Hello Friends! How are you?

The same evening that Matt proposed to me, he also took me out to dinner. We went to Newmarket hotel in St Kilda and since it was a really cool restaurant, I thought I'd share it with you!

The design of this restaurant was really spot on and definitely had a bit of something extra. Just look at the arches!

We started the evening with some drinks and I ordered one of my favorites when it comes to beverages, Prosecco.

Matt also thought we'd get a cocktail jug, so we did. I remember thinking that it was quite a lot of booze for a regular Thursday but as I later understood, it wasn't any regular Thursday :)

Of corse, we had to snap a few couple selfies during the night. We were in a great mood and Matt was being so sweet and I remember thinking wow, what a lovely time we're going to have tonight. We're not going to have one single argument haha.

The food we ordered looked amazing and it tasted pretty good too. The only complaint was the portion size. They definitely could have been a bit bigger since it was quite pricey. One example was the HALF corn cob we received. I mean, it says corn cob on the menu and you kind of expect it to be a whole one? Not a half haha, anyway! We enjoyed ourselves.

We also had some lamb that had a really nice flavour but was just a bit too fatty.

After our dinner we walked towards the beach. It was such a beautiful evening and the weather was just perfect. Warm and not a breath of air :)

At this point Matt was still acting normal so I had no idea what was to come :)

Something quite funny that happened which we can laugh at and look back on, is how I insistedon getting a caramel sundae from McDonald's on the way to the beach. Matt was stressing a bit so that we wouldn't miss the sunset but I absolutely had to get an ice cream before and not some nice gelato but from good old Donalds. So my sweet boyfriend (at the time) queued up with me so I could buy my ice cream and then we sat down with this view. This was the moment when I noticed that something was a bit off with Matt and my intuitions were right because about 10 mins after this picture was taken, he proposed :)

So to sum up the evening I think it safe to say that it was one of the most magical and lovely nights I've had with Matt, for obvious reasons :)



Hello my friends and sorry for not posting anything in a while. The last week has been pretty eventful, to say the least :)

As you can tell by the title, I got engaged!! Correction, WE got engagded! If someome would have told me a week ago that I'd be writing a blogpost about the fact that Matt has asked me to marry him, I wouldn't have believed them! It still feels a bit surreal to be honest (I think I'm still in slight shock) but writing it or saying it out loud gradually makes me understand that it's now reality hehe. So yeah, as of now, a week to be exact, Matt is no longer my boyfriend but my fiance. Fiance! Fiance..it's going to take some time to get used to that one. :)

So did the proposal come as a complete shock or was it expectedy you migth wonder? Well, my answer to that is both yes and no. No, because we speak about the future, getting married, children etc all the time and no because I didn't for one second, expect Matt to drop down on one knee that Thursday evening one week ago. In my hopeful mind, I was thinking that he might propose to me in a year, maybe even two. I must admit that the idea of having to wait that long made me feel a bit inpatient as I felt and have done for a long time, ready to start our life together ("for real", if you know what I mean :) ) So in other words, the timing couldn't have been more perfect and he knew that.

I will keep the proposal itself private as I want it to be our special moment but I will say that it took place on the beach and that it was very honest, lovely, happy and very us. Which is all I ever could have asked for. But to be honest, no matter where or how it would have turned out, my answer would still always be a yes.

Minutes after he popped the question :)



Hello to you!

This week is all about work! I'm looking at 6 shifts in a row but I don't mind, the more shifts the nicer the paycheck :). I'm just hoping that I won't turn ill since I haven't been feeling my best lately and people have been sick at work. You can tell the store is getting busier and busier as Christmas is creeping upon us and it literally needs all the reinforcement it can get haha. When you work in a store you notice that people are a bit crazy (perhaps you already knew) and especially around the good ole Holidays. Nothing brings out crazy shoppers like the spirit of Christmas. Have you started to buy your presents yet? I've started to do a mental list of possible gifts for my loved ones but I'm not feeling the pressure to go and get them just yet. Being over here in the Southern atmosphere doesn't really get you (at least not me) in the holly jolly mood. I mean, tomorrow is going to be 30 degrees, which I definitely do not complain about, but it doesn't make you itch to put on "Mary's boy child, Jesus Christ, was born on Christmas day", you know which one I'm talking about. Personally, I am a sucker for Christmas songs and I always start playing my favorites tune early but I don't know about this year! We'll just have to wait and see whether that Holiday feeling settles in or not. Perhaps I need to go and get some decorations (I love love decorations). I know Matt would be thrilled since Christmas decorations are his favourite thing and he definitely doesn't think it's a waste of money at all :)

Anywho! Now I need to go and brush my teeth or the chocolate bar next to me will be gone and I bought it today so I feel like it should take at least one more day to finish.

Talk soon :)

xxx Caroline

Loving my Adidas Superstars and what I love even more is that I can wear them at work. From my previous experience from working in retail wearing sneakers has been a big fat no so thanks work <3

On my lunch today I bought myself this smoothie with ginger, beetroot, C-vitamins, kale and other good stuff. I hope that it will keep the flue germs away!



Hey! Another weekdend is over and another Monday has passed! Time sure moves quickly these days.

Here is what I got up to this weekend:

The weekend started early with this salted caramel smoothie from Lola Berry. It was the first time I tried anything from Lola but it was definitely not the last. This smoothie was so freaked delicious and it only contains healthy good stuff like Medjool dates, almond milk, cinnamon, banana etc. It is super over priced which is the only downside but once in a while, one has to treat themselves!

So after finishing work (and my smoothie) on Friday, I went home for a quick shower and got ready to head out for a birthday drink. We started the evening in a really cool bar in Richmond and ended up at Glamorama (Matt's friend's club) who had their 1-year anniversary. We walked in the flat around 3am with a bag of McDonalds and then the lights went out..

On Saturday we didn't exactly jump out of bed if you know what I mean. I made an effort though and went up the high street to get some Nutella, jam, and whipped cream. My hangover demanded pancakes so I gave in. How good are pancakes btw?

When the evening came around we headed over to Matt's parents for dinner. His sister and husband were also there and we had such a lovely night with great food and company. So grateful that Matt has such a wonderful family, especially when I'm away from my own.

This candle was sparkling the whole night and smelt so nice. I need to get some scented candles for the flat!

For dessert Matt's mom had made a pavlova! We all went back for seconds :)

When Sunday morning came around we felt a bit more alert than the day before and decided to have breakfast at our favorite local cafe, Mr Albert Eastern.

I had the so-called 'healthy breakfast platter' with poached egg, sourdoug and granola with berries. Oh and a cappuccino of corse! I drink so much coffee these days I feel like my teeth will become 5 shades browner. The rest of the day was spent at home since I didn't feel too well.

What did you guys get up to this weekend?

xxx Caroline



Hi Guys

I'm not feeling very well today. I woke up in a good mood, ready to start the day but as the hours went by, I started to feel really ill. I don't know what's wrong with me but I'm suspecting that I might have iron deficiency. I've had ice cold feet and hands for weeks now, heart palpitation and feel like there is a pressure on my chest when I'm breathing. A really unpleasant feeling =/. About two weeks ago I stopped eating red meat and I don't know if that can have something to do with it. I mean, if the symptoms would show that quickly? I bought some iron supplements at the chemist but when I read the leaflet you're supposed to talk to you doctor before. I went back today and spoke to a pharmacist who told me the tablets I got are really strong and that I shouldn't take them unless I've been diagnosed for sure. Big sigh. Have any of you experienced something like this before?

Not the most uplifting post I know but tomorrow I'll post my weekend in pictures and that will be a lot happier and colorful :) Have a great day!

xxx Caroline

Today was not all bad as we started the day at our local cafe with this breakfast. Mmm..



Hey guys and happy Thursday! Only one more day to go before the weekend wooho. Can't wait :) What are you up to? Any fun plans? I'm looking at a pretty exciting weekend. Friday evening I'm going out for birthday drinks to celebrate one of Matt's friends. On Saturday we're heading down to Matt's parents for dinner which will be lovely and on Sunday morning, I'm going to pilates with my colleagues which I really look forward to! I've had a break from working out so it will be good to break a sweat again!

Enjoy your day!

xxx Caroline



Today I went on a little shopping spree. It's been a long time since I've done that actually. When we moved here we had a lot of expenses as we had to pay deposits/rent, buy furniture, sign up to an internet deal etc. The list goes on. It made me become quite careful with my money and before I got my job here in Melbourne, I almost felt guilty if Matt and went out for breakfast or lunch. We've lived here for about 3 months now and I've stayed in that mindset of feeling a bit guilty when spending money and I basically stopped buying clothes, although I have a job now. Looking into my wardrobe one day also made me realized that, it's filled with clothes, so why do I have to buy more? I'm pretty sure most of us never would need to buy clothes ever again but that's not really a fun way to live and not realistic. I also think most of us wouldn't be prepared to entierly give up buying new clothes, although it would be good both from an ethical point of view and definitley for our wallets. I know I'm not prepared to do that anyway. However, I am prepared to start consuming less and as I said, it's rare that I go out shopping these days so therefore, I don't really buy things spontaneously. I spend more time now thinking about the item that I want and whether I already have 5 similar things in my wardrobe.

I don't mean to come off as I'm sitting on my high horse and preaching about consumption because I'm no better than anyone else. I love the feeling of walking out of a store, knowing that I just bought something I can't wait to wear. You feel happy and you feel a little bit more complete, don't you? I know I do. But I think I feel even better if I've spent time making the purchasing decision rather than just randomly shop every week because eventually, it won't feel special anymore. And I think it should feel special. I know that because it was months since I bought something for myself, I was so happy and excited today when I decided to go back to that store I visited on the weekend. I went into Seed Heritage in Albert Park last Saturday and walked in to shopping heaven. I seriously loved everything but I only had a quick look around as Matt was with me and we all know what boyfriends think of women's stores. So today on my day off, I decided to go back. Shopping alone is seriously the way to go unless you have a very patient friend that takes just as long as you to try on things. Rushing is a big no for me when I'm shopping. I think I tried on like 15 pieces today because there was just so many nice things. I left the store with 3 and couldn't be happier. I think I'll live on these feeling for a while now :)

I usually don't go for navy as I think it often makes me look pale but this was just the right color! I can see this blouse becoming a big favorite this Summer :)

I looove this jumper. It was on the sales rack with a further 25% reduction and who doesn't love a bargain! I'm really into the bare shoulder these days too so this jumper had my name on it.

My dear friend Klara would say that this is a typical Caroline top haha and she would be right. It has everything I love. It's pink, it's feminine and has a modern twist. However, it didn't follow me back home. I went for another, navy actually haha, blouse with little white prints on it. I haven't decided whether to buy it or not but maybe I'll show you guys tomorrow and you can help me make a decision? :)

What does your shopping habits look like? Would love to hear about it!

xxx Caroline



Just another manic Monday...no, not really but I thought it sounded good :) How are you? I'm in bed already. Every evening I'm in bed before 11. Is that early or late? I guess it depends on who you ask. I used to go to bed around 00.30 when I was a young teenager, refusing to realize there were a tomorrow and a day of school waiting for me. When do you go to bed?

Although I might not go to bed by 00.30 on a "school night" anymore, I'm definitely a night person. It's in the evening when I think, "yes, let's redecorate the bedroom!" or start organizing the bathroom cupboards. Do you recognize this behavior haha? In the mornings, though...oooh, it is another story. I've gotten better but I remember screaming "HÅLL KÄFTEN and JAG KOMMER!!", to my parents which mean shut up and I'm coming. My poor parents, all they tried to do was getting me up in time so I wouldn't have to rush to the bus. But don't go thinking I ran down to the bus, no, mom drove me. I know, I know, I'm thinking the same thing. I don't want you to think that this happened every morning and that I was a horrible child because I really wasn't, I promise :) Honestly! Do you remember your teenage sleeping habits or your teenage temperament? Gold old times wasn't it?

As I've been at work all day unpacking boxes (yes more boxes because holly jolly Christmas is getting closer) I don't have much exciting visually material to offer you, I'm sorry. But here comes a few ordinary images from my ordinary but not so bad Monday!

xxx Caroline

I woke up a bit grumpy today, yes some mornings I'm not my best self. Luckily my boyfriend woke up on the bright side and made me breakfast. Thanks honey :)

We went out for a little supper at our local pub. This bread was still warm mmm..

We shared and entree made of grilled Saganaki (Greek cheese) and some sort of salsa, it was delicious. For main, I had a quinoa salad with broad beans, chicken, and cheese. It was a great dish except that it was filled with mint and I am not a mint lover when it comes to food. There so many spices and herbs that I don't like..it's a bit annoying actually. Wish I was one of those people who can eat and appreciate everything but I can't. And don't even get me started on coriander, the devil's herb. The worst of the worst. Haha, definitely my number one least favorite spice/herb. Tell me, are you on the good or the bad side e.g, do you hate or love coriander? This could be a deal breaker...



Hey guys! How's your Sunday going?

My day started a bit differently today as the alarm went off at 7am and that's not usually when we wake up in this household, I'll tell you that :) Anyway it was good to wake up early and have the whole day ahead of us and the reason why we got up at this hour was to drive down south and celebrate Matt's niece who turned 3. And who doesn't love a road trip? :)

Coffee from our favorite cafe to wake us up!

Breakfast on the go :)

It was a lovely family day and Matt's sister had made such a beautiful and delicious rainbow cake. And if you didn't know, I love cakes, a lot! So I was a very happy camper.

When we came back home we spent the afternoon was on the balcony and then we had spaghetti bolognese for dinner (what a classic) and watched The Secret Life of Pets. Not a bad Sunday in my books.

Now I'm off to bed! Night Night.

xxx Caroline



The Melbourne weather is actually pissing me off a little bit at the moment as it seems to refuse to get any warmer! It's late spring here now and from what I believed and heard, November is suppose to be warm in Australia. I know I'm being impatient and that I'll probably regret my complaints about the cold when the thermostat says 40 degrees but I'm just sick of wearing the same old boring clothes to keep warm and to constantly feel a freezing wind. It's boring! Dreaming of warmer weather made me think of our trip to Queensland last year. We traveled from London to Sydney and drove up through Queensland to Matt's sister's wedding in Airlie Beach. It was one of the best trips I've done and it was so much fun to rent a car and then be able to go where ever we felt like. I think Byron Bay was one of the favorite spots that we visited. It has such beautiful tropical like nature and the beaches were truly stunning. We went there in September so the weather was actually pretty warm but I would like to go back when the town is buzzing and alive in Summer time. Hopefully this year!

We spent a lot of hours in our little rental car and I really liked it. Turning up the music and watch the landscape fly by is pretty amazing way to travel if you ask me :)

If you ever go to Queensland then for the love of god, don't miss the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour! The opportunity to take a picture with a big yellow banana is too good to miss out on (but Coff's Harbour is also a really nice little beach town)

We also had to stop by the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie so I could see a real life koala for the first time! They were super cute of corse. Did you know that it's really common for koalas to have chlamydia? Haha, I had no idea about this until I visited this place and gained this incredible knowledge.

The beautiful nature I was talking about. This picture is from Hamilton island which is an Island just outside Airlie Beach and not far from the Great Barrier Reef!

And talking about the Great Barrier Reef, snorkeling there is one thing we can tick off our list! It was kind of scary (fear of sharks) but so cool! Don't we look professional?

We visited a lot of beaches and soak up all the sun we could.

This beach in Byron was one of the favorites.

We ate a lot of great food (food <3)

Finally arrived to Airle Beach, the wedding destination and enjoyed some real nice and hot weather.

We finished our trip with a beautiful wedding and great party. Not a bad ending to our journey!

Have any of you guys been to Queensland and if so, where's your favorite spot?

xxx Caroline