Successful devolution is all down to leaders.

They need the time and space to focus on what they have to do and they need the skills to enable those around them to do great work.

We recently carried out research into the leadership ingredients of successful devolution agreements. Public and private collaborations need leaders who have vision and great networks. Leaders have to focus on long-term, place-based plans that address economic and societal challenges in a sustained way.

This is a complex task. Leaders need the headspace to think strategically and conceptually, develop meaningful collaborations and manage change in critical services.

Chief executives must be supported by their senior managers in both the public and private sectors. They in turn need to be able to plan and integrate services for the long term while engaging diverse stakeholders, from partners to politicians, staff to citizens. Some of the people we spoke to were concerned about whether senior managers could deliver this; they worried about day-to-day operations ‘falling over’.

We also know that George Osborne is quite rightly concerned about UK productivity. Our research shows that leaders often fail to create productive environments. Just 18% create environments that are high performing, 13% motivating, 12% neutral and 56% demotivating.

Leaders are not making the best of the skills in their teams. They tend to focus on pace, task and applying technical knowledge, rather than enabling others to give their best.

We suggest three things leaders can do:

1. Involve senior managers in shaping why devolution offers the chance to change service provision and trigger economic growth. Develop a story about why it creates better locality, and how this relates to the organisation’s mission and managers’ motivation

2. Help senior managers understand their new role in the organisation, the wider public service system and in implementing devolution. Clarify wider system accountabilities and review capacity. You may need to rethink priorities

3. Provide space for senior managers to review their approach, behaviour and development needs, to lead change in this new working context. Align development work and conversations with the needs of devolution plans, which may require setting new standards.

At a recent devolution event, there was heated debate about whether the sector has the visionary leadership required to deliver the best outcomes. I’d argue that it will only exist if organisations make better use of the capacity that exists around them.

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There are a lot of things to consider when you're looking for a commercial property. Finding the perfect property for your business can be difficult, so Bacall Development advise you to keep reading to help you search for the right one.

Location can set a great difference to the kind of business you own. Not every business rely on location for the success of their business. If you depend on customer contact in a retail setting, then be in a place that is accessible to your customers because it could affect the success (or failure) of your business.

You may choose a location that offers a peaceful environment if you don't see clients that much. Your staff will be more focused to do their tasks with serene surroundings. Creating a home office is also advisable to save on operating costs and provide potential tax savings if you're not expecting visits from your customers and don't have any employees in site.

Size is also an important factor to consider, based on reviews gathered by Bacall Development and its associates. See to it that the property fits perfectly to the kind of business you have. To avoid added expenses because of retrofitting, make sure that the place has been outfitted with wiring to complement your communication and electrical needs. You should know the zoning ordinances of the place as well.

Even though the location has high rent but is accessible to your potential customers and meets the needs of your business, then it is perfect for the growth of your enterprise. It's good for a retail business owner to place its business near similar businesses according to reviews. Ensure that the property offers comfort and safety to your customers.

You can find affordable properties through courthouses and get a list of business closings or property foreclosures. Consider different alternatives as well such as buying a lot and have control over the construction and design, leasing a build-to-suit, and renting an existing space.

Consulting a real estate broker can help you find a commercial property and lessen your options. If there are places that interest you, better visit them in person to assess some issues that may affect your business such as competition, traffic, and overall convenience.

But if you're not the type that likes to go in different places by foot, you can search available properties online through real estate websites. Bacall Development wants you to act quickly in case you already found the right one for you and your business because a good commercial property does not stay available for long.



“A woman’s best protection is a little money of her own.” - Clare Boothe Luce

Majority of women are independent individuals; thus they take charge of their money and manage their own financial stress. However, if you’re having a hard time doing so, online financial blog prepared some simple and easy tips on how to handle investment and your personal finance.

Apparently, every woman in the world doesn’t want to get widowed or divorced; however, the possibility is there. You should always be prepared and learn to do everything yourself, especially handling your money. You should have a deeper understanding of financial investment because you don’t want to get into trouble with your personal finances, right? Everyone wants to reach her financial goals. It’ll be better to take charge of your money and make wise investment decisions at an early age. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge about personal finances, it’s only natural that you’ll fear investing money, plus the fact that you don’t want to make the wrong investment decisions.

If the economy is unstable, a lot of investors get worried about their financial funds. However, when it comes to money management, women are usually more emotional than men.

Studying each financial investment should be your first assignment. You should keep your worries and fears at bay. You can’t made the right financial decisions if you don’t understand the financial figures. In order to eradicate emotions from a decision and be more logical, it’s really important to understand your personal finances.

Your second assignment will be determining your financial growth and progress. Focus on how far you’ve come instead of taking a look at where you want to be. Each year, make your own 3 to 5 financial goals, and at the end of the year, check to see if you’re still taking charge of your money. Your financial goals may include a raise or job promotion; increase your 401k contribution by 1% or lower your budget and save more. Each financial success is worth celebrating, just do your best and trust yourself.

For your last assignment, identify where you would like to go financially. But first you should know how much money you have. Some women have no idea what they actually have for investments. A financial planner can be a huge help to you, and if you’re working with one, allow her to explain your investments until you understand them, regardless how long it takes. You need to understand what you’re paying for the investment; so always ask about the fees. If you do necessary research and understand them, you can manage your own investments very well. Research each fund on the web to make sure you’re choosing the best money management possible when you’re deciding your 401k allocation. Evaluating your time frame, financial need and investment risk tolerance are the basics of a solid financial plan.

Some women just need a little push to discover what they’re capable of. Remember that having negative thoughts will only consume that little light of hope in your heart. You just need to understand the facts, your goals, the time-schedule, and your risk tolerance. You can establish a better plan if you have a deeper understanding on those things, and you’ll be in a better shape than you think. Move forward and reach your financial goals using this knowledge.

Everyone is facing money stress, not just women. Financial disorder also makes even the experts wonder if their strategies are sustainable. Cope with the changes in the market and your new financial reality by developing a careful financial plan. This will put you ahead of the pack.



Reporting to the regionalhead, this newly created RiskManager headcount is responsible for all domestic/regional riskunderwriting with new on-board clients, as well as their subsequent risk ratingand analysis.


My client is one of thelargest global payment service providers with an expanding operations in HongKong and the APAC region. In order to cope with the recent expansion, this RiskManager opening is created to focus on all merchants clients portfolio withinthe the Greater China region.


Main Responsibilities


- Underwrite new merchants anddetermine the associated risk and required security deposit


- Review existing merchantswith default risk rating mechanism to ensure they act in line with the regionalrisk policies and procedure


- Support critical changesmade on existing accounts and their corresponding risk add-ons and settlementcaps


- Assist fraud, compliance andmonitoring functions in formulating regional strategy, process and execution


- Support internal salesprofessionals on business visits and provide risk management training uponrequest




- Degree holder with minimum 4years of risk underwriting experience in payment and/or credit card industry


- Extensive experience inportfolio management and credit risk reporting are must


- Advanced knowledge infinancial analysis is needed


- Fluency in Cantonese andEnglish are required while Mandarin will be an advantage


- Around 10% of travel arerequired


To apply, please click on theappropriate link. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact Dennis Chengon +852 2232 3442 for a confidential discussion. Please note only shortlistedcandidates will be contacted directly.



The Internet has helped to bring thiseagerness to reach out to others to its fulfillment -- especially in the fieldof medicine or medicalpractice, as it should be more properly called bythose who are charged with administering health care to the ailing patient.


Medical practice is obviously a wide subjectand incorporates so many different aspects of health-care and variations ofmethods or approaches, from traditional, alternative and even emotional innature. The majority of people, however, depend on the general field of medicalpractice recognized by most societies and governments as the scientific andprofessional field of health-care provided by products of Schools of Medicineand are referred to as Doctors of Medicine (MD’s).


The more common term “physician” has alsobecome synonymous with MD. To be a physician, in general, is to be qualified toprovide essential health care using methods recognized by most publicinstitutions as in keeping with accepted modern medical practices. This doesnot mean, of course, that ancient practices which have proven to be effectiveare without value in the modern medicalprofession. It only means that we have progressed tothe level of fine-tuning the human capability to provide health care and toalleviate the sufferings of millions of sick people. And the people tasked withproviding such highly-specialized skills also possess higher amounts ofpersistence, diligence and self-sacrifice than most people.


Dr.Richard Isaacs, MD, is a prime example of the qualifiedmodern physician who has made good use of the worldwide web to present hiscredentials and his services to those who require medical care or assistance. Alot of people might either be surprised or turned off by such a direct approachto promoting one’s profession to the greater virtual community out there. Thatis because it might come out as somewhat demeaning to the noble profession ofthe physician which many consider to be more altruistic or service-orientedthan most other vocations.


But that was common in the older times whenmedical practitioners worked silently in the bigger institutions, hospitals orhole-in-the-wall clinics they worked in. Today, doctors form so-calledpoly-clinics to provide a para-hospital alternative facilities for providingdiagnostic and consultancy services. Most doctors, in the past, made do withputting up a sign on their home front-door as simple private generalpractitioners with a handful of devoted patients in their immediateneighborhood or locality.


However, today, the number of physicians andmedical-help providers has multiplied and the means of providing such serviceshave become more dynamic and diverse with the aid of technology. A doctor doesnot need to be with the patient to provide care, especially with commonailments. Or even in more serious cases where the doctor cannot be present andas long as there are other qualified professionals who can administer theprescription in an acceptable manner. Hence, it is not uncommon for a patientto be in a hospital for a couple of days, for instance, without having beenvisited by a medicalspecialist who may be preoccupied somewhere elsealthough she does gets proper medical care under resident doctors. Times changeand the way doctors apply their skills has also evolved with the times and theneeds of the growing population.


And so, seeing a doctor such as Dr. Richard“Rich” Isaacs open up his resume on a website not only changes the field ofmedicine in its application but also in its accessibility to those who need itsbenefits. For this, we have to thank the likes of him for providing aconvenient way of seeking medical help without the hassle of directlyinterviewing or hunting for qualified medical practitioners wherever they maybe found.


Just a call away, Rich Isaacs, who holds anAdvanced Certification in Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery, specializes inorbital, nasal, and maxillofacial surgery, as well as thyroid and parathyroidsurgery. Moreover, he is trained in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeryand has an interest in post-tumor facial reconstruction and facial reanimationsurgery. Rich is within reach to anyone needing his field of specialization inSacramento, California where he holds his clinic.