Hey guys! Today i will tell about my trip to Norway with my family. This is a sightseeing trip.

I was on my holiday in Oslo (Norway). There was so many things to see and do. But we did not see much.

We stayed at my uncle’s house, and it was very nice and beautiful outside. Well.. The house was made for one person, and we were 9, so we had to live with it. It was nearly impossible to be there.

The weather in oslo was very hot! If it was 24 c it feels like 30 c.

We stayed in Oslo for 3 days. The first day The first day we relaxed because we were tired, so we wasted the whole day home.


The second day we took to the Temple. (Our tradition) After the temple we took to Aker Brygge in the middle of town. My mom was very sensible and took her weekday clothes on inside our traditional clothes. So i had to change my clothes in the store.

Akker bryffe was so beautiful with the water, and the buildings was different but pretty. WE GOT SOME ICECREAM and the men got a bear, so we relaxed and ate our icecreams. Look at the pictures:)

The third day we visited our family's and got some very good food! Then it was time to take home. The way home we got a icecream:))) Then we enjoyed the rest of the trip in the ferry.

Hope you liked it. This was in my summer holiday, and it was very fun, and will definitly go again!



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I was woken up in the middle of the night. My family and I were going to America! A taxi drove us to the airport and we quickly got on a plane.

The flight was just under eight hours and I mostly thought that it was okay. I got a bit tired of flying but I wouldn't have been without the trip!

Our plane landed in New York City and then we got a taxi which drove us to our hotel. Our hotel was just around the corner from Times Square so we had a beautiful view!

When we woke up on the Thursday we got breakfast from Carlo's Bakery, which we have seen on television a lot. We also took the ferry trip to see the Statue of Liberty. Then we went up in the Enpire State Building. It was really cool seeing all of New York City.

On the Friday we visited Central Park, the Twin Towers Memorial and at night we watched a musical on Broadway.

Saturday we visited Body World which is kind of like a museum except its dead people who's dedicated their bodies to Body Worlds. Then they peel off their skin so we can se the inside of people. Kind of disgusting, kind of fascinating. Then we saw the Grand Central station. After that my little sister wanted to see the M&M shop, so we did.

We then spent all Sunday traveling from New York City to Orlando.

Monday we spent lying beside the pool and going to Disney Springs.

We spent all Tuesday in Disney Hollywood Studios.

We spent Wednesday in a mall. Thursday was packed! We went to Magic Kingdom where the castle is, saw the parade, saw the electric parade, saw the fireworks at night and we ate at Tony's. The same place as Lady and the Tramp.

Friday was a big day. We drove out to Kennedy Space Center. We actually saw a rocket fly up and out to the International Space Center. We also touched a pice of the moon!

All Saturday was spent in or beside a pool. The weather was so lovely!

The rest of our time in Orlando was spent either in a park or by a pool.

​I really had the best holiday EVER! We experienced so much and had such an amazing time!

I really recommend traveling to the USA, it's SOOOO cool!!!

Lots of love, Holly. 



Hey everyone!
So this holiday I've been chilling and doing the bare minimum! Of course I've also done other things. For example I went to Norway with my best friend! I woke up at 8 o'clock, really excited! I'd already packed my suitcase so everything was ready. I had a great time with my family until my best friend's mum arrived. I said goodbye to my parents and little sister and hi to Alberte.

We talked all the way to Hirtshals where the ferry was supposed to pick us up and sail us to Kristiansand. When we got on the ferry we played 500, ate lunch and Alberte and I invented our own silly games. When the 195 minutes had passed we got of the ferry. Albertes mum has an aunt who lives in Norway, so we lived with her. She is called Inger, and she waited for us.

The week went past so quickly, although Inger and Øyvind took us fishing, showed us the beach, the river, the waterfall, the shopping center, drove us to Dyreparken and much more. We actually didn't do much because of the awful weather but they invited us to come and stay whenever we want. They were really kind and I enjoyed the stay so so much!

This was my first time in Norway and from the first night they told us about a 15 year old who had stabbed to people in the shopping center we were planning on going to. One of them died and she had a memorial spot were lots of people had left flowers and letters. It was really awful. At least she now gets the help she needed. Last year she had been standing on a bridge threatening with jumping and committing suicide.

They also told us about a boy who last year had been in a fight with his best friend. He stabbed his best friend and killed him. When the teacher then tried to help, he also killed her. Inger and Øyvind told us that they were both to people with a dark skin color. From that day Alberte and I automatically became a bit racist. Not all the time, but for example we were on the beach at half past 11 at night. There were 2 boys smoking (both with a dark skin color). One of them began walking towards us.

We walked in the opposite way and he still followed us. When Alberte and I were close to some kids playing on the playground he turned around and stopped following us. He could have just wanted to talk or something, but the fact that we had heard those stories and that they were smoking didn't really help us wanting to talk to him or even get close to him.

We also went to a water park and when we we waiting for the red light to become green, we slipped and accidentally drove too early. The life guard whistled at us and started telling us off. As you can hear we experienced a lot of stuff and we had a blast. I loved every bit of it. Even the fact that we ate about 9 Pringle cans in 6 days. Oops...

I had the best time, and it was a lovely holiday!(:

- Holly



Hey friends. Today i will tell about my dads 40th suprice birthday. This was my favorite day in the sommer holiday. This day filled much in the holiday. It's not just a simple family party, it's a big huge of party with 150 peoples. We planned it for a year.

Well, before the birthday there was an another function we were going to from the morning to 5pm. Yeah! we know it was a hard and a long day. We did'nt relax at the function, we were sitting and was thinking about the birthday all the time. My mom was always texting to everybody what they had to do and all that. It felt like the time was going so slowly. I was looking at the clock every minute.

Then it was time to leave the function and we were on the way to the "1st birthday" some my dad think we were going to. My mom was texting everybody - We are on our way/We are close to the McD. To waste some time we bought some slush ice in McD.

Then we were parking, and on the way to go in. He opened the door SUPRICE!!!!! He was in chock! Look at the pictures.

Well we had much fun! Me and my siblings and cousins made a dance performance. Take a look at the pics.

We also eated dinner and deserts. We got some really good drinks from the bar. Here comes some food and drink pics.

We made this day unforgetable for our dad. This was fun. It was nice to see my dad so happy and lovely.

Hope you guys liked it :) a fun day in holiday inside.

see yoooouuuu



Today's post is going to be about a really lovely day I had on Saturday.

It started off by my family and I driving to Aalborg Airport. Caroline from Malaysia arrived and we had a really long and lovely talk. It's fantastic how we've been away from each other for nearly a year, and we're still able to talk like we saw each other yesterday.

Anyway. When we came home my dad and I drove to Løkken, where we drove go-karts for 15 minutes. I really enjoyed having Northern Europe's largest indoor go-kart court for myself. Of course, with my dad as well.

After that we played 4 games of bowling. It was good fun, but I lost every game. To be honest, we both played rubbish. Although we had a good time. We went for a walk on the beach, and then ate at a café.

When we god home, we realised that it was my dog's birthday. Therefore we celebrated her and made her a doggy-birthday cake.

I feel asleep in my most comfortable clothes, while watching a series on Netflix.

Best start of the summer holidays ever!

XOXO Holly.



Heey guys! There is this island, we have dreamed about to visit in many years. Hawaii of course!!! We have dreamed about it since we were children. Today we will tell our dream travel to Hawaii, and how we will spent our holiday in Hawaii. Well.. We want to visit Hawaii, because it's speciel and different. It's also sounds like "the life in paradise", so we're so exited

Flight trip

First of all we will take the fly from Copenhagen to Amsterdam, and then we take the next fly 2 hours later to USA. Then we will take the last fly to Honolunu (Hawaii). We will spent 6 days at hawaii

The sights

There is many sights in Hawaii, and we will of course go visit some of them. Example we will go and visit Sea Life Park, Wet 'n' wild, Hawaiian beach party and of course at the hotel.

Day 1: The day we arrive, we will start to check in to the hotel. The Hotel is also inkluded a beach, and the hotel is in the centrum of hawaii. We will probably just chill at the hotel, and take rest.

Day 2: This day we will go to Sea life Park hawaii. Where we can see some delfin show, pengiuns, sea lion, and sharks. There is also a 3d sea theater in the park, some we will like to see. There is so mandy adventure in the park. You can take a look at the map.

Day 3: The third day is a water day. Yeah, we go to big a water land, the name is "Wet 'n' Wild". You can see the map. There is many water slides, and we are going to try all of. We also booked some chickets to se a movie in the water that day. It's gonna be very fun!

Day 4: Well.. This day is not a intresting day, because we decided to just stay at the hotel, and walk around something like that. We also have a pool at the hotel and a beach. So we are not going to get bored.

Day 5: This day is actually the best. It's a Hawaiian beach party. We're gonna try hawaiian party. So we are gonna drinks in coconut, and eat some meals in beach color. The buffe is very colorfull and nice. There will be some hawaiian dance and fireshows. So we are gonna learn some hawaiian dance.

Day 6: Yeah... The last day. We are just gonna eat breakfast at the hotel, and go for a swimm in the pool. Then we have to pack and go to the airport. We are just gonna take the flight like we came.

We are so exited and we can't wait! Just we could stay there forever. But guys! We only live once, so get up and go travel. We hope you liked it, and we also hope this trip inspires you to go there.

Byebye. See you to the next blog post.


Holly & Meenuya