This day was so freezing cold, but I when out anyway. I had just catch a cold, but tucked me in a lot of clothes and catch the train. The first stop was Natural Portrait galley, the exhibition I when in to first are there no pictures from since it was not allowed to.

After I went up stairs to see the old paintings.

After spending some time in the museum. I when to Chelsea/Victoria to find Peggy Porschen Cakes. A very cute and pink cafè.

Dressed up for Autumn.

Try the Salty Caramel and Chocolate muffin. Is so delicious the mixture between salt and sweet.

Even though there where no place to sit inside, it was so worth it.

xx Thea

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My Wednesday a day at Tate Modern. It was a nice weather and some many things that is happening where ever you walk in London. People dancing, singing, pup-up book shops, performing and drawing.

Tate modern is the place for international modern and contemporary art. I have never been there before, just past by. But this time I went in.

Tate Modern is next to Millennium Bridge. The building is so big, so it`s not so hard to not see it when you are in the area.

The architecture there is so amazing.

When out on the balcony and found this beautiful view.

To of my favorite artists.

Edgar Degas and Anish kapoor

I when out just before closing time and the sky turned in to a beautiful art work.

It was such a nice day.

xx Thea



It`s been a while now since I last publish, but the weeks have gone so fast and I have had some much to get in to. I have know lived her i London five weeks and one month of school. All I can say is that I love it! I love living her, I love going to school again and the course. There are so much to do her. Since I`m an art student, I go to some many museums, galleys and so on to get some inspiration. And luckily there are some many things to see here.

Today I went to Tate Britain after school to look at the Tuner Prize. Sorry no pictures, forget sometimes to do that when I`m in a museum or galleris.

Then Daunt Books. The most beautiful book shop that I have seen until now. Daunt Books was founded in 1990 by James Daunt in the beautiful Edwardian Premises at 83 Marylebone High Street in London, it was originally built for antiquarian bookseller Francis Edwards in 1910.

I should not really go in to book stores, especially when the have books with special edition and when the shop looks like like. But I did`t buy anything so thats good.

So then a short trip by Leadenhall Market. If you are a Harry Potter fan then you have seen this market as Diagon Alley in the Philosopher`s Stone.

Then it was time to catch the train home.

Have a nice weekend!

xx Thea



This Sunday stared early with a beautiful purple sky just outside my window.

We got out early to catch the Columbia Road Flower marked like every londoners do. This is what I like about London that Sundays are the day that you get up early to buy yourself or for someone special. In Norway my generation usually spend their Sunday as the hangover day, with pizza, coke and TV. I like this London Sunday so much better.

We are walking to the marked when we spotted this cute Cafe NKORA and we just had to get our self some coffee. And yes, this coffee was a taste of happiness, from the fist drop til the last was so amazingly good, we could not believe it. So if you are in London and see this Cafe, go in and buy our self a good cup of happiness.

Now we are so ready for some flower shopping.

We are here.

Soooo many beautiful and colorful flowers.

Happy flowers girls!

Now are our heart full and smile on, so now we are ready for some late breakfast.

Look at this walls.

So cool.

Spotted this bookshop on our way.

This flowers put a big smile on my face.

We found a nice place to eat.

Our food taste as good as it looks.

This was a perfect Sunday. ​

xx Thea 



I have almost had two whole days here in London and it has been so great. But it has still not got up for me that I here to stay and not for a short visit. Even though it has just been two days here and I have done and seen a lot of things and the best thing with that is that I have many more days to go, more like three years, and I can`t wait to see what this three years have to show me.

The beautiful morning light when the sun is shining through the trees and leafs. The sun is catching beautiful shadows that are dancing with the wind on our walls to the music we are playing.

I don`t really like black coffee, I just really love the small of it. It makes me drift away, but my first morning here i London, my roomie Karoline had just make coffee and I gave it a try and surprisedly it was really good. Maybe I will start to drink that kind of coffee now. And again the morning light was amazing beautifully.

Enjoying the view of our garden with a cup of coffee.

A head in my bathroom.

Covent Garden for some strolling, coffee and enjoying the nice weather.

Ladurée is the place in Covent Garden where you can buy not only delicious but also beautiful boxes for your macrons or other pastries.

Happy roomies!

Coffee break at Grind. I hipster place and with coffee that taste different than coffees usually taste like. But It was a nice place and with very nice baristas.

Stroll in the city day two

Some crazy french musicians.

St. Paul Cathedral looking good in the beautiful sun.

Tomorrow we are getting up early for some flower marked, so I look forward to that.

xx Thea



This day stated like every day normally do, with breakfast. My dad drove me to the airport with a lot and deadly heavy luggage. We got there with good time to spare, we heard over the speaker that they had some problem with the luggage belt. My dads respond was "If you don`t get your luggage in London, you don`t have to carried then".

It was a normal and nice flight, I reached my destination London and was ready to collect my luggage. But of course my luggage was still in Oslo. I catch the train with no luggage, meet m friend that I living with. And thank Gud! We would not have by any chance to carrie the luggage all the stairs and through tiny places and trains. I so think that this was meant to be.

I got to my new home and it feels good, we went out to take a look at the neighborhood and to do some grocery shopping. Like a lot of people usually do is to shop a lot of food when they don`t have anything at all. We pack one blue IKEA bag each and was ready to go back home. The problem is that our blue IKEA bags was very heavy, but we can do it since "we are strong and independent woman, we need no man" or that is what we thought at frist. We almost died after walking out of the store and regret it imminently. But we didn`t have time for regret and death so we just continued our journey home.

We had to stop like a million times, it felt like the strap on the bag was going to break through our shoulders and the back was going to fall apart soner or later. I couldn`t stop laughing, we just found out that we are not that strong as we thought we was and that we understand why we need a man.

Hahha! Our "little" shopping trip.

I was skyping with my good friend from America and it has been to long since we last spoke. We talked about things friends normally talk about, but suddenly he got distracted by something and he told be about his weakness, candles. So I learned something new about him today.  

Btw! I still haven`t got my luggage get, so I really hope that I get my luggage tomorrow. And look forward to how I turn that the day tomorrow to be. 

xx Thea 



My head is full of things to remember and my stomach is full house butterflies. Ready for some party in there. Almost everything is ready packed up or more like packed in. Had my last meal with my familie this evening, almost sounds like I`m about to be send to prison or something. But, nope that is not the direction I intend to go, studying Fine Art i London is the one direction I will be focusing on right now.

All this pictures are mine.

I can`t belive that tomorrow I will be leaving. I have been waiting for this day to come for a very long time, and now it`s just around the corner. Tomorrow I will be in the city of my dreams, London. I don`t think I understand that this is about to happen pretty soon. This is my dream come true, and I catching myself smiling like a fool and I just can`t help it and no wonder why. I so ready for this, living and studying in this city. This is so amazeballs!

But this is for now, I need to get some sleep and be fit for fight for the long day tomorrow.

xx Thea