Everything changes, everything comes to an end

Times goes from light to dark
If you don’t take the moment now, it soon shall be gone

Another year, another chapter. Another story to tell
One after another and another, in a circle it goes
Stories that pass from generation to generation, or just from a friend to another

A moment in your life that made you cry, scream or laugh
It moved you in a way, it made a difference

That day you cried out in inner pain
Desperate to find answers
You went outside to catch fresh air
Not knowing where to go or what to do
You took the nearest path and walked
You walked far and wide
Over mountains and across lakes
You did the inevitable and followed your heart
It told you to trust it and go
You freed yourself from your inner perceptions
You did what you needed to, not what others expected.

Time can be an answer, a very good one
Time can also be your enemy
It can heal your heart yet tear you apart

To wait an eternity for a change is not an answer
To take action if nothing happens is your responsibility
Do not fall for the trick of time
Time is an enemy and a friend

All these people saying not to do that
All your family saying to think ahead
Think wisely and follow your brain
It can be a good idea, but it can also be your own prison

Free yourself and do what you love doing
Do not punish yourself by wasting time on what others expect you to do
Do not punish them for misleading you either
Do them a favor, and help them.

Time doesn’t wait for you, but oddly enough, you wait for time.

- Julia 2016

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I love questions. I really do. It can be questions of any kind, I just like them because they provide me with information. But when questions get out of hand, they just annoy me.

People ask me why I do certain things. If you haven't noticed, my subtitle for my blog is "An unusual perspective on life". Why? You may ask. Well...

I wanted to start a blog because everyone else had one. But I've always been strictly against mainstream trends and suddenly, I was a part of the stream. I knew I wanted a blog because I like expressing myself in various ways and a blog was the perfect solution! But I have an urge to be different. Yep I'm one of those. But bare with me, okay. What is the point of doing the same things that others do? When I created my blog a lot of people had lifestyle blogs. They post about their favourite looks and what they did a certain day. I like reading a few of those, if they are interesting enough. Don't just have a blog to have a blog. If you have a lifestyle blog where you talk about your day, make it interesting. My life is sometimes so incredibly boring that if I would write a blog about it, I would have -200 followers or zombies as an audience. There would be no point of writing a blog post about a chill Sunday when my "chill day" consist of me sleeping, eating and watching Netflix. Nobody wants to read a long segment on how you did all of that.

I can accomplish my urge to be different by not doing what others do. I never post selfies on my Instagram because so many others do that (And because I can't take good selfies). I don't want to post something about my favourite outfit because it's not my thing. I do want to post stuff like perspective, thoughts and fun little stories. I want to have a point in what I type, I want it to affect someone.

At this point some of you may think that I'm just a kid and I don't know anything about life or that I don't have any experience in anything so how could I affect anyone? And my answer is: Just let me try okay? Give me a chance and you may be surprised.

​Look, an unusual perspective ;D



I want to see the world.

Just seeing one part of the world in your life is really boring. And I do not tolerate boring. Many people dream of getting away on vacations, seeing new places and learning about different cultures. I love that! If I got, let's say 10 000€ I would without hesitation, leave my home and school immediately to travel. It may sound like a stupid decision but I'm so tired of this. Whenever I get the chance to stay away from home even for a couple hours extra to do something I wouldn't normally do, I jump right at it! Leaving the country is a little harder to do so I have to stay somewhat near home. Ugh. But still, being able to take the bus or train to go see something different is still better than just sitting around at home, doing nothing.

I met a traveler from France today, he had been on the road for two months and had one and a half to go. He was on a trip through Europe and though we didn't talk for more than 20 minutes, I was so inspired. I JUST WANNA LEAVE THIS COUNTRY OKAY. - Okay chill.

But imagine. Every morning a new adventure lies ahead, more things to see, a bigger reason to be alive. I don't just wanna sit around my house. And eventually I'm going to get sick of going to the same places that I can go to. Eventually, I need to go bigger.



Hi... It's been a while... I'm not going in on any unnecessary details. No one really gives a damn.

This blog just turned 1 year! I decided to update the look of it, added some links and shortcuts. I'm not really happy with it just yet, but I'll get there.

I started this blog to have something else to think about. At the time I created this blog there was something bothering me, I can't remember what. My last post was in March or something and I just couldn't bother to post anything after that. But things change, and people change. A lot has happened to me this past month and I've learned so much and gathered so many stories. I can't wait to share them with you. Yes all you 5 people out there. (Ps: I love you)

This post isn't a long one. I don't want to write a 5 page long excuse to my lack of posting. I was just lazy af. Next post will actually be reasonable!

Here I present to you: An aesthetic picture of a lake. I know you want to see some kind of picture. Hope this one's good!



I't Always healthy to leave away the technology for a while every day. Personally I'm not the best at that... Often after staring at a screen for a long time I get a headache! So, here are some fun things to do, without your smartphone or computer!

1. Read a book

There is nothing better than reading a good book! You find you often relate to some characters and you get really attached to them, and you just can't put away the book until it's read. Reading is also healthy as it is proven, that the people who read books more they live a better life, fewer of them get Alzheimer' decease. It's both fun, and good for your brain to read.

2. Clean your room

Sure it's not always great fun to clean your room. Your parents complain about it and we all are a bit rebellious and so. But it's really good to clean your room. Take time and really go through all the drawers and shelves. The feeling afterwards is just the best and you just want to show off your room to everyone. You almost feel like a pro.

3. Take a nap

Just put down your phone and take a nap. Especially if you have a headache or you can feel it coming. Chug a liter of water and rest. Nap for about 30-60 minutes for that has shown to be the most "rewarding" time to nap.

4. Go outside

Fresh air is the best cure to almost everything. Just breathe in the fresh (hopefully), cool air. I prefer forests or parks, not just the back yard. Try some place new too!

5. Go for a run/walk

Take the opportunity and get your health levels up. Don't just sit there binge-watching netflix series and eat chips - I know it's very tempting, but believe me, Your body just feels so much better after a good walk/run. And if you exercise, you'll find it much easier to fall asleep!

​6. Draw something

​You can colour in colouringbooks or draw something new. Use your creative mind!

​7. Play an instrument

​This is my personal favourite one. I love music! But listening to music with your headphones in can damage your ears and some people in my surrounding maybe don't like me listening from my big speakers. So, I annoy them by playing the piano instead! No, but for real. It's so fun to learn how to play your favourite song on an instrument, the music feels so much more relatable then!

​8. Play games

​Even if you are old, or older than 10 atleast, playing games is fun! No, not talking about videogames (Although they are fun too)... I'm talking about board games! Like Monopoly, Guess Who and so on. And card games are cool too! Especially Cards against humanity. Awesome. Games outdoors are also great!

​9. Yoga

​In the evening, when it's dark outside - that's my favourite time to do yoga. I put some candles in my room and it just feels magical. And super cozy and relaxing.

​10. Season fun

​Do something that has to do with the season. 

Winter - Build a snowman with Elsa and Anna ( Or actually just do it with anyone) 

Spring - That's my favourite time for long walks in the woods! And maybe be a little risky and walk on the slowly melting ice (Okay don't do that it's dangerous I was just rebellious (picture above to the left))

Summer - Go to the beach with friends or have a barbecue party! The options are endless!

Autumn - Rake the leaves or decorate for Halloween, if thatäs possible where you live.

Hope you liked tis post! Thanks for reading :)



See, we all have stories. We all love stories. We all love to hear other's stories. My favourite stories are the ones that I can relate too, or the stories from long ago.

Behind everything I say, every picture I take, every path I choose. there's a story. Sometimes I don't even know the story, I just figure it out later. Some stories are more complex than others.

I particularly like the stories I choose to make bigger. They start just like every other story. Once upon a time (maybe not quite like that but you get it) There's the main character who wants something but then something happens and the plans need to change, for the better or worse. Both have happened to me.

I like to share my stories, although not a lot of people want to hear them. And those who want to (If anybody does) probably never get to hear them.

But even more than that I LOVE stories that are made up. If you can write a great story I will adore you forever.

I don't like people who do something without a reason or they just say "I don't know why I did it" Yeah you know exactly why you did that now tell me! Or if they just don't get stories. For example, I have a friend who doesn't like The Lord of the Rings. When I asked her why she told me the storyline was bad. She didn't understand anything of the story we were 11 at this time but everytime now, years later, when I ask her again about LOTR she still has the same answer. And she never watched the Lort of the Rings more than that one time, five years ago.

Hope you liked this story. Come back for more ;)



Winter, the loveliest, cozyest, best season of all! - said no one ever (okay maybe they did, I don't know)

Winter here in Finland has been a little "lazy" the past couple of years, but this year; Winter made a comeback! It actually snowed, and the temperature dropped to -29 degrees celcius where I live!

For many people my age, school started again after winterr break the 7th of January. Instead of going to school I get to work at Yle Östnyland (A swedish radio station in Finland) for two weeks. (Oh, this is a part of our school system that a student gets to work two weeks at a job of their own choise) Well, anyways. My job at Yle is mostly to take pictures for their website. I really enjoy taking photos, but one problem. I don't have a camera. I only have my iPhone 5s - and I love it! It's just that it's super hard to take pictures with an iPhone when it's so freaking cold outside. I snapped these pictures today and I was out in -29 degrees for almost 2 hours. My fingers were ice, my face was ice, everything was ice. Well despite the fact that I almost literally froze to death I couln't be happier. This year has started off great. I have a lot of expectations for 2016 and I hope they turn out as well I want.

2015 was a great year. The year started off pretty flat to be quite honest, but it got better. my friend invited me to join their band for an event called Sounds, All us bandmembers just thought the band would last for the time period of the event, but a newreporter found us and we did an interview so we thought, Why not continue? We all love music! Our band BRB continued and we had I think 3 gigs that year. I made new friends and probably lost some too. The summer for me was crazy. One of the 3 camps I went too I enjoyed a little better than the others. I don't know why, I just did. I started 9th grade but I didn't quite feel like I belonged in that school anymore. By the end of the year a lot off bad things happened and I really wish they wouldn't have happened. But it's all in the past.

I still call 2015 great. Bad things inspire me to create.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next post! - Julia



​Helloo friends! I haven't posed in a while and I'm not going to argue about that so let's just get to the point.

So about a month ago when I was really bored (no surprise there) I decided to make another spotify playlist. I searched the top lists like thousands of times but I really didn't find anything nice so I kind of gave up. Until I remembered that back in the day when our family went on road trips we would always listen to Eminem in the car. Pretty sure you already figured it out but, I made a playlist with Eminems songs.

Eminem is such an inspiration to me. The fact that he came from nothing to be what he is today is just unbelieveable! Alot of my friends don't really like him because of the lyrics in his songs. I understand their opinion, some lyrics are really messed up. But his song Mockingbird on the other hand. I just love the story, it's so sad and amazing and all the feels! I suggest you listen to a few of his songs, some of them are really inspiring.

(Pictures are irrelevant, put the there so this wouldn't be all just text)



Welcome to my blog! I am a 15 year old girl who loves to sing, take/be in pictures and from now on
hopefully love blogging. On thins blog I won't post any super personal pictures, I won't post anything
about beauty and makeup either. I'll post pictures of trips, photoshoots and anything I find interesting.
What else... Oh! Since I also like DIY stuff I might post some posts about how to re-purpose old furniture
or how to make something easy and cute. Hope you find this blog interesting and keep reading.