We all know that Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce company in the world. Not only the largest, it is also one of the oldest e-commerce company in the world, known for its commendable products and services. Amazon also offers the amazing opportunity of selling your own products on Amazon website, on the same page Amazon sells the products themselves and make money. To sell your products on Amazon, all you have to do is to open a seller account on Amazon and list your products to start selling them. Amazon will assign a unique product code to each of the listed products and take a fixed percentage of revenue of the seller.

In many instances, Amazon suspends the seller accounts due to one or other reason. Some of the major reasons for suspension are, selling the prohibited items, duplicate accounts, late shipment rate, rights owner notice complaint, negative feedback, unsold items sold as new etc. Not many people know what to do when their account gets suspended. In that scenario, it is advisable to contact a consultancy, who can get your suspended amazon seller account reinstated and remove your suspension. There are plenty of consultancies present on the internet, who are expert in dealing Amazon seller suspended accounts and knows how to remove negative feedback on amazon.

These online consultancy firms have the team of experts ( some of them are ex-amazon staff) who can reinstate your seller account in the shortest possible time. An Amazon suspension appeal letter needs to write and send to the Amazon officials to remove the suspension from seller account. Although any seller account holder can write that appeal letter even a small error in that application may lead you to rejection. Choosing the best amazon appeal service to write your amazon reinstatement letter ensures that you have a much greater chance of getting your Amazon seller account back. They write a unique appeal letter which demonstrates that you are very professional and takes your business seriously.

Some account holders download the sample appeal letter template from the internet and after writing the appeal, send it to the Amazon seller performance team. They will immediately recognize the template letter, which can land you in further trouble with Amazon. Online consultancies take all the stress and burden off your shoulder and ensure that you get your seller account reinstated within 24 hours. They generally charge very nominal from the suspended amazon seller account holders and bring their business in the same situation again on Amazon platform.