In one week we are finally off to.... MIAMI!

We are going to spend 10 whole days in this sunny beautiful city! Something I know the whole family if needing as well as looking forward to. Especially as the weather in Copenhagen is not quite resembling the defition of summer. for the las couple of weeks the weather here as be typical scandinavian weather with summer rain, cold then hot. Very confusing weather. 

Miami has been a trip M and I have been planning for months now. The original plan was to either go to somewhere in Asia or New York but when we saw an offer on Norwegian Air and just booked it. So Miami was quite random actually. 

Well, we are staying there for 10 whole days, and have been planning since we booked the tickets. There is so much that we have researcher about and so much we would like to do and see but 10 days just dosen seem enough. But we are definitiv doing something for all of us to enjoy, especially S since she is so young. 

M and I have been quite concerned about the flight to Miami, as it is a direct flight from Copenhagen to Miami, holm would S manege it? It is a 9-10 hours flight. Hoping that the movies and toys will be enought entertainment, as she is a child that has quite a lot of energy. As well as we are hoping she will fit in a nap somehwere along the flight. Oh and we will not forget the snacks that she loves. 

I must apologise for not quite updating as much as I should be. I must just get the hang of blogging. 



I would like to start off my blog with first introducing myself as well as the sun in my life, my daughter.

I am a 21 year old mother that is currently living in Copenhagen with one one year old daughter, Sophia. As well being a mother (already a full-time job) I am studying Service, Hosiptality and Tourism Management. And my daughter goes to daycare. My daughter and I are definitely Globe Trotters. So whenever we get the opportunity to go travelling we do so. Something we are planung on doing more of.

Well that was a small introduction of the two of us.

On my blog I will be posting our everyday lives as well our adventures, my pregnancy and our first year.

We hope you vill follow our journey.


Gerda and Sophia