Hello! Today we have to go home and now i will tell you about the trip.

The trip started whit at the plain have litle problem whit the landnig but after that it have be a good trip. We have swim and we have eat on a relly good restaurant. My favorite restaurant was Alan Wong they have very good food. The scariest whit the trip I think was when I got lost It was very scaried. What would I have done if something happened me.

I like the fireshow I and Andrea look on that was very cool. I like the hospital in Hawaii but they have lots of candy and they have very good doctors.

My favorite day in Hawaii is day 14, but we do very much. We surfing and we go to a very big waterpark. We eat good food and nothing happened with Andrea.

The other day Andrea injured her self very often.

In this states they have very nice weather and very good food. If you have children are this a very good place, but they have everything you need. They have pool and very fun playgrounds for children. You can do everything example swim with Dolphins and eat very good food in this states.

Difference between Sweden and Hawaii. Hawaii it's a very hot states and Sweden is a very could place but when they are summer they can be hot. And in Hawaii you can swim whit Dolphins in yhe sea but in Sweden you most go to some Zoo if you wont that.

Similarities between Sweden and Hawaii. In Hawaii you can do very múch and in Sweden you can do very much example, eat on different restaurant and you can go to som big waterpark.

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Hello! Today we going home to Sweden, something has hapend and we need to go home to our famaliys. This trip have been both fun and a bit horrible, but moste have been fun. I´ve go a memory for life. We can start whit telling about the horrible things, first a snike bit Andrea and she went to the hospitole, after that my "boyfriend" get to jail after that he hade batterade me. some days after that we rented a boat and hade a boatparty, Andrea fall at the boat and punch her head, she went to the hospitole agin. The last horribole that happend was about Andrea agin. The day before yesterday we would jump parachute, Andrea jumped first and she landed in a tree. She got a stick in her stomach and needed to go to the hospitole for the third time.

Now to the good things, Wen we went to Hawaii we hade no plans for trip, just chill and have ha great trip. The weather is much better in Hawaii than in Sweden, it´s much warmer than in Sweden. Hawaii is a very nice place.

we sunbathed and bathed some of these weeks. We have also tried to surffa which was really fun.

​we have went to nice resturants, night clubs and we have got a meomrie for life// Emma



Hello! Today we have to go home. Something happened back in Sweden so we have to go home as soon as possible. This trip was very fun even if a lot of bad stuff happened like Emma's boyfriend ending up in prison, I having to go to the hospital 3 times and a man being murdered at our first hotel. But it was still fun.

The first time I had to go to the hospital was because I was bitten by a Blind Snake. I've never seen a snake Before so it was scary.

The second time I Went to the hospital was because I hit my head on a boat. It's Cold in Sweden all the time so I haven't been on a boatparty like that Before. Sweden is really boring compared to Hawaii. It's also Winter in Sweden all the time while it's sunny outside a lot in Hawaii.

The third time I Went to the hospital was because I got a stick through my stomach. We Went parachuting one day and I was the first one to jump out of the plane. At first it was very fun and exciting but when I was landing I crashed into tree and got a stick through my stomach. It hurt very much and the worst thing was that I jumped alone and I didn't have my phone so it took a while Before Emma and Ebba came. But I lost consciousness and when i woke up I was at the hospital without the stick. I probably won't do that ever again.

During the sixth day a man got murdered at our hotel. When we woke up the police where there and they told us that a man got murdered at the hotel. We were obviously scared but the police said that they had already caught the culprit so we calmed down. Later that day we had to change hotel but it was okay since our new hotel was very good aswell. Everyone that was in our first hotel was questioned by the police. Just in case that they had caught the wrong person. But all evidence pointed towards the suspected murderer. I've never been involved in a case like that so it was quite the experience.

But a lot of good stuff happened aswell! Like we were on a cool fireshow, even though I got bitten it was still cool. We were also shopping a lot and that was very fun. We also ate at very good resturants like Edwins Leadership, Alan Wong and Mcdonalds. Mcdonalds was probably my favorite of them all. I eat there all the time. But the other resturants were also very good. We were also at the beach a lot. It was very beautyful and warm. Much better compared to Sweden. We also sunbathed a lot so we are very Brown now. 

Emma got a ''boyfriend'' in Hawaii. His name is Kay. They looked like they were having fun togheter but it didn't end good since Kay ended up in jail. He looked a ittle suspicious at first but then he seemed fine. I never would've expected him to end up in jail.

Even though a lot of bad stuff happened on this trip it was still a lot of fun and I hope that you liked to read this blog. Goodbye!




​Something  happened  back in Sweden so we have to go back today. I'm sorry for this surprise but we have to go home. goodbye




​At 8am.Emma will now go to the hospital to get Andrea. Andrea is allowed to go home from the hospital today but we have to stay Another week in Hawaii because Andrea is still injured.

At 10am. Now we are all together at the hotel again and we saw from the hotel that some people were surfing outside so we will go out and test it. We thought about it for a long time if it's a good idea to go surfing because of Andrea. But we finally decided that we will go surfing anyway because she has been through a lot and nothing can stop her. So we will go down to the reception and reserve 3 surfing boards.

At 12pm. We have now eaten and we are ready to go surfing. We have reserved 3 surfingboards for 40 minutes. After we have surfed we will go to Wet'n Wild, a really big waterpark.It's going to be very fun today.

At 1pm. We're done surfing now and we had very fun. Now we will eat lunch and then we will take a taxi to Wet'n Wild.

At 3pm. We are sitting in the taxi and we have about 10 minutes left until we are there.

At 3.16pm. Now we are there and it was much bigger than we thought it would be. There is lots of stuff to do here , you can even shop.

At 4pm. Now we are going to slide so we won't be Writing much but we'll write later.

At 6pm. Now we will eat ice cream and take it easy Before we go swimming again.

At 9pm. Now we are on our way home and we are going to eat at Alan Wong again so we will see what happens after that.

At 10pm. We are sitting at Alan Wong and eating very good food. When we are finished eating we wanted to look around. There is probably no store open right now but we'll see.

12am. We could not go around so much but we saw a board and it said that you could swim with Dolphins so we are going to try that tomorrow.

Goodnight. //Andrea , Emma ,Ebba



8am. Now Andrea is back home and we should take it easy for a while and eat breakfast . When we have eaten, we will go around in Honolulu and look around the shops. A little later, we will parachute.

10am. Now we have eaten and will make us prepared to go to town and look around. It's gonna be fun.

12am. We have looked around at different stores and we are on our way to Starbucks for coffee.

3pm. Right now, we are waiting in line to get to jump. All of us are a little afraid of heights but we will jump anyway.

4pm. Now Andrea has jumped but the rest of us can't jump because Andrea landed on a tree and got a stick through her stomach and right now we are sitting in the emergency room waiting for answers about Andrea.

5pm. They have now removed the stick from her stomach and she is allowed to go home tomorrow and everything will be good. We hope that it will be a good evening even if Andrea is not with us. We thought about going to the restaurant Alan Wong and eat good food.

11pm. Now we are home from Alan Wong and we will see a movie and call Andrea and see how she has it at the hospital. This has been a good day. // Andrea, Emma and Ebba

he ahiahi maikai



Yesterday was a good day we took it chill and enjoyed life. We visiter Andrea on the hospital. She told me that strange things happens on the hospital, but I think she's not feeling very well after she fell. Then we went home we are going into a restaurant. They cook good food. After we eat we went up to the room and look on a Movie, but we will not go to the Town and shop.

Today Andrea is feeling little better, but there will probably be a chill day today. Tomorrow I hope that Andrea and Emma will go on adventures whit me.

Have a good day :)





Today, Andrea come back to the hotel if she feels  better of course. Ebba and I have not done very much after we came home from the hospital yesterday . We put ourselves on the couch and watched on Netflix . I think I managed to fall asleep Since it does that I woke up on the couch . We are now in a moment go down to hotel resturant and eat breakfast. After that I touch enough that we go to Andrea and check how she is feeling . I really hope that Andrea is feeling better so she can go home , I can no more visits to the hospital. If Andrea comes home , I think probably just that we will take it easy and we'll see what we can find on tomorrow!




Hello, I'm at the hopsital again. Yesterday at the boatparty I fell and hit my head. I don't remeber anything after that but when I woke up I was at the hospital. The doctors told me that I got a small brain concussion. I'll be able to go home tomorrow but I have to take it easy. Right now it's 1am in the morning and I can't sleep so I'm writing a blogpost. Something really scary happened! I wanted to go to the toilet but the toilet in my room had deadlocked somehow so I had to go to the toilet in the hallway. My doctor said that I need to lie in bed a lot so I snuck out of the room as quiet as possible, even if the hospital was almost empty in this part of the hospital. The lights were on in the hallway but suddenly when I was almost at the toilet, all the lights went out. I heard some voices, but those where probably from the nurses. Since I really needed to go to the bathroom I went anyways, even if the power had gone. So I got to the toilet when suddenly i hear a loud bang. I look around but I was alone in the hallway so I thought that it came from somewhere else. So I went to the toilet and when I was done I was about to go back to my room when suddenly I saw an old lady walking in the dark hallway. I didn't see her face but I knew she was old because of the way she walked. She was really close to the bathroom so I was a little scared because I didn't know if she was a patient or not. I turned around to close the bathroom door, and when I turned around again, the old lady was gone! And the hallway was really long so she couldn't have gone to another place that fast, and she couldn't have gone in a room because the doors here sound a lot when you open or close them. I ran back to my room as fast as I could and tried to sleep but I couldn't so I decided to write a blogpost about the incident. It's almost 2am now and I'm really tired so I'll try to sleep at least a little. Goodnight!




Yesterday was not as we had thought it would be. Andrea fell on the boat and hit her head. Right now she's in the hospital and we will go to her now. We don't remember much about yesterday but we remember that Andrea fell and hit her head.

Now we are at the hospital, Andrea is a little dizzy and we hope that she will get better soon. We have talked to the doctor and he said that Andrea can go home tomorrow but she has to take it easy.


We are home at the hotel and we will eat some food and go out in the sun and take it easy. A little later we will probably go out in the town and look in different stores.


We don't feel like going out so we will stay home and watch a movie on netflix. Goodnight!

/Andrea , Ebba, Emma