It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone when you're hurt. But yet one could then ask why be alone? Well I have found that in my time of solace what seems to be the answer to this question is to forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you...

Although this is a great saying, am in deep conflict with this to forget the hurt.. I mean it is like that dog that never stops barking in your neighbors yard.. you hear the dog barking, it gets to you and you talk to your neighbor and nothing seems to help.

Eventually to some extent you get used to it and on certain days you might not even hear him bark!!! But when you sitting deep in thought, that bark out of nowhere is so loud that it sounds like the bloody thing is barking right in your ear.!!

My analogy for this is I haven't been able to forget the hurt, not even close, but I found it easier to own that hurt. Understanding it and trying to harness that energy into something positive and preparing myself for round 2..

It probably won't be the last time I find myself in a similar situation but never the same and that's where never forget comes in to play. One may ask is there something you could have done differently ?? Absolutely not, don't go down that rabbit hole.. doesn't matter you deserve to be treated right - end of story.

Something important in this process is if you're lucky and ofc you never want someone you care about to experience what you going through, but if you do find someone you do care about in a similar situation than by all means share with that person, or a person you trust that you can share with what you're feeling..

I was unlucky in luck and found the most kindhearted humble loving soul on the planet my close friend miss Tolstoy the one I share this blog with.

Unification of mind and soul.



Att älska. På riktigt. Inte bara låta ordet slinka ur din mun utan mena varenda bokstav. Känna och förstå innebörden. Att älska någon på riktigt är den bästa känslan som finns. Även den värsta. Sårbarheten bakom kärleken är priset vi får betala för att uppleva det finaste med kärleken.

Alla vet att benbrott som har läkt är starkare än det var förut. Likaså den sårbarhet du bär med dig, den gör dig starkare, för du vet dess innebörd, att älska.

Ett brustet hjärta visar oss ett nytt perspektiv. En drivkraft vi inte visste fanns. Sidor vi aldrig sett. Det formar oss till en ny bättre version av oss själva.



I know we all at one point in this short plain of existence have a few moments of struggle.. so as humans we are conditioned to feel a variety of emotions at once.

When we begin to think too far ahead or too far in the past, we lose sight of what is happening right in front of us in the moment of time we are in. It becomes increasingly prevalent when we are faced with life situations or circumstances that are beyond our own control. We want to hold on to something to ground us, so we look for something in our past or try to put our hopes into a future goal — one which may not be realistic. This is human struggle at its finest.

But there are ways to conquer the troubles of today while staying in the present. We need to remember that as tough as today may be, there are also beautiful things we may miss out on by only focusing on the challenges. For every difficulty we encounter, we should recall a time when we overcame adversity.

Living in the present requires us to challenge our thoughts and the way we handle things in life. The present empowers us more than we realize. The present gives us the opportunity to both build from the past and for the future. Humans often expect too much of themselves too quickly. We become frustrated and generally this seeps into the important things around us: family, work and relationships.

In the end it all boils down to recognizing the power of being in the present allows us time to reflect and time to put into action what we may want as we experience personal growth. It gives us time to reorganize and set realistic goals for ourselves. It enables us to remove the concept of set expectations and re frames that expectations of self can be fluid and reminds us that each day we will strive to be better than we were the day prior.