The first day of 2017 is soon over, and here I am, reflecting over how to start this blog properly when I should be focusing on how to change my lifestyle into using less waste. I guess its all the pressure from reading some of my favourite blogs, such as Trash is for Tossers and Zero Waste Nerd. Reading their blogs and seeing how nice and inspirational they are, well it is a bit hard not being envious of them. I have decided that for now I need to overlook all of that perfection and start focusing on my own journey. They layout might not be ideal as of now, but it is something, it is a start!

Anyhow, this is not about my struggles with web design (or name giving for that matter. Man, naming a blog is hard!) I am here today, telling all of you that I am going to stop producing waste! That’s right, no more trash, junk, garbage or whatever when it comes to me. Well, that is at least my goal. Going completely waste free will take time, and it will probably be really hard, but I believe that it will be worth it!

And why is that? Well in case you have missed it, our oceans are almost entirely filled with plastic, and probably our lands to. I myself am a bit disturbed by this, especially when animals are suffering from our foolishness. But this isn’t just about animals and the nature, it is also about my well being. I have read that going waste free makes you feel healthier and stronger, if this is true is yet to be proven, but follow me along on this journey and you’ll see for yourself!

So that’s it! Wish me good luck and I’ll see you soon again!