Today we were put into groups and asked to make a small documentary about a person or topic of our choice. Our group discussed different ideas and these were the ones we came up with:

  • profile on James
  • profile on Frances
  • talking to girls from daraja

We agreed that we had to choose a person who is very talkative so that we could get as much information as possible. That made us not choose the young girls at Daraja because we thought they would be too shy. Instead we ended up choosing one of the teachers here called James. We had heard interesting stories about his upbringing and life and we thought that would make for a good documentary.

We then had to find a theme for the interview these were our ideas:

  • Maasai traditions
  • his life his development out of tradition. How the Maasai lifestyle has affected him.
  • family life

We ended up choosing a mixture of them but with a focus on being Maasai and the effect that cultural background has on his upbringing. With that in mind we started making the questions and figuring out the structure of the interview.


  • What is one good childhood memory that you have?
  • Where your parents around and how was your relationship with them?
  • Was your childhood difficult if so what made it that way?
  • What are some prominent traditions in your tribe?
  • Do you agree with these and practise them yourself?
    • (Do you believe in the myth that all cows belong to the Maasai?)
      • How does this come in to practise in your culture?
  • Could you tell us a moral story your elders told you when you were a child?
  • How has your upbringing and background affected who you are today?
  • What traditions have you carried with you from your childhood that you still practise today?

Structure of interview: Nickson is the main interviewer and asks all the questions written down, Cæcilia will help with follow-up questions to get more detailed answers if necessary.

One challenge we faced during the group work was James, so we had Antony call him but he did not pick up so half the group stayed on the learning platform waiting for him and the other half went out looking for him around campus. Suddenly he appeared from behind us and tells us that he has been in the room right next to us the whole time we were waiting for him and we could now proceed with the interview.

We go to find the others and then we all go down to our chosen spot for the interview.

James helped us choose the spot, which is a little shed with a roof that resembles the way the maasai build their houses.

Here we conducted a 30 minute interview where we asked james the questions above as well as a lot of other questions afterwards because his story was so interesting that we just could not stop asking further questions.

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