My Hotel Review: The Rooms Hotel Tbilisi

" Arriving at The Rooms Hotel in Tbil isi , you are struck by the contrasts. Located in the charming shabby chic area of Vera, you somehow d…"

A Cosy & Lazy Day at Home!

" Living in Moscow is for sure exciting but can at the time be very tiresome. The constant traffic, noise, and pollution as well as all the …"

Ravello - The Romantic Treasure High Up in the Mountains !

" It was time to head back to Rome after some lovely days on the Amalfi Coast! But before That we had one more treasure to discover - Ravell…"

Amalfi - Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

" After a 20 minutes breathtaking drive from Positano, we arrived in Amalfi. So close but yet so different! To be honest, it was a bit of a …"

Positano - You Stole My Heart!

" Positano - a place I have dreamt about so long, seen so many beautiful images from in blogs and insta accounts, still when I arrived I was…"

Lovely days in magnificent Rome!

" We fell in love the minute we arrived! What else to expect when you visit magnificent Rome! The historical heritage, the architecture, the…"

The Moscow weekend when winter turned into summer!

" It was finally time for a long weekend - at home in Moscow! Me and Fredrik left work Friday afternoon with a big smile, knowing that this …"

The Best of Marbella!

" A trip to Marbella over Eastern turned out to be a great choice. 25 degrees, blue sky, visits to our favorite beach clubs and, as always, …"

Exploring some new hoods in Stockholm!

" After spring feelings in Copenhagen, the spring continued in Stockholm, at least for a couple of days. Unfortunately, I was locked into a …"

Spring Feeling in Copenhagen!

" I love Copenhagen! The continental vibe, the Danish design and fashion, the colorful bikes, the trendy people and last but not least the l…"

My Beautiful Stockholm - Long time no see!

" Even though I loved every minute of our 81 Day Vacay, I must admit that it was great to be back in our lovely Moscow apartment, unpack the…"

Miami - The Glamorous End!

" Everything comes to an end and so was our 81 Day vacation! An amazing adventure full of unforgettable experiences, impressions and meeting…"

Graffiti, Alligators & Luxurious Road Trip - Florida has it all!

" After having explored the Keys, the east coast of Florida was up next! From the artistic vibe in Wynwood to alligators in Everglades and a…"

The Florida Keys - Let's hit the road!

" The New Travel Partner Back to where it all started - Florida and Miami - but luckily it was not yet over! In the airport garage, we found…"

Moscow - The Return!

" The Shock... 50 degrees temperature difference! It was for sure not a warm welcome I got, arriving back after three months in paradise! Ha…"

How do you want to live your life? As a Digital Nomad?

" Have you ever asked yourself this question? Well... at least we have.... many times! With today's society and technology there are so many…"

Havana - The City Dressed in Vintage!

" Arriving A ghost town... This was our first impression of Havana when arriving late in the evening. Malecón, where Hotel Terral was locate…"

Cuban Country & Beachside - A travel in time!

""Being a traveler is a transformative process, it changes you physically, emotionally and spiritually - it is the surest way to become the …"

Chichen Itza - The Ancient Magical Wonder of the World!

"Our last day in Mexico, we stepped into the world of the Mayan history, traveling back to 800 B.C. Sneak peaks like this into the history, …"

Playa Del Carmen & Cozumel - Beach Party & Snorkeling Adventure!

"La Playa… it is a crazy place, nothing like Tulum. Here the party never ends... Well, we got warned in advance by people we met in Tulum th…"

Tulum - Our Lovely Boho Glam Escape!

"Having read many travel blogs and magazines about Tulum, we had extremely high expectations on this little boho glam paradise but we did no…"

Tulum & Viento De Mar - A magic start of the year!

"Life’s a beach, or so they say… This is for sure the truth in Tulum ! Pure white sand, turquoise water and blue sky. The wonderful mix of c…"

Sayulita Life - Beach, Surf & Yoga!

"When Fredrik and I met we were both on our way to Christmas vacays. Fredrik was off to Bali to chill and surf. He said he was a good surfer…"

Petit Hafa & Sayulita - Heaven for Boutique Lovers!

"A grey and cold Stockholm afternoon two years ago, I discovered this little colorful jewel. I was at my hairdresser reading a travel magazi…"

Ylang Ylang - To the sound of the waves!

"Paradise!!! When arriving to the sleepy surfer village, Montezuma, and our beach resort, Ylang Ylang , we found a paradise! After a couple …"

The Costa Rican Adventurers!

"Finally we arrived to the green paradise - Costa Rica! Better late than never... Imagine our happiness when we after 20 hours of travelling…"

Iguazu Falls – The magical natural wonder & the craziest boat ride:)!

"From city life to the middle of the Argentinean jungle - the setting changes quickly during this trip! In an area of 3 hectares of forest w…"

Buenos Aires - Love at first sight!

"Arriving in Buenos Aires, it was love at first sight! A couple of bottles of Malbec, lots of delicious meat, tango shows and some long nigh…"

Rio – the city that brings the eccentric side out of you!

" Now when travel life is back to normal, time has come for the colourful Rio post! One thing is certain; you never get bored in Rio! There …"

The big big blunder of this trip and changed plans:)!

" Well... this was supposed to be a colorful post about our week in Rio and we were supposed to be horse back riding in beautiful Costa Rica…"

Copacabana – The Beauty & the Beast!

" Seeing the sunrise and the sunset the same day, is not something that happens very often. In Rio everything is possible! After a night fli…"

Lima - Ceviche, Pisco Sour, Obama & so much more!

" I guess we did not have much of expectations for our days in Lima, the focus was on the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. But these days turned…"

Inca Trail - An adventure to remember!

" We made it! The inca trail is completed! The feeling of seeing Machu Picchu after having climbed the 50 stairs up to the Sun Gate, one of …"

Cusco - Another world & time!

" For us, Cusco whas just a place to get prepared for the Inca Trail but the 1,5 days here have shown to be so much more. Cusco gives you a …"

Miami Life...

" The weather, the beach, the sun, the palm trees and the friendly people - they all make life a bit easier! Morning walks in the sand,yoga …"

Our South Beach Oasis!

" They say you should save the best for last... Exhausted after a 10 hours flight but with extremely high expectations, we entered the world…"

Home Sweet Home - See you soon!

" This post somehow disappeared, but now it is back again, almost in same shape:)! From a 12 million city that never sleeps to my little hom…"

Off we go!!!

" Miami, Cusco, Lima, Rio, Costa Rica, Sayulita, Tulum, Kuba & Florida - looking forward to see you all very soon! "

Moscow - A love story?

" Back to how it all started - only you and me! Looking back, we did not get along very well in the beginning, different languages and cultu…"

Countdown started!!!

" Only 7 days left… Next Sunday we will be on our way to Copenhagen for one night at The Hilton and then it will all start – the trip of our…"