These pancakes are so delicious. What i really like about them is that they are healthy, contains few ingrediens and are quick to make. Dont we all love easy, healthy and delicious food, whether we are home, at school or at work ? These pancakes will keep you satisfied for a long time, give your body what it need to function well and make you happy.

So here is the recipe:
1 Banana, browner = sweeter
1 dl oat flour
1 egg
a sprinkle cardamom
Butter or coconut oil for frying

Mix all the ingrediens together in a blender. Melt coconut oil in the frying pan and make small pancakes with a spoon. Have the temperatur on medium when cook the pancakes. I managed to make 5 small pancakes out of this recipe, but it was actually a little to much food for me.

As topping you can use sugar-free jam, fresh berries or yoghurt. I used sugar-free strawberry jam and it was amazing!

And by the way, if you are like me, afraid that they will taste warm banan, they dont. I did almost not recognize the banana in them.




Ah it's so nice been here Ålesund today. Bright, beautiful, almost clear sky and, not least, a sun that has warmed properly. Today has therefore been used on three walks with my dog, William and Vegard. These walks have been walks at a pace that you do not get tired of. Simply use the trips to enjoy life a little. It is important also.

Nevertheless, I will honestly say that today I have cravings after exercising. I really wanted to sweat. Tomorrow is therefore determined and agreed upon in this house that I will train. Thinking to take me a run and possible a little strength training. I have to train a little strength even though the desire to run is there. Strength training prevents injuries and makes us a better runner.

When I woke up today I had proper sweet tooth. We've eaten candy in the house several times a week throughout the year,. I am now feeling it and seeing it on my body. My weight has gone up, not just a little, but several kilos and I am totally dependent on chocolate. We have therefore decided to cut out the candy for some time to get it out of your system. Today is the day two and this is the worst day, today one always goes fine, but today my sweet tooth could make me torn down the entire kitchen in hopes of finding any sugar. Yet the day is over and we have managed day two.

To satisfy the sweet tooth my I made smoothie bowl along with William today. Talk about getting summer feeling! There were so many summer flavors in the smoothie and so nice colors that I went with the mind of the south. This recipe has of course I would like to share with you.

You´ll need:

1/2 package Smoothie mix: mango, pineapple and papaya
about 150g low fat quark
1 Skyr: orange and mango (kinda low fat quark with taste)
4-5 tablespoons Zero juice, wild raspberries

Mix everything together and serve with desired topping. We had coconut and pomegranate, but banana, strawberries and nuts can also be good I think.



Easter is soon over for this time and most of us may begin to get tierd of candy. I am. So I was thinking that I´ll share a recipe with you today, on cookies that will help you get your sweet tooth under control and that contains only healthy ingredients.

These cookies can you eat on a trip, enjoy with your coffee, take one or three when you have cravings for something good or just when you feel like it.

As I said it is only healthy ingredients, but remember that they are not calorie-free. Whatever, they are certainly a good alternative to cover your sweet tooth or have as a snack. These make your body happy.

Enough bustle now! Let me give you the recipe.

You need:
3 small apples
4-5 tablespoons oatmeal
4-5 tablespoons whole grain flour
1 small teaspoon baking powder
1 small teaspoon psyllium
2-3 tablespoons Sukrin gold
1 tablespoon cinnamon
some water

optionally vanilla extract and salt

This is what you do:
Cut two apples into pieces and run them in a blender until it becomes apple sauce. Rasp the last apple.

Mix together all ingredients and set cold for 30 min.

Keep the oven at 180 degrees. Use a spoon to make balls of dough that you pulled flat on the baking paper. Have the biscuits in the oven for 8-12 minutes. This will vary from oven to oven. The biscuits should be soft and tasteful.



Good evening! The plan was not to blog today, simply because I am sick and lying in bed, Yet so it was something that came over me when I went inside the bed, it was actually how good I have it. That I really am happy and lucky. This should be no "see how happy I am," or pink blogger cliché, it is simply a pass where I need to get out some thoughts and feelings.

Should honestly say that I feel pretty stupid here I sit in a dark room and writing about my happy life, but the recent days and months really have been fine. This week I received a visit from a best friend from Oslo and it is certainly the highlight so far in 2017. We have been fully occupied from morning to night.

Today Vegard and I both had free, so we've got time to even more family time. Vegard found out that after I had been training, we should go to feed the ducks and swans. William loves it! My training was also good, I've got a bad presentation anxiety at the time, but it was lovely to get through one strength training and feel that I'm getting stronger.

What I was going to write about being happy is that I noticed that I will continually strive to be better in everything. Just like I can not be satisfied enough with what I do normally. Is the fine is to have a goal in life, but this feels like it's something else. There is a desire to be stronger, better runner, a better mom, to take nicer pictures, have a more social life, write more, blog more, be better in my job .... and the list goes on. When i feel all of this it is delicious to get the feeling I got today. The feeling where I realize I have a good life , I'm very lucky and I'm good at a lot of things in life. Possible this is incomprehensible to you, but I find it hard to find words for these feelings.

What I'm trying to say (I guess) is that maybe we should get better to stop and feel more of this. I'm not saying that everyone is happy right where they are now, but most of us have enough very good life and have a lot of things to be thankful for today.



Good evening!

Today, I am incredibly tired. We packed down the apartment for two days now, and finally we are done. Now it is just to enjoy the last three weeks left in Ålesund.

When I woke up today I had big ambitions that I should eat good food, possible train and at worst a walk. Well, I ate a tasty and healthy breakfast, but the rest of the day has just been junk food. I can therefore confidently say that I'm looking forward a lot for tomorrow. New week, less stress, more exercise, less junk food, less sugar and everything one would want more and less of on a Monday!

The time now is 8:47 p.m., I made myself a cup of tea and going to read any shape up magazines before I fall asleep. Trying to clear away and throw the most from the apartment, so I have to figure out which magazines I want to keep, what is good to take care of and all that. The problem is that I do not want to throw any of them. Seems there's something good in all the magazines.

It does not take long before I fall asleep now I know. Hope your weekend has been good and than you are ready for a new week also!



Friday, finally weekend! Is not it delicious?
Some of you might take the Easter holiday from today and will enjoy it in well over a week. Others must be happy to work more the upcoming weekend and week. Whatever, it is all about how to use your free time, do something or be with someone you like.That's exactly what I've done today. Went over 1 hour trip with William before breakfast today, the plan was that we should go right down the street to the store and buy a bread and go home. William had other plans. He would go farther. Therefore, it was very late breakfast, you could say that it was more a lunch.

As you can see my breakfast was almost a wrap. It consisted of "lomper" with Philadelphia with garlic and herbs, ham (I used "Stranda skinke") and vegetables. Very simple and hearty meal.

The rest of the day I have spent together with my favorite persons, William and Vegard. There is so little it takes to get some quality time together. We chose to go for a little walk, look at the flowers and enjoy the nice weather together today. So happy with this day. It ends of course in the sofa with a glass of Solo Super (and chocolate)

Hope your day has been great!



Good day!

Today has really been one of the best mornings in a long time. We have had visits and served lunch at home with us. It is absolute not every day me and William get visit. Do not know if I've served lunch to anyone here in the last two years. Anyway, it was really nice!

Just to chat with a girlfriend and ventilate thoughts face to face felt really good. All my friends live in other cities so I am just til talking with them over the phone. So this was awaited.

Here is some of the lunch that was served.

Now it's on to the job and training.



How are you ?
With me it is a bit up and down. I have not yet managed to get rid of my chocolate addiction.. Have had on day where I have not eaten chocolate, but managed to replace it with something else unhealthy. It's getting annoying to not be able to find the willpower to steer away from sugar in my every day. Still, I have not given up. I feel better because I've had a few days last week which was good, good before the weekend. This week I am not expecting as much results as I did last week, went down a total of 15cm in total 6 measurement. I Am very happy with it. Will not measure me before Monday again. . I only measures with tape measure and have chosen to take the focus away from the weight.

Really hate what the numbers on the weight can do to our brain. We are so incredibly easy suspended in what the numbers say. Suddenly we lose all common sense and everything is all about the numbers, they are going down, whether it is muscle, water or fat. There is so much that can affect our weight, that it's really a pretty stupid idea to have a weight. Measuring tape, gives us better answers and self-esteem on this bit, I think.

The last few days I've had a lot of thinking time for myself. I have not been more alone than I tend to be, but has spent the time to analyze myself. Have found out how much I actually used to using food for more than it really should. Sweet tooth is automatically linked to many feelings I have. The other day as I was stressed out, tired and angry, the first thing that came into my mind was that I had to go to the store. Buy some chocolate, donut or just something sweet that could make me feel better. Although I know that if I had done this it would have only gotten worse later in the day. My conscience had become poor, I would feel regret, I had been disappointed and made some new plans for how to avoid this.

This is how it works with bad old habits that remain in the head after years of dieting and focus on this. This is what I work every single day to change and I know that there are more of you out there. There should be no shame to write something like this. Most people I talk to at my work are like this. We can be quite silly in our head.

When I´m in such a period with a lot of sweet cravings, i have noticed that I have unimaginably many excuses:
- If my partner can eat candy, so might as well I.
- I am too weak to resist.
- It´s Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday evening. Must enjoy ourselves a little.
- Has been good earlier in the week or day.
- Can exchange it for something else ( SO STUPID!)
- Can only take a bit (which never happens).
- Tomorrow!

Firstly, we should not have excuses for the food we eat. It should fall's natural to choose good food for our body. It should, but it does not go there when we become addicted to sugar. Would think most of us have undergone a detoxification of sugar before we can make change in our old habits. It is the detoxification that is hard. It about breaking the bad pattern we´re in.

I really want to throw all my excuses. Continue my journey toward a healthy body that chooses good food and has a nice balance between healthy and unhealthy. Without intending to be following a plan, a scheme or have rules. I think that this is the solution to be happier. Unwind with food, let go of the press, sit your health first and enjoy every day of your life.

Imagine how wonderful it had been to get the dietary- burden, guilt and weightloss pressure, away from your shoulders!

Hope you all enjoy your Friday! Im of to work and training now! Cant wait to train again. Had a restday yesterday.



I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one struggling with the problem that I will share with you today. Sweet cravings, or more chocolate addiction. After Christmas I have struggled a bit with this. It's incredibly annoying and I'm starting to believe in the research that says "sugar addiction is like dope". Because I need a detoxification.

Should actually be as honest as to tell you that after I started eating more chocolate in December last year, I've gone from 77- 85 kg! It's not something I'm very sorry about because
I have not noticed it before I thought about it. I have started to dress use other clothes. Clothes that are larger, I opted for unproven away jeans because they are tight and makes me feel unwell. This I have not noticed before sat down to think about it.

Although I am writing this so I would still say that I do not hate myself for this. I take it as a lesson and I'm not become something ugly or nasty because I weigh more.

Having visible muscles has always been a desire in me. It has always been a motivating factor, while it has been a factor that may have sucked the joy from my exercise and stressed me. Now I feel that I am a very different place than I was last time I set myself this goal. This time I've got other values, mommy-values ?, but the desire to be on a lower percentage of fat is still there.

Every single day in the past I've been stuck with the thought: Should I give it a chance or should I forget it? Should I go for one of my goals? Shall I go to find a year-round body showing a little more muscle? Will I manage to keep the good feeling I have about myself if I start to reach for that goal? Will I get more bad days? Will this destroy everything I've worked with mentally in recent months?

Most of the answers to these questions, I have not actually. Nevertheless, I've decided. I'll go for my goal. Share more personal posts with you. More thoughts, multiple posts, better pictures and more of my life. I will not hunt for a fitness body, but on a year-round body that is healthy and feel good with themselves. A body that gives me more coping because I've been working towards it by my self.A body that continues to be healthy, happy and crammed with energy.

That said, I've already eaten around 150g chocolate today, but whatever. Getting a better workout then. I'm not gonna make me something no list, or say any food is dangerous, but I have to limit your intake of certain foods. That's how it is. Kinda funny!

Now I have to run to work. Hope that you have a great day! Make this week the best week!



Oatmeal! Let's talk about oatmeal, because I have a recipe for possible the best oatmeal I've tasted. I am totally in love  and eat this meal at least once a day. What is good with oatmeal is that it is so easy and quick to make.

Let's jump right to the recipe:
30-40g oatmeal
30-40g vanilla protein powder
1 tsp cardamom
1SS Sukrin gold

Boil 3 dl of water, add oat groats, cardamom and Sukrin. Mix well together before mixing in  protein powder.

So the best; topping, it is helping to make it all that well. Walden Farms caramel and chocolate syrup. It's not so much you have to add before the meal taste like candy.
If you top with salted peanuts too, you'll have a snickers meal.

I am also done with todays workout, workout number 3 this week. What a feeling it gives when you eat healthy and do workout that you like.
I am enjoying every moment at the gym now. Monday it was hard to go to the gym, now it feels like im addicted again.