So, back to this again. My second, out of three, posts about my university experience (if you missed out on nr 1, you can read it here ). I'll try to make it as easy and simple as possible. Applying to schools is definitely pressuring enough, don't need to add extra stress to that. I decided to study in London (and applying from Sweden), so obviously this post will be angled that way, but hopefully you will manage to find it somewhat helpful no matter where you want to go, even if you chose a different country.

General information

First thing you need to do is to is to translate your final grades. This can be done for free at your old gymnasium, high school, upper secondary school, college or wherever you previously studied. The reason you cannot do it yourself is because you need the official stamp or a signature from someone at the school.

Second, applying. If you want to, you can usually apply through the official website of your future school or through an external link. Simply by googling 'school-name' application you should be able to find it. For me, to minimise the stress of a regular application process, I chose to apply through a Swedish organisation. This option doesn't exist for every school abroad, but I guess I was just very lucky. Because even if I feel that I am fluent in English and can easily understand it, the whole way the educational system works are completely different from what I'm used to. It's easier to apply through someone/something that shares your point of view and has more of an understanding of your perspective. I found an organisation called IBS Education (International Business School) and that where I decided to apply through.

What was so great about IBS was the fact that they offered, for the first semester, a housing option located in their student mansion in Chelsea, just off Kings Road (how posh). When I saw that I was like heeeeells yeah, that's perfect! Looking back I kind of wish that I had found a place for myself. Just because it ended up getting a bit too expensive for me AND I had intentions all along to stay in London even after I graduated. So just for the sake of saving myself from a little extra work in-between my semesters, maybe it would have been better to figure out the whole housing thing on my own from the very start. HOWEVER, I mad some really good friends and had SO MUCH FUN living on Manresa Road so I am still very happy it all happened. Despite my complains. So, all that's really up to you!

Anyway, back to IBS. Here you can find the link to the program I studied - Fashion Business. The contact person I had at IBS was a woman called Eva. She guided me through the application process and answered, both through email and phone calls, the many (many, many) questions I had to ask her about this school. She helped me gather all the papers I needed and then prepared me for the final application interview (that was without a doubt the the most heart-beating conversation I've ever had in my entire life. But I'll tell you about that in a second).

Important papers and Documents

There was a bit of paperwork that needed to be done before we could continue onto the interview process, I guess they wanted to see if I was even worthy of their time. Like I said before, the final grades had to be translated, scanned in and sent to IBS via email. Now, my grades were actually not good enough to be accepted for this program. Guess I was a bit lazy in my teens. But to be fair, who wasn't? So what I had to do instead, to compensate for my lacking grade, was to write a motivation letter - basically saying that this school would be insane to deny my application because of simple number, when I am the most creative, inspiring and simply just the coolest person the'll meet. And whatever you do, promise them that one day they will thank you for taking your precious time and dedicating it to their school, because you will be the king of the world like asap. Tada! Easy, easy. What is required from everyone (even the kids who were smart in school) is a personal letter explaining WHY you want to attend that school and that school only, telling them that their school has been a dream of yours for as long as you can remember, that you cannot and will never be able to see yourself attending any other school other than this one. That you fell in love with the school from the second you laid your longing eyes on it and that you've read ever page of their website as if it was a romantic novel only you could ever understand. Or something like that.

Either way, the rest of the forms you will have to print, fill out, sign etc. are (was for me) the ones listed below. It's just some general information about what you want your future roommate to be like (if you're a guy you're most likely to get a single room for the same price as for a shared one. Lucky you), a paper explaining health and safety, some rules the school have (no alcohol consumption, no fighting etc), and so on.

  • IBS Student Accommodation: General Information for London
  • General Lease Agreement
  • Roommate Relations
  • Destination Safety
  • Code of Conduct
  • Student Details Form

Nothing fussy or difficult about that really. If everything seems fine you will then have your interview. Someone from IBS will call you and prepare you for the conversations you will have later on with the school. The first interview (from IBS) will be in Swedish, but the second one (with the school) will be in English. Tbh I cannot really remember what they asked you during the phone call. It was obviously a lot of why do you want to go to this school? why should we pick you? what is your previous experience? how will you manage to live abroad? what can YOU bring to the school? etc. I don't think it was anything unexpected or special that was hard to answer.

CSN (If you are applying from Sweden)

Thank God for CSN right? They will give you a chance to go fulfil your lifelong dream and basically give you everything you need to have the best time of your life. But it will cost you. What you need to do is apply through their website to see if you're a good candidate for a student loan. Most likely, you will be. You'll find the instruction on how to apply here !

What you need to remember (and what IBS was slightly vague on informing me with) is that the housing option they have is mandatory, you will have to pay upfront (so not monthly) and CSN will not be able to give you a loan for it. However, I checked on their website and it is now written pretty clear that you will need about 55.200kr extra, that would be for rent I suppose.

All done

I just realised how much more I have to tell you all and how much I have already written. I might make a part 2,5 and tell you more about the school, projects, etc there. Just so this post doesn't get too heavy. Anyway.

Last but not least. Hey, congratulations. All the paper work, essays, interviews, sweat and tears you have gone through is now behind you! Buy a bottle of champagne and celebrate. Now all you have to do is wait. Wait, wait, wait and then wait some more. Wait for CSN to get back to you, wait for your acceptance letter (hopefully), wait until the day you finally get to move away, drink more than you should, study less than you thought, meet cooler people than you thought existed and just be absolutely shameless and confident because YOU fucking made it.

All good. All done. Good luck xx

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Now, don't you all miss me when I'm not here? I know you do. Fourteen days without any updates and people go crazy. God bless social media.

Anyhow, excuse my disappearance, once again. I guess everyone just needs to go hide once in a while. I have been planning a new design and a bit of changes in my blog. Very excited to show you all when everything is set and done.

So, what have I been up to? Are you sick of reading about my complains about working too much, never having time to do anything creative and the extreme fomo that most Londoners seems to be experiencing? Maybe it was a good thing I stepped back from writing for a while then. But I'm sure I can find something to tell you about. Now let me see...

I have taken long lunch breaks and taking selfies in the office chair.

I have been drinking chai latte in tiny cafes in Dalston with Adrian once or twice.

I have been walking along Queensway Rd with Michelle on the line, blabbing about people we know and people we wish we knew. I have been drinking fizzy cider and negroni at Bar Story, taken shots and gotten sick in public places. But I have also cuddled with the cutest little husky puppies ever, so maybe just focus on that instead.

I have gone for long walks outside when the weather's been nice and clear.

I have been hanging out at the pub around the corner and the nightclub around another corner, dancing and taken pictures of Mikael sitting in a staircase, smoking a cigarette.

I have been listening to the same old songs by Lana Del Rey, Christine and the Queens and The Internet. I have started reading my birthday-book, ways of seeing, taken hot showers using my new vegan products (if that's not hot then I don't know what is) and eaten a lot of asian soup. I have been fighting with & kissing Delphine a lot. Same old, same old.

I have wrote down a lot of things I want to do in Lisbon and Sweden. I have been writing my book, had breakdowns and then started writing again. Exiting things. I have decided to change my everyday life and been trying to figure out how to do it, step by step, but I'll tell you all about that some other time. Now, what have you guys been up to?



I never wish to live in Kristianstad again, but it is such a perfect place to be able to call home.

Easter is coming (yes I have been watching games of thrones) and I think that calls for a nice little family reunion. So between the 20th & 24th of April I will be sleeping in my old bed, in the cosiest room in Skåne, in the warmest and sweetest house in all of Sweden, surrounded by the absolute best family in the entire world. Mine. Gonna be so great to spend some time with everyone again.

Lucky, lucky me.

+ also looking forward to a lot of midnight car-karaoke, dancing my pyjamas, laughing in coffee shops, jumping in my bed, breaking my bed, going to the cinema, running around on narrow streets surrounded by old brick buildings, photographing my handsome brothers and cuddling with all my cute little pets!



Spent last Friday evening with Delphine at Pop Brixton.

Met up with a few of her friends. Eve and Sophie.

Met up with a few of my friends. Gin and Tonic.

Took this pic on the inside of a bathroom door. Gotta stay classy.

Today my schedule is wide open, unfortunately. I need come up with a plan & get my life together but all I can think about is taking a months vacation, travel to Asia and eat all the weird food one could ever imagine.

I guess this doesn't really scream phở, bánh mì or spring rolls, but here is my to-do list for the next couple of hours at least;

- survive today's shift

- get as many likes on my instagram pic as possible

- buy a swag pair of trousers

- buy something that I absolutely don't need

- stay greedy

- go home, make food, lie and say that you want to go for just one pint

- take the 3am bus home from Camberwell with a greasy falafel in my hands and mascara all over my little face

- survive tomorrows shift



Now, let me tell you all about something I have gotten a numerous questions about for such a long time. *dramatic pause*... MY UNI EXPERIENCE. This is quite a massive subject so I have decided to break it down into three different blog posts (before, application process, after). I'm really gonna try to give you as short but informative answers as possible, but bare with me in case it all gets a bit messy.

So, first things first, a little review of my educational / working life until the point where I started studying in London.

Mini summary:

>2011 - mini summer jobs from the age of 14, basically being a creative little one, photographing and writing quite a lot.

2011-2013 - studied photography, media & communication at "gymnasium level" in Sweden (upper secondary school)

2013 - had a one year internship as a reporter and photographer at a local newspaper (Skånska dagbadet)

2013 - 2014 - moved to Dublin and worked as technical support for a bank (eighth/nine months)

2014 - summer job as an au pair in Italy (couple of months)

2015 - studied at Komvux (earning extra credit), worked as a photographer + worked in a menswear store.

2016 - started studying at London college of fashion

Pics from my styling/photoshoot (more).

Now, let me talk you through it.

Basically, during the autumn of 2014 I decided that I wanted to study abroad. Easy as that. I was sick of Sweden and felt like the life it had to offer wasn't for me. I wasn't completely unfamiliar with the whole moving to a different country - subject since I had been living in Dublin for nine months (loved it) and I had just got back home after spending the summer in northern Italy, working as an au pair (hated it), and I was ready to keep moving forward.

After many years of struggling to find a subject (because trust me, this is something that has taken me a long time to figure out. I have always had the creative programs in mind. When I was a teenager I wanted to become an Art Director / Creative Director / Fashion Editor / Journalist / Nature & Documentary Filmmaker / Journalist / Author / Painter / Art Consultant / Fashion Editorial Photographer / etc. etc. Everything.) I decided that what I wanted to do was to write and work in fashion = fashion journalism.

I think that choosing a subject can sometimes be the most difficult part. When that is done it becomes easier to find a suitable path for yourself. You just need to have some guidelines sometimes. If you feel like you have absolutely no idea on what to do, what you are good at or what you want to become, my suggestions are:

- look back for a while. Think about what you were good at as a child, what you wanted to be when you were younger and reflect on how that might feel now. What are you good at? Find anything. It doesn't have to be anything that you can see or touch.

- If that doesn't work, simply do what I did (which is the opposite of what everyone has always told you to do), focus on your bad qualities in order to find the good ones. Because I promise you, they are there.

Are you terrible at focusing at one thing at the same time? you're probably good at multitasking then.

Are you very quiet and shy? you're probably a good listener and observer then.

And so on.

I did my inner-soul-searching and decided to go to Santa Monica College to study journalism and I decided to take my best friend with me. Great. I started looking at old applications for inspiration, youtube videos for general advices, requirements, prices etc. Just anything I could think of in order to get as much knowledge about the school and program as possible.

I was, at the time, working as a photographer in a nightclub as well as a sales assistant in a menswear store and in the beginning of 2015 I stared taking classes in a local college (Komvux) to earn extra credits. Time went by and I started changing my mind about going to LA. After researching a lot, the school didn't seem as good as I thought, the journalism program didn't have anything to do with fashion and I was really losing interest. So we both decided to wait for a while, keep working and save as much money as we could during the summer and just try again in a few months. So that's what I did.

Then, out of the blue, Chellie (who I was still planing on moving abroad with) started talking about this fashion school that she'd been wanting to go to ever since she was really young - London College of Fashion . We both started researching a lot about the best fashion schools in the world , the best programs , reading review about that specific school and I was just completely blown away over how great it all seemed. It was clear that the sister school of LCF, Central Saint Martins, was a better and bigger school. However, they were all part of the same institute - University of the Arts London. And to me, London college of Fashion, still seemed like the obvious choice. It just felt so right.

Pics from my styling/photoshoots (more).

Once again I did my research, tried to figure out how the application process worked. It was, to say the least, difficult. But still, I was determined to make it. I will write more specifically on how I applied and give a step by step summary in the next post I do about my uni experience (later on this week). It will be much more informative. Promise. But for now, I just wanted to ease into it and basically say I know you are probably confused, I was fucking confused too. But it does get better. Hopefully this and my upcoming posts will be able to help some of you a bit.

Please just let me know if you have any more questions and I will do my best to answer them. xx



Since the anniversary of when Delphine and I first met is coming up soon (the story on when we officially got together is slightly unclear so we're sticking to this one), we decide to book a holiday and go away for a few days. Now, the 6th of April (anniversary, yay) was clearly a very expensive day to go travel on, so the 28th of March will just have to be fine (also, I have been working every day for as long as I can remember and basically been crying, stressing and shouting more in 2017 than I ever have before, so I really don't care. I just need a fucking holiday or I'll have a breakdown soon). Therefor we are gonna spend three wonderful days in... PORTUGAL! Lisbon, to be more specific, and I am SO EXCITED! Delphine went once before but I have never been and I am absolutely thrilled to finally get some warm evenings, sunny days and just absolute relaxation. London is really killing me slowly with this weather. Need to run away once in a while.

& what a perfect occasion, what a perfect escape plan.



Went to Eve's exhibition in Peckham last Monday night. It was located in an abandoned chapel and it was so - freaking - cool.

I absolutely loved it. This moving water painting on the wall was beautiful. All the paintings and different displays, extremely impressive.

Eve's piece was of a woman's belly, hanging out and over the edge. Which now seems perfect for today's occasion! I sure hope that you all already know what I'm referring to. But for those of you who doesn't, today it's international women's day and that is a hella good reason to celebrate! Grab a glass of wine (I'll take a bottle), burn you bras, shave your head, scream on the street, be reckless and loud! Fight. Everyday. But especially today. Anything you want, because ladies, we sure are worth it.

For those of you who don't feel like celebrating. I know. I feel yah. By now I'm sure you all have read hundreds of articles about equality, women rights, abuse, sexual harassment and how we still have so much to fight for. It's our life. It's harsh. But what is important to remember is that we are all in this together and no one is stronger than we are. Never. So call your friends, gather everyone. Get pissed (off) & now go burn your bras. It just feels like a good idea.

Back to the exhibition. Towards the end of the evening, there was a poetry reading. All the adults gathered in a ring, sitting on the cold stone floor, listening to a woman with a plastic strawberry on her head, giggle and read some of her favorite words. It was wonderful. Reminded me of when we were kids.




Avocado toast and tea for breakfast. Morning walk in the sun & kisses on my lips. Delphine went to work at the gallery for a few of hours so I have the house to myself. Can't remember the last time that happened. Feels like I'm away all the time. But not today. Today it's all mine. Speaking of going away, we decided to go on a holiday for our one year anniversary (can't believe it's almost been a year since I first met this little one). Traveling from London is so easy, it's just matter of deciding where to go really. Copenhagen, Berlin, Lisbon, Amsterdam? We'll see.

Tonight we're going to a friend's art exhibition and I am so excited! It's located in an abandoned chapel in Peckham. I mean, how cool is that? Also, I read somewhere on the event something about free beer. Heaven. But before that I'm just gonna enjoy my day off. Take a long bath, make myself a big green salad and watch Girls. Have a good one! xx



Do you ever wonder if you'll ever find someone with a larger ego than yourself? Me too.

Hello. Today I'm at work, on my break, watching the real housewives of beverly hills and eating carrots. Shocking. Lunch time is the best time. Tonight I'm doing nothing. Thank God. Can't wait to cuddle up with Delph and take a long shower after walking home in the dirty rain. Hope you'll have a good evening. Byeeeee.



So that didn't go as expected. Well, actually it went exactly like I expected.

Pre-challenge: excited, filled with energy & fresh ideas.

Week one: overly confident.

Week two: good job, good job, good job.

Week three: lack of time & inspiration.

Week four: oh well, there'll be more chances.

Either way. It was fun. Very fun. Now, let me just give you an update of what happened when I went missing from all social media.

Started to slide into a little grey zone that lasted for a solid week, at least. Nothing special. Just one of those typical what am I even doing with my life other than wasting time? - moments. I have had quite a lot of those recently. But I guess that's normal. An easy come, easy gone type of feeling. At least for me.

I went to another fashion week related party, at XOYO in Shoreditch. Got myself some good first hand experience of what it was like to be completely sober in a place where EVERYONE was smashed. Great times. The evening started at Ace Hotel, pre-drinks for everyone who wanted to dance. Ran through the rain.. Crawled our way into the club and jumped around for a while. Watched a few rappers parade around in Supreme & the rest dressed in Vetements. Isn't that whole thing slightly over? Or did it pass the line on going mainstream - being mainstream - then just kept pushing until it all just became too common for anyone to care about criticizing it anymore? I would hope so. I'm such a secret (not so secret) fan of all street style meets high fashion trends. Anyway. When the drag queens arrived, simply to bring the life back to this shallow event, I unfortunately had to leave. Too bad I missed what was probably the best part of the night.

After a 1h30min bus ride later I was back at home. In bed. 4h later I was on my way to work. 4h5min later I considered quitting my job and going back to bed.

(Jk JP, love you)

Made it all the way through my shift then went back home for a quick meal. Met up with some friends at the pub around the corner, talked about stupid things then went to Amersham Arms. Got stuck in between the crowd of Goldsmith students who were jumping on the dancefloor and drunk 45+ men casually standing in the smoking area and we realized that we were either too old or too sober for a night like that. So we went home. Admitted defeat.

One, two, maybe three days later I got dragged out to Soho for another night out with Merra. After trying it in Mayfair, which makes sense since I work there, but were denied entrance because of my "not formal outfit", we decided to move on to something a bit more casual. Which is really more of my scene anyway. We don't want to be in these kind of places, it's discriminating, Mercedes said and took my arm as she started walking towards the red signs on the street.

One, two, maybe three drinks later we were standing inside the bathroom of a pub I have never before been to, putting on our makeup because she managed to get us an invite to a Vlone party that was being held in a basement club in Hackney South. Magnle. We don't wanna get there too early so let's go for another drink.

Ran into friend on the street outside a creepy off license shop somewhere in Bethnal Green, stayed for a chat, ran into a very nice security guard just outside the club, stayed for a chat, ran into another friend inside the club, stayed for a chat.

Ten, twenty, thirty minutes later I had to go. Short visit, short night. No matter how much I would have liked to stay and embarrass myself dancing to Rae Sremmurd, Future and 2 Chainz, I begun my countdown to the morning meeting I was supposed to attend in Notting Hill, only a few hours from then. So I decided to leave. That turned out to be a big mistake since shortly after I said goodbye, ASAP Rocky showed up as the secret guest and preformed a couple of songs. Almost cried when I realized I missed that. But then again, this is London, there will be more chances.

8.30, bright and early. On time for the meeting (for once). Starving and in desperate need of a double shot with soy milk. What do I get? A broken oyster card which forced me to walk all the way home. That's three hours my friends. Three hours. Oh well, at least I had the rest of the day off.

Lucky me.