As I mentioned earlier: last Saturday me and my amigos went to beautiful YORK!

My favorite Lena honoured me with her company.

So did Petr, Richard and Martin (not as excited about it though).

Even though some of us were a bit tired from staying out late the night before: of couse we were not too tired to pose the shit out of us infront of all pretty places and buildings. Here infront of Clifford's Tower.

Just look at the pretty environment! *Architecture lover*

The first sightseeing stop was: York Minster! (For those who are not intrested in outstanding church settings can start scrolling down the page now).

As you can see, some of us were more possessed about the visit than others.

(Look at this amazing roofpaiting!)

To be honest, I might have been the only one that was overwhelmed by all this... hehe. I bought a small angel to have next to my bed here in Newcastle and also a Christmas tree decoration for to always remember this special place.

Lets finish my digital tourist guide from York Minster with a picture of the whole squad, captured by some random photografer that was a part of the Viva Trip.

He was not the only one that took photos though, Lena had to act photografer herself to a bunch of middle age British men.

Evaluating the results... I bet it was terrific.

To infinity and beyond!

But first: a bit of rest for Martin.

Me and Lena preferred to grab a snack instead.

I could have lie in this garden all day. It was absolutly smashing.

Next stop was: the remainings of St Matry's Abbey. It really makes me think about all previous lives that lived in this environment before it got destroyed. Must have been amazing.

York for the win!

Our last visit as a group was the York City Walls.

Me and Lena ended up a bit after the others since it was posing time!

When the common group activities were finished we FINALLY got something to eat. At 3 p.m. we got our first proper meal of the day... Just imagine the mood in the group before this, haha.

For dessert we bought crepes with nutella! Look how in love Lena is with hers?


This girl is irreplaceble <3

These ones are not that bad either.

At 6 p.m. it was time to go home again.​ But we actually felt done before that, so we climbed the stairs to the Clifford's Tower again to admire the view and sunset before the bus departured.

I only have one thing to say about York: absolutly BEAUTIFUL. One of the nicest cities I ever visitet. If you are in the UK: go there. You will not be dissapointed. And thanks to my lovely friends that were there with me. You are the best.

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Our second day in Dublin started off quite smooth. Since our first day had mostly had been spent on visiting different pubs, we had to embrace the Saturday and actually see all the mandatory sighseeing stuff.

First our was; Jameson. While the guys ordered one whiskey each, I focused on my bottle of water. Whiskey is not my cup of tea.

After that we continued our little adventure with going to a museum and then by surpise we ended up in this beautiful park!

In the middle of everything there was this cute café, so we decided to take a coffee and rest or feet (some of us more than the others).

On the other side of the road we, completely unexpected, found Wallington Monument. Of course we had to take some (or plenty) pictures! Even here we took the opportunity to rest, since we had walked over 100 meters since the last break.

We walked to Gunniess in hope of being able to walk in to the factory, but no, it was already closed. Instead, we went to the St Patrick's Cathedral. But because it apparently was a graduation there, we could not enter the church either. Great choise of day for exploring Dublin as you hear...

Anyways, we chose to not care and when the dawn appeared, we looked for a pub to spend an hour or two.

The Temple Bar was really crowded, so we never bought a drink, but at least I had time to take a picture of this little partyminded fellow. Always something!

"Pleeeeease take a picture of me as well"

Later that night we met Freja, a Swedish friend of Adam's, that currently does her internship in Dublin. She showed us the best spots, that included this pretty whiskey bar. As I said before, I do not like whiskey at all, but I forced myself to atleast try a drink containing it. It did not work, so to my delight, this small bar was connected to at beer bar and I could just go and buy something tasteful. 

At midnight we went to the airport to wait for our flight that was supposed to depature at 7.30... WORST DECISION EVER. I, and I think I speak for the both of us, will never be cheap again when going to at trip. From 1-4 we tried to sleep in McDondald's kids playground's tunnel. I do not recommend it. 

Although, our little weekend was amazing, and I will carry it with me forever!  <3 




So yesterday after school it was time for party... again. This time we walked to floors down to party at Sofia's, Maren's and Carmen's flat before going to the NEON International Party for, as the name already told you, international students. When we got there we got shining neon bracelets as well as stickers with your country's flag. Although, Lena chose a Brasilian flag and I had four flags on my, with the czech one in my forehead, so I don't know if people took the concept too serious. At least we did not... hehe.


After a night of partying, me and Lena met these three fellows, to get our shit together and go to York! The city was extremly beautiful, but more about that (and definitely more pictures) in a separate post.

After we got home me and Lena continued our day by cooking dinner with Clara and Stina. We just talked, laughed and drank some bubbles.

The plan was to go to the centre for some more drinks, but when we were supposed to leave I had to listen to my body (screaming for rest) and stay home instead... It really sucks when you want to participate in all fun stuff everyone's doing, but sometimes you just have to realise and accept that your body needs to recover sometimes. At least mine.

So goodnight folks! Hope your day has been smashing.



So... Yesterday we arranged a spontaneous pre-party at our flat. Or at least we thought it would only be pre-drinks, but since flat 177 always deliver an extraordinary experience, everybody stayed here until... too late. I served all our guests (more than once) pancake shots, that (of course) became a success!

Martin posted this photo in our crews group chat and said he thought it was perfect blog material. I absolutly agree with him. God damn I am beautiful!

Today I had a presentation in the module "Marketing Planning And Research". Obviously, we killed it! So afterwards me, Laura and Connie celebrated our presentation about Costa: on Costa. AH Ram and Bess could not join, but do not worry, I sympathy drank coffee for both of them (look at my massive cup!!!).

Anyways, after the "fika" I went come and immediately started to clean the apartment. Our flat has never been this clean! And now: heading towards the city for some quality time with Sofia and Khadijah.



Me, Martin and Adam arrived to Dublin late on Thursday evening, so there was not much more for us to do than go straight to bed at the hotel. So on friday, when our vaycay started for real, we ate a late brunch at Queen of Tarts.

At this point Martin still cared about his "diet" and went through the menu carefully.

We also brought a physical map. Last one I saw one was like 10 years ago. Czech people...

This was inside the café... No words needed.

After we had eaten Martin wanted to show us a Czech pub.

He was so excited when he watched the menu.

Same thing with Adam, although I believe he mostly cared about if he could get a beer or not.

Well, of couse he could and we all got each Pilsner Urquell (after we had drank a classical shit tasting czech shot).

After some time at Czech Inn we continued our advenure in Dublin. We alternated between sightseeing (with very cure and serious photo motives) and hanging on different cute bars.

The classical "squat pose" that recurred many times during the trip.

Love these guys. Never a boring moment.

To embraze the fact that we were tourists, we went to the Millenium bridge, and yepp... That was cool?

How could you resist?

During the entire day we just walked around town, trying to get a feeling of what Dublin had to offer. But as you can observe on Adam's uncomfortable smile, this at one point had to stop.

Therefore, we headed back to the hotel after a few hours to make us extremly handsome for the evening. We ate delicoius burgers at a hamburgar place I can not remember the name of, and then we went to different bars and pubs during the evening. Afortunately, I left the camera at the room, but I actually think that was for the best. I can not afford another one this year... Haha.

So this was Dublin day one. Amazing day with these guys, and as I mentioned before: you never have a boring moment with them. So for this weekend (only) I change my mind and my motto is; "Guys before fries" instead.



I am so much happier than it looks like, I promise. I am so glad and proud of myself that I forced myself to leave my comfort zone to take the opportunity to study abroad. Of course I miss my family, Oscar and all my friends, but I gain so much from this experience. I could never imagine that I would love this so much, but I guess it has to do with all incredible people I have already created a relationship with.

So to celebrate friendship we are tonight meeting up at Habita to order hotel tickets for this weekends trip to Dublin! So far it looks like that it is only gonna be me and a bunch of guys, but on the other hand, who can say no to that?



Last night me and a bunch of other retards went to Lane7 to enjoy ourselves through pool, ping pong, bowling and (of course) a few beers. Above you can see how Petr and Nicolò watched Martin loose his ping pong game against Richard.

When the ping pong fight was over half of the crew continued with bowling! One of my worst games ever, but fortunately Nicolò was worse. Everyone that knows me from before knows that I hate being bad at things, so yesterday was not a wonderful experience for my dear friends.

The other half that was there, started their evening with pool. I chose not to play since I probably would have broken the cue of frustration.

So when they had finished their game they, to my delight, joined us for bowling instead.

Grim (Sofia's boyfriend that visited her during the weekend) had to learn KK some standard moves first.

Carmen, Sofia and Maren were already fully trained.

My Swedish beauty <3 

So, this is ​how a Sunday evening can look like in Newcastle. A bit funnier than how you spend it in the end of the world, were I live back home. Behind Sofia you view Petr. After (our during) this picture was taken he asked my with a grin; "Are you going to post these pictures on your blog, writing 'Sooo... Today we went bowling''?". Hell yes, I am, you fucking prick! Lock how beautiful they all turned out to be. 

Enough for me! I'm out



Hello! It is me again.

As I told you before, I went to the gym. I felt strong and motivated which obviously makes the work out so much more fun.

Right now I am all by myself in the flat's kitchen. Two of my roomies are out for dinner, another on the phone and the fourth one is too hungover to live. So since I have to entertain myself I do the only sensible thing: drinking wine. However, these drunken glasses wont go to waste as my and Nic soon are meeting up some people in town. The schedule says it is time for pub night. My goal is to go to church tomorrow morning, but you never know how late you go to bed here in flat 177, so we will see how that plan turns out.

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Last night I was invited to Stina's (to the right) birthday party at her and her boyfriends place in Durham. Will, her bf, was so nice that he picked up me and Clara (to the left) on his way home from work. When we arrived the lovely hostess served us delicious champagne and snacks.

It was the first time I met Clara, and surprisingly we realised that we actually live in the same building. Small world!

I found myself on the fridge. Cute pictures from last week. I LOVE that every other club or pub here has a photobooth.

After a few hours the rest of the guests arrived. Here you see Lewis, Caroline and the birthday girl herself. So nice and sweet people!

Although, Lewis was a bit jealous of his girlfriend that was offered macarones (they tasted like heaven!).

Before we left their place to continue the night in a new opened bar the me, Clara, Stina and Annie had the compulsory photo session. Such delightful girls!

Even though the night was terrific, me and Clara took an adult decision and took the last train home at 00.15. She was leaving to visit a friend early this morning, and I really need to get rid of my illness. Today I feel like a princess, so I guess I made the right choice. Especially when I see how the rest of my flatmates feel today after a hard night of partying, haha.

So what happens today? We do not actually have made any special plans yet, the only thing I know is that I want to go to the gym. It is leg day, which is my favorite.




Yesterday it was time for the International Boat Trip on the Tyne (which is the river that sepatares Newcastle and Gateshead). But before leaving, I cooked dinner for me, Morrits, Khadijah and Sofia.

Look! The real Housewife of Newcastle.

At 6.30 p.m it was time to get on the boat. Lena immediately occupied the "front seat".

KK, Sofia, Carmen and Rui admired the view outside on the deck.

While Peter, me and Lena preferred to stay inside in the warmth.

My crazy Italian guys <3

Since we all now are real Geordies, we (of course) chose the tables nearest to the bar. Anything else would be stupid.

PIMP. Why settle with one guy when you can have four? Matteo, Nicoló, Richard and Morrits.


When the boat cruise finished we walked towards Aveika, where I had booked a table for the crew. The restaurant offered delicious japanese food and great drinks. Thank you for the tip, Stina!

We finished our night at different pubs/clubs, but I can honesly say that I wished that I had gone home directly after the dinner. Well, most of the night was terrific, but sweat, crowding and queues are not my thing. Maybe next time I will be better mentally prepared.