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Unfortunately today marks the last official day of summer as well as many of us starting to prepare for the chilly breeze of autumn. However, if you are still lucky enough to be living in a place were the sun is still shinning (thank God i'm in Spain) then you will love this outfit I'm about to share with you!

One of the main attraction to this outfit is of course the breezy pants, or as one of my friends likes to call it 'aladdin pants' It is a statement in itself. The pants are long & loose but are cut out from both sides allowing for your legs to slightly show (and to catch that slight breeze) The pants come in all types of colours but i preferred the white as it can suite many different tops but still make it have that 'summer vibe' (or in my case, that 'Spanish vibe')

I paired the pants with my favourite yellow crop top from Forever21 and Superga Trainers for causal & comfy walks around town.



Although i got my pants from a local market here in Spain, you can also purchase similar ones HERE

Have a great evening!

Mona x

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After what seems like forever, I am back! Although my last blog was only posted last week, it honestly seems ages since I've been active on nouw. So what's been happening? My year abroad is finally here. Location? Almeria, Spain. Thought? I'm in love! This place is absolutely stunning and nothing like I thought it would be. When someone says Spain you think Madrid, Barcelona or even Ibiza, but when telling people I was off to Almeria everyone was either what? Or where?

Almeria is situated in the south east of Spain. It's a small little city but has huge potential and is often visited by tourist looking for sun & sea (but not filled with many people)

Since Almeria is located south we have awesome opportunities to visit nearby neighbours e.g. Malaga, Seville, Granada and even catch a ferry to morocco! I honestly cannot wait till we eventually explore out and I'm extremely excited to bring you all along with me!

So before I get completely ahead of myself, here's a few picturesof the beautiful city of Almeria.

Welcome to 

I can't wait to see what else lies ahead of my year here and I hope you all stick by to see it all!

Mona x



Hey beauties,

Today I come with some modelling tips to help you take awesome photos for your blog or Instagram! I first want to start off by saying that i am not a professional model in any way, but i have done modelling for the photography society at my university and some shoots for an etsy website. So from these experiences modelling has somewhat become a second nature to me :)

101 Modelling Tips        .     
1. Relax
Relax! This was a big one for me when I did my first photoshoot! As this was the first time I was put in front of many cameras with big, bright lights shining down at me
I. Was. Petrified! My body froze, I became stiff and I couldn't even smile normally and so the end results of the photos turned out extremely awkward...

Therefore, RELAX. Don't take in any of your surroundings, dont even focus on the camera. Photos will turn out 100% better!

2. Pose Naturally 

Do whatever comes naturally. When I started out modelling I thought I had to pose in a certain way (and for professionals this probably is true) but if its for your blog or instagram ITS ALL ABOUT YOU! So pose in whatever way you want! Smile, look serious, whatever comes natural.


Professional on the right, amerture on the left (lol)

One of my classic pose that I love to do is the peace sign up to my face (an automatic reaction when the camera is on me haha) but this has become one of my signature poses where my friends already know 'oh shes doing her classic pose'
3. Don't Think

Don't think about how others may view you! Whether it's the person taking the photos or people walking around the area. Overthinking about how others view you will = negatives thoughts = awkward smiles = bad photos.

4. Know The Person

I read about this one tip and 100% agree with it. Grab a person who you know or you're comfortable with to take the photos of you. Being comfortable with that person can help bring out the natural poses and help boost your confidence (you'll also have a blast when taking photos!)

5. Don't Plan

Sometimes the best photos are the ones that you don't plan. So go about doing whatever your doing and let the camera capture whatever it wants to!

Again these are some tips that I've found helpful whenever I'm taking a photo for my blog or Instagram, and i hope you're able to try some of them out!

Have a great evening.

Mona x




With the weather going on an amazing 3 day streak of just pure sun, everyone in England is jumping for joy. However, when you've been living in England as much as I have, you know it's too good to be true. Today was that day where ever british person dreads... wind & rain.

Even though the weather was horrible, my friend a I were still able to shop & get a few more bits before we both leave for our travels. We were even able to capture a few pictures of my outfit before the rain completely drenched us! Hope you guys enjoy :)

Outfit Of The Day

Sports bra: Calvin Klein

Crop top: Topshop

Skirt: Primark

Belt: Primark

Jacket: Primark

Shoes: Sketchers

Bag: Levi's

Mona x



Warning: this is fairly long! but has significant & meaningful info. I hope you choose to carry on reading it :)

NHS Definition of an Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are characterised by an abnormal attitude towards food that causes someone to change their eating habits and behaviour.
A person with an eating disorder may focus excessively on their weight and shape, leading them to make unhealthy choices about food with damaging results to their health.

As I write this I know I will find it hard to express the way I have felt & the way I am feeling at this present moment. I know it will be even harder for others to relate to me upon this topic, while some, may easily understand every trouble & struggles I have gone through. This is not a sensitive topic to talk about, nor is it an easy one. So here I am, 100% telling you the journey of me and the fight against my eating disorder.

Although for a long time I was in denial that I suffered from an eating disorder, only recently did I fully understand what I had gone through and done that links with features of an eating disorder.

So where do we begin?

Let's start with why? from the ages of 13 and upwards I began to love eating (who wouldn't?!) food is not only to feed your body with energy to help maintain functions & survival but for the many of us, it is also a social thing that we do & it's something that we love to do. We go out and have meals with friends, we love the taste of a specific food & sometimes we just eat because we've got nothing else to do (which me & my friends are extremely guilty of!) I personally loved food and would eat whatever I wanted (which mostly consisted of junk food) and it never crossed my mind about what other people thought. I did however have many comments on how much i could eat and more specifically from relatives on how much bigger I was getting (I had always noticed I was a little bigger than all my other friends but it never really had a big effect on me) It wasn't until many visits back to Lebanon and many more comments from relatives about my weight did I really start to take notice.

After finishing stressful months of revision and GCSE exams in year 11 did I finally think ‘wow, what do I do now? And my weight was the first thing that popped into my head. The beginning had started out harmless. I would wake up in the morning, go for a run (I hated exercise & never ran so this was slightly hard for me to get used to) & try to eat healthily. Simple. Now, healthy for me was cutting out everything I thought was bad for me. This included things such as chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks, sweets and any white carbs and in a sense, this was probably a good thing as all those foods are in fact not the healthiest for us to consume, but this had later taken a bigger toll on me. See after a few weeks of going along this routine I had finally weighed myself. At the start, I weighed at 154 pounds so I was overweight on the BMI. However, I had seen that I lost 4 pounds and I kid you not that that feeling of losing your first few pounds has never gone from me. It was one of the best feelings in the world, knowing that you actually did it when some people thought you couldn't! I was beyond happy, I was thrilled, I was hyped to keep losing more weight! So, every week I would weight myself & every week pounds would keep dropping. Going back to Lebanon people saw a difference but going back to Lebanon also made me miss eating some of the foods I had given up, so what did I do? I went back to my old habits, I began to eat all the foods I had given up and craved and in result, i had gained weight. When I eventually came back to the UK I went on a strict diet. This time I would eat less, count more calories and ensure I was burning off 700 calories when going to the gym and cutting out 500 calories from eating. I eventually stopped eating out with friends and would only eat food that I knew how much calories were in them. I still remember the pain I went through watching my friends eat the food I was dying to eat and me sitting there with my water. I was tired, I was hungry and I was miserable but to know that I was losing weight was the only thing that kept me going.

130 pounds 

This cycle had kept repeating. Every time I went to Lebanon I would stuff my face with whatever I wanted and then come back to the UK starving myself. My mum would get angry at me when I sometimes refused to eat what she made (Mom's cooking + Lebanese food = Pure Heaven!) It had got to the point where I had lost 35 pounds, weighing in at 119 (my lowest ever) but I was unhappy, I still wanted to lose more… still thinking I was 'fat'. At that weight I began to get extremely sick, my hair was thinning, I had lost my period and had a week of extraordinary pain all around my lower abdominal. It got to the point where I couldn't even stand up properly without crying. I could only lay in bed and pray the pain to go away. I had to get a scan done on my stomach and talk to a doctor about trying to get my period back. My friends thought I looked like a sick person from the amount of weight I had lost and it was scaring them to see how much their friend was wasting away right in front of them. To this point I have never been more disappointed with myself to how I had let this happen to me, I love children (hell my degree is all about them) so knowing I was harming my body to the extent where it could affect my chances at having them in the future was sickening to me…

119 pounds 

(And still not happy with my body)

I had to change, I knew that and I tried. I went from starving myself to excessive binge eating. I would eat a lot of food in a short period of time, even when I was full I would push myself until I began to feel sick. From then I wouldn't eat anything until the next day. I would be hungry at night and couldn't wait until the next morning to eat breakfast (at times I would finish eating all together at 2 pm) I was hating myself at the way I was trying to deal with it and thought I could still lose weight if I ate all in one go and stop eating until the next day.

I started to realise that I hated the way I was living, I hated the fact that I constantly felt guilty about how much I ate, I hated the fact that all I kept thinking was how my body still wasn't ‘perfect' and I particularly hated how I had led myself to this point. I wasn't happy with my body, so why couldn't I just eat what I wanted when I wanted? With this in mind, I pushed all negative thoughts about my body image and slowly started to change. I would still binge eat but still eat after when I got hungry again. I started to eat out with my friends again and it wasn't easy accepting this but I knew I didn't want to live a life where food was controlling me. (I think everyone at one point or another has that realisation light bulb moment)

I still went to the gym but this time instead of having the goal of losing weight and burning 700 calories, I wanted my body to be strong and fit. I started to lift weights and in return, I realised I needed to eat a little more for my body to cope. Binging at this point was coming to a slow stop and I was eating at a moderate level (with the occasional stuffing of the face)

It took me 4 years to finally be happy with where I am. I'm slightly back to my original weight (150 pounds) but this time its muscles I have gained and I'm happy with that! It took me a really long time to accept the fact that I will never have the body as many other girls have (a slim figure) because my body was not made that way. I will always be a ‘bottom heavy' girl, my thighs, my hips & my butt will always be a little bigger than the rest of my body, but I'm cool with that.

150 Pounds

What made me open up to you about this?

Social media. Social media makes us think that we have to look a 'certain way' for us to be 'accepted' or 'approved' at. But accepted and approved about what though? When we're living a life where we are constantly unhappy with how we look because we keep comparing ourselves to someone else or posting a picture that people want to see so we can get a few more likes on Instagram. That's not the way anyone should live. Watching a Netflix original ‘To The Bone' featuring Lily Collins and seeing the extent that some people go to be thin and the end results were not pretty and made me extremely grateful that I'm finally at a healthy and happy part of my life.

I hope you have been able to learn a little from my journey and know that your health matters and not how others view you or how social media makes you think you should look like. Take care of the body that you have been given because it is with you for the long journey ahead.

Mona x



Today marks the end of my summer, I'm finally heading back to the UK and leaving my beautiful country. Although I have around 10 days before I'm heading off to my new adventure, whenever I leave Lebanon and head home to the cloudy weather that hangs over England I know that summer has finally finished...

So here's a look back at the memories that were created from summer 2017.


Mona x



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Hello Sunshines,

As the majority of my time is being spent at the beach, my outfits have consisted of nothing more than a swimsuit and a cover up. So in light of this heres one way i like to wear a 'beach outfit'. Enjoy!

Do It Better

Swimsuit: Missguided

Skirt: Gap (old)

Belt: H&M

Shoes: Guess

Mona x

P.S Everyone does it better ;)



With summer quickly coming to an end, I'm trying to spend every minute I can soaking in the sun and swimming without a care. It is worth enjoying the last remaining days we all have left before reality hits and we're all either back in school or in my case heading off to Spain and starting my placmenet at a school. So today i come with you with some of the things I love to pack with me when i go to the beach!

Beach Essentials 

1. Bikini

I purchased my one from a website called Pour Moi (Top can be found here & Bottoms here )

2. Cover Up

Black & White Scarf - can be seen in my previous blog post

3. Magazine

Light reads for when your tanning & can get great inspo!

4. Cap & Sunglasses 

Classic NY cap & knock off Raybans

5. Towel

Obvious reason why haha

6. Face & Body Protection / Tanning

I cannot stress how important it is for us to protect our skin from the sun. It is extremely easy to just grab some protection and rub it over your body to ensure you do not cause future harm for your skin. Even when tanning you can get a 2 in 1 that provides protection but also allows you to bronze up.

7. Gum

Because sometimes you just want fresh breath

8. Purse

Keep money and cards safe

9. Phone & Earphones

Best way to relax is by tanning and having your favourite music playing, Perffff!

10. Fan

You will get hot & you will sweat so trust me when i say you will want a fan!

I hope you guys are like me and trying to spend the most of what summer we have left...

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Mona x



When you feel that the world is no longer on your side. Fight.

When you feel like giving up. Don't.

When you're scared. Be brave.

When you feel upset when things don't go the way you plan. Smile.

When you want to scream & shout at the world. Sing.

When all you see is darkness. Find light.

When something is ugly. Make it beautiful.

Words from me to you.

Mona x