Before leaving for Germany for good i have this burden in my heart, so i told my sister to dedicate this collection for the people who need help interms of the healthy issue as i heard so many people are sick and cannot provide even for a simple vitamin C or something for themselves.

So here's a short explanation about our project.

Our new collection this time is purposelycommitted for healthcare to the poor.

We continuously strive to ensure availability of quality and affordable primary healthcarefacilities to poor people who reside in one slum area in Jimbaran who are notable to either afford such services or do not have access to such services.

We try to provide an affordable and accessible healthcare for them.
So when you buy an item from this collection you are actuallygiving under privileged family a better chance to live healthy.

Photographers : Handi Cristianto, Diah Mintara ( the creator of Scarlet Aces )

Models : Lola Chaulier , Yagmur

Jewelry : DONBIU

Thank you to those who helped uscreating such a beautiful pictures for this collection.

Thank you for being part of this movement and for being so generous with your time, energy, and talent.

With your help they are able to get a better chance in the future πŸ™πŸ»

You get in return what you give, so be prepared of massive goodness and generosity you need in life ❀️

Where to find the products :