I'm so close to graduating and I'm more than excited!
I've been talking to my sister a lot about summer plans, and hopefully I'll get to work at a grocery store in her hometown and live with her. I feel like it would be such a great experience to just try to be more independent when it comes to my economy, and obviously that starts with having a job and making your own money.

The entire graduation week will be spent with her, which is super exciting. She's staying at my place for a couple of days and the day after graduation (the 9th of June) I'll probably leave with her.

I'm just really looking forward on updating you guys with all the plans that I have for summer!

- Tuva Matilda

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Today was fine. I woke up an hour late and completely missed first period, and then I had to rush to the school library to return some books that was way overdue..
Oh and I bought my prom tickets! I'm so so excited for prom, like you have no idea!!
I bought a dress that is way to small though, but I've been working out like crazy these past couple of days so hopefully I'll manage to squeeze into it in a month haha!

I also had two exams today, one for English 7, and one for philosophy. They both went pretty okay considering that I rarely make time for studying.
I've also decided that I have to start organizing my calendar more effectively because I always forget stuff! Ugh.. I have too many things on my miiiiind