Not many can be lucky enough to say that they live a 1-minute walk away from the beach and from that, I can say that I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to relax by the beach after finishing a long day at work. With that being said, I hope you enjoy the little photo shoot we did!







Top: Forever21

Shirt: H&M

Trousers: H&M

Belt: H&M

Shoes: Doc Martens

Bag: Michael Kors

Sunglasses: Mango

Not many of you know the main reason why i am spending the year in Spain. I decided to take a year out of studying at uni and instead to go on a placement year abroad. I have no idea what I want to do with my life but I had the rough idea of maybe going into teaching, so what better way to work and spend the year than to be in beautiful Spain. Working at a school therefore means, I, unfortunately, cannot wear jeans and trainers to work (which I live off) so I've had to re-change my outfits for it to be more 'school appropriate'. There will definitly be more work outfits coming soon!

Until next time... Adios amigos!

Mona x




*alarm goes off*

*snooze it*

*5 minutes later... alarm goes off again*

*repeats x5*

*thinks to herself... yeah okay I probably should get up*

Heres a sneak peak of some things I do that ensures I wake up in the morning feeling good!



Coffee is love, coffee is life...

I cannot, CANNOT start my morning off without coffee, and 99% of the world's population will probably agree with me. IT IS A MUST! It not only helps me wake up in the morning but it's become a little routine where I just love to have something warm in the morning (especially when I'm in England)



My usual breakfast can either consist of a fruit parfait, oatmeal, cereal or protein pancakes. If I wake up later (like I did this morning) I would instead have a very traditional Lebanese style breakfast of a 'yogurt sandwich' (sounds weird, I know but trust me on it, it tastes amazing)

Make That Bed!

It sounds stupid, BUT, making your bed can actually make you feel like you've accomplished something for the day. Yes okay it still sounds stupid and weird but give it a go. I know when I've made my bed I feel 10 times better and feel more productive to do something else.



You can't be bothered? I get it. But whether you go to the gym, go for a walk or just do simple, easy exercises at home (e.g. 20 reps of squats) you'll feel a lot more energised and ready to start the day.

Bless Your Ears


Get your phone, go to your music app and play some tunes. Nothing gets me more in the mood to do anything than listening to some of my favourite songs playing. Making coffee, breakfast, bed etc.. makes it 10x better with MUSIC!

Hope you have a great evening!

Mona x



3 days in Madrid and what do you do? You don't stop!

Spain's national day allowed us to have a 4 day holiday and what did we decide to do? I think you know... Madrid baby!

I was honestly not sure what to expect when arriving in Madrid. Almeria is a city, but a small city with not much to do, so what would Madrid have to offer? Well, I can safely say a lot.!

Although it is a big city and I would say that if you've ever been to London, you're pretty much looking at the same, the only difference is that it's located in a different country (shocker) Madrid is populated, you turn left you see people talking in Spanish, Chinese, French etc... you turn right, oh look some British tourist. Going over 2 months I have had shopping withdrawals but oh my goodness if you see all the shops there... (no kidding, their Primark is H.U.G.E) so naturally, I couldn't help myself (insert girly emoji)

The days followed by doing all things touristic; eating at the oldest/ famous churros cafe, then eating more food, seeing the royal palace & parks, food again, visiting the famous art museum 'Museo del Prado' oh and finishing it off with more food :))

(As i did not have the attention of writing a blog post about Madrid, my image context therefore sucks and these were the best images i found on my phone that showed what we did and the places we saw. Sorrry!)











Churros are always a good idea...


Sunset over Madrid 


(Enjoying that crepe way too much)

Smile wherever you are




Buen Retiro Park


More food <3

...Social media craze...


I can honestly say I enjoyed Madrid and it can be done in a weekend, but for now, I'm happy to be back by the sea where I can spend most of my time relaxing and taking it easy.

Until next time...

Mona x



2 weeks ago I was drafting out a future post I wanted to upload on my blog. The blog post talked about having crappy days and I gave the example of my phone breaking and something going on with my health. It carried on to say that even though I was having a really bad few days, something positive came out of it. The week that followed, I experienced new things, met new people, did things that I didn't think I would and concluding that we should all 'stay & think positive, look at the bright side and to not bring yourself down to negative thoughts' And I was simply going to leave it at that.

But just like that, it all came crumbling down and I once again found myself having more bad thing thrown at me after another.

A lot can happen in a month.

So what do I do? what do I say?

I say screw it. Screw to all the things that have happened, screw to the negativity that keeps coming my way. I will never stop looking at the bright side and trying to find something good out of the situation and neither should you! No matter whats going on in your life, I urge you to keep that smile going. Do the things that you know will make you forget about all the shitty things going on in your life. I'm living thousands of miles away from my family, friends... my home, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. Instead, I surrounded myself with new friends, ate way too much junk food and watched cheesy old movies. I travelled to different places to forget the pain and to instead lust over the beauty that was starring right in front of me.

Life can be a bitch,

But it is a blessing.

A lot can happen in a month, but you can decide how to look at it.

Refreshed & reloaded, I'm ready to come back!

Mona x



When it comes to working out in the gym, I normally like to incorporate a mix of both cardio and weight training. This is something that I take much seriously now as before I use to do a lot of cardio and felt as if I weren't fulfilling my full strength (as well as feeling extremely weak) When starting to weight train, my body feels a lot more stronger and I am able to do a lot more than i would have than when only relying on cardio.


I am not going to stress how important it is to stretch! I'm guilty that in the past i would never stretch but I'm a changed women now after seeing one of my friends get injured because they didn't stretch. So I'll say it one more time STRETCH!

Stretch your arms, legs, back, neck, feet, toes... basically your whole body!

Warm Up!

Your body needs to slowly warm up to the exercises you're about to put it through, a steady 5 minutes walk or 5 minutes on the stairs will slowly get your heart rate racing and body in 'Kill Mode!'


One of the most effect workout I have found that helped me lose a lot of weight (as well as making me much fitter) is running. I like to run for 10 minutes straight but if you are unable to do that, try running for 3 minutes straight, break, another 3 minutes etc etc…

Weight Traning 

I like to put my weight training in-between doing cardio, primely for it being extremely effective for the cardio you would do after (you burn twice as much than if you didn’t do any weight training)


Everyone wants killer abs and yes I am old fashion and believe that sit ups and crunches are the most effective way of toning your stomach with both exercises targeting the main area of the stomach.

20 reps of sit up

20 reps of crunches


Leg raises works out both the stomach and legs a 2 in 1 (woo!) followed with backward crunches really helps target the lower abs.

10 reps of leg raises

10 reps of backward crunches


Legs & Butts

Squats squats squats who doesn’t love squats? But the main thing when doing squats is making sure your positioning is correct and you're executing it correctly otherwise you wont see the results you want. Make sure your knee doesn’t go over your feet when going down, while also trying to squat as low as you can.

With / Without weights

20 reps of squats

20 reps of plie squats (targets inner thighs)


10 reps of squats

10 reps of plie squats

Left leg

20 reps of donkey kicks

20 reps of fire hydrantes

Switch to right side - Same as before

Left leg

10 reps of donkey kicks

10 reps of fire hydrantes

Switch to right side - Same as before



( put weight on your stomach for a harder workout)

50 reps

(these are fairly easy but if can't do that many reps, start on 10 and keep working your way through them.


20 reps of side to side

20 reps of waist lifts - Both sides!

Cardio 2x

Bike for 15 minutes constantly changing the intensity by sitting down and standing up + upping the 'levels'

5 minutes of pushing yourself as much as you can (constantly changing the levels to hard - easy - hard)

TIP: Changing your speed or levels on a machine can confuse your body and make it work harder.

Thighs & Waist

Do reps that go down each time










Cool Down!

5 minutes - slow up hill walk

(Chance for your heart to slow back down to it's steady pace)

Final Stretch

That's It!

This normally takes me an hour - an hour and a half to complete, but has been the most effective workout I've done. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and taken some tips for the next time you have a workout!

Train like a beast, look like a beauty!

Mona x

(Disclamer, i am not a personal trainer nor an expert in this field)



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Unfortunately today marks the last official day of summer as well as many of us starting to prepare for the chilly breeze of autumn. However, if you are still lucky enough to be living in a place were the sun is still shinning (thank God i'm in Spain) then you will love this outfit I'm about to share with you!

One of the main attraction to this outfit is of course the breezy pants, or as one of my friends likes to call it 'aladdin pants' It is a statement in itself. The pants are long & loose but are cut out from both sides allowing for your legs to slightly show (and to catch that slight breeze) The pants come in all types of colours but i preferred the white as it can suite many different tops but still make it have that 'summer vibe' (or in my case, that 'Spanish vibe')

I paired the pants with my favourite yellow crop top from Forever21 and Superga Trainers for causal & comfy walks around town.



Although i got my pants from a local market here in Spain, you can also purchase similar ones HERE

Have a great evening!

Mona x



After what seems like forever, I am back! Although my last blog was only posted last week, it honestly seems ages since I've been active on nouw. So what's been happening? My year abroad is finally here. Location? Almeria, Spain. Thought? I'm in love! This place is absolutely stunning and nothing like I thought it would be. When someone says Spain you think Madrid, Barcelona or even Ibiza, but when telling people I was off to Almeria everyone was either what? Or where?

Almeria is situated in the south east of Spain. It's a small little city but has huge potential and is often visited by tourist looking for sun & sea (but not filled with many people)

Since Almeria is located south we have awesome opportunities to visit nearby neighbours e.g. Malaga, Seville, Granada and even catch a ferry to morocco! I honestly cannot wait till we eventually explore out and I'm extremely excited to bring you all along with me!

So before I get completely ahead of myself, here's a few picturesof the beautiful city of Almeria.

Welcome to 

I can't wait to see what else lies ahead of my year here and I hope you all stick by to see it all!

Mona x



Hey beauties,

Today I come with some modelling tips to help you take awesome photos for your blog or Instagram! I first want to start off by saying that i am not a professional model in any way, but i have done modelling for the photography society at my university and some shoots for an etsy website. So from these experiences modelling has somewhat become a second nature to me :)

101 Modelling Tips        .     
1. Relax
Relax! This was a big one for me when I did my first photoshoot! As this was the first time I was put in front of many cameras with big, bright lights shining down at me
I. Was. Petrified! My body froze, I became stiff and I couldn't even smile normally and so the end results of the photos turned out extremely awkward...

Therefore, RELAX. Don't take in any of your surroundings, dont even focus on the camera. Photos will turn out 100% better!

2. Pose Naturally 

Do whatever comes naturally. When I started out modelling I thought I had to pose in a certain way (and for professionals this probably is true) but if its for your blog or instagram ITS ALL ABOUT YOU! So pose in whatever way you want! Smile, look serious, whatever comes natural.


Professional on the right, amerture on the left (lol)

One of my classic pose that I love to do is the peace sign up to my face (an automatic reaction when the camera is on me haha) but this has become one of my signature poses where my friends already know 'oh shes doing her classic pose'
3. Don't Think

Don't think about how others may view you! Whether it's the person taking the photos or people walking around the area. Overthinking about how others view you will = negatives thoughts = awkward smiles = bad photos.

4. Know The Person

I read about this one tip and 100% agree with it. Grab a person who you know or you're comfortable with to take the photos of you. Being comfortable with that person can help bring out the natural poses and help boost your confidence (you'll also have a blast when taking photos!)

5. Don't Plan

Sometimes the best photos are the ones that you don't plan. So go about doing whatever your doing and let the camera capture whatever it wants to!

Again these are some tips that I've found helpful whenever I'm taking a photo for my blog or Instagram, and i hope you're able to try some of them out!

Have a great evening.

Mona x




With the weather going on an amazing 3 day streak of just pure sun, everyone in England is jumping for joy. However, when you've been living in England as much as I have, you know it's too good to be true. Today was that day where ever british person dreads... wind & rain.

Even though the weather was horrible, my friend a I were still able to shop & get a few more bits before we both leave for our travels. We were even able to capture a few pictures of my outfit before the rain completely drenched us! Hope you guys enjoy :)

Outfit Of The Day

Sports bra: Calvin Klein

Crop top: Topshop

Skirt: Primark

Belt: Primark

Jacket: Primark

Shoes: Sketchers

Bag: Levi's

Mona x