Story time:

Backtrack to fifth grade, when Tarek was sitting on a couch, quietly and patiently waiting for the lesson to end. Suddenly, a classmate - girl might I add - sits next to him.

Let's call the girl Clare and make sure to note: Tarek from fifth grade was a boy who had close to no social interaction. A girl sitting next to him was quite the accomplishment and definitely something to check off the bucket list.
Anyhow, where was I? Oh right.

Shortly after, there is silence. Clare slowly turns her head towards the innocent boy sitting next to her, looks into his soul through his baby brown eyes and says "Tarek, this is the closest you will get to a girl.". The boy immediately felt a chill down his spine as his heart began it's journey down his chest to the bottom of his toes.
To be fair, he made a good attempt at remaining cool, and even laughed it off. The words she uttered were not words that would have surprised him.

However, what did surprise him came 4 years later. Because he never, in a million years, would he have imagined that that same girl would utter the words "Damn Tarek, you got hot.".

Moral of the story? Don't be quick to judge,
because only time will show who the people around you truly are.
Also, don't hold grudges. That's just immature.
She's a lovely person

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