#1 Take time to meditate. Everyday

#2 Go to the gymnasium and to eat healthier - unfortunately I did learn that simply going to the gym is not enough to get rid of the extra fat

#3 Study harder

#4 Take time to take care of myself - lose (or gain) more time picking my clothes, doing my makeup and also my hair

#5 Be a better timetable manager - schedule every single activity and strict to that

#6 Learn how to cook properly - I mean, I cook but not extraordinarily (at all....)

#7 Be more thankful ALWAYS

#8 Help more in house keeping - LOL

#9 Be more positive - positive mind, positive energies, positive life

#10 Be free - not to think too much before acting

#11 Party harder - to be a free soul

#12 Live life to the fullest

What are your goals?

Xoxo, Tidi

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Right after party season the nightmare begins... Exam season is on!

Not only I get sad because Christmas decorations are no longer hanging around but I also have to study for the exams...

During this semester, I tried to keep up with my classes so I wouldn't be overloaded at this point... it worked in the first couple weeks but then I got a little sloppy and there's still a lot to be done in just a short amount of time.

I believe it's better to study less in quantitative terms but more in quality terms.

Who's with me in this battle for survival??

Here are some environments in which I wouldn't certainly mind studying in!

I hope you've enjoyed my first post! Feel free to comment and to share with me your study season struggles :)

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Xoxo, Tidi