Exhibitions of the season “Haunting the interval”

19.02.2016 – 16.05.2016

This amazing center for contemporary art is showing its new exhibition with an incredible group of artists presenting different techniques and subjects.


Florian & Michael Quistrebert: “The Light of the Light” This exhibit is one of my favorites: Installation of lights, colored LED’s, videos and paintings.

Alberola: “The adventure of details” showing different graphic works, neon lights, texts, installations and objects that shows his artistic and political questioning.

Oeuvres in situ:

The pieces created in situ display the subject of the dispersion of seeds by the wind. The works are by the artists Stéphene Calais, Laurent Derobert, Jacques Lizène, Aram Bartholl & Vivien Robaud.

Tip: Try a guided tour of the Palais de Tokyo. You will get to see its secret works of art, specially the project dedicated to urban arts where invited artists intervene the walls and windows of the building.

13, avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris


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Contemporary Japanese food

Très chic. Just love this sushi restaurant: Great food, contemporary deco and a casual-elegant atmosphere. Hotspot for lunch or dinner. Try the hamachi, black cod or any of their bentos, or just sit at the sushi bar. It’s always full, so reservations are recommended.

It is close to the Jardin des Tuileries and Rue Faubourg Saint Honore.

9 Rue du Mont Thabor, 75001 Paris

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An exhibition that explores the way Picasso has influenced different contemporary artists, like Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein and many others.

Some of the works are a tribute to the artist in contrast with others that are a parody, quite irreverent or just their own interpretation of Picasso’s paintings, like the different works influenced by the iconic painting “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”.

I liked the work by Rineke Dijkstra, a Dutch photographer, who has an installation of a video that shows a group of school kids who give their opinion about Picasso’s painting: “Weeping Woman”. Through their comments you get an idea of the artist’s painting without looking at it, hilarious! Don’t miss it.

7 October 2015 - 29 February 2016

Grand Palais

3 Avenue du Général Eisenhower, 75008 Paris

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Palais Garnier

5.02.2016 - 20.02.2016

Great program, three different modern performances, each unique.

Beautiful moves with many cries of Bravo!!

Millepied’s ballet “The Night Ends” shows emotional states of love accompanied by a piano solo interpreting Beethoven pieces. After his recent resignation as director of the Paris Ballet Opera, his work has been attracting many curious eyes.

Handicap and dance merges in a beautiful way at Bel’s ballet, making it an amazing performance. Dancers move with technical precision following some of Bach’s masterpieces under the direction of Robbin’s.


Palais Garnier

8 Rue Scribe, 75009 Paris

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Exhibition Louis Vuitton – Grand Palais

A retrospective ofthe most important moments for the House of Louis Vuitton, showing different portraits, objects and its emblematic luggage and classic trunks.

With exceptional scenery, the expo makes you feel like you are taking an expedition to the dessert, a car drive searching for a spot to have a meal with the most amazing picnic trunks, sailing, flying or just enjoying a nice view in a train ride. It’s the history of the fashion house and its particular savior fare. You can even see some of their artists working in their bags or luggage.

Free entrance, but reservation through Internet is highly recommended to avoid waiting time.

Until 21.02.2016

3, Avenue du Général Eisenhower 75008 Paris

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History & Luxury

The Hotel of Monaco, currently the Embassy of Poland in Paris, is one of the most beautiful hôtel particuliers in the area of Saint Germain des Prés in Paris.

It is a place full of history. In 1774, the beautiful, single and rich princess of Monaco ask the renowned architect Brongniart to build her a residence close to her lover, the Prince de Conde, inspired by ancient Greece with the most luxury interiors (it’s said that it has the most beautiful parquets floors of Paris).

During the French Revolution it was Marshal Davout, the 1st Lieutenant of Napoleon, who was worthy of living in this sumptuous palace. In its beautiful music room with gold decorations, is where Chopin was invited to perform and then he was revealed to Paris. At the end of the XIX century, the palace was known for its amazing costume balls.

Because of its beauty, it gets indiscrete looks from the people who walk pass by. It is worth a visit if you are ever in Paris during the European Heritage Days*.

*Fortwo days a year in Paris, monuments, government buildings, and privately ownedsites of interest open their doors to give the public free reign to areas thatare generally not accessible.

57 rue Saint Dominique – 75007Paris

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An artist's studio

This museum is a charming apartment and studio where the French painter Delacroix moved in 1857. It has a lovely and peaceful little garden. It is close to one of the most beautiful squares of Paris, next to the church of Saint Sulpice, because he was handed a commission to decorate the church’s chapel. The museum features a series of paintings by this romantic painter.

After your visit you can walk to one of Paris mythic cafes: Le Deux Magots or Café Flore (one in front of the other) and have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

6, rue deFurstenberg, 75006, Paris

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