Wazup guys!

I have really good news, we got an apartment today!!! Its really big, its 3 rooms, with 2 bathrooms and a roof terrace so all of you guys that want to visit us this summer are welcome to have your vacation here surfing with us.

We have surfed everyday off course, I love it! And its been very different conditions all the time and thats perfect to learn how to manage that.
I've burned my face the first day we surfed and it was very cloudy so I thought it wouldn't take any, but fuck me I was so red looking like a fucking lobster the two days after.. Now its starting to decline, just all of the skin in my face fall off, but other than that its okey, haha.
But tomorrow we will fix everything with our new house so my skin can get som rest..

In these days we have visit Sonia's store several times and some of the pics are from here store, as you can see they have really cool stuff.
In one of the picture its a awesome wetsuit i found in the store that I thinking about buying, its so nice!
We also went for a walk in Luz, the little village/town we live in just about 5min from Lagos city. Its a really sweet and cosy town with their own beach and close to everything.

Me and jakob really enjoy it here, the weather, surfing all days, se new places, the food, meeting people from all over the world and much more.
We are going to stay till the end of October here, then we go to Asia traveling around to see different kind off places trying out things like bungy jump, skydiving, rafting, diving etc..

Thats all you get guys, enjoy the pictures!
P.S theirs allot of wooden dicks here in Lagos, its their specialty don't forget to buy one as a souvenir.




Hey guys
It's been an awesome trip so far!

The first pictures are from Barcelona, where we make a stopover for the night. The flight was on time and smooth, and nice to see another country, city on our way to Portugal.
We arrived pretty late but we hade booked a hotel close to the airport really cheap and it was really big and nice room we got.. They fixed a kingsized bed and a bigger room without charging for mor money so that was perfect! We where very hungry so we went out eating, to a shopping mall, it was allot of restaurants and Jakob loves Bbq, burger places so we went to a place named Ribs offcourse. The place was crowded and decorated in a cowboy and sporty way. Its nice when other countries really go big, extreme. Then its not just a restaurant anymore its an experience under the whole meal.

Early the next morning we took the flight to Lisbon, it took only one hour so it was really smooth. In lissabon we waited for the bus and just walked around enjoying to be there, watched the Triathlon competition, eating some and just enjoyed life.
The bus to Lagos took like 4hours and we played some on my Ipad *Heroes might of magic, the best game their is!

In Lagos Jano our friend from Morocco picked us up, we went to his house talking, eating, planning for the season about work, took a walk to a restaurant nerby the beach and just chilling.

Yesterday we woke up early in the morning Jano made us some nice breakfast and we go with the car to a beach called Zavial, 30min from their place. We surfed for 5hours totally, it was so perfect and good waves to start with! because me and Jakob is pretty new with surfing so its good to start small with big soft boards and then step by step slowly in your tempo take bigger waves and smaller boards. The day was totally PERFECT! Back in their home we eat nice food Jano cocked for us and then we fell a sleep so hard, so tiered after all the travel, moving and surfing but its totally worth it, loving it here!

Today Jano hade som clients so i was going to have an own car to pick some of the clients up. We drove to the same spot as yesterday called Zavial. The weather was windy and cloudy so it was bigger waves and very choppy because of the wind so it was very hard to go out and to pick a wave. You had to be really fast and patient, it took some time to go out and there are waves coming all the time so you need to be quick to deiced witch one your going to take, jump on the board and paddle.
But its good for me and Jakob to practice in different conditions. So todays surf was only for 2hours without any breaks.
After we left the beach and the clients we went to Lagos city to Sonya's surf shop Lagos surf center, their they have awesome skate and surf clothes like boards, sunglasses, clocks, caps, everything you need with really nice brands. After the look in the store we went for a little walk in the city and then just chill some in their home and eat some swedishfood Sonya cooked for us.

We are so lucky to meet these kind people, helping us with everything! So tonight we are going to look for apartments for me and Jakob, hopefully we find something nice and cheap place to stay.

If you guys thinking about going here for a trip in summer to surf contact http://www.junglesurfsafaris.com
And if you looking for awesome skate and surf clothes here in Lagos this is the place for you http://www.lagossurfcenter.com

I hope u guys enjoy to read the stuff I put in here and the pictures.. This is my second text I write and I try to describe everything as good as I can even tough my writing in english is not so good its getting better each day. So please leave a comment of what you think. Have a nice week guys, love u all!



The day is finally here, the day I've been waiting for the last 2years. To move from Sweden to discover what's out there, try out new things, see different places, fulfill my dreams and to find a place who feels like home

I've tried my best to say goodbye to everyone I love, it's very hard to leave everybody but I've never liked Norrköping, the people, the way they are and how few stuff it is to see and do there.
So it's always been something missing, I'd become a person I didn't want to be, I've lost my self and got more and more bored and angry about the life there.

But now I get the chance to a fresh start to do the things I love, in a beautiful place, with the best travel buddy and love I can have Jakob.

And to have this privilege to meet this awesome dude Jano to help us with everything and make this journey possible! To meet people like that, so helpful and kind, is what I love about traveling. It's because of him we are moving to just Lagos in Portugal, he's the best!

I can barely wait, I'm so exited and happy to so soon be in Portugal

To feel the heat, the sun against my skin, palm trees, sand between my toes and to lie down on my surfboard waiting for the perfect wave to catch.

I want to say thanx to my wonderful family for staying there the last month and for everything you guys done for me, and to all my friends and family your the best, im going to miss u all so much!

I'm going to try my best to post everything here so you can follow my journey and that starts today!