I saw a man in hell fire, he was already a skeleton, but yet he could feel the horror of the fire.
Fire was even inside his eyes, and all over his body, he stood on a thorning red hot iron, he was breaking on it (break dance ), as if Michael Jackson is performing his break dance, he has tried to stop but a power kept him dancing.
Then I call on him, why are you here ? Then he said ""I Am here because of ungodly music, while I was on earth, I was Michael Jackson fans, I loved his song and listened to it,I use to follow his break dance and I too do the same, now I am doing the same thing here and I can't stop it, mercy"" as he was talking with me he was doing break dance .
He was screaming , but it was too late for him to repent , for he had been there even before the death of Michael Jackson , and now he is looking for the salvation that he rejected on earth.
He screamed "Lord save me for I am sorry" but The Lord wept and didn't say any thing, for he was looking for mercy when mercy is far away, he was calling on The Lord when The Lord was far away.
Seek The Lord while He may be found, call upon him while he is near. Isaiah 55:6.
Any music that never glorify God lead to hell, for all ungodly music lead to hell, repent now and be saved.


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I saw a lady in hell, she was so despirate to hear The Lord speaking with her, she would lift up her hand and say "Lord , if I can have another chance, I will not miss used it, Lord have mercy on me"
She wept , for the fire is seriously burning her, and the fire cover her up, she screamed, for she breath in fire and drank fire, and demon was seriously tormenting her.
Then I saw the reason why she ended up her life there.
She was a prostitute while she was on earth, she use to travel far to meet men that would sleep with her and gave her money.
She has an appointment with a man, and the man promised to give her big money that she can used for the rest of her life, but the money would only be given after sleeping with her.
On her way, the car she entered , there was some people inside it, because the car was public transport .
And The Lord put it to the mind of the people Inside the car to preached, and the preacher preached , and his message was very touching , and it was as if he was talking to her.
When the preacher would concluded his preaching, he said ""you may not see tomorrow , don't abuse this great opportunity",
She wept inside her heart, and the preacher led them to christ, and they all prayed for repentance. Rom 3:23-25.

After that she dropped from the car, she want to go back home, but devil spoke to her ""Do you want to miss this opportunity , this is the money that would change your entire life, after this then you won't do it again, and you will follow your lord "".
Then she was carried away with the voice of the devil, and she didn't pay attention to the voice of her guardian angel, for devil knew what was awaiting her.
She entered another car to continue her journey, but the car was a car of kidnapper , they took her away into the bush to rape her, and they tigh her hand and foot and including her face.

As the men was about to start, because they were 3, a light appeared and all of them fell asleep, and the ropes they used to tigh her became loose, and she escape for her life. What a great love from christ!
When she got to the road, devil spoke to her ""Devil want to stop you from making this opportunity to get this money, but do you now see that the hand of God is in it to get this money""
But her guardian angel told her ""It is not true, there is a danger ahead of you,go back home and serve your Lord""
But she obeyed the voice of the devil and continue her journey.
She got to the house of the man happily , and was carried away with the beauty of the house of the man, but she forgot the scripture that said "For the love of money is the root of all evil"" 1 Tim 6:10.
After a long immoral conversation with man, both of them went to the bed , and as she was removing her cloth, the man took a demonic ring to beat her and she fell down and lost her strength and became dull and mute.
Then the man took a cloth to tigh her face, and took her into a demonic room, for the man was a ritualist , the man beheaded her and she died.
Her spirit left her body, and was attempting to fixed the head back, she can't because she was already spirit, then suddenly a power carried her and she vanished and appear before the judgement seat to be judge.
With a great anger a voice spoke ""DEPART FROM ME, FOR I NEVER KNOW YOU"" and a mighty storm carried her away into everlasting punishment . Heb 9:27.
That was the reason why she ended up her life in hell, I wept because of her stubbornness .
And a demon took her into the deep of the fire, she screamed ""Lord have mercy on me"" then I suddenly saw a big snakes with a thorning body, the snake began to pass through her private part and come out of her mouth, but she could not die.
and we left the place and went to another side. 1 Tim 5:6.




Though you may be going through hard time, and the road look so tough that you are about to give up, and you are saying in your heart ""enough , I need to stop serving this God, he hates me and does not love me"" He does my friend, he loves you, and He is with you, don't just worry , He will bring out the best for His Glory.
Do you feel rejected ? And you have lost hope, you can't sleep again, you used the whole night thinking and worrying , but has thinking and worrying solved the matter ? No, don't just worry, cast all your cares upon The Lord for he careth for you.
Now you are saying "IS THERE GOD, IS GOD REAL " ? Yes God is real, who owns your breath ? Is God, as long that you can still breath there is still hope in that situation you are going through, cast all your cares upon The Lord for he careth for you, worry for nothing, God of the good time is also the God of the bad time, He will take care of the problem.

Jesus said in Matthew 6:25 -27 Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?
Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?
Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?

If God could be able to take care of the fowls of the air, He feed them, and take good care of them, how much more are you that are created in His own image ? He will take care of you, you don't need to worry or to be thinking, the God of the God time shall put smile on your face.
Are you feeling hated by families, friends, parents, neighbor , husband, wife, children, and you are so worried , and every time you cried and said ""God why """ , remember God was looking when they throw Daniel into dens of lion, He didn't say any thing, but Because of God want to prove He was silent, looking at Daniel , but at the end, God proved himself as the only living God.
God was there when the brothers of Joseph hurt him and sowed him as a slave to the idolatry land, God was silent for the purpose of the manifestation of His Glory, at the end The name of The Lord was Glorified.
God was there when the 3 Hebrew was bound by the king of Babylon , God was there when they heated the fire 7times more, He was silent because He want to prove Himself as the Consuming fire, and as the only living God, and at the End the name of The Lord was Glorified.
When Paul and Silas were cast into the prison, God was silent, because He want to rescue somebody and prove Himself as the SAVIOUR , at the end All was well.
God Himself rose pharaoh to pursue the children of Israel , because He want to put down unforgettable history , and at the end God prove Humself as the Living God, now the world knows the God of Israel as the only living God.
When God is silent in your hard time, when God is silent in your problem, it means God want to bring out the best result that would cause astonished among nations, therefore you don't need to worried, all you need is Give glory to God.
You may be suffering in sickness and the doctor has said, all you need to do is operation, and you have been thinking if you will not lost your life, friends just be praising God and sing to His Holy name, For the operation is cancel already, For He alone have the final say.
Are you barren, that you have been waiting and waiting upon The Lord for children, and it seems God is silent , you have cried and cried, and your inlaw are disturbing you already , you feel as if you should pack out, no, don't do that, is your home, that's where God has established you, just be praising God, God has done it for you, don't worry, don't think, stop thinking, After praising God, go and meet doctor, a baby is there already.
whatever you are going through,whether spiritual problem or physical problem, I tell you, all shall be well.
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.



In 2009, a young Korean artist who was attending an all-night prayer meeting, was visited by Jesus Christ. She was taken to see Hell and told by Jesus to draw what she saw, so that the world would know.

Artist Speaking: “As I was praying all night long, I was able to love Jesus more than ever. One day, Jesus came and said in my Heart, “I will show you the deeper things of Heaven.”

I thought I was going to visit heaven, but instead, we visited Hell.

As I followed Jesus, I cried the whole time. I then began to hear moans, screams, and wailing sounds.

Most people have a misconception about Hell. They are deluded and think that if they"Only Believe in Jesus Christ" they will end up in Heaven. Some even think that once they die, there is nothing afterwards.

People believe as they think, and therefore they live their lives as they please…

Jesus also showed me that as people watch violent secular movies, demons would actually torment the person’s soul without the person realizing it. As a person watches the scenes from TV, their soul is tormented and wounded. Watching secular TV does not help Christians develop a loving relationship with our bridegroom Jesus.

I saw that when people were smoking and drinking, that spirits of snakes filled the alcoholic drinks and the cigarette smoke.

Jesus showed me how people fall into Hell.

Jesus: I see countless people falling into the eternal deep sea of the fire of Hell every single day…Please tell the people what you have witnessed in Hell! You must tell them about Hell! Tell people how awful and gruesome Hell is! You must paint the scene of Hell as if you are within my heart. Draw the scenes with My aching heart!

They are falling into the Fire of Hell.

Draw it with My aching heart….


As Jesus witnessed the sins committed by man, He cried. satan and his demons would tie the bodies of sinners so tight with iron chains to control them. Therefore sinners would go deeper and deeper in sin.

I am pleading with you not to commit sin. Do NOT live as you desire. In Hell, the senses are hundreds of times more vivid than what we feel on Earth. The pain is more severe.

As I was painting the scenes of Hell, satan attacked me severely. But I wanted to show the world about Hell and the heart of Jesus through these paintings.

I saw people being tormented on a cross.

I saw people who did not want to eat the bread of life...(God's Word)

There were people who would not discuss the things of their lives with Jesus, but made their own decisions, and followed their own will.

There were people who drank and ate prohibited things.

Jesus: Please tell people who hurt each other’s’ hearts by their words that they must not hurt or wound their brothers/sisters in Christ. They must not say things without care or love.

This is how Murderers, rapists and child kidnappers will be tormented.

This woman tries desperately to escape.

The punishment for liars.

Those people who stole money will be penetrated by arrows and needles.

In Hell, I saw a woman and her son who had died. In Hell they no longer loved each other. Because of the unbearable pain, they would do anything to escape the torment, even by stepping on each other.

Insects in Hell. These insects are for people who committed sins by their thoughts. They were filled with their own thoughts and knowledge. Covered by countless maggots, their entire body is wounded by large insects; going in and out of the whole body, mouth, ears and head.

Persecution of the gospel: The picture shows how demons would influence people to persecute, harass and kill the messengers of the full and true gospel.

These people were filled with their own thoughts and knowledge.

These people were obstinate in their thinking. They thought, "why would Jesus work in my life? Who am I? I don’t think He loves me. I am very evil. I don’t think He would love someone like me." They were also people who violated God’s word and ignore God’s commandments. They will be placed in an area similar to a frying pan, which was burning with Hell fire.

Those people who do not attempt to align their thoughts with God’s will end up in Hell. We must fix our minds and thoughts on God. This torment was for those Christians who did not share the gospel. They did not evangelize the good news to he lost. They ignored their calling.

This torment was for the people who had ignored God’s word and still continued to commit sin. They are the ones who performed evil in the eyes of the Lord.

For those who worshiped idols, those that had evil thoughts and were stubborn in their ways.

Grumblers and complainers also wound up in Hell. [1st Corinthians 10:10]

Grumblers and complainers in their heart.

There is a place in Hell for men who cheated on their spouses. For those who became gay or bisexual. They were penetrated by knives and spears.

For those who became sexually corrupt, their private parts were being pierced by demons.

Hell is endless, the torment are endless.

For those who would not repent.

You must kill any devil that is living inside of you.

When we repent and pray before God, angel armies come down and pierce the demons with their swords.

Jesus said, "Focus Me. You must focus only Me."



​hei, dere sorry, jeg har ikke blogg.  jeg har tar pause. men meg og min kjæresten vi var i kirke . vi elsker Jesus så mye. en dag vi kommer til å bli pastor. Jesus elsker dere ALLE. Bare ser opp til han. han elsker deg.

også jeg var sjokk når jeg ser at jeg var på topp list. bravo.



Tell my people heaven is really
tell my people i am coming soon
they,ve been captured by the devil
there heart is far away from me
tell my people to gave me there heart
i no longer strive with any
for how long will they cause me tears
for how long will i wepp for them
tell my people,tell them hell is really
tell my people,tell them

i am coming soon.



HVORFOR er ikke folk redde for HELVETE?

Det synes å være en reell mangel på frykt i dag av virkeligheten av helvete. Dette gjelder både de som er i kirken og de som er i verden. Folk er ikke redd for helvete. Hvorfor?

Du ville ikke være redd for en løve når det bare er malt i et bilde på en vegg. Hvorfor er dette? Fordi det er bare et bilde. Du vet at det ikke er ekte. Men hvis du var igjen alene i en jungel og kom ansikt til ansikt med en ekte løve som knurret rasende på deg, ville du være livredd. Samvittighet menn er mye som mannen som bare ser på malt løve. Vi hører om helvete i Bibelen. Vi vet at Herren Jesus talte om helvete. Faktisk Kristus snakket mer om helvete enn noen andre i Skriften.

HVORFOR MEN IKKE TRO HELL IS REAL? Fordi de ikke hører nok om det. Vi ikke studere hva Bibelen sier om helvete. Det er ikke bare det vi hører som gjør opp det vi mener, det er hva vi ikke hører så vel som bidrar til å danne vår tro på systemet. Bare Guds Ånd kan presentere redsler helvete til våre hjerter på en slik måte som å se dem live før oss. Læren om helvete har blitt brukt av Gud oftere til omvendelse av syndere enn noen annen lære i Skriften.

Redsler helvetes føre djevlene til å skjelve, og er du så tåpelig som å være uberørt av dem eller ta lett på dem?

Be om at Herren vil hjelpe deg.