Something exciting, something new. Something that challenges you mentally, something that challenges you emotionally.


I've mentioned that I struggled to keep a blog in the past. With the ongoing struggles of trying to post constantly, engagement with my blog and trying to come up with new content to keep readers intrigued. This challenge will help me fight and hopefully overcome all the problems I've faced in the past.

It will teach me how to grow as a 'new' blogger and help me learn from my mistakes. Every day will be a constant push to try post something that makes my readers feel like they've come out with something while giving me the satisfaction I've somehow accomplished something even if its minor thing.

What are my goals?

My main goal at the end of this is to have self-accomplishment.

To know I have managed to keep at something for 30 days straight without giving up.

To know I I could push myself to the limits yet still be able to overcome it.

To know that when I set myself a goal this time, I CAN and I WILL achieve it.

So, without further ado... let the challenge begin....

(or really in 6 days!)

 The Mona Issa x


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I'm a trainers girl and whether its a casual outing to town, exploring a city or even a celebration you will 95% find me most likely wearing some type of trainers.

Over the years i've come to realise that i much prefer to have trainers that can be versitial e.g. i can wear them with pretty much anything. With this in mind, I pretty much swear by these trainer being the best. Nike Air Force 1. When i mean i swear by them, i mean these are my 4th pair of the same trainers not to mention the other 3 just in different colours!

Nike Air Force 1




Nothing better than fresh out of the box shoes!








What makes these trainers my must have is that they can go with any outfit you choose. With all-white trainers, you are able to dress it up or dress it down with any outfit, without making the look overpowering with many colours.

Look forward to many many outfits being worn with these trainers ;)

 The Mona Issa x




Good Morning Beauties!

Here are some ways to smash 2018 and make it your year! Hope you enjoy :)

Positivity instead of negativity 


A positive mind is powerful and can change the way you go about in life. If you think happy, you're more likely to be happy and enjoy your time wherever you are. It's sometimes easier said than done but when you get into practice, looking at the bright side in any situation becomes a little easier!

have a goal, achieve the goal

If you could set yourself any goal and achieve it, it not only gives you something to work on, but, when you finally do achieve it you've felt like you've accomplished 2018. The goal does not matter as much as you having the right set mind to achieve it. One of my goals is to try get this blog at its peak. I've constantly failed at this but this time I've set my mind to achieve this particular goal.

Be produtive 

Every day try doing something that is productive. This can be a big thing or even a small thing, the matter is that you've felt like you've accomplished something for the day. Even if it's making your bed you've accomplished that!

wake up being thankful

Many of us take this for granted, we wake up, go on our phones and carry on with the rest of our day. Try taking a few minutes in the morning to just reflect. Look around you, think of everyone with you and be grateful for the people and things you have. You'll have a much better attitude towards the day if you start it off thinking right.

health is important 

So many people focus on getting fit and healthy at the start of the year, and although this is a great idea, it often fails within the first month. This is normally down to people going all out, quitting all junk foods, exercising nearly every day and not eating enough. Sooner they realise they're hungry, miss the food they've given up and hate exercising and this is a wrong way to go about it! Health is important. If you want to begin a health journey it needs to be one that fits around your life as you want to make it a long-term thing and not short term!

1. Drink water! and a lot of water! morning, afternoon, snack time, evening, snack time again, just before you're going to sleep. Water is miraculous with the things it can do to the body.

2. Exercise as often as YOU CAN. That means if you feel like exercising go exercise and if you don't, don't. Listen to your body and follow with what it's telling you, don't feel like you have to push yourself if you physically or mentally can't (unless you're just feeling lazy then push yourself!) even if you just go for a 30 minute walk, that's still better than sitting at home watching tv. Any exercise is good exercise!

3. Don't go cold turkey! e.g. don't give up eating all your favourite foods! Instead, try to cut down on them and have them when you feel you deserve them. You want to make a lifestyle choice and all the food you have given up will always be around you. So instead of tormenting yourself if you really feel like having a little piece of chocolate, have it! (just don't go overboard!)

go out and enjoy!

Lastly, just go out and enjoy another year that God has given you! Make the most of this year! Create memories and just go out and live your life!!!

Now go out and enjoy the rest of your day!

 The Mona Issa x

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Now that Christmas is over everyone is preparing for the next big celebration, New Years.

Every year we set ourselves goals, whether its to lose weight, eat healthier or travel more. For most of us, we end up giving up during the first 2 weeks! (trust me I've been there) In my life, i've only every accomplished one thing I set out to do.


During these years I'd always set out to try and eat healthier and lose weight but constantly failed. I only ever did this mid-year through 2013 (showing that if you really want to do something you don't have to wait for the first day of the first month of the new year)


2016 was a year where I just wanted to travel, and I did. I went to France, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Lebanon & other little trips. It was the first time where I truly felt I accomplished something long term.


2017 came and my goal was to find love, but life has a funny way of working and not everything you wish for or search for is waiting for you where you hope for it to be. 2017 was, therefore, a fail.


2018 is not a year to find love, 2018 is not the year to travel more (although I still wouldn't mind that!). 2018 for me is to enjoy my time, my journey, my life i have with the people around me. I want to feel truly happy when 2018 comes to an end and ensure i've spent my year well. Alongside this I got inspired by one of my newest but feels like a long term friend Mona (I know I was screaming when I found out she has the same name as me) Mona is an inspirational women, the way she goes about life, her perspective on things is truly something I want to learn from her. She recently showed me a journal she carries where she notes down the places she's visited & things she's seen and it gave me an idea. This year I'm going to buy a journal, this year for each day i will write in this journal. Thoughts, views, places, people, memories... Because in the end, although we want to live in the moment, we also know we would want to return back to it. Photos can go so much before they lose meaning and instead you're just staring at yourself doing a stupid pose. Words go further. Words can express how you feel in the moment and let you remember those feelings.

I have tried countless times to write a diary and stick to it, but this time i have a purpose for my future self to feel secure and know she has something to look back on with whatever 2018 has to offer.

So 2018, are you ready for it?

 The Mona Issa x




Although I love my little city in England, I do enjoy and miss the rush that London just seems to have. As I only live an hour away from London by train, a couple of my friends and I decided to take a little journey there to see the annual Winter Wonderland that is situated in the well known Hyde Park.

Meet Annie and Nadia!


We, however, left winter wonderland till it got dark and entertained ourselves (and educated) by visiting the science museum. This was actually my second time going there and although it may sound boring, it's not as bad as you would think. I do however say my preference is with the history museum and if you ever go to London I would recommend for you guys to go there instead (although both are located next to each other so you could always do both)





"I Can Fly"




                                             Lights tinsel  decarations  all filled the streets of london                 

And after walking & walking ...

... and a lot more walking! 


We finally made it 


                                     'I always love to come to Winter Wonderland. There's soming about seeing the lights and the rides, people dancing and singing. Children running around and the smell of chestnuts and crepes being made that makes you want to laugh and smile whereever you go'  


                                 Winter Wonderland                     .                


.                               London


I love to explore any Christmas market I come across


With each one being 


Different & unique from the other!


I'm glad I had the chance to see Winter Wonderland once again before it closes down for the year. Even though this is my second time coming to the London one, it still felt like I've only just seen it for the first time. It is defenitly a place i reccomend coming as each section can be so diferent from the other (e.g. you have a proper German section) I'm hoping im able to explore more Christmas markets in the future but for now i feel pretty satisfied ending it with this!

 The Mona Issa x




Get The Look For Less is my new blog series where I share with you alternatives for branded products that are trending but at a much cheaper price than if you were to buy the original. I know for many people (especially students like me) we don't want to spend hundreds of pounds, euros, dollars, whatever currency your in on clothing that you may not use all the time or you don't think is worth spending that much on it.

I hope you stay tuned for these future blog posts!



Gucci Belt

Let's be real, we've seen them everywhere on social media, everyone has one and we'll be lying if we said we didn't want one. But being a student and personal thinking, I don't think I could ever bring myself to spend over £300 on a belt, no matter how beautiful it looks... *sigh*

So after countless searching over the internet, i bring you my alternative!

Stumbling upon the River Island website i managed to find all sorts of 'Gucci Belts' but at a much, much, MUCH lower price!

Although it does not have the obvious GG symbols that makes it a Gucci belt, instead the symbols are closely related with that of two circles.

The belt does exactly as the Gucci belt does, you're able to place it around your hips and waist and can help spice up any outfit you choose to wear.

The website also offers many different colours and textures that you can also get in this type of belt.

Price Difference 





River Island







Hope you guys enjoyed my first Get The Look For Less and are looking forward to the others!

 The Mona Issa x




Happy Holidays beauties!

I hope everyone is enjoying the season of being with your family and friends and stuffing your faces until you can't handle anymore! I recently came back home to the UK to spend my winter break with my family and friends (since I've been abroad for 4 months (the most I've ever gone...)) and so far i can safely say im extremely happy to be back home (mostly for my mum's food!) Upon arriving back home my mum immediately surprised me with an amazing gift from Estee Lauder and I was definitely amazed by it!

Normally I don't go out my way to spend too much on expensive makeup brands as I'm normally happy with the makeup brands you can get on the high street, nonetheless, its always nice to have a change and try something new.

The box inside came with many cute little gifts including eyeshadows, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner and face lotions (although my mum and I decided to share some of them with each other) So here's my side of the gift!






In love with the packaging


Vengeful                Red

Intense         Nude

Rebellious             Rose

I have personally been loving to use 'Rebellious Rose' and 'Intense Nude' (as most of you know I love the natural look) and would even blend them together. The lipsticks have a slight sparkle to them, but they are great for holiday looks (especially the Vengeful Red!)

            Reckless           Bloom             

I can't wait to experiment with these makeup products and try them out for different occasions. Until next time, i hope you guys all have a great evening!

 The Mona Issa x