so this is the moment where I'm supposed to tell you everything about myself and just make it extra cheesy and perfect so that you think that this blog will be just as perfect as everybody else's. You're wrong my friend or I don't know if I can call you my friend yet I mean we haven't even met.

I know that the name of my blog seems really weird but basically I ran out of ideas and I came up with The secret life of a teenager and it means that I will share stories from my own life as a teenager and then sharing a lot of secrets.. no just kidding I haven't really figured out what it means but it's up to each and every one to decide what it stands for.

anyway I'm also going to tell you some facts about myself right now(and try not to sugarcoat it):

-My name is Lovisa.

-I study film-making in school right now and it's my second year.

-I LOVE to edit videos and I'm actually in the process of creating a Youtube channel.

-I workout sometimes.... like 2 times a week.

-I'm REALLY good at procrastinating.

- I should be doing my maths assignment right now.

-You could call me internet obsessed because I literally spend at-least 10 hours a day on my phone or computer.

-I love street fashion and my black skinny jeans are my bae's.

-I'm also in love with Harry Styles.

I'm also really tired right now so I think that this is everything for now but I hope that you will check in on my blog later.

peace out girl-scout!