Today my 7 days of raw begins!

I will eat 100% vegan rawfood for a week.

I have never been 100% raw before but now I want to try this and see if it makes me gain more energy. I have been feeling sick and tired for a while and a bit low on energy so I want to give myself the best possible nutrition and also learn more about rawfood for my daughter sake, for the earth and for the retreat in October when we will eat raw together for a week.

If this feels good I might continue for more than 7 days.

Join me if you like ✨🙌🏽✨

Day 1

We woke up late this morning so I just had watermelon for breakfast, I am usually not hungry in the mornings so I eat more during the day.

I walked by Beverlys vegan & raw place on our way back from the parc so today's lunch was easy!! And AMAZING ✨

.... I have been feeling a bit strange about this today. Somehow it felt like I am doing some kind of loosing weight diet when I think about everything I eat. And it reminded me about when I was younger and everyone in my familly was always talking about loosing weight and different diets. It made me feel weird and hurt about it all so I just had to remind myself that this is not a diet! I love my body! And my fat ❤🙏🏽 I am breastfeeding my baby so loosing weight is not what this is about. It is about giving myself the best possible healthy food to support my body to heal.

I had to make this clear to myself and anyone reading that this is only for health and healing.

I will not write every single thing I eat but I share the things I think can be inspiring to whoever would like to try it too 💓

I made a wonderful nicecream with a new ingredient I have not tried before, white beans!!

It was super good but a bit too sweet I had to much bananas in it.

I used 1 big avocado, 2 bananas (think 1 would have been better), 1 dl white beans, a few cherries and seeds.

For dinner I wanted something a bit warm so a made a soup with coconut, broccoli, red pepper, turmeric, lentils, spenage some herbs and seeds! This soup was so good I think I will make some more tomorrow. 

Day 2

I woke up this morning and for the first time for a long time I did not feel tired in the morning! I was chocked, is it already this big change? Is it working already? 😮

Even when Sana fell asleep during the siesta today when I also usually take a rest I had so much energy so I made food instead of resting. And it was so nice to have a lot of time in the kitchen.

I have made a soup again similar to the one yesterday but I added pees and more lentils.

Then I made a wonderful zucchini salad! So far my favorite rawfood meal, and it is so easy to make it:






And a "pesto cream" made of mixed zucchini, tomatoes, walnuts, lemon, garlic and apple vinagre.

Sorry about this picture, it does not look so yummie but IT IS!! 😄

I have been shopping at Veritas today, where everything is organic and a lot of locally grown vegetables and fruits. I love this shop!

Day 3

Today was too intense. I could hardly find time to eat at all and it was soo tempting to just grab something quick in a restaurant. There was no rawfood place around so I just had to wait.

So far I feel so good! My stomach is so relaxed and I feel closer to every sensation in my body.

I ended up eating just a lot of fruit and vegetables during the day and then I made a huge meal in the evening. Not how I want it to be but some days there is not enough time.

I realize that rawfood really needs time and thought, the nuts and seeds need to soak for a long time and I am not used to spend all this time in the kitchen. But there are also some raw "fastfood" suitable for families with toddlers.

This was my dinner:

3 different hummus in a salad wrap, with avocado, pickled red cabbage, carrots, onions, and a sweet pineapple and walnut dressing.

​Raw snack on the go!

Day 4

Today everything has been great, I really Love to eat rawfood!

I feel so in touch with my body and emotions and so much more clarity and calm. I have not craved any other foods during this week at all.

I have no pain at all in my stomach like I used to have when I got stressed before.

I am surprised how easy this is. The only thing tempting me sometimes is to have something quick and ready made because I do not always have the time to prepare all the food I would like to.

If I had more time I would love to continue this for much more than a week. Hopefully I will be able to eat at least 50% rawfood.

Day 5

I can not believe it is already day 5! Wow.

I am still feeling amazing! So much more energy and I feel emotionally much more calm and stable.

Tomorrow I will see a rawfood chef in my home and we will make food together! I will go shopping all the ingredients in the morning and after siesta we will make a lorn of food!! Wowhi.

In the evening we were in Puerto Andraxt and I had no idea they had a rawfood place!! I had already eaten at home unfortunately 😂 So I did not eat there but I have to go back when I am hungry. I just had a smoothie.

Day 6

Today I had a rawfood chef friend over and we made amazing raw and vegan food. (Well she did, I only helped) 😄 And I ate sooo much my stomach hurt.

I actually got a bit sad that this week is over so soon. I want to continue raw but I know it will be difficult to keep this 100% focus. Especially in social situations when I hang out with people and go out eat in restaurants. But if I can stay at least 80% raw that would be wonderful!

I had no idea I could feel this good with rawfood. It actually blew my mind and I am a bit sad I did not know how good this is for me earlier. It would have saved me so much pain!

For you who do not know I have struggled with pain in my stomach and infections in my system for a big part of my life and different food allergies. And no doctor has been able to help me with that. Only thing that worked for me was learning how to eat antiinflamatory food. But during breastfeeding and being very much alone with Sana the time for making good food disappeared and I have been a little more focused on what is easy to make instead of what is good.

Day 7

Last day! I am amazed how easy and quick this week went by.

I have never felt this good in my body! I did feel a few symptoms of detox but I slowed it down because I am breastfeeding. Had a lot of nuts and vegetables during the days as snacks.

I am looking forward for the rawfood and vegan retreat so much now! To share and enjoy the benefits of this healing food 💞

I made a wonderful soup today. And it is so easy to just mix whatever you like into a creme and slowly warm it up to about 35-40 degrees. I usually have coconut cream and hummus as a base and then add vegetables and herbs.

​Thank you for reading 

With Bliss

💕Tindra Nalind 

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YES! I am living a dream.

Let us skip the small talk and go right to what is interesting.

How do we use our inner power to create what we want?

I want to share a secret about believing in the law of attraction.

Some people call me a naive and unrealistic dreamer.

But right now I am barefoot walking in warm soft sand and swim in turquoise ocean, just as I used to picture it in my mind, wild and free. And I am here because I am a "naive and unrealistic dreamer".

I am right where I used to imagine myself to be.

I know I am here because I never gave up on my dreams.

I have visualized it so intensely so much so often that I became it! I am living the dream.
When we become very very aware of it I believe we can change everything with the power of our own energy.

So go for your deepest longing.. Come closer to it.

Go deep deep within and find out what your heart is dreaming of and never let it go. See it, feel it, think about it, taste it, love it, dream it! Dream about what you want and be prepared to get it.

And do not worry about how to get there, dream big even if you can not see how to get there. Life will find a way.

The frequency inside of the dreams will finally find the matching frequency on the outside. It is meant to be.

You will attract what you focus on.

If you send out vibrations of doubt and fear, that is what you will match on the outside.

If you send out vibrations of happiness and hope, that is what you will match.

So go to the source of your heart and open up yourself, listen closely to what you want. Do you want healing? Do you want more harmony? What makes you happy? Do you want to have another job? More free time? Better relationships?

And most important of all! WHY do you want it? What is the reason behind your longing?

For an example: I want to travel. Then I ask myself why do I want to travel?

Because I feel free and happy and connected to the world. It makes me happy. So I meditate upon the feeling behind my dream. Happiness and connection to the world. And why don't I feel happy and connected, why is there a distance between my longing and me, why I am not where I want to be on the inside or outside? Because one thing can not happen without the other! Happiness and connection is available inside of me right now if I close my eyes and go travel within. So I go for the source of my longing, and I know that I will become irresistible for my dreams to come true. They will match.

You will become what you are creating in our mind. Your feelings will materialize themselfs.

It is the law of attraction.


I remember myself sad and totally exhausted on my mothers guestbed after an intense period of grief and loss. I had what I thought was absolutely nothing.

No job, no home, no energy, no motivation.

I did not want to get out of bed. The world seemed so cold and unfriendly, I was mostly in bed and I found some travelling magazines under the bed that I had kept from before.

I opened the magazines and saw pictures of people on vacation. The white sandy beaches, sunkissed skin, palm trees and ocean. I started to feel something, I felt a longing!

I want to be there!

I want it so much!

I started to google and look for the most amazing place on earth. The most beautiful beaches and nature. And my energy came back to me. Slowly I was getting up and out of bed. Feeling more and more alive and I opend myself slowly to the world again.

After a while I got a good job and things started to get better. Every morning I looked at my favorite picture of a woman sitting on a wooden swing on a white beach. I did not know what beach or even where in the world it was. But I loved that picture so much and decided to keep it as a motivation for getting up every morning with a smile and hope.

After a few month I was finally able to go travel with a friend to Thailand, one of the most amazing journeys in my life.

We traveled around the islands in Thailand and ended up in Koh Lipe. One evening we walked around the island and found a quiet beach with a wooden swing, I sat on it and looked out at the ocean. My friend took a picture of me there, and sent it to me later that evening. When I saw it my heart skipped a beat!!

That was the exact picture I had been looking at every morning with the woman on the swing. I could not believe it was the exact same wooden swing and the girl was sitting on it the same way as I did. I became that picture I had been looking at every morning. Without knowing how, universe had led me to my dream.

From that moment I promised to always trust in the law of attraction.

It is not always easy to keep your dreams alive when you are in a bad place, but that is when you need to be extra focused and just keep believing, and trusting!

Life wants you to be where you want to be.

There is a reason for your dreams.

The world needs more happy and loving people. And when you are where you want to be the world is a better place for all of us

With Bliss

Tindra Nalind



What is it like to live in Palma, Mallorca with a child?

I will answer this as good as I can what it is like for us even though we do not live her permanently.

We still travel a lot. And I am not sure where we will end up. But for now this is home.

I think Mallorca is amazing for children because of all the nature and the island lifestyle wich is very relaxed and not so much stress as in bigger cities. It also feels safe here. The people are so childfriendly and sweet, Sana is always smiled at and talked to where ever we go. And she loves it. It feels like everyone is like grandmothers when they see kids! 

They just want to give her sweets and pinch her cheeks. If we go out in a food market she will be fed before I even buy anything. 

For me the most important thing is to be close to nature and on this island there is so much beautiful variety of nature, mountains, flower fields, forests, cliffs and beaches.

Mallorca it is surrounded by beautiful beaches!! 💕😄🏝That is Bliss for any oceanlover. If Sana could choose we would spend every day at the beach. Actually I would love that too. 

Yesterday we spent 6 hours on the beach and Sana was so happy and slept like an angel in the shadow on the warm soft sand. For me this is a wonderful life. And because I do not like to be cold it is perfect to live where the warm season is so much longer. People seem to be more happy when the sun is shining, and it does shine a lot here.

Since I am very much on my own with Sana it is so nice to know that people will not hesitate to help me. I do not even need to ask for help there is always someone there to hold up a door, help me with the stroller or carry a bag for me.

I do not have a car and do not drive so we decided to live in Palma where everything is close all year around and the city is mostly flat so you can move around easy with a stroller. If I had a car I would love to live outside the city. With a garden and animals.

There are so many playgrounds and beaches here, I have never seen so many playgrounds. It feels like the city was built for families with kids in mind. It is very easy to find new friends and meet people. It is a very social atmosphere and you always have someone to talk to.

It is a big cultural mix in Palma and you will hear so many different languages here. Sana is a little confused with all the languages and has made up her own language and it sounds a bit like swenglis.

We manage good with our English and our very bad Spanish. Even though the locals are not so good at English we somehow understand each other. And we spend time with people from so many different countries so we are okey with English. But we try our best to learn better Spanish.

In the playgrounds sometimes it is a bit sad to meet the local kids and not be able to talk to their parents and connect, but a smile and a few words come a long way in communicating.

The language spoken here is Catalan and Mallorquín it is a variety of Spanish. Mallorquín is the local variant of Catalan. However there is so many people visiting the island from other parts of the country and world so Spanish and English is widely spoken too.

Sana is to young for school so I can not say very much about the schools here but there are a lot of them, and you can choose a local or private. We have visited a few kindergartens here and they were lovey but I decided to have a babysitter for Sana instead.

If you have questions about anything in particular let me know and I will answer as good as I can.

With Bliss

Tindra Nalidn



I do not know how to write about this.
It is something that has been in me for a long time. Probably forever. But since Sana came to my life it is more intense than ever.

My Love for Sana has blown "me" away. My story around my ego does not interest or bother me anymore like it used to do.
Trying to fill my life with meaning is not needed anymore. Everything is right in front of me and inside me. Love. Raw true natural Love. I want to strip down on all unnecessary stuff around us and be more and more in nature. 

The sparkly eyes of my daughter is more Love than my heart could ever understand so it just brakes into a million pieces beyond understanding. 

I want to give her freedom and nature. The raw the real the meaningful life. 

After leaving our apartment in Cala Major for Santa Catalina I let go of so much stuff. And it was a wondeful release. Like taking of my clothes and first feeling a bit insecure and uncomfortable but after a while so energized in being so free.

And I feel such a painful longing for nature, the raw beauty of nature is calling my name! It is screaming and craving me.
It is hurting but in a good way.

And I know this is my mother instincts calling me!

Something so deep that not even me can stop myself now. I can not settle with something that is not real and raw anymore.

Nature: I hear you calling. We will be there. We will walk barefoot with you and dance to your heartbeat.

With Bliss 

Tindra Nalind 



It was too much lately with moving and I did not take good care of myself so I got sick. My body is so tired.

It is not so easy to find time to rest at this time. I tried to stay a while in bed but Sana got a bit bored so we decided to go to the beach instead

Sana was so happy playing in the sand so I could just lay my exhausted body in the warm soft sand and feel the warmth from the sand and sun healing me. It felt amazing. Like a warm loving big hug.

I have some happy news. I will have a sunset yogaclass at a vegan festival in Esporles the 30 th of June. Save the date and be there!

More information coming soon 😋






💛Silver and Goldwater

Super C vitamins 😋


With Bliss

Tindra Nalind



We are Finally home! And online 💓

It is so good to be here!

All the hard work is behind us so we can relax and enjoy our new home. It is such a nice flat and the location is in the middle of a vegan, yoga and organic paradise.

I had a few days with no internet connection and it was a good time for practice letting go and cleansing my mind and all the clutter in our home.

I always take the chance when I move to a new place to look at everything I own and question it.

I gave away almost everything we have to a beautiful organization in Mallorca that looks after homeless children 🙏🏽💓 it felt amazing to be able to help them and also for us to live more free.

Sanas toys usually just lay on the floor anyway.
She is very happy without them.
And I feel much more relaxed when my home is not filled with unnecessary stuff.

Sana is curious about our new wooden floor, she have never walked on wooden floors before. It is not so common in Spanish apartments with this kind of floor. But I love it! It gives a softer feeling.

Sanas has her first own room and bed, but she still sleeps with me during the nights 💞 so it will be an extra guest room too.

Sana is making a very pretty "Sanastyle" salt painting all over the floors 😅😂

I want to put flowers and plants all over the terrace!

thought I could have a little office for me, but Sana claimed it

Siesta and fruit time now  🍒 

With Bliss

Tindra Nalind



We got the keys 🔑 to our new home!
I am so happy!! Wohoooo.
I had to bite my tongue not to scream of joy when she gave them to me!
I had a quick look in the apartment and it looks amazing. We could not stay because the cleaner was there making it ready for us. We will move our things over during the weekend and beginning of next week so I will be very busy for a few days.

It's three bedrooms, witch means that Sana can have her own room and we have a guest room! How great is that?

After I got the keys me and Sana went for a little walk in our new hoods, feeling soo local ✌🏽😄

We found a wonderful vintage market in the middle of Santa Catalina. So colorful and alive. With live music.
Filled of happy smiling people selling beautiful antiquities and clothes. I love this about Mallorca.
There is always a happening or fiesta going on somewhere, always something to celebrate.
We stayed for a while and talked to people and took some pictures.

This found this, a 5 euro brand new dress.
I had to buy it even though I don't know when I will go out again in a dress like this.
It might wait for me in the closet for a few years 😄

Pockets and glitter ✨!

After the market we had a stop at a Cafe and had delicious raw coconut and pineapple cream 🍍

Next blog will be about our new home!

With Bliss

Tindra Nalind



Tomorrow I will get the keys to our new apartment!
And we move in on Monday. Cant wait!! 😀

This apartment will be so good for us and Sana will have her first own room💓

I will miss Cala Major but Santa Catalina is one of my absolute favorite place around in this side of the island.
It is cute and feels very cozy, the buildings are a bit older with small streets and not to many cars.

All the old houses with lovely painted facades, old wooden doors that smell of summer, small balconies decorated with plants and flowers makes you feel like you are walking in a fairytale.
And you can sense the energy of the history well kept in the atmosphere.

In the heart of Santa Catalina is the mercat and it is a wonderful culinary experience and meeting place with people from all over the world.
It is palma's oldest mercat, it was built 1920 and you can feel it. It has a lot of spirit to it.

Out in the streets you will find very arty cafes and restaurants and small boutiques less modern than in Palma center.

If you like Yoga, organic, vegetarian, or vegan food or products, you will absolutely Love in Santa Catalina.

With Bliss

Tindra Nalind

How cute is this!? 😊




My mother called me from Sweden.

She asked me where I was. And I immediately heard in her voice that something had happened. She told me there was an attack in Stockholm. My hometown in Sweden.

My heart freeze and my first thoughts was if everyone was okey?

Mom had to hang up to answer a call from my sister who had just sent a text saying there was shooting around where she was.

I began to cry and pray that she would be safe. I couldn't stand the waiting for my mother to call back and let me know. A few minutes felt like forever.

Finally she called and let me know. My sister was okey, hiding in a basement listening to the news.

I can not imagine the pain of having a phone call and here that your loved one is not okay.

I had a lot of friends close to the attack when it happen who sent me pictures of hurting people that I will never be able to forget. The most terrible pictures I ever saw. For a while I was so sad to have seen this pictures but I also know that it has humbled my heart very deep.

When something terrible happens, when everything around us is falling apart we are often pushed and forced to come closer to each other and our hearts.

Why is it so much easier to connect when we are vulnerable? 

And why don't we show this side more often?  

What else really matters in life but Love?

Is vulnerability a key to our hearts? To come closer to what really matters? 

After the attack in Stockholm I was amazed to see all the loving people reaching out to each other with nothing but open loving kindness. All of a sudden we were not strangers anymore, we were one big familly who wants to look after each other and make sure we all are safe.

Without a thought everything changed from panic to love.

So much care and light pouring out to all of us.

Nothing else but Love mattered at the time.

We came closer than ever, showing love to a total stranger without wondering if it's wrong or right.
Love was stronger than fear!
That's the amazing power of Love.

After this day we came a little bit closer to each other.

Wall of Love in Stockholm after the attack. Filled with love notes.

Picture taken by my very good friend

Åsa-Lo Ekstrand

With Love and respect

Tindra Nalind