Phantom of the Opera is a musical that has enchanted generation after generation around the world and who never seems to lose its magic. And I can certainly understand why.
I belong to the generation that saw the film version of the musical, and thus fell for the music and the story. Already there in the film version, it was something that grabbed and refused to let go of me. 2015 I saw it live on the West End stage with Geronimo Rauch and Emmi Christensson starring as The Phantom and Christine. Now, a year later, it was time to see Emmi repeat the role on the Swedish scene.
In September this year I found myself at the press day for the Swedish production, and what I saw and heard there got my expectations very high. This was one thing that scared me because I was afraid that those expectations would ruin the experience for me. Did it get destroyed then? On the contrary, the production really measured up to my expectations and was so much more.
Let's start with the ensemble which according to me couldnt have been more perfect! The actors match each other incredibly well and the chemistry between them shines through everything and really spreads its light out into the audience. The three main leads Peter Jöback (Phantom), Emmi Christensson (Christine) and Anton Zetterholm (Raoul) are amazing singers that constantly captures and enchants the audience with their singing and acting.
The rest of the ensemble is really good, but I must especially pay tribute to Rolf Lydahl and Sindre Postholm who played the roles of Monsieur Firmin and Monsieur André. I found myself repeatedly searching for them and their amusing facial expressions and acting.
In addition to the amazing cast, we have to talk about the set design and the production in general. Much was just as I remembered it from the West End production but something with the Swedish version moved me so much more. I cannot put my finger on what it was that did it, but I can honestly say that I liked the Swedish version so much more than the show in the West End. After the show, I immediately felt that I have to buy more tickets to the show. The Swedish translation of the well-known lyrics were really good and although the English texts is so deeply rooted in the heart, the Swedish translation managed to make the whole experience really magical.




2016, the year when I visited Comic Con for the first time.
If you know me, you know that I have always been way too early to places, and so is the case with Comic Con to. The problem was that it hadn´t opened yet when I arrived, so I had to stand outside where it was snowing, in my summer jacket, and freeze my butt off for a while before it was time to go inside.

Already outside in the pre waiting room, I found myself in a conversation with another visitor who was there for the first time to. The visitor was dressed in her entire Gryffindor outfit, which I admire to the fullest. My inner geek would be more than happy to dress up and do the same but I had chosen to go as myself because I wanted to have time to go on some photo shoots that involved actors who has no connection whatsoever to Harry Potter. The girl turned out to belong to the same house as me too. GO Hufflepuff Pride!

So the first thing to happen when they opened the doors, like it usually does, is that a massive mess is growin. It´s not that uncommon in these kind of things when a big group of people gather in a small area and the security guards gives out different information. But quickly enough the problem got solved. During this short chaos I started talking to a couple of other visitors that I, during the day, ended up in the same places as. This is precisely what I love about these events, it does not matter if you go alone, there is always someone to talk to.

I bought my tickets to the signings and photo shoots and then the queuing started. First was the photo shoot with The 100's Ricky Whittle, more familiar to me as the glorious Captain East in Austenland, one of my guilty plessure movies. I have seen it so many times and I never get tired of it!

To summarize the photoshoot with Ricky: there was a lot of hugs, kisses on the cheek and laughter. Ricky Whittle may be one of the most funny and sweetest people I ever met. Go Ricky!

After the Ricky photoshoot I ran, or more like walked really fast to Mehcad to get my pictures signed. He sat behind the table dancing and singing along with the music on the stereo he was carrying around. I even saw him dancing around and singing a few more times during the day. Lovely!

After a few moments of waiting, I got the chance to take a picture with him as well. Why the waiting you ask? Well when it was my turn to take a picture, suddenly Ricky stood there. And I was all like oooh noooo I wanted a picture with Mehcad and ofcourse Ricky went nuts, in a very positive and funny way. So instead of me taking a picture with Mehcad, Ricky took one. And when Chase saw that Ricky and Mehcad took a picture together he came running and wanted to be in the picture to. And right there was me just waiting patiently, or more like laughing my head of.
When it was finally my time for a picture, I took several pictures and even a fun one where it looked like Mehcad was almost climbing on me, but it can´t have been a very good picture because later they never printed it. Oh well but that was a really funny moment.

Then I went to the surpricingly short quenue to the Jason Isaacs signing to get my pictures signed. Jason is really nice to talk to and to me it's pretty big for he portrayed one of my childhood favorites, Captain Hook. It was so special to talk to him for a while. Okay I admit it, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan to, but who wasn´t there? Later in the afternoon, the short quenue to the signing grew even longer and stretched as far as the eye could reach.
Of course there was a photoshoot later as well and the quenue was a little bit longer but I ended up quite far ahead of everybody, so it went by pretty quickly. Unfortunately, the photographer chose to take a picture right when we were talking so I look strange in the picture, but I dont care. We became friends later when the photographer printed out two pictures instead of one from another photoshoot.
So I found myself walking around in there for a while when suddenly a bag flew right in front of my face and some of the girls I spoke to earlier in the day stood there. Together we went and listened to Ricky Whittle who had a panel where fans could ask him anything basically. And boy did we all get us a good laugh! Have I told you guys already that Ricky is so funny? Have I said that I really dig this man? To mention something, I will never be able to hear someone say Meow without thinking about Ricky from now on. Haha.
After the panel I ran quickly to get my picture signed by Jamie Bamber. The girls I met during the day said that I absolutely needed it even if I have not yet had time to watch Battlestar Galactica. And obedient as I am, I said Yes and did just that. Sometime during the day, when I don´t remember right now because I´m extremely tired, I also took a photo together with Jamie.
Last but not the least, there was a photo shoot with Chase Coleman, you know that hunky werewolf from The Originals. But when I stood and waited for Chase to show up, not much happened. Time passed, and when he arrived, he ended up at the signing table instead, the photographer who has now become my new best friend fetched him though so we took a few pictures together, and it is of course here that the extra print comes into the picture. Thank You Mr Photographer!
To summarize my first Comic Con: A Fantastic day with many hugs, laughters, kisses and new acquaintances. Very successful if I do say so myself. Thanks to Comic Con for this amazing experience!



Why have you started a blog?
To use a blog as a tool to bring out my interest, to write and take photos, goes as far back as I can remember. I have always had a blog of some sort.
Even before the Internet existed I wrote. But then it was old-fashioned paper, pen and discussions person to person. So to create a blog now and dedicate it to this very topic just came natural to me.

So how is it that this blog pops up right now?
Well this is a thought that I have had for several years, and honestly, several people on social media have asked me if I could make this blog as a new project, and now I feel that it is the time to do it.

What will this blog be about?
This blog will only be about what is close to my heart, namely, musicals, shows, events, concerts and plays. Here I will share reviews, pictures, and my own stories about these little magical moment in my life.

Then, of course, the logical question must be, which was the best concert of 2016?
This question is easy to answer. Simple Plan at Grona Lund, Stockholm. There is an outdoor stage at our amusement park and it rained for most of the day, the only ones who came to the concert were hardcore fans, and you could really feel that in the atmosphere that night. An amazing concert with singing, dancing and just pure joy. Like a really good concert should be!