It is amazing how fast some weeks goes. This week I feel ran past me. I'm packed with lots of things that I need to do before the weekend. Homework, packing for the new apartment (we are moving back to "my" city!), Training and general housewife tasks. Conscience and time gnaws me all the time. Yet I must keep mye head cold, make me a priority list and complete.

Today we started with a good breakfast, happy to say it again, this is a meal I cannot live without. It's so lovely to start the day with a good time, good food and coffee. Not least, the breakfast even taste better when I can enjoy it together with William. We both had whole wheat bread slice and a low fast yoghurt for breakfast. For a long time I have been tired this type of low fat yoghurt, but now I feel that it is actually a very convenient meal, it tastes good AND contain good nutrients that keep me full for a while.

Yesterday I finally got to the gym. This is actually kind of fun to write, since it's so incredibly stupid. I have dreaded for 3 days to go the gym for some strength training. Just because I have not trained strength for 3-4 months, so I've lost a lot of strength and because of that I have had the presentation anxiety. Working at the same gym as you exercise is not always fun. Although I must remember that I am a normal human being, when I choose to have rest from strength training, so will my body also get weaker and get rid of a bit of muscle mass. What is positive is that my clients and other members can see that I also have to work myself up again and, not least, I am no better than them. I do not take 100 kg in squat. Not yet anyhow. One day I'll do it.

Now that I've come across the presentation anxiety, I'm looking forward to training today. Looking forward to complete training number 2 this week. It's almost as it bubbles over with motivation for strength training. It is incredibly delicious, as I am very fond of strength training and lacked motivation for a very long time .

Yesterdays session :
- Squats
- Walking lunge
- Leg Extensions
- Romanian deadlift
- Seated shoulder presses
- Dumbell Lateral Raises
- Trx crunch
- situps with weight plate.

Will see if I can come with an update later on today's training, if not then you will get it tomorrow.



HavrI wrote earlier that I want this week to write more about food, exercise and everyday things. Draw me a little away from direct talk about selflove. Although I wish and hope that everyone can be better to not bring ourselves down and rather build ourselves up.

Today I will share yesterdays meals in pictures with you. The reason for this is that we tend to believe in today's society that if we eat healthy, we have to eat oatmeal, broccoli, cod and rice. The pictures I'm sharing below are images from an Normally, healthy diet, which keeps you feeling full, you get good carbohydrates, fats and proteins in your meals. Not least , all meals have vegetables or fruits that provide vitamins and minerals.

Hoping that these meals can give you some inspiration to make healthy choices for your body today. Inspiration to vary within meals, see that it is not difficult to eat healthy and to make your body a better place to be both physically and mentally.

Breakfast: Fried eggs, whole wheat bread, carrot and cucumber.

Snacks: Energy bar with nuts and raisins, and an orange. Between 150-200 kcal

Lunch and after training meal: Nestle Fitness cereal, low-fat milk, two whole wheat bread writes with light cheese and cooked ham.

Dinner: Hawaii hamburger with aioli, sweet potato and salad.

Evening meal: low fat vanilla quark and blueberries

Have a great day!




I must start post to tell that I am so sorry that it did not write a post on Saturday and Sunday. Nevertheless I will take for me what was the theme on Saturday and Sunday. It could be that you think that this week you will start your journey toward finding love themselves just the way you are now, and then it's okay that all days.

Saturday I hope you used to be with friends and family, doing something that is good for you and not to mention fun, I also hope that you cost you anything unhealthy on Saturday, if it was much or little I dont care, but i think we must eat something unhealthy to create a balance that I think most of us need. If you have a goal to lose fat then it might be okay to not indulging in unhealthy foods all Saturday and rather narrow this a little.

Sunday I feel that I was a little into on day 3, namely that you should take a break for yourself. Have at least 30 minutes where you plug out and just enjoying to be you. Use Sunday to reflect on what you have achieved the week that was. Reflect on what you did well, what you were good at this week, what could you have done better, what was important to you of what you did this week and what you can downgrade next week. Simply think about what you have learned the week that was.

Remember to be good to praise yourself every day. You are indeed a wonderful human being. No, I do not know you, but I know that we tend to put ourselves down and just think of things to do better next week. You have guaranteed done something which is good enough this week and you are guaranteed good enough as a human being.

- Picture taken from google!

This week I have a desire to write posts that deal a little less direct about self love (although it should be with us every day, but I probably will not write about it every day) and focus more on other things like healthy foods, training and general thoughts. Today I am sick, so I dont know how much food Im gonna eat, but I hope to be better tomorrow, so iI can give you posts with more energy and pictures.

Have a good week and be proud of yourself!




Today has been a long one. We slept about 2 hours a night and been on the move until now. We have come home to my hometown, cost us with good food and company.

We are approaching the week's end and with it, I want you to think about what the different people in your life gives you. Who makes you feel good / happy / satisfied/bad/unhappy.
Those people who make you feel bad or make you not enjoy yourself as much as you should, then you should do something about this. You can ignore it, but if you're with the person much it is easy to be affected eventually. Does not work it must with other measures. The next point up the list may be talking to the person about it, possible this person will need your tips and tricks to find love for themselves. Unless this person is willing to change its way of affecting you or talk way around you, I ask you to imagine if you need this person in your life. Is that how you feel about yourself increases if you are smaller / cut out this person? Is there a person stopping you in life?

Think. Decide what you want to do with it. It is not talking about being selfish, but taking care of yourself, because it is important and the people in your life you choose to have will get leverage and positive effects that you are doing well psychologically and mentally.

Enjoy the rest of Friday.

Not my picture, taken from google



Hi there!
Hope you had a nice day yesterday. Yesterday I did not give you a blogpost, but it was on purpose. Therefore, it becomes a post today on Day 3 and 4.

We are stressful people, if I was giving you one new habit or exercise every day, it would probably be in excess much to think about. It takes time for us to change old habits, and that's why we have to work so hard in the beginning. It is said that it takes about 21 days to get a new habit into your life, personally I believe that this can be very variable. It is nevertheless clear that if you perform habit for a month, so it is easier the next month because you have already prioritized the new habit for a month. Anyway, yesterday we got a break day, because we need a break once in a while, a little time where you dont feel any pressure to do anything, a time where you can be you, be happy with yourself and relax with good conscience.

You think maybe even you do not have time for this? Well, I'm in the same time bind that you are in, always something to do, yet we must prioritize it to take us a little break in between. We can not achieve 110% all the time. If you should be "on" all the time, you will sooner or later get tired and not able to perform well at something. If you take your break on a Wednesday or Sunday does not matter, it's delicious with a mid-week break after work, but if it whatsoever fails, make sure that you take an hour on Sunday to relax. Tell your family that then you have alone time and if they ask why; because you need it for you to be you, because your body works better then and that they can have a happy mom / girlfriend / daughter / son / friend. Everyone should have some time for themselves in between where you can have a break.

I bet you understand my point. Prioritize least a break during the week, where you shall have no duties or think that you either could have done anything "important" during the time you pause. See the break as it is a task.

On day 4, I want you to start doing some kind of activity that gets your body to sweaty, stronger and makes it stay healthy. Training. Do not panic, you do not at doing something that you do not like, you MUST not run or train strength, you can go quickly up the mountain and jump rope, you can do exercises at home, you can go on group lessons on the gym , dance , jump, play, play ball games or cycling. Do what you think is fun, if you have kids take them with you, they love activity. Being active helps in creating good feeling inside our body. The body secretes hormones that make us feel happy and we know that when we feel happy so it's easier to see everything from a more positive vision point. Even the love for ourselves increases when we are happy, and that's what we want this week.

It is important not to think of exercise as something you MUST do because you will lose weight or change yourself. You should go on training to be happy with yourself just the way you are when you walk in the door. You should go training because you want your body to function the best it can. Im not saying that you should not have any goals, all Im saying is that you should not train with a negative look at yourself. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH THE WAY YOU ARE JUST NOW! The training and your goals becomes a lot more fun when you're happy with yourself exactly as you are now, even though you may have a goal to lose a little weight or see visible muscles. The point is that you should enjoy yourself along the way. Enjoy your trip.

Hope you're ready to go a little outside your comfort zone to feel better and build love for yourself!
Have a lovely Thursday!



Happy Tuesday!

We are over Monday and I'm wondering if you've done the "homework" i gave you? Have you said something nice to yourself yesterday and today? Have you allowed yourself to be proud and happy about yourself? If you didnt, it's not too late to start. Every day, hour, minute, and second, we are given a second chance!

Today's post is about something that I really like and have as an interest, namely FOOD! Often we connect healthy food with someone to slim down or go on a diet. Now I want to change this view by saying that healthy food is something that your body needs to function best. Eating healthy does not mean you should lose weight or are dissatisfied with yourself, healthy food does not mean that you have to be in deficit of calories, no, healthy food means that you will take care of your health and get your body to be happy. Giving your body good clean healthy food will make it happy, when your body is happy then you will be happy and when you are happy ,you like life and yourself much better. It is the best chain reaction!

Although you will make the choice to eat healthy so I think that you have to have a balance with what is unhealthy too. It is not easy in today's society to cut out everything that's unhealthy, I will certainly never do it. What we can do is to reserve it for some days or happenings. We can mix fruit and chocolate on Saturday evening, or you can eat unhealthy on Saturday and take good choices the rest of the weekend. You can also enjoy your day mid-week without it to have some significance. It is important not to feel somewhat guilty when you eat something unhealthy, hold a healthy diet 80-90% of the time it goes just fine that you enjoy the last 10-20%, WITH GOOD CONSCIENCE. It's not that you are a bad person if you eat something unhealthy.

The problem with eating healthy is possible the question "What is healthy"? There are the countless many answers to this, but what most are based (disregard LCHF), it is like in Norway called "plate model", see picture below. That is one every meal should consist of one or more pure protein sources like meat / fish / bird if you eat plant-based, it may be beans and soy products, the meal should contain slow carbohydrates with fiber, whole grain products, some fat (nuts, dairy products, avocado) and not least LOTS vegetables and some fruit. We often think very advanced when it comes to diet. Do not do it. How do you know that you have eaten enough? Well, you know and listen to your body when it says that it is satisfied.

If there is a wish for me to elaborate on this more, cry out I will make posts about this!

Then you have two things you can take with you on this week to make it a good week, say something positive about yourself everyday (FAITH IN DET) and eaten healthy most days.

Good luck !



Good day!
Was a little quiet last week from my side, but this week I focus on being on for full! I actually planned a "self love week", where every day I'm going to write about tips and tricks for you to be happier in yourself and enjoy life. This will make it easier for you to reach your goals, be happy with yourself, make you feel well in your own skin, you may feel that you can dress yourself in everything you want and not the least get the most out of every day.

The tip today is that you should every day this week say something positive about yourself. EVERY SINGLE DAY! It is not always easy. For my part today, it is very difficult to find something positive. The last few days have done that I have been so tired and stressed while things work a little against me. Nevertheless I will try my best to convince myself to even today that I am very beautiful, especially when I smile. In fact, I think I'm quite fine without makeup on. Naturally beautiful.

Now when I have said a positive thing about myself, it's your turn. It can be anything. Everything from your hair is fine, that your funny or that you think you have a nice ass. The main thing is that you have to believe, think and convince yourself of this. At first this feels incredibly strange, but it will get better. We need to practice everything you know!

Please, start your day by saying something nice to yourself. Before you get out of bed. Repeat it through the whole day and I promise you that at the end of the week it will feel more natural and you feel better about yourself.

We are pushed through a lot of pressure in the course of a week, this is everything from body image to presentation pressure. Often you end up with too much pressure on us to feel inept. After this week, I think that we should be started to find out what kind of pressure is good to have and what you can ignore. You can also learn how to create a barrier that lets you know that you are good enough, then you're able to resist more of the pressure. Things take time, but the start of a foundation, I think we should make this week.

Hope you hang with me through the week, give it a try and please come with questions if you have any!

Todays quote : “You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”– Louise L. Hay



Tuesday, for me this is the first day of the week. Yesterday was a total failure and terrible. We had 1.5 hours of sleep, because William is ill. It was poor with food for my body. What I mean is that it was a lot of bad choices, like ice cream and baked goods. . My beloved was discharged from hospital yesterday and today i was at the hospital with William. Starting to get bored of all this disease. I hope that both my boys will get well soon, they are only in the hospital to get the right treatment and medicine.

Started the day with banana bread. I never thought that I was going to say that banana bread is good. It's not just good, it's so good that I can eat it like candy. Yum! Not only it is tasty, it is also high in protein, slow carbohydrates and healthy fats from eggs. Only good foods in it. The bread is also very easy to make.

I therefore share the recipe that I used yesterday, it is not I who created the recipe.

260 g oatmeal
4 eggs
100g extra light milk
2 bananas
40 g vanilla protein (can be omitted, if necessary. Add vanilla powder)
1-2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 tablespoons Sukrin
1 teaspoon baking powder
Optional: Berries or nuts.

This is what you do :
Put all ingredients in a bowl except the berries/nuts, and blend with a hand mixer until you get a smooth and nice touch.Mix in nuts/berries as a topping.Grease a desired shape and have the batter into the mold. Put into preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30-40 min, depending on the height of the bread.Check with a frying stick along the way. When it does not hang anything left on the stick is the bread finished.Cool the bread before you take it out of the mold, so that it is not stuck in the bottom.

Hope You give the bread a chance. I'll say it again; it is insanely good!



Good Friday!!

This day has just been busy. The day is not on my side to say the truth. My beloved has arrived at the hospital and will be there for 3 days to get medicine for an inflamed eye, I have a lot of school work to do and I got a parking ticket while I stood next to the car. So let this day catch up tonight with relaxation.

What has been good today, is these low fat quark pancakes. They are juicy, airy and tasteful. The pancakes consists of plenty of protein, low sugar or no sugar, healthy fats and whole grains. Is there anything you should make to Friday cosiness or Saturday breakfast then there are these!

You need:
3 dl low fat quark
5 tablespoons whole grain flour
3 tablespoons sugar or stevia / Sukrin
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 teaspoons baking powder
Some butter for frying.

What you do:
Mix low fat quark with eggs. The stir in the four with sugar, baking powder and vanilla sugar.
! You can also add a little grated lemon peel

Put the butter in a hit fyring pan, add about 1 tablespoon of batter to make a small pancake.

Serve with sugar-free jam, berries or yogurt.

Please give me a comment below if there is something you want to read more about! :)



Yesterday I posted on Instagram (tineheimdal) that I came to share the training session I had, and I will. This is a lovely session that takes a short time and leaves you exhausted, sweaty and full of new energy. During the session make sure to keep your heart rate high and push yourself. This session will be hard. The workout can be combined with other exercise where you run this session to end, but be aware that you will probably have less energy, than what you could have if you just ran this session.

For extra motivation take time and compete with yourself the next time you do this workout.

I know that it doesn’t seem so fun when you look at it, but I promise it is fun! If you are one of those persons who don’t have time for workouts who takes an hour +, then this one is perfect. If you are one of those persons who don’t have time for any workout, make sure that you MAKE time for it. Training is important for us, it gives you a good feeling, it gives you new energy, it stresses the body in a good way and it is healthy both mentally and physically for us. So do your training!