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I haven't always been interested in fashion and personal image, actually just a few years ago I didn't care about how I looked at all. At that time I only had one simple style rule that I followed, the rule I tried to live by was that I never wore sweatpants in public. That rule was a fairly good start for me to make an acceptable image for yourself. I made that rule because I associated the bagy sweatpants with stoners and overall lazy people.

It was in the summer two years ago when I graduated from the school I went to at that time I decided to step up my fashion game a little bit, that was because I were going to start in a new school were I didn't know anyone and wanted to make a good first impression. A few days before I started at the new school I remember I went and bought a few polo shirts and one casual checkered shirt. When I went to school with the new clothes I felt something I never had felt before, it was an great feeling, it was like people saw me as a better person and they treated me way better than before, the new clothes made me much more confident and it was at that moment I realized how important your clothing is when it comes to making people think of you the way you want them to.

I don't see myself as an expert in how to dress and I don't write this blog as a way to tell you exactly how they should dress. I think of this blog as an outlet for all my thoughts surrounding fashion and personal image and the goal is to make people spend a little more time on their outfits and dress with a purpose.

That was all for now gents see you next time!