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Arriving in Buenos Aires, it was love at first sight! A couple of bottles of Malbec, lots of delicious meat, tango shows and some long nights later, we are still in love with this city!

Buenos Aires has a European touch with its beautiful neo classic buildings, mainly inspired by French and Italian architecture, making you feel at home!

You find traces of history everywhere. Plaza de Mayo, Cementerio de La Recoleta (a somewhat spooky but beautiful place with tombs of the most famous Argentinian persons including Eva Peron - Evita), Tortoni (the café and cultural institution), all remind you of the past!

When we arrived the Jacarandas trees were in full bloom, giving Buenos Aires a beautiful purple shimmer.

There are parks everywhere full of life; people running, working out with their PT or just chilling. The Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden, quickly became our favorite oases with their beautiful sceneries and flowers.

Buenos Aires is a city with many faces and different areas, all possessing a unique character. The best way to experience them all is for sure by foot and so we did… But we also did the unexpected - a hop on hop off bus tour:)!

La Bocca

In La Bocca the narrow streets are filled with colorful houses, painters, tango shows and restaurants. A bit touristic but with an overwhelming charm. In one of these busy streets, we found the cutest little pink and turquoise café!

Just a couple of blocks away you find Bocca Junior’s arena, one of the most famous football teams in Argentina. Imagine Fredrik’s happiness when we entered the arena and he got to pose next to Tevez, the former Manchester United player!

Puerto Madero

In Puerto Madero, the old harbor area with modern skyscrapers, we learnt that the prime time for dinner is midnight and arriving early to a club means 2 am.

Having booked a table at 9 pm, we had a great evening together with the retired Italian community in the restaurant Sottovoce. The Italian food was truly amazing and the change of age group turned out to be very invigorating…:)!

Palmermo Soho and Hollywood

Cool restaurants, bars and clubs but also small boutiques with the latest trends and fashion litter the streets of the areas of Palermo Soho and Hollywood. This is where the cool youngsters, designers and creative community hang out.... and so did we! We loved this bohemic and hip area!

In the middle of all graffiti and Art Deco houses, we found Casa Cruz, one of the favorite restaurants of the jet set crowd in Buenos Aires. We fully understand why!

San Telmo

Sundays should be spent in San Telmo, the oldest part of Buenos Aires. Strolling down the longest market street we have seen, you can find more or less everything. Here the creativity has no limit and there are live bands and tango shows in every little yard.

The quiet parts of Recoleta

One of the best thing with using Airbnb is the opportunity to stay in the more local areas, experiencing the real life. Our studio were located in a very cute and quiet area of Recoleta, with restaurants, cafes, small fruit and flower stores in every corner, a little Paris.

We found our favorite organic breakfast place at the small boutique hotel, Epico and had a daily break, watching people pass by, at Le Ble Café.


Our stay in Buenos Aires started and ended in these hoods at the great local restaurants Barbacoa Parilla and Taco Box. We still dream of the rib eye steak directly from the big open grill, the chimichurries, the 1 liter beers and Malbec wine from our first night at Barbacoa...!

And what can be a better way of ending these days than by becoming an aunt!

Little Stella finally arrived 💓!!!

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Now when travel life is back to normal, time has come for the colourful Rio post!

One thing is certain; you never get bored in Rio! There are so many things to do and see and the vibrant atmosphere gives you a lot of energy. We have biked around the Lagoon, visited the beautiful Botanical Garden and the famous football stadium, Maracana.

However, on top of our sightseeing list are for sure Sugar Loaf and Christo Redemption, the second of the world’s wonder on this trip. Sugar Loaf offers a breathtaking view of Rio and its surroundings. I am sure the view from the Christo Redemption statue would have been even better if he would not have been so shy during our visit. At least we managed to get a kiss with him mysteriously watching over us in the background!

We both got addicted to the fresh juices and acai bowls in the many corner bars and I have lost track of the number of hamburgers my Iron Man has been eating during this trip.

But we also have had a lot of “yammy” dinners. We were lucky to be one of the first guests in a newly opened Italian restaurant at Rua Miguel Lemos, a genuine Italian experience in terms of both food and ambience. We had a romantic and tasty dinner at Felice Caffe in Ipanema, delicious meat in the “couple in love room” at Churrascaria Palace and at Riba I finally got my favorite vacay lunch, burrata and burger!

Rio is truly a city of contrasts. One day you are dressed up like a carnival queen and visit the artistic areas of the Selaron stairways. Or you hang out at Copacabana or Ipanema beach during the weekends, an adventure in itself. Weekend beach life in Rio is totally CRAZY. It can not be described in words but has to be experienced in real life, especially if you stay in posto 9 together with all youngsters!

In the evening, you are swept away by the Samba rhythms in one of the many dance floors at Rio Scenarium, an eccentric and mysterious place where you eat and dance surrounded by antiques from all over the world! You easily get lost into the samba beats, moving along with crowd, the hot bodies surrounding you – being fully absorbed by the music.

Rio truly brings new sides out of you:)!

However, the next day you find yourself in a very different world – Rocinha, the biggest favela in Rio. At first glance it looks like a worn down city (220 000 people live here) and the first stop at the art market leaves you with a positive feeling. But when getting deeper into the city and the small alleys along the mountainsides where people live, your heart is broken. Living in this darkness, in this dusty air is not a good life and the poorer you are the tougher it is - the more steps you have to climb.

When visiting areas like this you ask yourself “What have I done to deserve my great life?” I guess nothing; You were just lucky!

But what also strikes you when strolling down the streets and alleys is that there still is happiness. There is laughter and joy. The streets are filled with friendly and smiling people discussing life, doing business or just hanging out. Kids are playing in the streets. I guess we all adjust to the situation, trying to make the best out of it. But life just isn’t fair, especially not in Rio!

If Lima was the city of fusion, Rio is the city of contrasts! It will stay in your heart, mind and soul for a long time. And even if Rio kept us for some extra days, we leave with a big smile, a bit more daring but also reminded about the tough life out there!



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Well... this was supposed to be a colorful post about our week in Rio and we were supposed to be horse back riding in beautiful Costa Rica. BUT the blog is black and white and we are not in Costa Rica!

Monday morning and two experienced travelers approached the check in desk at the airport. After a great week in Rio we were really looking forward to our new destination and adventure -Costa Rica! But there and then it all stopped. "Can you please give me your yellow fever certificate too" the woman behind the counter asked.

It turned out that if you go to Costa Rica from Brazil you first need to have the yellow fever vaccination and secondly, you need to bring your yellow book. The one responsible for the vaccination check up totally had missed this part and I did not fulfill any of these requirements...

The solution: Hours of waiting at the local health center, two vaccinations and certificates and another 10 days before we can enter Costa Rica. Our 17 nights in Costa Rica just got cut to 7!

So what to do? In the taxi to the airport, I told Fredrik that if I would book this trip now I would have included Buenos Aires and the Iguaza Falls...

So yes, here we go:)! Not planned, a bit crazy... but you have to make the best out of every situation:)!

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Seeing the sunrise and the sunset the same day, is not something that happens very often. In Rio everything is possible! After a night flight crossing the South American continent, we arrived just in time to see the sun rise over our new destination – Rio De Janeiro! Magic!

What can then be a better way of ending the day than by watching the sunset and the surfers’ last ride from the Arpoador Rock at the beautiful Ipanema beach? Enjoy these moments and our first vlogging post below (let's hope it works..)!

Copacabana and its surrounding is like the beauty & the beast. The white long beaches are full of joy, life, happiness and beauty. Here the Copacabana life is boiling - sun tanned bodys everywhere in bikinis a la Brazilian style, not leaving much for your imagination. People are relaxing, running, swimming, playing beach volley, having barbecues, dancing and partying, all day and night!

Having breakfast at Forte de Copacabana, is truly a "breakfast with a view" you will long remember!

You just have to cross the street to discover a very different life, the tough life of Copacabana. The front line buildings that looks great from a distance, looks a bit old with worn facades if you have a closer look. The steel fences outside the entrances reminds you about the high crime rate and all the poor homeless people in the streets break your heart.

In this tough environment, you still find a city full of life with bars and restaurants in every corner, a great mix of locals and tourists and if you do your homework, you will find some great places in this clutter. We already have hanged out with the surfers at T.T. Burgers, had amazing pasta at the great Italian restaurant Simon Boccanegra and our first awesome Caprina at El Born. A health trend I have totally missed during my time in Moscow is "One Acai bowl a day, keeps the doctor away". Will do my best to catch up during the time in Rio!

Our big and luxury Lima apartment has been replaced by a small Rio studio. Fredrik has bought new cool Oakley sunglasses and I have gone all pink. The only thing missing is the Brazilian bikini but I am not sure I will ever dare to wear one…

Slowly but surely we are settling into this crazy city and getting into the Rio mood… Oh la la!



I guess we did not have much of expectations for our days in Lima, the focus was on the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. But these days turned out to be full of positive surprises…

What about being neighbor to the most powerful man in the world? During our days in Lima we have had the pleasure of following Obama closely. Due to his extensive crew and protection, we knew when he left in the morning and when he was back in the night and if we felt a bit unsafe when driving through the suburbs close to Lima airport, this feeling was gone the minute we arrived to our apartment. It is not every day you have 10 Secret Service guys standing outside your house following your every move.

However, what made the days in Lima great was not Obama, but all the great preparation that our dear friend Gaby had done for us. We felt so welcome and we truly loved our big cosy apartment in the nice area of Miraflores! Thanks a million Gaby, Carmen and Carla for all your support and hospitality!

Lima as a city is very different from any other city we have visited but has a lot to offer. It is something special with cities by the sea. The boardwalk on the cliff above the beach quickly became our favorite, walking all the way from the fancy residential area of San Isidro to the less developed area of Barranca. We watched the sunset while having a Nutella pancake at Beso Frances Creperia together with the locals and kissed in the park of lovers. This you could do every day if living here, given the good Swedish summer weather all year around with only10 mm rain per year - A dream for a Swede!

What surprises you is the many faces of Lima. It is truly a city of fusion, in terms of not only food but also architecture, people and culture. Here you will find newly built houses and residential buildings, all in line with the latest trends, side by side with buildings from the Spanish colonial era, Miami’s art deco houses or, if you go down town, buildings inspired by the French neo baroque style. According to our lovely guide Charman, there are more than 100 languages spoken and more than 300 tribes living here and for the last 20 years or so they have done so more or less peacefully!

The history of Peru is not only about the Incas, something we learnt during our visit to the “Huacas Pucllana” museum. The Lima population built impressive temples and graves long before the Incas, places that recently were discovered.

Today Lima is a city under development, something that is evident in areas like Barranca - still a bit rough but with an arty and bohemian touch. Here we found MATE – a museum founded by Mario Testino. Entering into his world of celebrities and parties as well as the Diana room offered a great break from the city life on the outside.

What did not come as surprise was all the incredible food and drinks that Lima has to offer! The ceviche is one of a kind, the 40 or so different types of potatoes and exotic fruits are sooo tasty and the avocados… yammi! We have had delicious sushi and Chifa food (Chinese food with a Peruvian twist) and our neighborhood turned out to be full of small stylish restaurants. We both fell in love with one of these little gems, La Plazita - a place we would visit every week if living here!

Peru has shown its best sides during our visit. The sun has been our companion every day, the only rain we got was when leaving Cusco. We have now left Peru full of new impressions, a bit wiser and yet it feels like there is so much more to see, food to try (did not dare to try guinea pig and alpaca this time) and treks to be discovered.

Hasta Luego Lima! For sure, we will meet again!



We made it! The inca trail is completed!

The feeling of seeing Machu Picchu after having climbed the 50 stairs up to the Sun Gate, one of the scariest part of the trail due to it being literally a wall straight up to heaven, is hard to describe. The sun was shining, our hearts were beating and there it was - the purpose of our long journey, in its full majesty in between the huge mountains of the Andes. The beauty of Machu Picchu, the skills with which it has been built, the influence of the solar calendar and how well preserved it is still today, amazes you! It is impossible not to be spellbound by this place and its history and still, there are so many questions unanswered...

But getting there was not easy... we expected an adventure and an adventure we got! First we were met by a guide that had had too much fun the night before and was still on fire. After realizing, that it was this guy or no one, we started our journey a bit frustrated. Then it turned out that we had to do the Inca Trail in 3 days instead of 4 due to a local strike and the risk of Machu Picchu being closed. Luckily then, we did not know what this meant...

The first day was ok. We did 14 km instead of 12 and even though we were tired when reaching our camp and tent after 7 hours of walking, we were still in a good mood. The second day is known to be the toughest but for us it was brutal. Wake up call at 5 am and then the day began by climbing 900 m up to 4200 m. Yeah, quite a tough start of the day but we were all very happy when we reached the highest point of the trail 3 hours later and what we thought, left the toughest part of the journey behind. However, we soon got to know that we had 600 meters downhill, 500 meters uphill and another 500 meters downhill (approximately 4,5 hours) ahead of us before lunch.

Just to make it clear, downhill in these conditions does not mean rest. Being these steep, your legs starts to shake after five minutes. This was not only the case for me but also for Mr. Iron Man. Being afraid of heights the uphill part was a nightmare with its steep, narrow paths with cliffs on the sides with no bottom. The good news is, I cured my fear of heights forever - there and then!

It is asthonishing how your body and mind adjust to the situation, entering into a survival mood. Knowing that you have four hours of climbing up and down ahead of you, there is no reason to rush to the top or to the next corner, there will be just another path there, steeper than the current one. You try to save as much energy as possible, taking small steps, avoiding high or deep stairs, finding alternative routes and your mind slowly calms down, restlessness turns into patience - true therapy for your mind and soul!

As unlikely as it may sound, the last part of the second day made it all worth it. After a very late lunch and 8 hours of walking, we entered the original Inca Trail - the part not destroyed by the Spanish. This path was not only much better prepared and easier to walk but truly beautiful with breathtaking views. The sun, the mountains and MotherNature - all magic!. To our great surprise, the camp site turned out to be as beautifully set, 3800 m up among the clouds - a truly unforgettable experience!

Usually the trip ends with a comfortable train journey back to Cusco but this was of course not our case... We had to walk another 3 hours, on the railroad tracks, and then spend 6 hours in an old van on bumby mountain roads. As beautiful as the scenery of the railroad was, it was quite hard to appreciate it there and then.

And the true heroes of this trip were our amazing porters and chefs, not only making sure to get over the mountains but also carrying all the equipment needed and cooking impressive meals with almost no means.

Sitting in our Lima apartment and having recovered from this challenge we both agree, this was one of the toughest but the most incredible, stunning and magical adventure we have done so far! However, our strong recommendation is to do it according to plan in 4 days or to take the light version of 2 days...



For us, Cusco whas just a place to get prepared for the Inca Trail but the 1,5 days here have shown to be so much more. Cusco gives you a sneak peak into the Inca world, into another time. The history of the Incas is everywhere - in the buildings, the atmoshpere, the hand craft and the people. It is very different from anything we have seen and experienced before!

The old part of Cusco is a true evidence of the history with colonial buildings built upon Incan foundations together with modern restaurants and influences. This city has a true soul and a history that no one can escape. Of course some part of it is a bit touristic but still in a charming way!

After having taken all this in, or at least some of it, it is the colours of this city that captures your attention. The local handcraft, the art, all fabrics are full of colours and I wished my suitcase was bigger or not so full so I could bring a lot of these colours home!

When strolling the narrow streets around the biggest plaza, Plaza De Armas del Cusco you realize that they are full of secrets if you just enter the yards. Here you can find charming cafes & restuarants, hotels, galleries or just a lovely garden with pink flowers, of course colourful too. You get obsessed, or at least we did, it is like entering a "no filter" world, where all the photos just looks perfect, and you just can not stop photographing..

But arriving to Cusco is not just a story filled with history and colours. Cusco is located 3500 meters up in the moutains and getting here is an adventure in itself. The flight here was a tue roller coaster and when finally being on safe ground we both got a bit altitude sick. Tonnes of Coca Tea and water later we are back on track and ready for tomorrow's adventure. At this time tomorrow we will probably be sleeping... in a cold tent!.



The weather, the beach, the sun, the palm trees and the friendly people - they all make life a bit easier!

Morning walks in the sand,yoga at the beach and in the cozy Green Monkey studio, healthy and organic breakfasts at Juice & Java and Icebox followed by days by the pool. And what can be better than ending the day with some great food at Baoli or Sushi Samba or just having a huge drink to Latino Rythms at Ocean Drive.

Well, our daysin Miami have been fantastic! Before this trip, Fredrik was not a fan of Miami and when I was here last time it literally rained cats and dogs for a full day. But now we are very happy we decided to start our trip here and we have both truly fallen in love with this city!

Yes, I have had to work quite some and we have both been jetlagged. Let me put it like this, this time we have been the ones opening the places, not closing them… But what does it matter if you wake up at 5.30 full of energy, and get to watch the sunrise from the hotel room window. And at10 PM when you end your “night out” you can still watch the stars for a couple of minutes before your eyelids become to heavy!

Our Miami time has now come to an end and so have the posts with beaches, palm trees and sun, at least for a while!

We have now arrived in Cuzco and I would say that the biggest adventure of this trip is now awaitingus - the Inca Trail! We are both starting to get a bit nervous. It seems likeall the others have prepared for this during a long time with a lot of advanced gears. I still do not have a back pack, my ballerinas are still on and I am actually afraid of heights… but now there is no turning back. Luckily, I will have my Iron Man by my side!



They say you should save the best for last...

Exhausted after a 10 hours flight but with extremely high expectations, we entered the world of Delano. Or to be correct, I was tired. Fredrik was still excited about SAS new cabin interior and having arrived in his favorite country. Now it was my time to get truly excited. Being a boutique and design hotel lover, this was truly something special.

Entering the door, you find a world of eclectic design, a cool mixture of styles and furniture but what captures you after a while is the soul of this hotel. There is someting mysterious that makes you curious. So many sweet spots and places to experience, so many stories untold, in the lobby as well as in the garden.

The rooms are bright and cute, the pool amazing and the location, yest you can not be in a better spot with the bustling city on one side and the waves and beach on the other.

Still, it is the atmosphere and vibe that makes you want to spend as much time as possible in this little oasis! Why not sip on a mojito sitting in the pool, talk about life or just watch the stars from the hammock or a lounge bed by the pool.

For sure, we did not save the best for last... Delano you got us addicted!



This post somehow disappeared, but now it is back again, almost in same shape:)!

From a 12 million city that never sleeps to my little home town - Kalmar -scenery changes quickly nowadays!

The minute of the touch down in this little gem, all stress and problems disappear from my mind. This has always been the case and is why I love to come here, if it is just to relax and get some energy, the start of the summer vacay or just to get some comfort when life is tough. This is where my family and "oldest" friend live and where I finally found the love of my life. Kalmar is and will always be my true home!

So what can be better preparation for our upcoming adventure than spending som time here! A night out with our lovely brothers and girlfriends at Kött & Bar, filled with top notch whiskey sours and food as well as coffee time with Malin. The one an only "julbord" we will have this year and some afternoon and evening time in the coach with my families talking about vacation memories and watching Lars Winnerbäck singing, and for once also talking some!

Thank you Kalmar, family and friends for these lovely days! See you all again in January!