San Fran is such an amazing place to go and visit. The view is amazing, it has many places to go sightseeing and it has many awesome stores with clothes, makeup, shoes etc. One thing I would recommend you do if you like cycling is too cycle from wherever you're staying across the golden gate bridge to a town called Sausalito it is so much fun and it is very beautiful. Beside all the sunshine and sparkles ;), I have a crazy story to tell. My mom and I were inside Victorias Secret, when a group of about 7 people (guys and girls around the age of 17) all dressed normally with big bags in their hands walked in to the store. It seemed a bit strange, but I didn't think any more about it. All of a sudden they started yelling and threatening people whilst swiping all the underwear off the counters into their big bags. The guard tried to stop it by grabbing underwear and keeping it from the teenagers, but according to law is not able to touch them and tried and stop them. It was completely mad. They filled their bags and left.


Redding is definitely one of the most amazing places I've ever been to. Not only did I meet a girl that I will forever call one of my best friends but also the church that my parents and I went to was so incredible. Some of the most famous preachers and worship leaders performed and talked every Friday and Sunday. One night my parents and I went through this thing that they do every night called the fire tunnel, you really get this feeling in your body like you can feel the presence of god is inside of you and it is just such an incredible feeling. When all of us got out of the tunnel we were all laughing so much and my dad just kept on laughing for about 20 minutes and my mom and I were just laughing because of my dads laugh is so funny. We are going back next year and I couldn't be more excited than I am now.