybe it was just a thought, a sentence inspired by some TV show, or maybe from book.

Today when I read it, I thought of you.
You, the person that will always be in my heart.
You, the person I hope to spend the rest of my days with.
You, the man that took my heart, and that I hope will keep forever.

Yours sincerely, Matilda.