Hello my friends!

I wanted to share this really cute little juice shop/cafe that Matt and I visited the other day. I woke up with a huge craving for a smoothie that morning and since we still haven't got a mixer(!), I couldn't make one myself. Therefore, we decided to take a little trip. Before the hunt of the smoothie begun I had to do a bit of research. Can't go anywhere without a little browse on Google these days! I found a place that, if the reviews were to be trusted, had some pretty amazing smoothies lined up so we jumped in the car and drove to Elwood.

If you're interested in paying a visit the name of the cafe is Combi. They serve food, smoothies, juices and all kinds of sweets and cakes. Everything on the menu is definitely vegetarian and possibly even vegan. I'm not 100% sure. However what I am sure of is that everything looked really mouth watering, especially the cake display :)

We ordered the peanut butter cup smoothie and one with passionfruit. I had to try one of the cakes so we also got a little beetroot brownie, it was delicious! I have the biggest sweet tooth so it was nice to try a dessert that actually wasn't all bad for you but still tasted really nice.

My smoothie was literally as filling as a meal so I had to take the rest with me. Btw, this is my new jumpsuit from Mister Zimi, which is where I just started a new job. What do you think? It's not something I would usually go for but when I saw a customer trying it on I absolutely loved it. It's so comfortable and it's one of those things that you can just throw on and be ready in a second. The photo doesn't really do it justice and it also needs a bit of steaming hehe.

After our smoothies, we decided to drive to the beach for a bit. Matt is a huge fan of the ocean and so am I. I grew up very close to the sea and I've always been used to having it close by. It's so nice that Melbourne offers some pretty good beaches even if it's a big city. It makes a big difference to the mind knowing that if you need a break or two, the sea breze is never far away.

xxx Caroline

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Good morning friends!

Today is one of those days when the weather is crap, not hot not cold. The clouds are dark grey and it looks like the rain will fall any minute. We're getting closer and closer to waving goodbye to Summer over here but I don't feel ready. This has been my first Australian Summer so I have nothing else to compare it with but people around me say that it hasn't been a very good one. Probably the worst in a couple of years. GREAT! Haha, there's no point in being bitter about the weather, although it's hard, especially being a Swedish sun chaser. But I did think that the weather would be a bit more consistent. It's been sooo up and down it's actually crazy. One day it's 30 degrees and the next, 18. I have do admit that you do get spoiled with temperatures over here but it's funny how Australian people find a 22-degree day fairly cold. 22 is not cold if you are where I'm from! Believe me. 22 is a bloody heatstroke!

Anyway, it's the end of March now and if I'm correct, Autumn technically starts in April. So yeah. That's that I guess haha. However, Autumn is not all bad! In my opinion it's the best season for fashion and then there's the hot chocolate. I've always perferred dressing for colder wheather and find it much easier to put together a nice outfit. Boots, jeans and a cozy knit, done! During Summer I'm much more lost. I'm not really a dress or a skirt kind of girl so I never really know what to wear in order to feel at my best. Oh the problems of a first world country..

Ironic of me to say that there's no point of being bitter about the weather and here I am writing a whole post about it haha, sorry, It's boring to talk about weather I know! Let's move on to something a bit nicer then. Yesterday both Matt and I were off work so we decided to go and have a nice lunch together.

We ordered a classic Caprese salad as an entree to share and I don't think you realize how good it was! I'll tell you why. For some reason, you can not find mozzarella cheese in the supermarket over here!? It's beyond me and I honestly don't understand how this can be. It is so strange. Therefore it was a given when we saw this dish on the menu - we had to have it!

For the main course, we both ordered pizza and it wasn't much to complain about here either. I think the picture speak for itself :)

I usually don't crave ice cream but yesterday I did. Their homemade gelato was seriously amazing and what a difference it is between real gelato and ice cream. My favorite flavor was the pistachio and Matt liked the Crème brûlée.

Now I have to vacuum the flat. Lucky it's so small :) Have a lovely day! x



On the day of the concert the weather forecast had promised rain but when we woke up it was sunny and beautiful. I forgot to show you where we stayed. Matt and I stayed in Bronte in an AirBnb flat that we rented from a lovely lady. The flat was connected to her house and was surrounded by greenery and flowers everywhere. It was very humid during our stay so we felt like we'd almost arrived in a rainforest.

The entrance to our cute little flat

Just outside was this little chill out area which we unfortunately never had the chance to enjoy. It rained the two following days :/

Aren't these flowers so beautiful? Matt told me what they were called but I forgot. I wish I could have a tree like that in my garden, well on my balcony because I don't have a garden..yet!

As I said before, we didn't have much luck shopping during the day but that didn't matter because we had better things to do! Around 4.30 we arrived at the arena and sat down to have some celebratory drinks before the show, cheers!

What did I think about the concert? First of all, I'm sorry I can't offer you any juicy pictures but I actually didn't take any of the concert itself. We were seated pretty high up so it was hard to get a good photo. Leading up to the concert I actually didn't have very high expectations to be honest. I heard a lot of bad reviews, even from his show in Sweden last year. I heard people saying that he performed half-heartedly and Australian media said he looked bored. Unfortunately, I agree with all of the above. You could tell his heart wasn't in it (ironic as he sings in one of his songs "don't do nothing unless your heart's in it") haha. I've always been a fan but never a "Justin can never do anything wrong" type of fan, so I'm not going to defend his lack of enthusiasm. If you're an artist it's your job to deliver a good performance to the audience and if you don't, well it doesn't just show a lack of professionalism but also of respect. Although it seemed like he was only there to do the job and get out, we still had a great night. His songs were still played and that's what we love. I will also give a thumb up for his solo drum performance. However, I think he needs to go on a long ass vacation, take a breather and realize that it's not cool to act like a jerk, epecially not to the people who pays money to see him.

Regardless of his performance, we obviously had to get ourselves a t-shirt. You want to fit in right? And you know what they say, you haven't been to a concert unless you get a T-shirt! Yes, I made that up. Oh well, I'll wear this T-shirt proudly because I'm sure one day he'll come back and be all great and good again (you better come back JB or this T-shirt would have been for nothing!)

The day after it was time for us to check out. I woke up pretty tired but nothing my new foundation couldn't fix! I'll do a separate post on that one, it's the best one I've tried in a long time! We packed our bags and headed out on the hunt for a coffee to wake us up.

I've had a lot of coffees lately and I usually think that Melbourne does better coffee than Sydney (sorry) but this cappuccino right here could actually be the best one I've had, and I dare to say, ever.

For lunch we had Ume Burger which is Japanese-inspired burgers. Everything was sooo good. You have to try their house made brown sugar soda, delish!

Towards the afternoon Sydney was experiencing some serious wind and it felt like Autumn had arrived early. So we escaped to the nearest café for a cup of tea.

And something sweet of course. And with that doughnut we said thank you for this time Sydney before jumping on the train to the airport!



Hello! How are we doing? I hope you all had a good Monday!

I thought I'd share some pictures from our Sydney trip last week. There's a few so I'll divide them into 2 parts. As I told you I went up there to do something I have been wanting to do for a very long time, can you have a guess what it was? If you follow me on Instagram (theupsidedownswede) you do but if not, well how could you! Sooo, on Wednesday my friend Klara and I went and saw someone perform and it wasn't just anyone, it was the Biebs. Yes, Justin bloody Bieber! What I thought about the concert and my whole experience I will share with you in the next post so if you're a belieber stay around for that and if not, well you probably stopped reading now anyway! :)

We stayed in Sydney for 3 nights and it was so nice to see my best friend again, hang out, eat (a lot), do a bit of shopping and get some quality time together. Anyway, here we go!

On Wednesday which was the day of the concert, we decided to get a decent meal as it was going to be a long day and night! We went to the food court located in the Westfield mall. Food court might make you think bleh and boring but let me tell you, this food court is the best place ever!! If you're hungry that is. I freakin love it. They have everything and by everything I mean everything. You can choose from all types of cuisines, the food is served really quickly and as far as I've known, always taste really good. Klara and I shared fried egg rice, crispy fried chicken, pork dumplings and noodle soup. Yes we were hungry :)

Next up was a bit of shopping. I was on the hunt for the perfect "hard rock T-shirt". Haha, I don't know how else to describe it. I wasn't completely satisfied with my concert look but then I thought, it's a bit weird to show up to a Bieber concert in an Iron Maiden shirt. It wouldn't really fit in so to speak :) What do you guys usually wear to gigs/concerts? I just wanted to be comfortable so I went with my favorite mom jeans from Gina Tricot, a white T and my black and white spotted shirt that I really like. I also through on a black choker necklace to make it a bit more interesting. I guess It worked out pretty well after all.

I tried on a couple of things at ZARA, this T-shirt and glitter pants were amongst it. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything but at least I had some great company with me. God how I missed shopping with a girlfriend! Yes, your boyfriend can give you an opinion too but I think we can all agree it doesn't carry the same weight and value as your girlfriends', hehe sorry honey,

The shopping (or perhaps the lack of it)  made us thirsty so we made a quick stop at Chatime. Have you guys tried this? They serve different types of Asian tea drinks that are so yummy. My favorite is the milky iced tea with vanilla flavor. Don't forget to ask for pearls! It's the black stuff in the bottom, tastes a bit like candy and it's really chewy mmmm

Now I'm off to bed. Matt and I have been up watching this new series, The fall. It's really creepy so I hope I can get some sleep without nightmares. Good night xx



Hello dear friends!

The other night Matt and I decided to go for a classic date night- dinner and a movie. We haven't been out just the two of us for a while so it was about time that we did. We also saw this night as an opportunity to celebrate that I have new job and that the future is looking brighter than it did a few weeks ago. Cheers to that!

Talking about cheers, these were the drinks we had before dinner. So delicious! I'm not a beer drinker nor a wine lover so I usually go for a cocktail when I'm out. The ones we had were really well made and of course, a tad over priced.

We went to the Crown for dinner and to watch the film. The Crown is a huge hotel and casino here in Melbourne which has become our usual spot when we go to the cinema. Although it represents all the superficial things in this world, such as luxury, consumption, gambling and unnecessary luxury, I love coming here. I can not help but feel something as I walk in the grand entrance and smell the distinct scent of expensive perfumes oozing from the hotel guests. I've always been a sucker for nice hotels and the feeling you get when visiting or staying in one. I wonder if they need another employee.

We ate dinner at Nobu which was a first here in Australia. I've been to Nobu in London a couple of times when I was living there and absolutely loved it so I thought we'd give the one in Melbourne a go. As I mentioned before, the drinks we had were really good and I can't fault the food either. It was very very enjoyable. The only thing that I think can be approved, is the interior. I don't think they nailed the atmosphere like the one in London does but that's just my opinion! Still worth a visit for sure!

We started with some lobster tacos, huge in size as you can see so be careful when ordering! Very filling ;). We also had to get some edamame beans which are becoming a big favorite of mine!

Next in line was salmon nigiri. I always have nigiri in more expensive sushi places because I really think there is such a huge difference in taste when served in a place like Nobu. It just melts in your mouth!

Finally, we had this dish which was the favorite of the evening. It's baby tiger prawn tempura with a creamy spicy sauce. Oh my god, order this if you come here!

I wore my waxed black jeans from Zara that I've had for ages but still love, a new jumper from Swedish brand Gina Tricot, and the bag is Gucci. I'm all about being comfortable when I go to watch a movie. I mean it's basically 2 hours of eating.

Two people excited to see Kong, Skull Island haha. I'm not going to spoil anything for you but I will say that it was a really entertaining and thrilling film and surprisingly funny actually! Go see it on a rainy Tuesday (half-price on Tuesday when you're a member at Village Cinema!) Sign up here https://villagecinemas.com.au/village-movie-club/new-member-quick-sign-up

Take care loves! Now I have to pack the last of my stuff before I head off to Sydney for something I have been waiting a LONG time to do. Stay tuned to see what that is and follow my Instagram-theupsidedownswede for regular updates!

xxx Caroline



Hello Friends!

Last Friday afternoon, Matt and I (and Neave of course) jumped in the car and drove down the Great Ocean road. Our destination was Ocean Grove where Matt's sister and husband lives. The four of us had planned a camping trip a few months back and the plan was to go to Skenes Creek. We had such a good weekend together and it was so good to get out of the city for a while and our tiny flat, the box as we call it. Breathing in fresh air and being close to the ocean and nature really do good things to you.

Stopping along the way is a must as the Great "OR", offers some pretty spectacular views. Neave didn't seem to be as impressed though.

Decent waves for all the surfers that comes here to chase them.

Always time for kisses with my little shrimp!

When the evening came around we sat down for dinner and enjoyed some pretty god damn good food.

Here I am ready to get into the chips

When it was time for bed Matt and I crawled in our 30 second tent that we so kindly got to borrow from Ryan and Carlie. (Yes it really took 30 seconds to raise, even for someone like myself). I haven't slept in a tent for years so I was excited to get back into one! The camping site we stayed at was just by the beach so we fell asleep listening to waves which we didn't complain about.

I'll finish off with one last picture of the beach that my talented fiance took. As you can see, the areas and beaches along the Great Ocean road are beautiful so I definitley recommend you to go here if you have the chance.

So what do I think of camping? All in all I give camping 4 out of 5 tents with the only down fall being how dirty you get and having to worry about finding deadly spiders in the tent. (The spiders only applies to Australia so don't be too alarmed)

Until next time! xx




Today I wanted to share with you, one of my happiest days ever, the day we got Neave.

It was any other day in January and I had spoken to a colleague at work about how much I wanted a dog and that I couldn't wait until it would be the right timing for us to get one. My colleague just said to me; "why don't you get a dog then? Get one today!" I just laughed it off because we all know what a long process it is to get a puppy. You need to first of all figure out what type of dog you want (a pug in our case), find a breeder, contact the breeder, meet the breeder so that they can see that you won't cook the dog for a barbecue, sign papers and wait for the puppy to be old enough to leave for its new home. At least that's how I thought it had to happen but I was very wrong and for once, happy to be so!

When I came home from work that day I spoke to Matt about dogs, puppies and that I really needed Nessie to come into our lives very soon (the pug that we already named). He agreed and said, "why don't you look at Gumtree, just to see what's out there?" Said and done, I did and after only a couple of minutes, I found an ad with a picture of the cutest puppy I probably ever seen. It was Neave. It said she was a pugalier cross shit zhu which basically means that she is a cross between a cavalier king charles spaniel, a pug and a little bit of shit zhu thrown in there. You can understand that we got pretty excited, especially because she had some pug in her! The ad said that she was available immediately so I just looked at Matt who said, call them! I thought about it for about 5 minutes and then called the number with butterflies in my stomach. Could this really be our dog?

The girl on the phone said that she was indeed available but that a lady was going to call her back with a final decision whether she wanted the puppy or not. If not she said, it's yours. She said she'd call me back in an hour and when she did, well the lady never bought her so instead, we did :) She was so tiny when we went to pick her up, about the same size as my hand and so adorable.

It's been about two months now since we've become parents, no joke, that's actually what it feels like. Picking up poo, wiping up pee, feeding, washing, playing, picking up some more poo and saying no, no and no and good girl. It's definitely been a bit of challenge and you do feel like your about to lose your temper sometimes, especially when you step in a big puddle of warm pee and realize that another pair of socks has gone missing BUT, my god how we love her.

She's changed everything forever and I'm so happy and grateful to finally have welcomed this third little member to our family.



Hello Friends and a very late happy 2017! I hope you all had a great start to the new year so far.

During Christmas, New Year and pretty much until now I guess, I took a break from blogging and most of social media actually. The holiday season was (like for most people) a really stressful period and I just couldn't be bothered involving myself in anything social media. No blogs, no Instagram or Facebook. I just didn't have the energy to care about what other people were up to or share what I was doing. I even stopped reading my favorite blogs, which I usually enjoy daily. I think having a break from all of "that" was a good idea ,if not needed. There's just such a flood of information these days that eventually it gets too much and you need to just cut yourself loose for a moment. I think you know the feeling. However, after a pretty long break and thoughts about whether blogging is a good idea or not, I decided that I want to keep going. I hope that sharing what life is like on the other side of the world can provide something interesting for you readers and hopefully and foremost, some insight and tips if you're thinking about moving somewhere-whether it's to Australia or some place else.

So now we've entered 2017. Another year has gone by, again! I know I keep saying the same thing every year but time goes sooo fast. Seriously? I can't believe I'm turning 26 this year....

Although it's scary to think about how quickly time flies by, it feels great that a new year has arrived- especially as I love a fresh start. I haven't made any new year's resolutions at all, I usually never do. The only thing I want to promise myself is that this year will be more positive than 2016. More positive thoughts, saying yes rather no and dare to try new things. I think that's more achievable rather than one or two specific goals.

And to give myself some credit, I've already done something pretty exciting and definitely something new, we bought a puppy! Finally! Seriously though, I have waited such a long time for this, the people who know me knows how I've spent years dreaming about a dog, a pug to be specific, Who's name was going to be Nessie. However, Nessie never moved in and neither did a pug. Instead, we got Neave. :)

I'll tell you more about how all of that happened so stay tuned if you want to see the cutest puppy in the world. Seriously, she is! Exciting times ahead, that's for sure :)

xxx Caroline



Hello Friends! How are you?

The same evening that Matt proposed to me, he also took me out to dinner. We went to Newmarket hotel in St Kilda and since it was a really cool restaurant, I thought I'd share it with you!

The design of this restaurant was really spot on and definitely had a bit of something extra. Just look at the arches!

We started the evening with some drinks and I ordered one of my favorites when it comes to beverages, Prosecco.

Matt also thought we'd get a cocktail jug, so we did. I remember thinking that it was quite a lot of booze for a regular Thursday but as I later understood, it wasn't any regular Thursday :)

Of corse, we had to snap a few couple selfies during the night. We were in a great mood and Matt was being so sweet and I remember thinking wow, what a lovely time we're going to have tonight. We're not going to have one single argument haha.

The food we ordered looked amazing and it tasted pretty good too. The only complaint was the portion size. They definitely could have been a bit bigger since it was quite pricey. One example was the HALF corn cob we received. I mean, it says corn cob on the menu and you kind of expect it to be a whole one? Not a half haha, anyway! We enjoyed ourselves.

We also had some lamb that had a really nice flavour but was just a bit too fatty.

After our dinner we walked towards the beach. It was such a beautiful evening and the weather was just perfect. Warm and not a breath of air :)

At this point Matt was still acting normal so I had no idea what was to come :)

Something quite funny that happened which we can laugh at and look back on, is how I insistedon getting a caramel sundae from McDonald's on the way to the beach. Matt was stressing a bit so that we wouldn't miss the sunset but I absolutely had to get an ice cream before and not some nice gelato but from good old Donalds. So my sweet boyfriend (at the time) queued up with me so I could buy my ice cream and then we sat down with this view. This was the moment when I noticed that something was a bit off with Matt and my intuitions were right because about 10 mins after this picture was taken, he proposed :)

So to sum up the evening I think it safe to say that it was one of the most magical and lovely nights I've had with Matt, for obvious reasons :)



Hello my friends and sorry for not posting anything in a while. The last week has been pretty eventful, to say the least :)

As you can tell by the title, I got engaged!! Correction, WE got engagded! If someome would have told me a week ago that I'd be writing a blogpost about the fact that Matt has asked me to marry him, I wouldn't have believed them! It still feels a bit surreal to be honest (I think I'm still in slight shock) but writing it or saying it out loud gradually makes me understand that it's now reality hehe. So yeah, as of now, a week to be exact, Matt is no longer my boyfriend but my fiance. Fiance! Fiance..it's going to take some time to get used to that one. :)

So did the proposal come as a complete shock or was it expectedy you migth wonder? Well, my answer to that is both yes and no. No, because we speak about the future, getting married, children etc all the time and no because I didn't for one second, expect Matt to drop down on one knee that Thursday evening one week ago. In my hopeful mind, I was thinking that he might propose to me in a year, maybe even two. I must admit that the idea of having to wait that long made me feel a bit inpatient as I felt and have done for a long time, ready to start our life together ("for real", if you know what I mean :) ) So in other words, the timing couldn't have been more perfect and he knew that.

I will keep the proposal itself private as I want it to be our special moment but I will say that it took place on the beach and that it was very honest, lovely, happy and very us. Which is all I ever could have asked for. But to be honest, no matter where or how it would have turned out, my answer would still always be a yes.

Minutes after he popped the question :)