​Last week on our way to Las Vegas, we decided to take an alternative route along the Mexican border. 
After driving in the dessert for a while, we approached this very exciting place. One could argue whether it's beautiful or not, but it was very different from anything else I have seen in California. It's colorful and peaceful, but it was also very hot - seriously hot! We spent about an hour at this place before we drove to Las Vegas. :)

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"Brooklyn Bridge" at the New York hotel.

Inside the New York hotel :)

As mentioned in another post, make sure to see the hotels inside as well as outside. They are free to enter and it's a very special experience. Some of them are also so big it seems surreal.

Eating: The first night we ate at Twin Peaks at 12.30 AM. Many of the restaurants in Vegas are open 24 hours so it's not a problem to get food anytime. The BBQ burgers were so delicious. I can highly recommend this place, but come early - or very late as we did - otherwise it will be really crowded. Music was a bit loud as well.

Eating: On the second day in Las Vegas we ate at the Harrahs Hotel at their buffet. It was really delicious! It had everything: fresh seafood, Mexican, American, Asian, cakes, ice cream, fruit and so on. Unfortunately I did not take any photos of the buffet other than the cakes. I was sort of busy eating all the delicious food. :P

Many of the hotels in Vegas have buffets, and if you want to taste many different kinds of food it can really pay off to use the buffets. You can also purchase a buffet ticket that is valid in 5 hotels for 24 hours and then switch around among them for different meals.

Get some beautiful pictures from the balcony of Bellagio hotel at the iconic Eiffel Tower replica without too many people, cars and so on interfering in the picture.

Be sure to watch the beautiful show at Bellagio hotel! It runs every 15 minutes until midnight. It's most beautiful at night where there is music and colors added to the show.

We would have seen the Volcano show at the Mirage hotel, but something technical went wrong and it didn't play at all that day. I've heard it's amazing too. Make sure to check it out.



Inside the Venetian Hotel

​Inside the Venetian hotel

The beautiful ceiling inside the hotel

This post is all about the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. I was so fond of this hotel and its "architecture" that I just had to make a separate post about it.

For a couple of seconds I thought that I was outside (the first 3 pictures), but was amazed to realize that it was just an illusion created by an ingenious ceiling design. As you walk inside the painted clouds seem to move, but they actually don't.

We didn't stay at Venetian Hotel, but if I were to go to Las Vegas again I would strongly consider it. The pictures don't really do this place justice. One thing is for sure, though; when I return to Europe in late December, I have to visit Venice as soon as possible in the Spring. It got me really hooked. I just haven't seen hotels like this before. Vegas is really one of kind, and one of my favorite destinations so far on my stay here in the States.

Visiting this Hotel is a must when in Vegas! :) My last post about this glorious city will come in the following days, including some recommendations about the city. 



The New York, New York Hotel

Some of the casinos

The Caesar's Palace from the inside

Lounge club in the Cosmopolitan Hotel

We just returned from an amazing weekend in Las Vegas! This city is just incredible! I have heard mixed reviews of the city, but in my opinion, it's magical and spectacular. The food is great, the vibe is good, and shows and the hotels are lavish.

My favorite places were the Venetian Hotel (pictures of this coming up in a separate post), the Bellagio Hotel's fountain show, and the New York, New York Hotel. It was absolutely fantastic how you actually thought, for a couple of seconds, that you were in Venice, Rome or New York. The Venetian Hotel is also the second largest hotel in the world!

I must say that you get to see some types of people that you won't find anywhere else but here :P And I have never seen hotels like this before, not to mention all the casinos. The hotels are free to enter for everyone, so make sure you see them from the inside as well.

Many of the hotels also have very rich buffets with everything you could ever imagine, from seafood to Asian, Italian and Mexican food of very high quality. And cakes!

I will upload more pictures from the rest of the trip in the following days. :)



I don't know why, but this picture kind of reminds me of a scene from Anne of Green Gables :)

Beautiful decorations :)

As I was looking for a new hat to protect against the heavy sun here in San Diego, we decided to take the trolley to Old Town Historical State Park to look through the little stalls. As I entered the park I was very surprised to see that they had decorated for Fall almost everywhere. It was so cozy and really American, and I enjoyed it sooo much. I love Autumn and even though it's so hot in San Diego you still get this Fall feeling when everything is decorated with pumpkins and in all shades of orange. Definitely worth a visit during Fall! Also, they have some haunted house tours in October and November. :)



Location: San Diego

We visited Rose Garden a couple of days ago and it was really beautiful. It's a part of the fantastic Balboa Park and it is located right next to the Cactus Garden. The smell is amazing, it's a great place to sit and relax and there seem to be less tourists in this part of the park.

Roses in almost every color throughout the garden.

It's astonishing with all the colors and flowers that are still in full blossom here in San Diego in the beginning of October!
Rose Garden is free to enter and I would recommend visiting this area if you are in Balboa Park already. It takes approximately 20-25 minutes to walk trough it all, but it's a nice little escape from the rest of the park, where there seems to be a bit more crowded.



We decided to go on a road trip in the weekend. One of the places we visited was Sequoia and Kings Canyon. We drove to the Sequoia trees, which are the largest trees (in volume) in the world. As you can see, they are pretty big.

There were some beautiful places to stop along the road. Seeing as there are only two places in the park where you can fill up on gas, make sure you know where they are. It almost went badly for us :P

We spent the night in a little village in Kings Canyon. No toilets, wi-fi or heating in the cottages. Nevertheless, it was very cosy, although it was freezing during the night. Even though we've been in the states for a couple of month now, I must admit that the best mac and cheese I have tried was in a little food stall in the middle of nowhere in Kings Canyon. It was really delicious!