Today it is Saturday! Unfortunately I cannot enjoy the weekend that much, since I have (as mentioned before) an exam tomorrow. Although, afterwards I have invited some girls over for a COCKTAILPARTY. Super excited (but I feel like a sinner drinking on a Sunday, haha)!

Right now I am studying, but in about an hour I have to go to work. My second cusin Moa, took my morning hours at work, so I could study a few hours before. So kind!

I cannot wait until this exam is over, then we are gonna celebrate big time! Have a nice Saturday in the sun (Sweden is treating us at its best).

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Long time no see, amigos!

On Sunday we have an exam, so to wash away my (our) sorrows, Matilda came over for some banana pancakes and snacks. The best part was that she brought a bottle of wine. I have had a white month so it tasted delicious!

We just talked for hours, listened to music and did not study even a bit. Great night, right?

I guess she was quite satisfied as well, casually posing and everyhing.

Now: Bed time. Tomorrow we have to study a lot more than we did today... 



HOW delicious does this plate look(......)? Yummie!

Soooo... This week has been intense. It was my first week at my new job, while my 'normal' schedule still looked the same. Two jobs + school = long days. Despite this I am very excited for the future will bring, and know that if I just manage to hang in there three more weeks, life will offer me more sparetime later.

Next up: Work (at my 'old' job) which also will be my home the upcoming days.

Thumbs up to the weekend and my fancy Friday hairstyle!



On Saturday after work I met up Julia. We cooked dinner and had a few drinks at her place.

I had forgotten my pants at home?

After both deep converations and huge laughter, we danced our way to the club Glädje (which is the swedish word for happiness). We KILLED the dancefloor and stayed there until it closed.

I was more dead than alive at my breakfast with My the next morning, but it was worth it. Both the night before and the fact that I had forced myself to get out of the bed and meet My. Our schedules do not match that often, so when we actually manage to meet up, it is always so cozy!

I really had a great weekend, but now I think I have to start a white month. The rockstar life may not be fitted for me.



As mentioned yesterday, I went to town for an AW. We had booked a table at the super cute restaurant "Pique Nique".

The offer of yesterday were Pulled Pork, and all of us chose a czech beer to it.

After a couple of hours we said goodbye and I continued my evening together with Clara. ​We had so much to talk about that I forgot that I had brought my camera. 

Today I have been working all day, and now I am about to get into the car and go to Julia's. The plan is to cook a nice dinner and then go out clubbing. Can't wait! 



FINALLY FRIDAY! Or... to be honest it has not been the busiest week.

Today I have cleanet the entire house and now I am off to After Work with mom and my grandmother. After we are done I am gonna meet up Clara for a late "fika".

Have a nice Friday, you all! ​❤



Yesterday it was time to "celebrate" that our exam was finally done. Firstly, I were invited to Evelina together with Jenny and Elin. We ate tapas and drank sparkeling wine over both deep and less serious conversations.

Me, Elin, Evelina and Jenny. (We have laughed so much at this picture. It looks like Evelina only has one leg! Haha!)

After our small dinner we went to different pre-parties. They went to Evelina's boyfriend, and I met up Jennifer to go to Viktor's place where lots of other people already were.

Matilda, Maria, Jennifer and Johanna.

Amanda, Caroline and Sanna.

And Daniel was so grateful for his invitation that he kissed the host (Viktor).

After a few more drinks everyone went to "Kollektivet" where lots of other students already danced their arses off. We got inspired by their party mode and joined the rave party at the dancefloor.

I had a WONDERFUL night and today I have been so happy and full of positive energi.

Thanks to everyone involved!



When you are studying a Friday night, you definitely derserve a glass of wine! As so many times before, we have an exam on a Sunday. And in two days, it is time again. Therefore, I study at 22.45 this Friday night.

Moreover, I got the results from my exchange semester yesterday, which were good considering the fact that the time of completion where about 3 days per assignment. So god job, Mathilda!

Anyhow, the Swedish "law book" will be my bedtime story tonight. So easygoing and soft to read about a company's liability of damages.

Goodnight! <3



Yesterday me, Cassandra and Linnea went to "Bryggan" to eat lunch OUTSIDE!!! One should be aware of that Swedes are crazy about the sun, and as soon as it is out, EVERYONE drags themselves out as well.

Unfortunately we count not stay that long since all three of us had to go back to school to study... Matilda and I fought for a long time with our law books. I cannot wait until Sunday evening when the exam is done!




On Saturday it was FINALLY time for girls weekend! Linn and Lisa surprised me with this gift when I got back from Newcastle and first now our schedules matched so we could leave for a small trip.

The final destination was Halmstad, which is a city by the coast, where their family have a cabin. First, we went to town for some shopping!

When the stores closed we went back to the cabin to take a quick powernap and get ready to party!

When Linn and I felt pretty enough she and I started with the food. We had bought fresh shrimps.

Lisa was a bit slower to get ready so the majority of the photos are without her... Sad but true.

When Lisa finally were done, I prepared some drinks for us that (of course) tasted delicious.

Something that did not smell as delicious where the leftovers of the shrimps... But I seemed to like it?

Casually posing.

Since we actually had put some effort into our looks, we had to do a photoshot... Why is that a girls thing? Kind of wierd when you think about it, haha.

Our plan was all along to pre-party and then go to the club. But the truth was that we forgot about time and when it was one hour left before the club were about to close, we realised that we would not make it there. Can you imagine how wonderful (and hilarious!) ones friends are when that occurs?


The next day, when we had risen from the dead we decided to go for a walk along the beach.

Linn wanted to take a classic jump picture.

Look how ​casually we are walking away. We had NO IDEA that Lisa took a photo... 

Anyways. I had an AMAZING weekend. You know when you laugh so hard from the bottom of your heart, that you almost scream because it is so funny? That happened more than one time during this trip, and that is very seldom.

I LOVE YOU, GIRLS! Thanks for wanting to be such a special part of my life.