Before going to Minnesota we made a list and planned on visiting these places:

Minnehaha park, the sculpture garden, the university of Minnesota, the target field (in Minneapolis).

The national eagle center in Wabasha (where we saw real eagles!!!) and the last thing was the Minnesota landscape arboretum in Channhassen.

It was amazing to visit the target field, we got to see a baseball game live! I have never done that in my life before so that was an experience to hold on to.

The history of the target field also interested me:

This field is the home field of the Minnesota Twins and the Major league baseball team. It wasn't before so the first baseball game on this field was not until March the 27th, 2010. It was a collage baseball game between the university of Minnesota and Louisiana Tech.

There wasn't alot of attractions in Minnesota sadly, but we did get to see really beautiful places and hey, we saw real life eagles, that is really incredible, I even got to hold one on my arm myself, that was the most amazing feeling i've ever felt.

All these beautiful gardens and how beautiful it is outside really blew my mind. And we were so lucky with the weather too, I really love Minnesota. I'm gonna show you all of my pictures and soon enough we will be in Colorado, our last stop. The last thing we did was going back to the airport and we found a nice hote nearby the airport after a long day of exploring.

I am really tired now so I gotta go, we will soon be in Colorado, me and Ryan, nice to take a flight again, bye!

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Today we are going to Michigan, really excited, we drove by Toledo before going into Michigan and I got a really nice pic :)

Our first stop was Cones and Cues billiard in Monroe to have a quick meal before heading towards Detroit to get to a hotel before going to the airport so we could go to Minnesota, our next stop!

We wanted to explore the nature in Michigan so we went by the Detroit riverwalk, I've heard it is beautiful there, and when we came there and I got to see it, it was really beautiful. We also stopped by a coffe shop along the river. When you walk a long way you get hungry!

We also planned to visit Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History witch we did, it was really huge and we had a guide with us who learned me alot about the African American people and their history :)

But after a long while of searching we found a great hotel called "the holiday inn express & suites", it was very cozy and they even had a pool so me and Ryan also took a bath :D

The next day we walked by an awesome statue with Hazen S. Pingree and it said:

"The citizens of Michigan erect this monument to cherish the memory of Hazen S. Pingree. A gallant soldier An enterprising and successfull citizen. Four times elected mayor of Detroit. Twice governor of Michigan. He was the first to warn the people of the great danger threatened by powerful corporations. And the first to awake the great inequalities in taxation and the first to initiate steps for reform. The idol of the people."

We are very tired and so am I, I will write again when we've been to Minnesota, on our way right now!
It was nice sleeping in a hotel, and we have traveled so long with my car, it will be nice taking a flight!



We are on our way to Ohio, we are planning on visiting:
Rock and roll hall of fame museum in Cleveland, Ohio
The national museum of the U.S. air force in Dayton, Ohio
And the columbus zoo in Powell, Ohio

The attraction I was most excited about was columbus zoo in Powell!
So we went to the museum in Cleveland and it was the coolest ever, the museum itself looks like a big pyramid! At the inside we even saw a big building made with electric guitars but I didn't get a photo of it :/

The next museum in Dayton was even more amazing and we got to see alot of huge planes from the U.S airforce. I can't really tell about how amazing it was the only thing I can do is show you so look down at the pictures! :D I got some really awesome photos.

Some facts about the U.S. Air force:

On the september 8th, 1947 the military became it's own military service. The military service was three different branches, the Army, the Navy and the Newly, these were the three branches who stood by the name "the U.S. air force".

Our last stop before going to Michigan was at the columbus zoo in Powell and I really have to tell you that was the most incredible thing I've ever seen, especially since I am such an animal lover. We even got to see a real baby polar bear! Now I am very busy since we are going to Michigan, but hey look at the pictures.

Ps. Ryan got to drive this time, I am so tired.



Today I arrived in Albany, New York and I am so excited to be here, it is a big town and there are so many huge buildings everywhere. So my first stop will be Lower Manhattan to take a cruise and see the statue of liberty. I stopped by at starbucks on my way to Lower Manhattan and from nowhere I met a boy named Ryan who was very spontaneous and said he was traveling too. He wanted to follow me on my journey and I thought why not, I could use some company. Ryan didn't want to be seen on camera sadly.

Before arriving Lower Manhattan we drove through Poughkeepsie and then continued our travel. In Lower Manhattan we took a cruise to see the statue of liberty and it was amazing! The cruise took about 2 hours and we decided to check in on a hotel in Springville.

Before I go I just wanted to tell you a little story about the statute of liberty:

The statue of liberty was invented in the 28th of october 1886 and was a gift to the United States from the french people as a symbol to celebrate 100 years of independence in U.S.A. The french people made the whole statue but the U.S. made the ground that it would stand on.

The next day we kept driving to our next stop: Ohio!



Today I will begin my traveling around the United states. I am so excited and I can't wait to visit these 5 cities:
New York

I am 16 years old (almost 17) and I just got my drivers license! ūüėä