Hola amigos, it´s been a long time ´(as usual) since last time I wrote. However I´m currently sitting on the front porch of my host family´s beach house in Galveston, it´s 26 degrees in the shade, the sun is shining from a cloud free sky, life´s pretty good. Today is also June the ninth which means that I will be on a flight back to Sweden in exactly two weeks and four days, which feels very strange and is pretty hard to comprehend. I have very mixed feelings about going home and they shift from day to day. I really miss home. Being away from your home for 10 months makes you realize its charm and qualities. I miss the Swedish nature, my afternoon coffee, the Swedish school system, Swedish people, the Swedish west coast and believe it or not, even the Swedish school lunch (never thought I would say that). And first of all, I miss my family and friends.

But Houston, Texas has become my second home, a place where I have family, friends and a life too. A place which has its qualities and charm. Before going here people joked about me going to the land of cowboys, where everyone walked around in boots, speaking with a heavy accent and riding horses. Parts of that is true, other parts aren´t. But Texas is so much more, and I consider myself very lucky who got this place as my destination. Texas has everything from the biggest cities to the smallest country sides and ranches. I understand why this state has its pride, it´s special. A little sidetrack, but my point is that I´m really going to miss this place.

I´m also scared about going home. I´m scared that school will be overwhelming, I´m scared that things will be different, people being different, myself being different. I´m scared that people will have forgotten about me.

Oh well so since I haven’t written in like four months I´m thinking of making a separate post with pictures and stuff about what I´ve been doing until now

kisses and hugs, see y´all sooon

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Here I am, writing again and It's been less than one week since last time. I'm so proud of myself. I guess my blogging is like the JoJo diets, intervals with intensity and than nothing hahah. Well I wrote in my last post that we were spending a week in Colorado for Springbreak, so I thought of sharing my week with y'all.

The first pictures are taken from Saturday to Sunday, two days when we mainly sat in the car. In fact, it took us 18 hours, driving from Houston, Texas to Beaver Creek, Colorado. Though we didn't actually drive for 18 hours because we stopped in New Mexico and spent the night at a hotel there. It was a relief when we finally arrived to Beaver Creek at 4 p.m. the next day(the last pictures are of the house/ski cabin we stayed in for the week).

The first day started out with Icy slopes and cloudy skies and I must say that my excitement sank a little... but it turned when we had hot chocolate, free wifi and burgers at Ritz (the first pictures). The second day was probably my favorite day of the week. The sun was shining from an (almost) cloud free sky and the snow was softer, we were all in a good mood (the sunny pics).

These pictures are taken from a day when we didn't ski at all, our legs were to tired... So we mostly walked around in the little town belonging to Beaver Creek called Avon. Hahha my poor host brother Cameron had to drink a healthy smoothie because of me or what he called it "some hipster juice" not to his optimism. The day went by and at 7 p.m. Cam and I went to the movie theater to see the new King Kong Movie. It was good. What I didn't know was that the movie theater was placed in a town 25 min way... not to my host parents delight... ooops.

The last days included skiing until we dropped haha. Well the sun was shining so hard that the snow got very slushy and in the end of the day it was pretty hard on your legs. As well I got to see a very fashionable ski family, skiing with bare legs... I might go dressed like that on my next ski trip.. be ware.

Well Saturday finally came and we packed the car and said good bye to Beaver Creek. These last pictures are taken yesterday from the window of the car. We passed all different landscapes and it was a pretty lit. It could have been a worse 10 hours in the car, for sure. The last pictures are taken from the hotel room we slept in last night, hahah one is of my host mom, host dad and our white Sheppard Stella in the hotel bed falling asleep. I thought they looked very cute.

Over all, It's been a very good trip and I'm very happy for the possibility to ski in Colorado. Colorado is one of the better, maybe the best ski area I've ever been to.

Well we've got around 2 hours left until we're back in Hosuton and my host brother is driving.... it makes me a little nervous, but my seat belt is on and so are my earphones so I don't have to listen to any panic driving instructions... at least that's how it is when I'm driving....

Hasta la vista babes



Well I´m not a very good blogger, I have to admit that. It´s a new year and my first blog post of 2017, yey! A lot off things happened in the beginning of January, I for example changed host family and the soccer season started. This explains my lack of blogging and I guess that the blog hasn't been priority number one. Anyhow I thought it might be fun to write a little about what has happened January through Mars, so keep reading!

These pictures were taken in the very beginning of January when me and my other exchange student friends went to NASA. It was one of the coldest days here so far, with a temperature of negative three degrees. After six months of heat I was freezing(question is how i´m gong to survive in Sweden??).

Above are some photos from our soccer season, It has been so much fun and I love all the girls on my team. I honestly don't know what I would have done without soccer this year, I´ve met so many good people here! We had soccer games two days a week with practice the days when we didn´t have games. Sadly many of our games got cancelled because of bad weather. In the US they don't play when it´s raining.... If we had that role in Sweden there would be no soccer games hahah, people would think it was a joke. Every Thursday we had team dinners, which meant that two girls from the team went together serving dinner for all the girls on the team, well of course not the same girls every week. Team dinners really made us all getting to know each other and made it more than just soccer. I will really miss soccer season even though it took up much time, so much time that I failed one of my math tests, I´m going to blame it on soccer hahah. Something good is that Off Season starts now, which is a bunch off fitness, something I´ll need to get in shape and to not scare the Swedish peeps.

Above are some pictures from when I went with some girl friends to Dallas, organized with Younglife, it was much fun! Younglife is like a teenage Christian organization. I honestly didn´t think that I would enjoy going there at first, since I´m not very religious nor come from a religious family. Church has never been my thing, I can't sit still for that long!!!! To my surprise I actually liked it and a lot of my friends go there and it is not a church or anything alike. In Dallas we stayed at a nice hotel with amazing hotel breakfast (I love breakfast , could eat it for lunch and dinner as well), after breakfast we went to a big galleria, shopped and ice skated. For lunch some of us had a salad and others had inn and out (a hamburger place). I had a salad, pretending to be healthy... We went back to the hotel and relaxed for a little while. Two hours later we went to dinner (the dressed up picture) and after dinner we took the big van and went to a place owned by YL, watched movies and ate candy. Something is wrong with my phone so I couldn't upload all pictures from this trip but more are to find on my Facebook ....

These pictures are taken from the past week when we went to the rodeo. The rodeo is a big thing in Houston where everybody is walking around in boots (I´ve got my own now) and eat fried food. They have everything from fried butter to fried ice cream. I tried fried Oreos for the first time and they were so damn good (picture in right upper corner). Except from eating Oreos you can ride roller coasters, play games, watch live stock shows, watch special horse shows where the rider is to jump of this horse and swing a rope around a bulls horns, bull riding where the rider gets points from sitting as long as possible on the bulls back and seeing kids riding cheeps. At the end of our day we saw a country singer perform (the biggest picture). The rodeo goes on for three weeks and during these weeks different bands are playing. I´m sad that I could´t go yesterday when the Chain Smokers performed. During SpringbreakI Fifth Harmony and Megan Trainor is playing as well.

Well that was a shorter summary of Jan-Mars. Currently I´m in Colorado skiing with my host family, it took 18 hours to drive up here!! I will try to update at least every month, but I can´t promise anything... haha

Lots of love

Swedes I´ll see you in 3,5 months



Hello again from the U.S. I hope that you are all doing good and that y´alls christmas break is good. Since December is going to an end I thought it would be a good idea to show you what I've been up to this past month, before it turns into a new month and a new year.

These pictures are from when me and five other exchange students had a christmas sleepover. They are from Finland, Italy, Uruguay and Germany. Can you guess who's from where? We made hot chocolate and decorated gingerbread :) oh and we made Swedish pancakes for breakfast. They turned out really good.

one day after soccer practice, Katie and I went over to see a friends Labrador puppies, they were so fucking cute. I didn't want to leave so Katie had to drag me out of there hahahahaha.

Christmas lights is a big thing in the u.s and if you drive around the neighborhoods you can find all kinds. The houses and Christmas lights on these pictures are from a richer area in Houston called River Oaks, so their lightening mght have been a little more extreme than the ones where I live. I went there with friends two times and it really gave me christmas feeling.

and some more.....

I´ve just been home over the break, but it´s been pretty good anyways though of course boring some days especially when all american friends had to spend family time. The pics represent some stuff I did. Biked in an area called the hights with my exchange student friends (people looked at us weirdly when we biked, it`s not the most usual thing to do here), went to a birthday dinner, went with a friend to a super cute coffee place called Agora. Had a little bit more coffee. I´ve seen four movies at the cinema, Star wars was my fav, I had the best ice cream I've ever had and I cerebrated christmas eve with Maggie and her family. She gave me a christmas sock witch Swedish candy she bought at Ikea, so cute. She also made me Swedish meatballs!!!

It is five o´clock here but I realize since Sweden is 7 hours a head from where I am that it is a new year for y´all! So Happy New Year everyone !!!!!



Hello again ppl! Hahaha thought it was time for some update here again. So two weekends ago I/we had thanksgiving break, from Wednesday to Sunday. I spent most of the break with a friend called Nathalie:)) Her family invited me to come with them to a city about three hours from Houston called San Antonio. So on Friday morning we left for San Antonio. Our first stop was at a mall (since it was Black Friday they had super sale, especially on VS underwear, hahaha. After about 3 hours of shopping, we went out eating at a tapas place. I had fried alligator for the first time! It was actually really good. And after that we went to a neat hotel to watch the river walk put up their Christmas lights. The river walk is probably what San Antonio is the most famous for. So in the middle of the city is a river and on both sides of it are restaurants and sidewalks- it's really cool (you can see it in the three last pictures I think).

We woke up at around 10 on Saturday morning and went down to have some hotel breakfast. And I must say that the breakfast wasn't that bad. It was good! (I've heard American breakfast isn't too good). After hanging out in our hotel room for almost 3 hours we decided to seize the day. So we drove to a cute little Italian inspired restaurant placed in a little area outside San Antonio. And omg the food there was soo good. We had carpaccio, brushetta and pizza! We also ordered dessert and I think it was the best dessert I've ever had. Seriously it was soo damn good(mine was the chocolate thing). Our next stop was to another shopping area. When coming back to the hotel, we took a bath in the hotel's hot tub (which unfortunately wasn't that hot) so we had to sit around the fire and make s'mores to heat up again.

After another good hotel breakfast we went to see Mexican market and the river walk. Mexican market is a part of San Antonio built to represent Mexico and it was really cool, very colorful and they had good food! After this we headed back for Houston again. It was a really nice trip and I'm so glad Nathalie invited me!



Hej, Hola, Hello folks.
It's been a while since last time, but I guess that's just how it is- I mean I got to accept that I'm not very good at being a blogger.... Anyways thought of giving you guys that are interested a little bit of a life update. To start with, to weeks ago I had dinner with my Liason and a former Swedish exchange student. She lived here and did the same thing as I do last year and was now visiting her friends in Houston over Swdish fall break. So my Liason who was her Liason too invited me for a dinner so I could meet Petra and maybe get some advice and pepp talk. I must say that it was a funny night, but it felt so weird that she was here now but was going home again as I was staying. But I liked her very much and she also studies the Natural science program- just as I do back at home!!

The day after I went with to friends to a Sia concert and it was AMAZING omg she's one of my favorites artists! I don't know how the video thing worked out but, I tried to post one of my videos from the concert!

Last weekend I met up with a Finish exchange student girl and we went to IKEA. I've been feeling a bit homesick lately, so going there felt so good:)) Everything on the inside was the same, just as it is in Sweden. We had Swedish meatballs, lingonsylt and mashed potatoes. And to my very surprise, I found Swedish "lösgodis"!! That was a happy Houston moment for me Hahahaah. As you can see in one of the pictures I bought some Daim (XL) lol. After being to IKEA, me and Asta tried to take the bus to a big Shopping Galleria. But the thing is that the bus system here, is very different from where both of us come from, so we went of by the wrong stop and had to wait for the next bus for a long time. We finally made it to the galleria- almost one hour later than we planned. Oops. The Americans are crazy about Christmas so they already put up the Christmas light on the trees!

Last Sunday I went to china town and went to an authentic China restaurant for lunch. Omg the food was amazing, sooo good. After we went a Chinese grocery store and OMG I saw the weirdest food in there- it was very different from what I've seen before, but it was fun!

The last pictures are on my friend Jessica, hahahah she took me to a salad place called Ensallada(fitting name) and it was so good! The food here is GOOD. We also went to a coffee place. You might think.. "What is so special about coffee?). Well for me it is pretty special to have a good latte.. Which I had !!

I didn't take a picture from when I ran, but I ran a 5k race with to friends today. Guess what happend during the race.... Well I had to pee so bad that I almost peed in my pants. Luckily we were in the Forrest part of the race so I ran into the bushes and made what I had to do... The Typical me:))

Now I've been here for almost 4 months! Whoop whoop
Oh and Thanksgiving is coming up this week so we're of school- that will be fun!!

Anyways hope you're all doing good




Hi y'all hope you're doing fine! This will be my first English written post, haters gonna hate and judges gonna judge. Anyways I might do a Swedish one again soon.

So, two days ago was as you all already know Halloween. But I can say that it was a bit different celebrating it here from home. First of all, all people here are going all in and as you saw in my last post they decorate their houses with skeletons, spider webs etc. secondly even adults dress up. My host family and I went early to the Halloween parade since my h-siblings are so young so I got the chance to see all these people young as adult dressed up in their costumes, and I'm pretty impressed. My host mom was a baseball girl and my host dad the baseball coach. Though I must say that the best costume was a woman wearing a bag of sand on her belly dressed up as a witch... Did y'all get it? "Sandwich" Hahhaha my humor is bad

When the parade started all kids started to run around like wild pigs and omg how much candy they collected!! The difference here from home is that all parents are prepared with candy bowls. In Sweden I remember trick or treating was less organized. You where happy if your neighbor found an old lollipop or some Easter candy to give you, lol. Also the kids here dress up as whatever they want, cops, Cinderella's, Star wars heroes, super heroes, baseball players was what I saw and more. In Sweden we all dress up or dressed up as something creepy, freaky as a zombie, witch, monster or something alike.

Well I didn't trick or treat but I walked with my kids and stayed outside the yard when they went ringing the doorbell. Then when they came back they gave me their chocolate candy, mostly the Rees's peanut butter cups. I should say it was pretty much a win win situation...

After the trick or treating, I went rollers skating with some friends, I've never done that before, but it was so much fun! Easier than Ice-skating!

As you can see on one of my pics pumpkin carving is big here as well. The last thing I wanted to tell you was that we saw a super creepy horror movie on Saturday(can't remember the name). The cool thing was that you could order dinner while watching the movie and eat at your seat!

Since I haven't enough energy to go back and read what I've written, it may be some spelling and grammatical mistakes. Hope you can live with that




​Omg tror att jag är påväg att skriva mitt andra blogginlägg inom ramen av 2 dagar, det är fan rekord! Nu har jag spenderat lite mer än 10 veckor alltså 2,5 månader i Amerikat och jag tänkte dela med mig av lite likheter och skillnader som jag har upptäckt:

Kaffe, enligt mig är Europeiskt kaffe bättre, kaffet här är ganska blaskigt så jag alltid överlycklig när vi drar till Starbucks!

Socker, allting är faktiskt mer sockrat här, ibland lite för sockrigt, men dom är jävligt bra på glass och milkshakes här.. glassen jag har haft är mycket bättre än hemma! 

Maten är väldigt god, i Texas äter de flesta texmex som är exv tortillas, burittos, tacos, guacamole, nachos, enchiladas och quesadillas. På dom två sista bilderna kan ni se lite typisk texmex, på en av bilderna syns några quesadillas. Något som jag aldrig tidigare hade käkat är vad dom kallar queso, som är typ en ostig varm sås som man doppar nachos i, en favorit. Förutom texmex äts det mycket bbq, så som ribbs, grillad kyckling och korv. Det äts också mycket pulled pork vilket gillas. Något annat amerikanare älskar är jordnötssmör och hommus, vilket inte gör mig något.

Skol-spiriten är helt annorlunda här, folk går verkligen inför sin skola. Exempelvis köps det T-shirts med skolans tryck, folk stöttar skolans fotbollslag och är med i klubbar m.m. Jag gillar skolandan!  

Skolsystemet är helt annorlunda, förutom att man får välja sina klasser så är nästintill alla prov, förutom matten, multipel Choice, inga jobbiga analysfrågor här inte. Personligen gillar jag dock det svenska prove-systemet bättre för på multipel choice quizen måste man kunna all fakta utantill och många av svaren är väldigt lika så det är svårt att svara rätt heheheheh ooops. 

Något jag älskar med skolan här är att man kan spela en sport som ett skolämne! Själv spelar jag fotboll varje dag 1 h och 15 min. 

Något som också är annorlunda är att man tar med sin egna lunch till skolan, fördelen med det är att man alltid gillar sin lunch/tycker den är ätbar. Nackdelen är att man får slut på idéer och tröttnar på sin mat hahha. 

I Texas är Amerikansk fotboll sjukt stort, alla går hem och tittar på fotboll under helgerna och folk bär kläder med lagens loggor och det pratas fotboll. överallt. I highschool gör tjejgrupper skyltar till alla fotbollsspelare, ska föröka ta ett kort så ni kan få se en sådan skylt. Seniors tjejerna lägger ner sjukt mycket tid på att måla skyltarna! 

kläder och mode. Modet här är ganska likt det svenska samtidigt som det inte är det. Det är svårt att beskriva hur det skiljer sig, men folk bär mer sandaler här lol och mer färgglada kläder(kan ju bero på att svennar aldrig ser solen och är för bleka). Personligen tycker jag att folk har mer sin egna stil, alla ser inte lika dana ut. Något som är helt annorlunda är hur folk klär sig i skolan. I skolan kommer folk i träningstights och oversized T-shirt. den trenden följer inte jag än så länge... men vem vet, maybe I will... 

Vädret här är fantastiskt! Älskar det! Soligt och varmt, kan inte bli bättre enligt mig. Det va lite varmt att spela fotboll i 40 grader(spydde nästan) men annars är det uthärdligt. Nu håller det på att bli lite kallare, idag hade vi exv mellan 20-24 grader och strålande sol :)))) 

Firandet är större här i USA, allt firas mer! Halloween dekorationerna har redan varit uppe i en månads tid och vissa köpcenter har redan börjat julpynta hahahahah. Jag gillar att allt firas. Jag tycker vi behöver lite mer liv och firande i vardagen, speciellt i Sverige där det är grått och regnigt stor del av tiden(ta inte illa upp, Sverige är vackert och bra på sitt sätt)!!  

Bil-beroendet. I Houston är allt väldigt utspritt så nästan alla över 16 år har bil, vilket gör att man känner sig väldigt begränsad utan bil,! Folk varken cyklar eller går för att ta sig runt, det är bil som gäller. Och jag kan meddela att lokaltrafiken i Sverige är klart bättre. 

Det var nog allt jag hade att säga för denna gång!

Låter lite för professionell nu, men om ni har några frågor så blir jag bara glad över att svara på dom!  

Hoppas allt är bra med er 


Varning: Nästa inlägg kanske blir på Engelska 



Hahaha jag kommer alltid på att jag glömt att visa bilder. För några veckor sedan hade vi i allfall homecoming, som ä en amerikansk bal-dans-ish där traditionellt sett föredetta highschool elever, som "graduated" året före innan tillbaka. Hela tillställningen går ut på att killarna frågar tjejerna att bli deras dejt, med typ gulliga skyltar(se nedan). Sedan är själva dansen på lördagskvällen. Ovan är några bilder på mig och kompisgänget jag gick med, ja om man inte blir tillfrågad(vilket jag inte blev..sad story jk) så går en del i kompisgäng. Hela kvällen var väldigt lyckad.. dock kändes allt ganska akward när jag först kom till dansen, men jag bestämde mig sedan för att det bara skulle bli stelare om jag inte dansade, så när jag började dansa blev det en rolig kväll heheheh. Jag trodde först att det skulle vara en formell dans, men skolan hade DJ och fler folk än vad jag förväntade mig, dansade, så det va kul! Dagen innan Homecoming har skolan ofta ett Fotboll game, iallafall om man bor i Texas där amerikansk fotboll är hudge och om man bor i Texas bär folk sk mums till fotbollsmatchen. Mumsen ger man antingen till sin partner eller friendo. På de sista bilderna kan ni se några glimtar av mina mums, som jag fick av några kompisar och min H-mamma. Så nu har ni fått lära er lite texikansk kultur!

Love Y´all <33333



Goder Morgon gott folk. Jag kom på att jag glömt att berätta om när vi var och hälsade på min H-dads bror och Guest-Ranchen han äger i Bandera. En Guest Ranch är en ranch dit turister åker för att semestra när man tröttnat på beach och skidsemester. På ranchen bor man i små stugor(cabins), och man får gå på ridtur, dom bjuder på god hemlagad "cowboy mat" samt mycket annat. Så efter skolan åkte jag och min H-family till Bandera som ligger lite utanför Austin i Texas. Bandera är inte alls som Huston som är ganska platt, trafikerat med stora villaområden. Utan det är en by ute på landsbygden med berg och floder. 

När vi kom fram till bandera mådde inte jag så bra, jag var sjuk och sov 11 timmar natten lördag-fredag. På lördagen däremot mådde jag mycket bättre och startade dagen med en ridtur, som ni kan se på en av bilderna. Vi red genom skogen och upp på kullar och solen sken(klyschigt), det var väldigt mysigt. Efter vår lila ritt så såg jag min första parade vilket var kul, bästa var när dom kastade ut gratis godis. Efter paraden käkade vi, maten där var såååå god, allt var som sagt hemlagat och det kändes som att jag gick upp ca 2 kilo efter min lilla visit där. Vi badade också i "the Medina River", en flod med grönt klart vatten och eftersom att det var typ 35 grader varmt den dagen så kan jag säga att det va ganska skönt.

På lördagskvällen åt vi cowboy middag och då fick jag mig en liten surprise. Jag visste att mina h-siblings hade en kusin i min ålder som var adopterad, men jag visste inte så mycket mer. Så jag fattade först inte att den snygga killen va deras kusin, stelt. Jag trodde ju inte att amerikanska lantis killar va snygga, men se på fan, det var dom visst eller iallafall var han det. Han ville dock inte snacka så mycket med mig vilket va lite deppigt, men det visade sig dock att han hade flickvän... Eftersom att jag har stalking skills så tog jag reda på hur hon såg ut.. och jag kan säga att hon Inte var på hans nivå. 

På söndag morgon red vi till vår cowboy frukost, det va ganska frääkttt faktiskt och frullen va sjukt god. Den första bilden är på frukosten och de tre sista är på omgivningen vi åt den i. Vid lunchtid åkte vi hem och så mycket mer av intresse hände inte den söndagen. 

Sorry för dålig update, hoppas ni alla mår bra!