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Yesterday my friend Jonna had invited me and a some other girls for a Christman/reunion party! I was so excited that I went all in on the Christmas theme and wore my red suit.

Agnes, My, Emma, Julia, Hanna and Jonna. And yes, Hanna is holding a pink giant penis in her hand. It was a gift from me, her and My to Jonna, and is actually a game. Hehe...

Jonna had made jellyshots, a cake, drinks and served us snacks. Julia had preperred the so called "Christmas gift game", so in the end everyone of us got at least one small present. I got the one I wanted so I was satisfied! And after a while Jonna's boyfriend Kristofer and his friends joined us for the party.

Finally reunited with this girl ❤ I freaking love her. Before the party she had invited me to her place and surprised me with a paleo cake + a couple of beautiful earrings. Dream girl!

When the clock got closer to midnight us girls, together with the boys, brought our party mode to the club where we danced until it closed. My even tried to force the DJ play another song after the lockup... An unsuccessfull try though...

Words can not describe how happy I was yesterday. There is no place like home and I am without a doubt privileged with the world's best friends. I love you all! I will never leave you again

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On Wednesday I had invited people over to celebrate that I should leave on Friday (today). We played beerpong as usual, drank pancake shots and everything else we usually do during a night of partying. Although, only me, Carmen och three of Moritz classmates went of clubbing. Apparently, we went to the wrong club for "Wednesday-patying", since we literally were the only one there in the end. Put with great company and "a few" drinks, everything turns of alright.

Moritz made the standard move after a while: cooling down in front of our freezer/fridge. Our apartment is a souna.


Yesterday I spent my last night in Newcastle with a bunch of people (the majority of the guests from the night before) in "The Hub" at Trinity.

Clara surprised me with pizza paleo style! I loved it! <3

We played UNO and other card games, but to be honest playing with this "ball" was probably the funniest thing we did. Haha.

After a while some people started watching "The Dictator"...

... and some played ping pong.

And well, Moritz just chilled.

Last group picture! <3 

Today, Matteo and Nicoló followed me to the airport since I had 4 luggages... It was really hard saying goodbye to people you have lived together with so closely for 3 months. Now I am sitting in my sofa at home, everything looks and feels the same, but somethings has other has changed: me. Even though this adventure have had been amazing, it has been so challenging and hard at the same time. I have never been so grateful before for the reality I am actually living in, and I am so thankful for all those wonderful humanbeings that have chosen to be a part of my life. 

So, Newcastle, you treated me well. But the thing you did the most was making me realise even more how privileged I actually am. 



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On Saturday me, Lena and Clara went to Edinburgh with the Univeristy to check out their magnificant Christmas market. We had a wonderful day in the sun exploring the city and just enjoyed eachothers company. I have A LOT of picures to show you, but for now you have to be content of only a small taste of what is coming later. Sadly, there is no time for editing that amount of pictures when you have three assignments to write and moving back to Sweden on Friday(!!!).



On Thursday Khadijah and Sofia had invited a group a people to "The Hub", to celebrate our own European version of Thanksgiving! Every guest had to contribute with at least one dish, and then we all shared dinner with "special" food from all around this continent. I had made a pie paleo-style. At least Charlotte liked it!

Table neighbours.

In between dinner and dessert some of us played pool, and others played ping pong.

Until 1 a.m. we (or at least I) hung out in "The Hub" here at Trinity, just drank, laughed and talked about both weird and serious stuff. Best part of spending time together here is that it takes 1 minute to be back at my room. So when I felt tired, the second minute I was in my bed. 

Thanks for such a cosy night!



Last night me, Lena, Clara and Paige went to Aveika for dinner! I mean - who can resist 3 dishes for 15 pound?

My delicious starter. It had a fancy Asian name, but it was something fried with minced chicken inside.

Clara and Paige.

My main dish.

My main bitch (<3).

For dessert I chose vanilla caramel cream. I even got a flower with it!

During the three hours we were there we shared two bottles of wine and just talked about everything between heaven and earth. Boobs, differences between the states in the US, boybands, the Geordie-lifestyle etc... A wonderful night in the middle of the week.

Later today it is time for: FRIENDSGIVING! So I better get done with my assessment breif right now so I can start making my paleo pie which is my contribution for tonight.



This weekend Newcastle arranges the International Christmas Market, and when something FINALLY happens in this town - you just have to be there! So me and Lena deposed two(!) hours to go through the magnificent event. Unfortunately, the market was so small that it only took us about 20 minutes...

... but since I was there with "The Best German" it did not matter.

I found the best stand! Only with "Cocolate Kisses" or "Kokosbollar" as we call it in Swedish. I bought three different tastes: White Chocolate, After Eight and Caramel. Yummie!

Then some random girls ruined the nice background I had planned for my picture...

But I was happy anyways since that is the only feeling I get from chocolate <3

When we were about to start the third round Petr, Richard and Martin joined us.

Me and these two "gentlemen" decided to share the mandatory "market sweet".

Photogenic since 1994.

Favorite! <3

After Lena had felt some belongingness with the German bratwurst-guy the five of us + a bunch of other went to Byron for burgers. Or I only ordered a beer (which I never got) and the other ate their burgers complaining about the service.

When the restaurant crew went to one bar, I took a taxi to meet up these cute girls! To the left you see Maren and Carmen, and to the right: Carmens German guests for the weekend: Kirsten and Lea. We took a beer at our regular place: The Five Swans.

We were home by midnight and everyone went straight to bed. Even though I did not fall asleep until 5 a.m. I do not understand how hard it can be so fall asleep when you are exhaused?

Anyways - thanks everyone for a lovely Friday night! <3



Times passes quickly and honestly it feels good. It is Thursday again and now there only are 15 days left until I am going home. Forever this time.

Yesterday, me and Matteo went to a party with the swiming team and then went out clubing with all the other sport teams. A really funny night! Especially since it was a masquerade and many guys (Matteo included) were dressed up as women. We stayed out until the club closed, so I guess that is a good rating? Here are some snapshots from last night:



Tonight it was time to celebrate Clara who turns 22 today! She had booked a table at our favorite place here: The Botanist, and the rest of the table guest were Lena, Connie and Beth. It was the first time I Beth and Connie, and they were such sweet girls.

Lena <3

Me, Connie and Beth.

This falafel... Omg. I am considering throwing up right now so I can eat it again. It was delicious.

We stayed 4(!!!) hours just eating and chatting. I just love when the time flies away because you are having such a good time, and this time even with new people.

This was a great way to spend a day in the middle of the week. Everyday luxury.

Happy birthday again, Clara! <3



As mentioned before I was invited to a house warming party yesterday. Annie (in the front) and her boyfriend served us both food, snacks, sweets, cake and drinks, so they certainly did not disappoint any of the guests.

Stina (to the left) was already there when I got there with Clara...

.... And Lena!

We met Henry there and together we looked like a happy little family!

After a few hours the taxi came and to drive us some since we sadly had responsibilities today... But both the company and food was amazing so we were happy anyways.

Tack you, Annie and Jonathan, for having us! <3




So... Last night we (Me, gorgeous Lena, Clara and Stina) went to Annie's house warming party in the end of nowhere. It was really fun, but unfortunately we had to leave quite early since both me and Lena had to study today. So here we are now... full of energy and inspiration! (NOT)

At least one of my tasks are finished. Only one more to go and then I will hit the gym. Yey!