Bestämmer mig för att byta till svenska igen. För att jag är svensk. Det blir enklast så! Fick mig ett gott skratt när jag tänkte på hur mycket tid jag lägger på det här och jag älskar det! Tröttnar aldrig, svackor i motivationen finns inte för mig. Kör på och kör hårt eller kör inte alls.

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I've got some new and exciting news for you soon!

Latest pictures on my shape right now, steady dropping about 0,2-0,3 kg a week. But the measurements around my mid section show a big difference!



100g egg white
30 g whey protein
2 tbs water

stir together 👌

fat: 2 g
carbs: 2g
protein: 33g
kcal: 161



shakes and smoothies!

here's some recipes on protein shakes and healthy smoothies!

chocolate espresso casein shake

one scoop chocolate casein 

1 double espresso

300-450ml cold water

shake it together and drink!

Strawberry, vanilla whey shake!(replace strawberry with any berry you like)
50g frozen/Fresh strawberries
200ml milk
one scoop vanilla whey

Mix in a blender and drink!

chocolate egg protein shake lactose free
(replace with any kind of egg protein or lactose free protein)

one scoop chocolate whey
one egg
200ml cold water
10g raw cacao
a dash of sweetener of your choice

mix well in a blender until fluffy and foamy and drink!

strawberry banana smoothie
50g strawberries
150g low fat quark
one banana
100ml cold water

blend until smooth!

Detox smoothie!
an apple
a banana
strawberries and blueberries
a cup of green tea
an orange

blend until smooth!



🔵190g oats 665kcal
🔵105g protein powder (depending on powder mine is 450kcal)
🔵45g sliced almonds 270kcal
🔵60g unsweetened dried apricots (diced)180kcal
🔵1 tbs cinnamon

1⃣Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.

Take a separate bowl to the wet ingredients.
🔴140g peanutbutter 790kcal
🔴110g cloudy honey 352kcal
🔴150ml soy milk 58kcal
🔴40 g 86% dark chocolate 242kcal

2⃣Blend all wet ingredients and heat in the microwave 30 seconds, stir. Heat again if needed. All the chocolate should be melted and the consistency should be smooth and no pieces in it.
3⃣Pour the wet into the dry and work it together into a sticky dough. If needed add some soy milk.
4⃣Take a plastic box (20x10cm is a good size)and press the dough evenly in the box and let it set in the fridge for about 20 minutes.
5⃣Take it out and cut it in 16 pieces or pieces of 65 grams each.

This is so simple! And it taste so amazingly good! They are great before or after working out!

One bar of 65grams contains 188 kcal.
Good luck with your bars! 👌🍴🍪🍫





I've been working all day and the fact that I work in a coffee house makes it hard for me to resist all the goodness in front of me, although I'm not that tempted at all it is in the boredom when I'm restless my weakness lies.
I've got my food and between my meals I long for the next one. But cheating on my diet is not going to fix anything, very least the rolls on my belly. So I'm going to stick to my meal plan and eat my casein which I made into an ice cream by the way!

Chocolate coffee ice cream!😬👌
1 double espresso
20ml cold water
33g casein powder (chocolate)

Whip it together and let it stand in the freezer for about 20 minutes then stir and back for 20 minutes, repeat 2-3 times depending on how hard you want your ice cream 😬

💞protein : 26g
🎂carbs: 2g
😍fat: 0,7g
KCAL👌😚: 118

it's rest day aka day to think about working out and meal prep. It's also my day to do a weigh in.. so I'm going to measure my body and weigh my self to compare later results 😬 yeey!

The will to keep pushing while you feel weak is what separates you from the crowd, that's what makes you a winner. But keep in mind that the best and most loved winners are the humble ones.



50g protein powder
25g whole grain flour
7g baking powder
10g raw cacao
4 egg whites
200ml low fat milk 0,5%
100g Low fat quark/ Greek yoghurt

1. mix all of the dry ingredients.
2. mix all the wet ones in another bowl.
3. stir the wet into the dry and mic until you get a smooth batter.
4. make sure your waffles iron is hot and make your waffles as usual! 😬

TIP! don't peek at your waffles before you're sure they're ready... they might split and cause a mess to clean up 🙈

protein: 83g
fat: 5g
carbs: 37g
Total calories (7 waffles): 518
kcal per waffle: 74 🎂🎉💞



That moment when you decide it's leg day... the pain but still so exciting!

Here's my routine I did yesterday with Linnea. 👌

warm up:
leg extensions, leg c
url superset
25x rep max (the highest weight you can manage to rep 25 reps on)
repeat 2 times

warm up ,the bar x 20
set 1 ,16 reps (40kg)
set 2, 12 reps (50kg)
set 3 drop set 8x60kg drop to 12x40kg

Leg press
"warm up" 20x 80kg
set 1, 15x 120kg
set 2, 15x 100kg
set 3, 15x 80kg
set 4, 15x 60kg
Drop right away, no rest in between sets.
Basically you get it done in "one set with 4 drops"

Stiff leg dead lift
16x 30kg
8x60kg drop to 12x40kg no rest last between.

Glute kick back
3x20 reps

Leg curl.
20x 25kg
10x32kg drop, no rest 20x20kg

hip abduction

you got to start somewhere! 😳



An oldie but a goldie!

This brownie is to die for, made it a while back but it's worth a second share!

You'll need:

230 g black beans

100g cloudy honey

30g raw cocoa powder

40g sunflower oil

30g coconutflakes

50g almond flour

2 egg whites

1 whole egg

1tbs stevia

1. Preheat oven to 175 degrees, grease a baking tin of your choice.

2. blend in a food processor beans, cocoa, honey, oil and coconut until it's a smooth batter.

3.whisk the eggs an the stevia light and fluffy.

4. fold the flour and the eggs into the bean batter.

5. pour the batter into the baking tin and bake in the oven for about 20-30 minutes depending on how hard you want your brownie. I prefer a rather gooey brownie so ibaked mine for about 22 minutes.

6. Let it set in the frigde over night.

MACROS/ brownie (80g)

Protein: 7g

Fat: 12g

Carbs: 18g 

Calories: 209 (like an average porteinbar) 

Enjoy :D