Outlook vs. Gmail

Let’s check on the basis of study and user experience what would have found, Gmail and Outlooks both have transparency in their services, about 13% official use Gmail or outlook, and another 87% uses both services including some private emails setup.

There is no doubt both services have great feature but when it’s come to the comparison between two then there will be one up and down. Have some point that will be discussed below will tell you, which one service should you pick up on the basis of your reason.

Cost and Storage

If you want G suite or Microsoft Office 365 you can download from here G Suite, Microsoft Office 365.

G-Suite does offer two prices for emails and other apps like calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets.

Google provides 30GB of storage between Gmail and Google’s others office apps in 5$ per user per month and for another 5$ per person you can upgrade your business account to unlimited storage across that platform.

Besides, Outlook offers different plans but their cheapest plan (office enterprise E1) appointed 50GB specifically to your inbox, and provide 1Tb to the rest of your linked cloud office suite.


Gmail used from the decade, it stills looks captivating than old outlook and yahoo mail. Now times changed. Gmail has attractive and customizable themes, background images, Information density.

But the outlook has less cluttered and heavily text when compared with Gmail.

Outlook doesn’t have same level customization but the outlook does have cleaner and more modern interface. It has black text with one bright color also outlook integrated with less service but after all, you will found outlook has less disarrangement.


Both services are provided the same level of security like Two step authentication that reduces the chances of account used by other and both has the same level of encryption. Gmail Used to has a unique feature that was IMAP services. But its changes with the most up to date version of outlook.

User Experience:

If you have used both then you know, Outlook window for writing emails larger and cleaner but in Gmail, you can send multiple emails in a pop window in the corner, so you can check another email while sending multiple emails all in the same window.

The best experience you get when you run Gmail in Google Chrome. There you can take advantage to the huge library of beneficial extension and apps, and this feature outlook doesn’t support currently.

Some Gmail quick tutorial makes google very easily understandable to users. Besides, outlooks QuickBooks system and less clutter will also find what you want. Outlook trying to Catching up over Google’s customization and add-ons.


Gmail uses labels to manage their emails, distribute all emails on the basis of their nature and action that performed. Categories In Gmail for categorized message like social messages in social, promotional messages in promotional, and so on.

Outlook uses folder system. You can choose an email, drag it drop it wherever you want them.

Emails are also assigned into categories that can be seen through the quick view on the side Panel.

But on the launching of Outlook 2016, they come up with some add up, added groups that allow you to easily follow a team’s message history, scheduled group meeting.

Clutter feature that adds to Outlooks 2016, its analyze the messages that you generally ignored, and move different messages to different, so you can find important mails faster.

As the updated version of outlook 2016, Outlook may be the better organization for your needs.

At The End(Conclusion):

We can’t say which one you should pick up but, In the case of emailing you can use any services, it doesn’t matter. When it’s come to the official, then you should be considered cases as we discussed.

Outlook has come a long way, in the organization, cost and so on. While outlooks grab the majority of market share because of Microsoft 365 and outlook 2016, is an impactful step by Microsoft, but they will not stop there. The company that will provide users a great interface with complete functionality will pull ahead. But in this competition, Google needs to more add up.

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​In the business world, MS-Outlook is presently the tangible standard email and calendaring client. It is very user-friendly but sometimes MS-Outlook do face some issues like any other software. At that time, you should know how to tackle those issues.This can be done by troubleshooting Outlook and I swear implementing Troubleshooting is not a rocket science.

Here are some useful tips that will help you in troubleshooting the MS-Outlook in an easiest way or you can just visit our Microsoft Helpline Number at 1-855-955-2061

Tips to fix the Outlook issues- Troubleshooting Steps

The main issues faced by the users and the ways to fix them are discussed below.

PST Scanning

Disabling ADD-Ons

Disabling Virus Scan

Renaming the OST file

Safe mode

Adjusting Calendar Permissions

Profile Rebuilding

PST Scanning– With time, the PST files can surely develop errors that causes hindrance to the proper working of Outlook.To prevent Outlook from being fussy, Firstly Run Scanpst.exe for the files used in your Outlook. Note- This can take some time because it includes backing up the data files, error scanning and fixing any errors found.To run ScanPST, you’ll need to locate the scanpst.exe executable.

Disabling Add-On- without any doubt, we all know Add-Ons enhances the features of the software and make it easier for user. But, In Outlook, more the add-ons,slower it becomes.To confirm this statement, try running the Outlook in safe mode and see the difference. To fix this issue-

1. Go to Trust center

2. Disable suspect add-on

3. Restart the Outlook

This is time consuming but worth it.

Disabling Virus Scan- Many of us use antivirus tools for email scanning as they come and go from a system. Sometimes,this can slow Outlook to a crawl. If you are facing this issue,Try disabling the antivirus Outlook connection temporarily to see whether that solves the issue or not . If it does, you may have to update the antivirus software to fix this issue.Note-Don’t leave that connection broken, Outlook will be exposed to threats.

Renaming the OST file- Sometimes renaming the current OST file is just you need to resolve a lot of issues. Just close Outlook,

1. open the destination folder. Note-make sure you can see extension names.

2. Change the .ost extension to anything such as .old.

The next time Outlook opens, it will rebuild that .ost file and Outlook will be as good as new.

Safe mode- Running Outlook in safe mode is a good way for troubleshooting but, it will halt the working of various features. Running Outlook in safe mode is not a solution for a problem but just a way to help debug it. Sometimes, running Outlook in safe mode will resolve the problem shortly.

Adjusting Calendar Permissions- If you are unable to make or edit appointments that someone sends as an invitation for others to use his/her calendar, you need to change their permissions.

Open the calendar in Outlook.

Right-click the shared calendar.

Click Properties.

Go to the Permissions tab.

Add users to the calendar and allow them the specific permissions.

Profile Rebuilding– When all the methods fails and you do not want to uninstall/reinstall, just delete the Outlook profile.

But keep few things in mind,

l If Outlook is working with a POP account, the current Inbox need to be exported as a data file which can be imported later.

l If Outlook is connecting to either an Exchange server or IMAP account, just Delete the profile and re-add it.To do this,

1. Open the Control Panel,

2. Go to Mail | Profiles

3. Delete the profile.

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​Microsoft has unveiled a new version of Outlook this month-Outlook Beta. User will get more out of the email with the Outlook.com beta. Microsoft is going to open a public beta program for Outlook.com and giving participants an immediate look at some possible new features. They have streamlined the search to make it easier to find and send messages, and new features like Photos and attachment previews that will let you see your pictures and files without leaving your inbox.It is now available for selected users with amazing new features that includes improved conversation view, revamped search interface GIF’s and Emoji input etc.

The update is rolling out in stages,so, many people are unable to see the opt-in “try-the-beta” toggle yet.

But, if you wish to access the beta version without any delay, you can follow the simple steps that will allow you to use Outlook beta.You can also contact our Microsoft customer services.

Steps to access the new Outlook Beta

To gain access to the beta early,

l Go to Outlook.com in your browser and sign into your account.

l Once it loads, highlight the URL in the address bar.

l Change it from outlook.live.com/owa/ to outlook.live.com/mail/

l Hit Enter.

This will reload your inbox and a welcome pop-up screen will be displayed. The pop-up screen introduces you to some new features and Try the BETA toggle button.

These are the 4 simple steps, you have to follow to gain access to Outlook.com Beta.

Note-This trick will only work if you are an Outlook Premium subscriber.It also works with Office 365 Business accounts, too.

Once you join the Outlook.com Beta, Microsoft will prompt you to a new window to send in feedback via the Outlook User Voice Website.

In addition to a faster experience, the company also promises a smarter inbox with

l Quick Suggestions

l Improved photo experience

l Modern conversation styles

l More personalization with additional emoji icons and GIF’s and much more.

Now, try this Microsoft’s Outlook Beta version and share your experiences in the comment section. For any more queries, Feel free to contact our 1-855-955-2061

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​Want to Connect Gmail with Outlook but your testimonials are not confirmed, you have to fix it. A headache is that Outlook asking you to give Username, Server, and Password again and again. It keeps popping up, no matter how many times you enter “ok” button.

After a little moment, it appears as Error. The problem appears when primary verification not enabled for Gmail account. Thus need to clear the problem. In this tutorial, you know how to connect Gmail with Outlook.

Enable POP/IMAP in Gmail:

So primary thing of Connect Gmail with Outlook is, need to set-up POP/IMAP. Login to gmail.com and click on “Setting” button at the upper-right corner of your Gmail page. After that click the “Setting” option on the drop-down menu.

Gmail Inbox Setting Option

Next, go to option Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Here you can find-

Status: POP is disabled

Status: IMAP is disabled

Select “Enable IMAP” and click “Save Changes”.

The reason for selecting IMAP instead of POP is that IMAP is the connection between Webmail and email client (i.e- Outlook). Simply it is that, if you made a change on Outlook, it’s also happening in Webmail.

Attaching Gmail to Outlook:

1. Go to Outlook and select “File” option left-upper corner of the page. Now select “Add Account” option.

2. Suddenly, a new window will open. Here enter your Gmail ID, select “Advance option” and click on “Let me setup my account manually”. Then press “Connect” button.

3. Now select the Account type.

4. In new screen list of options will appear. You have to select the “Incoming mail server as- imap.gmail.com” and “Outgoing mail server as- smtp.gmail.com”. Choose both “Encryption method as- SSL/TLS” and click Connect.

5. Next, a new pop-up window will open, asking you to give your Gmail password.

6. Now an error message will appear on the screen. Still, Outlook is not connected to Gmail. But the problem is not same.

7. This Problem is due to that you have not done the primary verification of Gmail account. Go to your Gmail account, click the picture upper-right corner of your Inbox. Choose “My account” option.

8. After that select “Connected apps & sites” option, under the headline “Sign-in & Security”.

9. Scroll down to the option “Allow less secure apps: ON” of the new screen. Enable this Option.

10. After it’s done, go to your Outlook and try again. That’s all, your Outlook account is fruitfully connected to Gmail account.

We hope you enjoy the reading, and get idea about connecting Outlook with Gmail. Share your view via comments. If you need to fix problem by calling our Executive, Dial our – +1-855-955-2061

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Using Mail services is common in people, as we know, Mail is best communication responder in business and professional life. The most use of Email you found for marketing purpose like email marketing to grab customer for your product.

We are here to describe your difference between the Hotmail, Outlook and Windows Live Mail. Every email services are special and try to satisfy their user as per their need.

Read further for more basic and interesting knowledgeable feature about Hotmail, Outlook and Windows Live Mail.


“Basically, Hotmail stands for H.T.M.L. The Hotmail is free online email service. That is started by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in 1995. after sometimes it’s promoted by Microsoft in 1997”.

Hotmail is truly an actual platform for email services. It provides better email services over the millions of customers. It is just because of its upgrading features and upgrading services it became more popular among its users. It also offers the Eco-friendly platform.

Features of Hotmail:

The Hotmail offers 5GB storage space for storing the online data.

It can be used on multiple platforms like (Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer).

It also provides the date with Calendar Option. And also store the contacts with contacts features.

It offers easy to use the platform.

Offers the easy search the emails and messages.

Support different regional languages.

POP3 is also enabled In Hotmail.

It also has an auto upgrading features.

Message filter option. You can filter your search.

Offers the facility of easy text formatting and rich text signature.

Hotmail Also provides the facility, create a folder inside the folder.

Microsoft Outlook

In the general word you can say the MS Outlook is email program. It evolves by Microsoft and builds up by MS Office Suite. Outlook is the part of MS Office Suite of applications and convenient for personal use. Outlook is the structure of mail components in Outlook Data File (.pst or .ost).

PST stands for (Personal Storage Table) file.

OST file stands for (Offline Storage Table)

“ The PST file is beneficial for the users because whenever the internet connection is not available, users can access the data”.

The MS Outlook allows to users sending or receiving email through POP3, IMAP, and SMTP email server. The MS Outlook has also accessed the contacts, notes, journals, and calendar.

MS Outlook basically uses these protocols like SMTP, POP3, and IMAP, free for users.

Features Of MS Outlook:

The MS Outlook includes the various features. That makes it more flexible and user-friendly as compare to another email clients.There are some important features which make it different from other email services.

There are some important features which make it different from other email services.

Rapid Email handle.

Email Connection Indication.

General Community.

Inbox Clean-up Tools.

Inter Communication.

Free Import Export Facility.

manage Rules and Alerts.

Support Microsoft Exchange Server.

Ribbons and Navigation Bar.

Inbox Clean Up Tools.

Customized Calendar.

Work Offline

A new message you can be composed, it offers to the users.with two different ways:-

1. Request a Read Receipt”.

2. “Request a Delivery Receipt”.

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Windows Live Mail:

It is the latest version of email services, updated by MS Outlook Express and window mail.

Features of Window Live Mail:

Ability to setup multiple accounts placing all your email account in one place.

You can include web mail like Gmail or outlook.

Photo email that is enables the user to send good quality.

It enhanced the security features.

Exploring emails, contact, calendar and other details while offline.

It is also build up the search features approve to searches of the sender. and headline or content of any email.

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Today a number of people used ms outlook. As we all know Microsoft outlook is the preferred email client used to access emails. Today there is the number of fields where we can use Microsoft outlook. Now we are going to discuss one by one:

1. For Sending and Receiving Emails

By using outlook, we are able to send and receive emails. We can send and receive a number of emails. We can access it from anywhere and any web browser with the help of internet connection, username and password. Outlook provides unlimited storage for emails. If you have any query then contact outlook support phone number

2. Save Messages for Future Time:

One of other important use of outlook 2013 is that it provides a DELAY DELIVERY message. If you have a news and information that you want to share in the future then you can save it and send in future. To take this facility you have to write the email then switch to the Options tab and click Delay Delivery. Then you have to enter the date and time when a message will be delivered and after that hit the send button.

3. Create a Folder for Common Searches:

Here you can create a folder for common searches. You can search the current folder by typing into the search field. But you can simply do this by using search folder. Go to the Folder tab and click New Search Folder to create one. Here you can also choose various templates such as finding mail from specific people and mail marked as important. Your new search folder appears on the left-hand side of the outlook window. You can also rename this folder. If you want to share your problems with us then contact outlook customer service

4. Filter emails to find relevant messages:

There is another way to find specific emails is to use the Filter Email. Outlook email provides a tool for filtering emails. Here you can set a filter to select the appropriate email. This feature provides various options such as attachment files, search emails according to time and date, search mail according to names etc.

5. Create new Emails and Appointments:

We can use this feature to create a new email, appointment, contact, and numbers using the new items drop-down list. Outlook allows a user to add a personal contact, emails and other information in the new list.

6. Ignore Unwanted Email:

Microsoft Outlook provides a feature to block the unwanted emails. If someone continuously sends a mail to you then you can block all future email from that sender by clicking the Junk option. Select junk email Options to open a configuration dialog that tells you what you count as junk. This option does not permanently block anyone.

7. Quick Setup:

Quick setup feature used to save a time. If you daily perform a particular task, for example, forwarding email to a colleague or inviting a group of friends to a meeting, then by using the quick setup you can save your time.

8. Sorting Mails with Rules and Conditional Formatting:

In this, we can sort outlook mail using rules and conditional formatting. Here you can create and manage rules for automatically processing emails as they arrive. It also provides a conditional formatting feature which specified the font, color, and size.

9. Send Text Messages:

One of the most important features that are provided by outlook is "send text messages". Outlook enables a user to send SMS text messages directly to your contacts.

10. Encrypted Emails:

In this feature, you can secure your emails. Outlook allows users to encrypt emails attaching pictures, pdf or any other file so that only receiver can read this. You can contact outlook customer support anytime to get your problems fixed by our expert.

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