this is my first blog and i know it wont be perfect but lets have a go! when i was ill i found the three albums that changed my life. i want to list all three today and explain why i loves thease albums. The first one is tenacioce d the pick of destiney, i think this is a brilliant album because one it has a story to it. The second reason is that when you need a good giggle or a mess about this album is the one for you! Im no juge but if you dont like expliset languge you should not listen to this pice of magic. Why? You ask then i shall tell you that Jack black , Kyle gass and Dave Grohl do not have very appropriat languge but thats why i love this album. My last point for this skilfull band is that they made a movie and it was the best movie i have ever seen but im talking about music not movies. if you do not understand the story behind the music go and watch the movie. Introdusing my next album is going to to be a short one because the magic behind it is amazing but its not for all. Its called a moumentry lapse of reason its a pink floyd album i like pink floyd because you cant just listen to one song and expect a "wow"facter you have to listen to the whol album.the first time i listend to pink floydis when i was with my uncle and he sied to me " you have a grat tayst in music and i know it so i want you to listn to pink floyd their music will give you the spiret to do any thing" so he pluged my phone into the speackers and he played learning to fly and i fell in a trance so strong the  next day i got the cd and i listend to the whole album and i thiuhgt to my self this is grat. i dislike one thing on the album and that it is wehn they link two albums to gether and i dont have one it is a pain in the backside to find it but all and all i love pink floyd. My last album is night visons by imagine dragons this helped me to evercome fear and the fear that comes to being a rock fan its hard to make friends with people when they say "oh you worship the devil and you only listen to old stuff!" I say i dont just listen to old stuff. Do you like the song radioactive? I usally use this for a small convosation starter with people so they know that i do keep up with the current music even though this album is about two years old. i also think this album is inspiering because the amazing vocals of Dan ryeneldes [sorry if i spelt that wrong] and the upbeat sound of all their songs, i also love when the beat drops because is fits into the mood of the song. they also sing very very well when they are doing it live! The band is a very family friendly band so you dont have to worry about bad languse or sexul content. They cheer me up and i love every band the same but when any imagin dragons come on the radio i have to blast it from the speakers! i had a blast doing this blog tnx for your time!!! love theyoungrocker