and I've not given this poor blog a single thought. That's the thing about me and blogging. First I'm crazy about it and then I just want to delete it all and forget that I've ever had a blog.

Since my last post I've taken over two thousand photos, so this is going to be a long post..

Just kidding. I will not whow two thousand photos in one post. That won't happen. Anyway, It's a new year, if you haven't noticed (which I really hope you have, otherwise you're probably living under a rock) and that means new me. Or not really. It was a joke. I don't Believe in new years resolutions.

Instead of Writing I'll just show you a few of the Pictures I've taken over the past month - enjoy.

That's it... See you sometime in the near (or far) future

Love, Astrid

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Hey. This is my first post on this blog, which feels kind of special. I've had about a million blogs before but they were mostly about my boring life, and this blog won't be so much about my life.

In this blog I'll write mostly about photography since that is one of my passions. I'll also write about art, which for me includes paintings (obviously) music, literature, sculpturing and design.

Anyway, to make the blog a little more colorful I'll show you some pictures that I took today of sea buckthorn covered with a layer of frost. I love the winter, that's when the most beautiful pictures are taken. I really want it to snow now, because I'm literally aching to take winter photos even though I'll probably freeze my fingers of. Back to the photos I took today, let's show them...

1/250 f5.6 ISO800 - 18-55mm 

I made the last one in black and white because I want to show you the contrast and the difference it has on the feeling the picture gives. In black and white it makes you think modern photograpgy art while color is more just a photo.

That's all for now, friends. Talk to you later.