Yesterday my love and I decided to go on a spontaneous road trip to Tampere. We first changed the plans due to bad weather alert but in the morning we decided to go anyway (just as we had planned), and the weather was not bad at all! We visited his grandma and later just walked around the town, took photos and had lunch in (our favourite place) Fafa's. The pitas are aah-mazing there! In the evening, on our way back home, I changed my clothes in the car and got myself ready for a holiday party with my friends. It was so good to see everyone again and get into the Christmas spirit!

​And some snapshots I took in the holiday party. xx

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Good morning! Christmas is soon and I'm so so excited! I've had so many things to do this month, Christmas preparations, finishing last school works and other work stuff, so it feels good to finally relax more. Me and my mom got all the Christmas cards (over 40 in total) done on Tuesday, wohoo! Christmas cards sound so old fashioned BUT I love to make and receive them! And it's so easy to make someone happy with a simple and pretty card with a greeting! Tomorrow I'm off to visit Tampere and later in the evening I'll go to another holiday party at my friend's place. Should be a fun day!

Today's TO DO:

- have a yummy breakfast

- pack gifts

- work out

- be happy!

p.s. how cute is my super oversized alpine sweater?! It's my mom's old sweater she bought from Salzburg, Austria probably like 30 years ago! I'm in looove, especially because Alps hold such a special place in my heart.

Happy Thursday x



On Sunday my love and I made a short day trip to the old town of Porvoo, which by the way is such a beautiful place to visit in Christmas time! If you need something to do next weekend, go to Porvoo! Each and every year we go there mainly for the Christmas market, it has become a tradition already. The old town has something so magical that even though I go there every year, it never gets boring to walk around and visit the little boutiques and to stop for a tea or coffee in a cozy cafe.

Despite of the gloomy weather, it was so beautiful! We visited the Christmas market and just walked around the town until we were freezing and stopped for a cup of hot chocolate in one of my favourite cafes there. The cafe is called Helmi, the vibe is really historical and it feels like you were transported to the past when Finland was still part of Russia. Oh, and their hot chocolate is made of real chocolate, so if you go there you HAVE TO try it!

Also, for anyone looking for last minute Christmas gifts, the old town has plenty of little boutiques that have amazing things and gift ideas. Bonus: you won't get those gifts from anywhere else! For a coffee/tea lover go to Skafferi, they have everything coffee and tea related, delicious candy, cute cups and mugs and so many different coffee beans and tea flavors! For someone with a huge love for chocolate, I recommend Brunberg. They have amazing (and local!) chocolate and other sweets, my personal favourite is the mint fudge!

And for candle and deco lovers, there are several cute boutiques that provide so many unique and beautiful details for home. Or if you are looking for something simple but nice for grandmom, mom, friend, girlfriend or auntie, these candles may be the perfect gift! They are handmade and have amazing (and sparkly!) details, something that you can't find from anywhere else!

For kids there is one cute toy shop in the old town, but unfortunately I can't remember the name. Anyway, it's in the same street as Brunberg!

And for clothing and accessories, there are several boutiques where you can find something cute for every style!

Here are some photos from Porvoo.

My love and I <3

I hope Porvoo is included in your weekend plans and maybe the little gift guide helps as well for last minute gifts!



Happy Monday! I've been just getting done some work things and eating pancakes and fried eggs and drinking green tea. More Monday mornings like this, PLEASE! My absolute favourite tea is green tea and if you haven't, you should try Kusmi tea! The teas are in handmade little tea bags and taste amazing, totally worth the price. Also how pretty is the package?! And how amazing was the sunrise last week?! It's so easy to wake up to watch the sunrise in winter since it rises around 8-9 am, if it rises.. it's been so gloomy and dark for the past few days. Also, I have a new obsession for anything with glitter (my love, friends and family; take notes!), so this is the season to wear glitter socks! Or anything with glitter.

For the weekend I decided to log out from social media and spend some well deserved quality time with my love. And his family's cat, I'm not really a cat person but their cat LOVES me so how could I not love him too?? Being away from social media, or at least not spending so much time there feels so good. At least for a person like me, as I tend to spend so much time on social media or even just editing photos etc. So I highly recommend to try logging out, at least for one day! Instead try to focus on spending time with people that make you happy and doing something that you enjoy.

So due to my short break from social media, I don't have that many photos nor anything interesting to share from Friday nor Saturday. Except one of our yummy sushi dinner on Friday night! On Saturday I was working mainly, so my love and I decided to just relax the rest of the day and watch a movie and bake gingerbreads. Our Sunday was more exciting as we visited Porvoo's old town and the Christmas market. I'll do a post about Porvoo too. And later we went to my love's relatives' holiday party and made our first gingerbread house. That, let me tell you, was interesting because I made each wall way too small compared to each other. So if you follow me on Instagram, you already know that the decorations were a success but the structure wasn't! Anyway, you gotta be creative, have fun and not do things like everyone else does, right?

Hope everyone's having a great Monday! If not, put on sparkly glitter socks & smile!



Yesterday , 6th December, was a special day. Not only Finland's birthday, but 100th birthday! I began the day by doing a work out and relaxing in a hot tub. Seriously the most relaxing thing ever! The weather was perfect, not too cold nor too warm and a little bit snow as well. Everything looked so beautiful! After hot tub I had lunch with my family and we baked ginger breads. Oh the house smelled so nice afterwards!

For Independence day I don't really have any traditions, except eating toasts with caviar and smashed eggs! My absolute favourite to have on special occasions, yummy! My boyfriend joined the dinner and we watched the beginning of the celebrations in the President's castle (not really a tradition but it's fun to see all the gorgeous gowns and dresses!). Since Helsinki was full of amazing decorations and things to see, my love and I left early to walk around the city.

The photos are really dark, but anyway, it was so beautiful! For one day the whole world turned into blue and white to celebrate Finland. I was surprised to see photos of buildings, famous monuments and statues glowing with the colors of Finland. But to be honest, it was great to see so many countries showing their appreciation. I've never really been a patriotic person but I'm thankful for living in such a unique country as Finland.

After walking around and enjoying the festive atmosphere for a while, we decided to go and get cups of peppermint tea (my favourite!), because it was very cold and drinking hot tea while walking around is so nice. I can't even describe how nice hahah!

The main event was the fireworks! They were incredible! Although many people had come to see them and the whole park where we found a good spot to watch the fireworks was so crowded. The fireworks and all the special blue lights and decorations definitely made this Independence day great and it felt like the whole city was excited about celebrating Finland. They made the spirit and mood so festive! Can we have these lights and fireworks every year??!

Happy Birthday one more time, Finland!



Some snapshots from my house, as I looooove Christmas time! I just love to decorate the house, bake gingerbread cookies and listen to Christmas songs. And since I started my blog now in December, it seems rather reasonable to post Christmas stuff haha. I'm currently on holidays and working occasionally, although today's day off will be spent by finishing my last school work of the year. YAY! Also, today's TO DO list includes making Christmas cards for friends & relatives. Yes, the excitement for Christmas is REAL hahah.

Now I'm off to take a morning walk, have a good day! x