When it comes to looking for the perfect apartment in Paris, you will probably never stop searching... Even finding ANY apartment is a real battleship and almost a mission impossible, especially if you want to find something to share with friends, at a reasonable and student friendly price. Anyway, me and my (hopefully) future roomies are not giving up yet. We just have to lower our expectations and demands... quite a bit.

I have been dreaming about my perfect parisian home for a very long time. One of those with old, wooden floors, white walls, huge, white windows, adorable french balcony, kitchen with oven and bathroom with a big bathtub... Unfortunately, I will probably have to save this dream for a couple of years and finalize it when my account will show over six zeros... But dreams like this are never easy to get, so I will just fight for this one with pleasure.

I dont know why, but for me, the most important part of my dreamy apartment are the windows. I just want those big, floor to ceiling, french windows, with an old, white painted frame. I don't really care so much about anything else. Just let me sit there and contemplate - with a morning coffee before starting my day, with a good book during the weekend and a glass of wine before going out. THAT'S the dream. That's all I want.

P.S. Any tips are more than welcome.

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It's really difficult to describe this city in only few, simple words. Some things you just have to see for yourself.

I had mixed emotions and expectations before I came here for the first time, the 5th of August, 2016. Exactly one year ago. Back then I didn’t really know if I will ever tame this city or if it will eat me alive, but neither happened. I think we just learned how to tolerate and understand each other. Of course when I came to Paris the grass seemed greener on this side, but it also took some rain to make it this way. It wasn't perfect all the time, but we had our great moments ;).

I gathered a lot of memories from my exchange in this wonderful city. Some of them were good and some were bad. I met SO many interesting people, from all over the world, flirted with cute French guys, gasped over the parisian architecture, enjoyed probably all the pastries, cheeses and wines, walked a thousand miles, visited every museum, I had also found love and had my heart broken by the same person, I became closer friends with my roomies, danced with the Victoria’s Secret models and the parties were one of the best in my life. I had struggled but also conquered my biggest fires. But I guess that’s just life, no matter where you are.

The most important thing is that I had never felt more like myself as I did in Paris. I had moved many times in my life, but never found home, until now. It's hard to explain, but I just felt like I was the right person, at the right place and the right time. Something in my head just switched and I finally let go. And I became me.

Because of all of this, I bought a one way ticket back to Paris. I don't have an apartment or a job, but I will figure it out. So soon, the 5th of September, I will be landing at CDG again and will join my two Swedish friends in our new hometown. Hopefully you will like to join me on this journey.

I have never been this excited!

Wish me luck.